Masungi Georeserve

Marcos Highway, Baras, Rizal

Masungi Georeserve
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Sustaining the environment is one of the things that we can do to give back to Mother Earth. Even the little ways matter, as it creates a larger impact when done by many. Just this June 2017, Masungi Georeserve opened the newest Legacy Trail which aim is to engage every guests to experience taking care of nature by restoring and conserving its beauty.

If you're familiar with the famous Discovery Trail, the Legacy Trail, on the other hand, has a different approach. Discovery Trail is more of a playground to every visitors. Legacy Trail is something that creates a deeper connection with nature that let people participate in nurturing the environment.

Few days before this activity, storms were raging our areas non-stop that made me doubt if we could to do the hike due to bad climate. On the day itself, we realized how lucky we were to experience this as it gave us the feeling of appreciating the wonders of nature in this kind of season.

I couldn't think of any words to describe as I took every steps of the trail. The photos couldn't even justify how beautiful we saw everything uphill. Believe me, I almost cried when I experienced the surreal beauty of the mountain while covered with mists. Everything was silhoutte and looks almost unreal. I didn't even wear the poncho they gave us to experience more of connecting to Mother Earth.

Also, along the way, we saw how the mountain was devasted by kaingin, illegal logging, quarrying, and mining. It saddened me how the mountain suffers from those kind of treatments. Good thing that now, we became more aware of what we can do to engage and participate in helping in our own ways.

We reached the top of the mountain and there was Ka Ando who welcomed us. He was a former kaingero who now serves as a park ranger. He teached us how to take care of the newly planted trees and we ourselves, also did our part. It may seemed easy shoveling up the ground, but it required a lot more energy than we expected. After finishing up, we couldn't be any prouder that after several years, those trees would be standing up loud and proud.

After the nurturing activity, they prepared us a humble "minalot" meal. It's a local dish packed in banana leaf with savory meat, eggplant, salted egg and tomato, and rice. They said that it was cooked from Silayan, their famous restaurant in Masungi, and brought all the way up to the mountain for guests.

Be amazed with 'Amihan', the floating huts and rope walkways for relaxing. It is called such name because of the windy effect all through-out the year. Getting there may be a bit challenging but you'll enjoy as much as I did. They will provide shoes to be used as ours were too muddy. We stayed there for 1.5 hours before we got ready to go down the mountain.

Legacy Trail is not a "once in a lifetime adventure", but rather a continous journey to seek what we can do to sustain the safety of our environment. I'm really thankful that I belong to first 10 batches of visitors that helped Masungi Georeserve revived its beauty. If you're also interested, you can request booking at The fee is P1,000 per guest with minimum number of 7-14 people.

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Denise J.
5.0 Stars

^Me pretending I’m not terrified of heights. 128514

Honestly, I was cursing myself the entire time for agreeing to go on this trip. Masungi is every acrophobe’s worst nightmare! There’s this giant hammock that hangs 300 feet off the ground, as well as a massive “spider web” that has jagged rocks waiting below it. Not to mention there were countless hanging bridges that swayed side to side with every step.

Nope, never doing that again! 128581🏻‍♀️

But now that I’m nice and dry and safe at home, I’m glad I got to experience Masungi. It’s apparent how much work and creativity went into making the attractions in this place. It’s also really cool that they’re preserving the wildlife in the area and educating visitors about it at the same time.

So even if heights scare the life out of you, I say the experience is worth it! 128076🏼

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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

The Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area and a rustic rock garden tucked in the rainforests of Rizal. Masungi’s name is derived from the word “masungki” which translates to “spiked” - an apt description for the sprawling limestone landscape found within.

The staff are very accomodating!

Kay ganda mo Pilipinas kong mahal! 🇵🇭

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Bea C.
5.0 Stars

Awestrucked by the spine of limestone formations of this hidden sanctuary that has been meticulously reserved by locals and rangers. 127811

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Lui M.
5.0 Stars

Wanna have a quick getaway to unwind from the stress in the Metro? Try Masungi Georeserve!!

This adventure is very exciting. Not so far from the city, not so hard trekking and most of all, nature friendly tour!

The tour will take at most 4hours all in all. Be ready to counquer their highest limestones and be amazed with the view when you reach the top!

