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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Team lunch out!!!

Disclaimer: Not an udon fan. I’ve only eaten udon once before and found the udon just okay.

So I went here with no expectations at all. Not at all excited but my TL loves this place so must give this place a chance. 128517

According to the staff, the bestseller is #1 but if she’ll be ordering for herself, she’ll get the Chicken Paitan. So I tried the regular sized CHICKEN PAITAN UDON (not sure with the name but it’s #3? Haha).

- The soup was flavorful (even without any condiments). I actually liked it!!! It’s not salty and it tastes “clean”. The only condiment I used was the chili powder.
- The udon was just okay. Still not a fan. Sorry.
- The chicken was good. Cooked just right and though it may look plain and bland, it was actually tasty. 🤗
- Favorite would be the perfectly cooked soft boiled egg! Ahhh it was so gooooooooood!!! 128155128155
- Also got to try the Ebi Tempura and Pork Tonkatsu and both were good. Just kind of oily but pwede na.

Value for Money:
- For nothing more than 300php, you can already have an uber filling meal.

Overall, it was an okay experience. Not bad but not something that will make me want to go back here again. Maybe because almost everything is deep fried. “Healthy options” are not available.

But if you like udon and Japanese rice bowls, this is a good place to try. 128521

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

My fav lunch place. Always has a long queue so have it for take out. Value for money.

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Jonathan R.
5.0 Stars

Marugame Udon

| Beef Yaki Udon @ P190

A stir fried noodle dish with beef, onions, cabbage, bean sprouts, chives, and yaki sauce. They make their udon noodles so it's always fresh. I loved that the veggies retain its crunch. Sarap!

| Gyudon Rice @ P170

Beef bowl garnished with pickled ginger. Well presented! Gyudon is always delicious but this is by far my favorite. It has a sweet taste which I loved because it's not overly sweet. Sakto lng!

Will be back soon! 128525

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Tracy M.
5.0 Stars

I journeyed to the south (a.k.a. BGC) to buy some Irvins for a friend, and found this gem 5 steps away. It was like it was calling me—udon & tempura? Why yes, please, thank you.

There was a line outside since there were likited seats but I got in fairly quickly. I'm sure the people were nothing like me right now, still sitting here typing up a review after finishing my curry udon and tempura.

But anyway, I love when interiors match the cuisine, in a tasteful way. Sometimes it's overdone, but here, it works. Really makes the place inviting.

Falling in line to order food was probably the most inconvenient thing, but it's not a big deal. Paying upon ordering makes for faster turnover, I guess, since you can just get up and leave after eating.

Food was great, and presentation upon ordering reminds me of the fancy buffet restaurants. Service is fast and friendly, and prices aren't exorbitant. P170 for regular curry udon, P60 per ebi tempura piece, P40 for sweet potato tempura.

Psyching myself up for my Japan trip next month, and this is a good way to start.

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Ive been constantly reviewing this place cause its been my favorite lunch take out place when my regular lunch pack wasnt around or rather i forgot to order on time. More so that when its a rainy day its way more better to have a lunch here. Anyway, i always have mine togo which was great coz they have excellent take out container that seperate the soup from udon.

This place have lots lf japanese patron which signifies a good sign, i believe marugame is known in japan for cheap no frill udon stop and its good that they still sell each order at an affordable price. Nowadays the queue was quite abit longer than before but its a good sign considering theres a soba place just nearby.

The place feel exactly like a cafeteria wherein you can order udon first and grab some sides afterwards like tempura, rolls, etc.

Constant favorite would be the beef udon, i like the texture and the average chewyness of the udon but whats better here was its soup which was very flavorful.

Definitely would be back.

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

Good food, fast service, reasonable price 1108811088110881108811088
We had the Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon (P260,L)
Tori (Chicken) Paitan Udon , P200, Regular size
Curry Udon , P170, Regular size
All are really good! 128523128523128523128523128523
Will definitely be back 128077

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

This place had been my favorite place for the past week, i didnt noticed that ive dine here three times last week until im doing this review.  So if your taking out your order which i recommend you can skip the long queue and go straight ahead to order.  This place feels like a cafeteria/fastfood type wherein you can olace an order for their udon and their personel would prepare it for you very in a jiffy.

So far i think ive tried 80% on their menu. Haha. So far i can remember the following:

- Beef Udon, this either comes with tamago or not and is either regular or large. Their udon was really good, beef has a bit of fat but was good. It was actually my fav here. Please get the one with tamago.

- curry beef udon, i dont prefer this one but i didnt totally dislike it either i just think that the curry is too strong for udon since udon noodles needs to have light soup.

- beef yaki udon, yes not yakisoba. It has a nice kick of soy that is not too salty. Just alright. I prefer it better than their udon carbonara on which i wont mention. 128522

- i love their rice toppings as well especially chicken teriyakodon and beef curry. Gyudon can be passed. 128521

- theres also one item that you can just pass but i forgot what they call it, its a dry udon with raw egg and special red sauce. 128529128529128529 didnt mind remembering its name.

Almost all the regular size items here are under 200 or a little over 200 which is not expensive for a restaurant at bgc that served quality food.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I've been eying this new Japanese restaurant franchised by Suyen Group for quite some time now. Sadly, my uncooperative schedule keeps me from visiting High Street. Hence, when my client requested for us to meet in Marugame Udon, I quickly said yes.

Hello, Marugame Udon.

I dropped by the newest Japanese udon joint around 1pm so I was able to avoid the lunch queue.

The set up of the restaurant is similar to a cafeteria where you order as you walk along the long counter and pay before heading to your table. I found it a pain though since I was carrying so many stuff with me and I could not just leave it unattended. I ended up carrying my laptop bag, photo box, tripod and props bag while pushing my tray from the noodle area to the cashier.

