Master Garden Restaurant

310 Tomas Morato Ave., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Master Garden Restaurant
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Will C.
2.0 Stars

Saw this place few months back, i think previous tenant of this place was boong tongkee, so having a new filipino resto with teriyaki boy like yellow sign raises my curiousity, so when we finally got to visit this place, we ordered the ff:

1. Adobo kambing - It wasnt what i expected for an adobo, instead it was somehow marinated then deep fried, making it hard and crunchy.

2. Pinakbet was just okay. Serving size was small though.

3. Sinagang ulo ulo was a ..... lets just say we found a strand of hair in the soup 128556

Place was okay, its ideal for family dinner but with band playing loudly its pretty hard for us to have a good conversation.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Impromptu dinner with the family and my sister requested for Master Garden Filipino Cuisine. Before my first visit here, I thought it was a Chinese restaurant with its logo’s font. And “Filipino Cuisine” was not really very obvious.

Outside the restaurant, they have a porch for their café. I saw a few pastries displayed but I didn’t get to see the menu.

For dinner, we had the following:

🔹Buencamino Oyster. This is basically baked oysters, 6 pieces per order. It was not as cheesy as I expected and there were some sort of crumbs on top that had rough/crunchy texture. It was good but I would have preferred them to be cheesier.

🔹Pork Barbecue. An order has 2 sticks. The taste was good but the tenderness was inconsistent. Some were a little tough.

🔹Baby Squid with Olive Oil. My ultimate favorite. Really good. Seriously, 5 stars just for this. 128514

🔹Tuna Steak in Mango Salsa. Tuna was okay but I really liked the mango salsa. The bits of mango were almost ripe so there was hardly any sourness.

🔹Tortang Talong. A simple dish but it was delicious nonetheless.

Service was good and it was easy to call the servers’ attention. It was not really a busy night since there were only a few tables occupied. I am not sure if it ever gets full on week nights since they have a stage and I assume they have live bands who play? It probably becomes a bar late in the evening since they have beer promos.

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2.0 Stars

Master Garden with Mom and Pops for dinner when they met me at work. Thought the place serves Chinese cuisine because of the name and the look of the place but instead it offers Filipino food.

We ordered Fried Chicken, Sinuglaw and I forgot what the dessert was but it was vanilla ice cream topped over bibingka/sticky rics. It was not that special. Found the taste weird. The bibingka tasted bland so you get the sweet flavor through the ice cream only.

Nothing special too with the fried chicken and sinuglaw. The place was too dimly lit that makes it feel gloomy inside. I'd prefer other restaurants instead so I may not be going back here anytime soon.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Late review.

I loved their Baby Squid in Olive Oil. 9786

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