Their refreshment after the tour tastes good! They serve one picther of home brewed iced tea and bread with super delicious pesto!

One park ranger will be with you throughout the tour. They will give fast facts about the trees, limestones, animals and insects that you will see along the way. They also provide poncho for each one of you in case it will rain during your tour.

I’ve heard that they have night tours from October - December for those who nocturnal animal lovers!

Book and emerse with Nature now! 🤗🤗🤗
To reseve a tour, you should book online on their website.
Rates per group is also posted online.

See “Nanay” and “Tatay” for yourself 🤗


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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

If you are ready for some adventures, Masungi Georeserve is one of the spots you should include in your bucket list. I was eyeing this place for so long but I just had a chance to visit this just recently. They require a minimum of 7 up to 14 people in a group before booking a tour. Good thing, my officemates and I decided to book a weekend to experience what's inside the famous georeserve.

Masungi came from the word 'sungki' which means crooked. It describes the rock formation which is sharp and uneven in shapes, just like what's in Palawan. Based from their stories, Masungi was living underneath an ocean over million years ago thus the rocks are all made up of limestones and dead corals. Now, they are surrounded by wild flowers and plants that make them look spectacular. The georeserve just opened 2 years ago to showcase the beauty of nature to the public. 

Our hike started off at 12:00nn. The people inside called themselves "Park Rangers". They first conducted a short briefing for some tips and precautions before the start of the tour. Our Park Ranger's name is Kuya Jun Jun who accompanied our 4-hour journey as we discover what's inside the mountain.

There are eight adrenaline rush attractions in Masungi Georeserve. Worry not because all the trails and obstacles are absolutely safe. I was so amazed on how they were constructed considering the cliffs, uneven rocks, and dangerous paths are what made up the whole mountain. In fact, they were designed with creativity and security for everyone's amusement.

⛱ Silungan - briefing & reception area
🕸 Sapot - giant spider web
⛰ Yungib ni Ruben - cave
🌧 Ditse, Patak, Duyan - resting areas
128507 Nanay - second highest peak
128507 Tatay - highest peak in Masungi
128010 Bayawak - biggest rope obstacle
🏝 Liwasan - resting area
128013 Sawa - giant snake pathway
127811 Brgy. Dahon - resting areas after the trail

Friendly Tips:

128204 Bring at least 2L of water along the trail. They also have water bottles for sale for only P75. Just refill them in designated refilling stations.

128204 Wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely. Some trails require you to climb ropes.

128204 Rent lockers for only P20 if you want to leave your things instead of bringing them inside. Trust me, you donn't need to bring lots of your stuff along the trail.

128204 Be physically prepared as the hike requires a lot of movement. Eat before doing the activity to boost some energy.

128204 Take care of your gadget while capturing photos because it might slip off your hands. It will be gone forever if they fell off in rocks and bushes.

128204 Always follow the their rules: don't pick flowers and plants, avoid loud noises to avoid distracting the animals, and don't scare someone for fun.

128204Some of the trails are heart-pounding. Always tell the Park Rangers if you feel uneasy. They will definitely help you.

Park Rangers are nicest and friendliest. We didn't have any bad experience dealing with them. We saw how they simply care and welcome everyone inside the georeserve. Super duper bait nila and everyone was smiling all through out our stay.

As much as we want to give, they don't practice giving off money as tip. They'll tell you beforehand that they didn't tolerate this kind of thing to avoid chaos.

After finishing off the trail, they served us complimentary snack: calamansi juice, tuna spread and wheat bread with fresh lettuce, and banana.

They also have Silayan restaurant if you want to dine in for P600. You can refer to their website for details.

P1,800 for weekend
P1,500 for weekdays
Online reservation only.

Our experience was purely bliss. Three months of waiting was totally worth it. I couldn’t hide how I was so stunned to see the beauty of this place. I’m inviting everyone to visit Masungi Georeserve and see for yourself, not to mention how hospitable the Park Rangers are. I’m still wishing to come back maybe next year. 128149


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Jam C.
5.0 Stars

My motto in life has changed the moment that we finished this trail. And being the most active one in our group (i'm saying this in a sarcastic way lol) it was really a tiring yet super fun experience that i think everyone should try bago pa sumakit ang inyo kasu-kasuan.