I decided to go with a regular bowl of Chicken Paitan Udon (PHP200) which is their second bestselling dish. I didn't order anything else as this was my lunch number two for the day.

Service was very quick as I got my bowl of Chicken Paitan in less than 2 minutes. I quickly paid for my bowl and sat nearest the counter as my shoulders were about to give up.

I didn't bother to put condiments as I want to taste my order in its purest form. And it was... bland with a bit of peppery taste.

Though the udon had nice texture and the chicken was cooked to perfection, the bowl lacked taste that will make me want more. The most flavorful piece in the bowl was the boiled egg. I love lightly flavored dishes but this one barely had any flavor.

I guess I should have put some condiments after all. But I was too lazy to get some near the counter. Maybe some spring onions would have added some taste to it.

I got a bite of its karaage from A's order and it was good. For its pocket friendly price of PHP90, I wouldn't mind pairing this with my noodles.

I'll swing by again and try its affordable rice bowls next time and hopefully, it would be more flavorful.

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

To celebrate my friend aging another year, we met up at this place for dinner. 127881

There was a bit of a line when we went a month or so ago, but the wait was fairly manageable. Inside, the way they do things reminded me of a classy foodcourt/cafeteria-style moment. So you basically grab a tray, tell the staff what you'd want, they prep it for you and you move on. You can also grab a couple of pre-cooked items or sides like chicken karaage, rice balls and tempura to place onto your tray before you pay for everything at the end. After paying, there's a condiment stand to the side where you can add more stuff to your food.

I got a bowl of their beef udon, and I think everything is around 200+ pesos or so, so they appear fairly affordable. We also got chicken karaage and tempura, while another person in our group got a chicken udon bowl (tasted like chicken soup haha) and another got carbonara udon (said it was okay)

The beef udon bowl was fairly filling. The noodles were prepped fresh and they were thick and heavy on the stomach. The broth was light but also still flavorful while the beef was fairly tender. Only gripe would have to be that the sides were already cold and not that appealing haha.

Overall tho, pretty affordable place with fairly good options!

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Theres a new japanese place at bgc and it isnt expensive. Known as a udon place at japan with interiors and food court type wherein its semi self served.

Servers were nice. I had it for take out but the rice toppings were tasty. Udon carbonara was salty. It would be better if they can get ride of the fly problem since this place isnt uptown.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Tried this super popular Japanese udon spot that recently opened along BHS. It's one of Japan's largest fast food udon chains with 800 branches in Japan and almost 200 in 12 countries. We've passed by several times and never saw a crazy just-recently-opened line. Brought the kids here on the weekend it opened hoping it would be good. It was a raining when we stopped by on a holiday lunch, and felt it was the perfect time to eat a hot bowl of soup.

We came in at 11:45, and while there was a short queue, the place was full. And throughout our stay here there was a steady stream of people coming in. We only waited for 10 mins to get in. While waiting we realized how many Japanese we saw in line and dining in. We were actually the minority here. A very, very good sign of yummy things to come.

This is a self-service restaurant. As the line was fast we quickly decided on what we were going to have as we didn't want to hold the line. Orders were ready pretty quickly. Even if I had to line up for my food, it was great to see it being prepared on the spot. You can see them make their own noodles right by the window.

They basically have 5 steps - order the udon, wait for it, get sides, pay, then add your preferred condiments.

You have the option to add-on to your order by getting whatever side dish you want - different kinds of tempura and omosubi laid out in front of you for you to get. It was nice to have everything labeled their name and with prices.

Appreciated the condiments section. Not only can you get to your stomachs desire, they also have small plates so you don't have to keep returning to that station. Of course I loaded my bowl with their tenkatsu / tempura flakes, togarashi/chili powder, and sesame. You can see it in my cover photo. The second photo is what you get.

Water pitchers are placed in every table. They do also ask you to CLAYGO, as you can see on the menu. Something Pinoys I hope will learn to do in a fast food restaurant.

Here's what we had:

127836Beef Ontama Bukkake Udon. | R 210, L 260.
Bukkake soup, sliced beef, Japanese poached egg.
Yum! This is a more flavorful beef soup, compared to their beef udon, according to their greeter.

127836Chicken Paitan Udon | R 200, L 250.
Chicken soup, sautéed chicken, tasted egg, black pepper.
Sadly, needs more flavor. Can't help but think about the paitan from K.

127836Carbonara Udon. 240.
Winner for my little girl! She's such a picky eater. Only one size for this one. Very creamy, with bacon bits. It's a Japanese style carbonara and the udon was perfect with it. They did add pepper which I didn't notice while they were making it, which I'll ask them to omit next time as my daughter doesn't appreciate it yet.

127833 Tuna Omusubi. 40.
Tuna, mayo, rice wrapped with seaweed.
My son couldn't help but grab one. Nothing fancy, but he was happy to eat rice & tuna.

127832 Satsumaimo Ten. 40.
Sweet potato tempura.
Crispy coating. But since I ate my udon first, it was cold when I bit it. I actually forgot about it, and could only eat a bite as I was too full from my noddles.

Their noodles are really fantastic. You can tell the noodles are fresh and house made. There's not a lot of soup and beef but we left really full. I guess you get your fill from all the noodles in the bowl.

While we weren't to happy with the Paitan, overall we had a good meal. My son kept repeating that we only paid 700+ for our meal. Love the pricing. I know we love our ramen, so if you're not familiar with udon the broth is lighter, not as fatty too.

Really liked our lunch here. Not 5 star spectacular but for their noodles, the price points, and more importantly because my kids were very happy, I can bump my rating to 5.

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