"pag nalampasan niyo to malalampasan niyo na lahat!" haha

From that experience i have to share with you all these tips. TAGALOG NALANG PARA DAMANG DAMA NATING LAHAT YUNG MGA PINAGDAANAN NAMIN LOL! 128514

1. huwag hubarin yung helmet may reason kung bakit siya pinapasuot. kotang kota ako sa untog eh.

2. yung bottled water na binibigay sulitin niyo tas magdala pa kayo ng extra tubig o gatorade. wag niyo na isipin yung bigat. eventually pag patapos naman na yung hike and pagoda ka na ubos na lahat ng water niyo eh.

3. huwag susuko. sayang 1400. well wala ka naman ng choice lalo pag nasa kalagitnaan ka na eh.

4. mag sunblock! wag akong tularan! magkaiba yung kulay ng braso ko salamat sa sunburn!

5. magpicture at your own risk. kaya pala lahat ng makita kong nagpunta dito wala masyadong picture. nakakatakot pag nahulog yung phone / camera mo kasi walang kasiguraduhan na mababawi pa sya. ay try mo ihulog sa mga sink holes dun. ayun sure na wala na talagang chance makuha. Action cameras ang tingin kong best dalin when going here.

6. wag magsama ng mga friends na malakas mantrip. yung tipong iuuga pa yung hanging bridge kasi natutuwa silang nakikita kang tinatawag mo na mommy mo sa takot. hahaha!

7. bawal daw mag ingay. pero pwede naman mag sorry kaya magsorry ka na lang pag napatili ka bigla sa takot.

8. sobrang hirap at tagal magpareserve dahil ubusan palagi yung slots kaya habang maaga pa magpareserve na kayo if ever may balak kayo magpunta. magkaroon din ng sapat na pasensya sa paghihintay sa pagsagot nila sa reservations niyo dahil so far email pa lang ang mode of communication sa kanila. swerte mo pag nasagot yung comment mo sa page nila. (I'm not sure if until now ganun pa din ang process it's been a year since we went here)

9. kaya daw masungi kasi masungit yung panahon. uulan, aaraw, uulan, aaraw. wala lang iready niyo lang sarili niyo haha

10. walang signal wag atat mag check-in or upload ng picture. namnamin ang kalikasan. balitaan ang guardians na walang signal para di sila mag alala sayo.

11. estimated time na matatapos. 4-5hrs. inabot kami ng almost 5 hours dahil sa pagtatalo talo kung sino unang susubok sa mga rope courses. wag sirain ang friendship paunahin yung willing or yung malalakas loob. Pag walang willing no choice kayo mag-Alphabetical order.

12. ok yung mga rope courses para sa mga may fear of heights kasi maco conquer nila yung fear nila. pero pano naman yung mga kagaya ko na wala nun? kabaligtaran mangyayari magkakafear of heights kayo haha.

13. magrent ng car para less hassle. hirap naman ng pagod na nga kayo wala pa kayong masakyan. pero kung yolo kayo go teh!

14. download niyo yung kanta ni gary v sa ang probinsyano tas patugtugin niyo while doing the rope courses para mas intense at feel na feel.

Will i be going back? I want to honestly lalo ngayon mas madami na silang rope courses. And they also have night trails na din. But nagdadalawang isip ako knowing how hard and tiring the trail is for me. It's like thinking if you should get back with your ex cause you still love him yet you don't want to kasi ayaw mo na masaktan. Haha!

Anyway sulit na sulit ito for the adventurous types of people and will be challenging naman to those newbie like me. But if you always answer looking for more challenge sa iyong job interviews, G na kayo here mga bes!

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Dean D.
5.0 Stars

I've got three F words for you.....FUN, FRIENDS, and FOOD!!! 128516128588128523

It was a perfect day to go out for a hike and no better place to experience it in the very popular Masungi Georeserve at Baras, Rizal. Thanks to long weekend.

We started our hike at 740am and it lasted approximately 4 hours. There were bits of raindrops but thankfully that was it. (We were provided with poncho's just in case).

I couldn't remember how many times we stopped to rest and/or to take a picture (mostly to take a picture haha).

No spoilers on how easy or hard the hike is. 128521128521128521

The best part of it all - rockin' this looloo shirt!!!

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

Even though it was pricey (Php1,500 per person), it was so worth it. The whole activity takes around 3-4 hours depending on the group's pace. There were rope challenges, metal web and amazing trails along the way. It was well maintained thanks to a private company. After the trek we were given cold towel, drink and sandwich.

Although they didn't have a shower area. You can still freshen up at their nature theme toilets.

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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

It was a weekend of braving the climbs, the hanging bridges, and the weather. We enjoyed our trip here and every bit of the tour was pleasant and fulfilling. ♥️

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

And I am back again! 🤗

I cannot hide my love for the nature. It is simply my quickest escape from the hustle & bustle of my daily grind. 127939127794127796127811

This time, I & my workmates went to Masungi Georeserve in Rizal. 128522💮127803127794127795127797

We booked our visit last August 2016. Imagine how far it was from our schedule which is January 28,2017 128524128517 that time, the trail visit fee was 1,400php. But this year, it has increased to 1,800php for a weekend visit (the weekday visit is now 1,500 from 1,200). 128184

Thebtrail visit fee comes with free bottled water (so yeah, it doesn't really necessary to bring your own), use of helmet, use of string bag, & the complimentary lunch which made us all full! All are organic, from the bananas, & lettuce! The sandwich I chose for our group is the Chicken Pesto sandwich. Then they served us the refreshing calamansi juice 128523128515 they also gave us a very cool towel which you can use to cool down you face. It was so satisfying! 128513

Upon entering the reserve, there were staffs who are very accommodating they assisted us to find our Silungan in which the orientation will be held. It took 30mins.

Then we had our Park Ranger, who has been our guide the whole visit. These are the following spots inside:

🕸 Sapot which is like a giant spider web.
128167 Patak which is like a raindrop
🚺 Ditse or "ate" or sister
🔻 Duyan or the giant hammock
⛰ Yungib ni Ruben which is a cave
128104Tatay or father which has the highest peak
128105 Nanay or mother the 2nd highest peak
128010 Bayawak or monitor Lizard

Little did I forgot, I fell in love with the flowers!!! 128154128525127803127803127803

I love rocks! Hehe

**see the photos. Enjoy!!! 128522128154i

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Mitzi B.
4.0 Stars

Visited January 21, 2017. Appointment time 730am. Time of actual hike 830am. Finished at 1230pm.

I'm one of those people that was fairly intmidated by all the pics of this place posted by bloggers online. Isn't it scary to cross some steel wire ropes with God knows how high above with nothing to hold on to. Or that you have to ascend and descend a number of rope nets without a harness...but all that with a helmet so that's comforting 128563. But everything looks fun so reservation was made and paid like since April 2016.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Reserve as early as possible. Group of 7-14 pax. Stop asking kung pwede ang 6! Well pwede but you have to pay the minimum of 7 pax. Hindi pwede ang 15!!! I think 10 pax is just right. Kasyang kasya kayo sa Sapot for group picture without being too crowded.
1800 per person for weekend.
1500 per person for weekdays.

2. Their hike/tour schedule starts at 530am with 30 minute interval per group. Last tour is at 130pm. 3-4 hours per group to complete the whole area, picture taking and rest stops included.

3. Bring sunblock, shades, cap, trail food and camera. They will provide you with a drawstring bag to put your necessities plus 2 500 ml bottled water. Any other things you brought like change of clothes you may leave at the briefing area.

4. There is 7-10 minute walk from the parking to the park's briefing area. Consider this your warm up.

5. Their restrooms are clean with almost complete amenities (walang mirror). Be mindful that they can only be found at the start and end of your tour.

6. The time of our visit was perfect. January weather is the best really. Sunny but breezy. Sadly hindi kinaya ng drone ang hangin.

7. I handed my pocket camera to our park ranger Carlitos. 90% of our pictures were by him. A pocket camera is all you need. If you have Go pro, that's perfect for those wide angle shots.

8. Make sure all your gadgets even your shades have a strap attached. Because when it slips down, it may be gone forever.

9. Sandwiches, banana and calamansi juice will be waiting for you at the end of your tour. After eating you may still hang out at the hammock place beside it. You will need all your strength again going up the stairs back to silungan-the briefing area where you will return the bags and helmets.

10. The park rangers were constantly updating their positions by radio so the 15 minutes per group per site were mostly followed. You will feel that you're the only people inside the park. For the above price I'll say take all the pictures that you want. Yun lang if you take too long, no choice but the next group will close in on you. Photobombers alert hahaha 128516.

So, GO. FOR. IT. 128170🏼
YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. 128170🏼
Even the unfit or a 13 yr old can do this (that's their minimum age to join btw). The hike is actually fairly easy. The trail, even the stairs are all cemented and well paved. No harness going down? Kapit na lang, kamay at pati paa nakakapit sa rope haha. What slow us down was of course the picturetaking, as expected 128540.

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

starting the year off with a good workout!

Masungi Georeserve is truly a wonderful experience! I came here along with my family and some family friends.

Not was I was expecting at all. I thought that the CR and the place itself would be not good at all. But to my surprise... they have pretty good amenities! They had soap, tissue, insect repelant, sunblock etc available for use at their comfort rooms. Their comfort rooms were clean and well decorated. Wow.

They waiting area was also good. It had some shade and some sitting area good for about 20 people.

The helmets they provided were cleaned and rinsed every single use so you dont have to worry about nasty bacteria.

They climb was tiring but the place had some nice and cool breeze to it so it wasn't that bad. I love the obstacle courses. I am not afraid of heights so these were fun to do!

The rangers were informative and nice to talk to. They really know what they are doing!

Snacks and drinks are included but do bring a bottle of water with you when you go on the hike because the snacks come at the later part of the hike.

Just wow. And yes I would do it again!

Bravo to the whole team! I got to take wonderful pictures along the way! Definitely a memorable experience!


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Andi E.
5.0 Stars

Masungi Georeserve became an instant hit as a travel destination to those who are into nature and climbing activities. After photos getting viral in social media, this conservation area became an attraction to many. And because of its popularity, it reached the international audience creating viral videos featuring the giant hammock and some of them are already flocking their way to experience the wonders of this trail.

It is located at Kilometer 45, Marcos Highway, Baras, Rizal, Philippines, 1970. From EDSA Shaw, it takes 1 – 2 hours at most. It is advisable that you bring your own car as public transport is difficult. You can park your vehicles in its open lot. But the entry to the conservation area starts from 7am. While waiting, just enjoy the cold breeze. 🙂

Going to silungan takes 5 – 10 minutes of walk. Silungan is the main entrance where a small introduction and brief will occur before the adventure starts.


– Wear a casual, lightweight & comfortable clothing, paired with non-slip closed shoes, is the required attire.

– Bring your important stuff: Water, towel, sun protection, camera, and change of clothes.

– Loud noises are not allowed. Wildlife can’t be disturbed and feel harmed, right?

– Strictly no alcohol and smoking. Self-explanatory I guess? 🙂

– Always wear the helmet provided to avoid injuries.

– The trail can take 3 – 4 hours including the time spent for picture-taking and resting.

– Enjoy and have fun! Remember to give respect to one another because we all want instagrammable shots, right?

Mondays to Fridays: Php 1,500 per person

Saturdays and Sundays: Php 1,800 per person

more of my review at

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Allen M.
5.0 Stars

A lot of times, when a place is so hyped up you end up being underwhelmed when you actually go there. However, for Masungi Georeserve it's the exact opppsite. No matter how many blogs or reviews you read, you must experience visiting the place to really understand how impressive this is.

I'm sure a lot of people have already written so many things about Masungi so I just want to share my highlights while I was here yesterday.

1. The Landscape and Cleanliness
The whole trail had a pathyway so it's a relatively easier trek. But I also noticed while they built a pathway, there was a concious effort not to alter it as well. This paved the way to have both easy and challenging areas.
We also went there on a rainy day and we really appreciate the preparedness to provide ponchos before we started. Also, a rainy day hike proved how clean and well-maintained the place is. There were shoe cleaning stations (water and shoe brushes) where we had to clean our shoes before we climed the lambat so that it won't be as slippery and dirty.
The restrooms and snack area ( for after the hike) are soooo pretty! It's like the set-up an outdoor landscape but with all the necessities there. This is perfect for those who don't want the ruggedness of hiking but would like to try the wonders of ecotourism.

2. Challenging Attractions
Visiting Masungi also had us try thing we never thought we could do. If you're looking for a place to conquer your fear of heights, this is the place to be. We had to climb up and down lambats several times , even by a cliff and without a harness, and pass through hanging (and swaying) bridges but it also felt safe at the same time because the amenities were built well.
Maybe the most nerve-wracking part for me was the spider web because you don't have anything to hold on to while you go to the center. Plus it was just one pathway going there and you're literally going to fall off limestones beneath you if you lose your balance.
The view from Tatay's peak was sooooo rewarding. We were lucky the rain stopped when it's our time to go there so we were able to enjoy the view. Nanay's peak had hammocks there where you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze before heading back.
Oh and one more thing, we met Kuya Ruben early on our hike!! Our park ranger, Kuya Junjun told us that Kuya Ruben is kind of hard to find in the area so we felt extra motivated that day. 128514 He was shy but very welcoming.

3. Their Advocacy
Kuya Junjun told us that before preserving the area illegal logging took place there. We saw remnants of old trees that fell victims to that activity. However, 20 years later, you can really sense the involvement of the people working there in order to promote Masungi. They are very proud of the place and very eager to share with it to their visitors.

I'm so glad that ecotourism is becoming more popular in the Philippines and I'm hoping that tourists will be more responsible in making sure that we leave no trace expect foot prints and take nothing except pictures. 💯

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Kaydee A.
5.0 Stars



At first, we're worried because of the coming typhoon. It was then windy and thank God it didn't rain that day. Foggy and cold but eventually it subsided. Not too hot, not to cold. Great weather!

One of my highlight this year. A great experience/memories with my favorite people. Their staffs are courteous and very accommodating. We really enjoyed our trail and our food.

You filled my heart with joy, Masungi. Thank you. 128149

#KDventurez #SaveMasungi

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Masungi Georeserve has gained so much popularity, so fast, because of the crazy beautiful photos of their conservation area.

What Masungi Georeserve Foundation and Blue Star Construction & Development Corporation did to the place was amazing. The trail can be considered for beginners because you really just walk on solid rock/cement and not on soil. At the "highlights" or "pit stops" though, you'll either step on wood, metal, or just ropes. But that's it.

I won't go into detail so as not to spoil your experience but here are some very important reminders:

🔹No littering. This is pretty much self-explanatory but still is the most important.
🔹No smoking. As soon as you enter the park area, you'll be reminded to leave your cigarettes. Even the parking area is a non-smoking area so make sure you don't light one. Not even a vape. Else, you'll be fined PhP3,000.00.
🔹Do not make any boisterous noise. Sure, you can talk and laugh at a little over 60 decibels but any loud noise can affect the area's wildlife.
🔹Do not take anything as a souvenir. Not flowers, not leaves, not rocks, not shells. Nada.
🔹Should you encounter wildlife, do not feed the animals

Also, here are some gentle reminders:

🔹Stay hydrated. You'll definitely be taking more than 10,000 steps in 4-5 hours so make sure you don't get dehydrated in the middle of the trek. You can bring your own water bottles but they also provide bottled water there.
🔹Make sure you're in good health. Also, do proper conditioning, especially of your legs, if you're a beginner.
🔹Arrive on time. On time means 1 hour to 30 minutes before your registered slot so you'll have enough time for the briefing. This is one of the reminders they send you in their e-mail but I think some people don't take it seriously. During our visit, we were scheduled to start at 7am and we were there a little past 6am. But despite that, we were only able to start at around 8am because the groups ahead of us weren't able to begin on time. Just having one group start late will have a domino effect. So imagine if the last group at 1:30pm starts at 2:30 and ends when the sun's already down.128584
🔹Go to the toilet and do whatever rituals you need to do.before you begin. There will be no toilet break in the middle of the trek. Our assigned park ranger, Kuya Junjun, was particularly proud of their CR. According to him, there was one review that gave Masungi a low rating because apparently, that reviewer used the toilet that's not meant for visitors. After the briefing, park rangers will be giving you a few minutes to go to the CR, apply sunblock, take "before" photos, etc.
🔹Do not take so much time taking photos to avoid causing delay. Please be considerate of the other groups after you. The park rangers can take your photos, so you can just have one "designated" camera. Take out your phone/camera at your own risk.
🔹Wear your helmet. This is provided but I suggest you bring your own or at least bring a towel or cap to use with their helmet for hygienic purposes. If I didn't wear one, I think I would've had a lot of head injuries.128556
🔹Light snack (sandwich, banana, calamansi juice) will be provided after the trek. Honestly, every time I was getting tired of walking/climbing, I think about that calamansi juice as a reward! Ay, it was sooooo good!
🔹Lastly, do not let the photos you see online intimidate you. Most photos I've seen made me question my decision to go but when I got there, it was just slightly scary.128541 Unless you have acrophobia, and I mean this clinically, then, I guess you'll just really have to skip this.

Other reminders are indicated in the confirmation e-mail so please take that seriously and read carefully.

Oh and one more thing. They only entertain private group bookings. So you have to make a reservation as they do not accommodate walk-ins. Your group should have at least 7 pax and the maximum is 14.

Every inch of my body hurt so bad the day after but that didn't really matter because it was such a fun, exhilarating experience.

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Emm T.
5.0 Stars

Worth it. Not for the faint of heart (read: acrophobia) or those with poor cardio though. A good 4-plus hour hike if you stop and take a lot of photos. Just be sure to book early, everyone is lining up to go here. 128518

So many sights to see, but don't let other people's photos spoil your own adventure.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

I've been wanting to visit Masungi Georeserve for the longest time already. But since it gained popularity so fast, I kept reading and hearing from people that they're fully booked for months. One more problem for me is it's hard to form a group of at least 7 people. My closest friends and I make 4 and it's hard to get a day wherein we're all free. 128517

Date of visit was September 3, 2016 – Saturday. I got a slot on August 30, 2016 – Tuesday. 128514 Call me lucky!!! Haha! A friend from my previous work who I visited Taiwan with last May had already booked their slot for 10 people months before. They had 3 people back out last minute so they were looking for people who can fill those slots. Luckily, we were able to find 3 people! 128541

We didn't have enough cars to take 10 people up to Tanay, Rizal so we booked a van. I would recommend either book a van or take your own cars up there because it's really tough to go there by public transport – almost impossible. 128566

Our reserved slot was at 1PM. It was mentioned on their website to arrive earlier than the time slot for the tours to start on time and allow time to walk towards the georeserve proper. It's not a super long walk, but it does take a few minutes to get to the briefing area – Silungan.

‼️ WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE WAITING BY THE PARKING/ENTRANCE TO JOIN YOUR GROUP!!! We were 10 in the group so we can't really have them join us. But it's best not to let people who haven't reserved a slot join in. It's just not fair...

When we got there, we went to the toilet to get ready for the long hike. Their restrooms were quite clean and well integrated into the whole nature concept.

It took us quite a while before we were briefed. Our slot was at 1PM, we were briefed at around 2PM. All their guides are called park rangers. The park ranger who greeted us apologized for the delay. The delay was caused by a delay of those already in the georeserve. Their tours got extended because a certain celebrity was also visiting the place. So while this celebrity was still at one stop, no one was allowed to pass. So basically, there was a traffic jam. 128528128549

They have a total of 12 park rangers that give tours but there's only half of them per day. Due to the jam, the park rangers were all still inside and no one could take us inside yet. Our tour started at around 2:30PM.

It was a bit of a hassle that it was delayed when we were there 30 minutes before our schedule. But it was good that their personnel were really sincere in apologizing and you can see that they really did not expect it to happen.

128173 Size: 1,600 hectares
128173 Developed land: 300 hectares
128173 It has been under conservation for 20 years
128173 Opened to the public on December 2015 (so it's still within an adjustment period)
128173 Masungi used to be all rocks, but with the help of the wildlife, the area is now full of trees and a wide variety of fauna
128173 Duration of hike: 3-4 hours
128173 Masungi came from two words: masungkit (sungkit sungkit) because of the rocks / masungit because of the weather
128173 First geotourism in the Philippines
128173 The area was underwater millions of years ago which is why they have limestones, sinkholes and caves as well
128173 Jade vine grows here, known to be one of the 10 most beautiful flowers in the world. It blooms around February - April

❗️Leave no trace
❗️No smoking! Fine: Php 3,000 [One cigarette butt can kill 10 snails and the fire can cause forest fires.]
❗️No boisterous noise since wildlife can be disturbed and other groups come for meditation walks as well.
❗️No picking of flowers, taking of rocks, etc. Leave everything as is.
❗️Always listen to the park ranger, they tend to give the visitors info about the area and point out different hard to see views as well.
❗️Stick to pathways and steps. There are some paths that split left and right, so make sure to stay with your group or you can get lost!
❗️Sticking to the path also means less mud and dirt gets to your shoes. At some points of the park, they require you to clean the soles of your shoes before proceeding since you'll be stepping on white ropes (like at the Duyan).

The main objective of Masungi Georeserve is to let people appreciate nature more. Respect it and be closer and be one with nature.

Also, their park rangers are all very nice. They are not tour guides and they don't accept tips. It's one of their rules and they follow it. 128077🏼

I won't go into detail of each and every location within the georeserve since I think it's already available in previous reviews and it's better to experience it first hand. But I will give you tips on what to bring and what NOT to bring.

✔️ Shades and sunblock - The park is open and when you get to the spider web, shades is needed since the sun is right above you. 128514
✔️ Water bottle - The park now encourages their guests to bring their own water bottle to cut down on plastic bottle waste. They have a water dispenser at the briefing area for you to refill with water.
✔️ Wear bottoms with pockets that can be secured so you can easily tuck away your phone. There's a lot of climbing and it's really advisable to keep all valuables in check. Once it falls, it's gone forever!
✔️ They provide you with a sling backpack but if you have a small enough backpack that's more comfortable than a sling backpack, it's allowed to be brought inside.
❌ For cameras, I would advise against bringing an SLR or even the smaller mirrorless cameras unless you can pack them in your camera safe backpack. It's a struggle to take out the camera and shoot at areas where you have to balance and use two hands to hold onto the safety structures.
✔️ Action cameras (GoPro, XiaoMi) with a secure monopod with wrist straps are great as your camera of choice here. 128077🏼

At the end of your hike, you'll get bread with some homemade spreads and yummy yummy calamansi juice!! 128525 I loved the calamansi juice, it wasn't too sweet. 128077🏼 They also have restrooms at this pitstop.

After having a snack, you'll be hiking up tons of stairs back to the briefing area to return the helmets and backpacks. We had to use our phones as flashlights on our hike back since it was already past 6:30PM. The hike really takes 4 hours with long photo sessions and some rest at some points.

Overall, it was a fun adventure and it really took a toll on my stamina. 128514 It wasn't a hard hike since they had steps made for easier trekking.

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

Our group absolutely LOVED Masungi!!! 128525 Some people might find their PHP 1,400 fee a bit steep for a short trek but it was SULIT because...

- You really don't have to bring anything except your gadgets. We each had our own big backpack but when our guide met us at the parking area, she told us to leave it all inside the car and to just bring the essentials. We just brought our GoPros, cellphones, sunblocks and face towels. When we got to the orientation area, we were told we'd each get 1L of bottled water inside our Masungi drawstring backpack.

- They have REALLY nice and clean restrooms with bottles of sunblock and insect repellents.

- Guides are knowledgeable and they also don't accept tips. TIPPING IS NOT ALLOWED.

- Because they only allow a maximum of 4 groups (if I remember correctly) per day, the park doesn't get crowded and is well-maintained. You won't get to see other groups having their pictorial sessions lol. The only time we saw another group was at the sandwich and calamansi juice area. Yes, you also get sandwich and cold calamansi juice before you end your adventure at Masungi. 128513128513128513

It's also because of this limit that makes reservations a bit tricky. I suggest you make your reservation at least 1-2 weeks before your preferred schedule. Our guide told us the best time to go would be at 5:30 AM. We would've taken an earlier slot but 9:30 was the only available slot left for our planned day of visit. By 11 AM (the whole thing takes about 3-4 hours), we were all extra exhausted 'cause of the heat.

I won't really go through the sights anymore 'cause ALL of the other reviews and blogs about this place already have that. I would just like to say that this place may not be for those who have a fear of heights... Especially because there are no harnesses to make you feel extra safe. I'm not really afraid of heights but my arms and legs were shaking on the way down to the duyan. There were no stairs on the way down to the duyan (check 3rd photo), just very strong ropes which you'll have to hold on to if you want to experience the duyan. 128513128555

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