Mateo's Restaurant Cafe

54 N. Domingo St. cor. Horse Shoe Drive, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe
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April V.
5.0 Stars

We held our son's dedication here and all out visitors loved the place and the food as well

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Late review. It's weird, some of my photos are missing and VSCO wasn't able to sync some that I know should be synced. Anyway...

This visit was from a few months back. I called Mateo's to make a reservation just to be sure we'd have a table for lunch. I'm guessing the place was a house before. Or maybe it still is? The restaurant is on the front yard but I think there's still a house at the back. The restaurant area is just a small space, comfortable for 20 persons, if I remember correctly.

We had the following:
🔹Wild Mushroom Soup
🔹Baked Oysters
🔹Blue Marlin with Lemon-Butter Sauce
🔹Seafood Paella

A little pricey given the serving size but they were all good. Service was great. 128077🏼

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

That sunday night after practice, me and my friends also just finished a short chicken pie snack and decided to have a light dinner somewhere... We were thinking to go to lam tin erod but tgen as usual it was full. Then friend mentioned this mateo's cafe. I was first in doubt cause it was just beside a carwash and you cannot fully see the entire place from outside, well, a lot of parked cars (customer's) were there so we thought it mist be good.

I liked the interior. It actually is a house wherein seats are distributed in the kitchen, sala and garden (smoking area) quite a number of people can be accommodated (around 50?) talk about light dinner, we just ordered their tapas (not the beef, but appetizers, sort of) and their best seller paella!!!

128204128525 veggie quesadilla
Yummy combination of cheese and spinach. All pressed in a toasted wrap. This is so good especially for vegetarians.

128204 calamares
The squid were soft. The breading was too salty. But then neutralized by the dip.

128204128525 buffalo wings
This One i love too. Choice of either sweet or spicy. We chose spicy... I mean they chose spicy. Well it's a good thing it was tolerable... I even finished the last piece! Served with baby carrots. Sour cream dip is good.

128204128525 mateo's garden salad
Lolarosa, mixed greens, peaches, cherry tomatoes, kesong puti, and tortilla crisps in raspberry vinaigrette. What else needs to be said? I love the vinaigrette taste. Thinking healthy? Go for this

128204128525 paella negra
Good for 3-4 persons pero enough for 5. Bomba rice is sooo good, thick squid ink coating all those heavenly rice--prawn, mussells, clams and squid joining the good symphony. Lemon to taste zing. Dont get this pag may date kayo. Mouth will be black. End up laughing at each other

Oha. Ang daming kong recommended dish. Hehe. Sarap kasi. Even though we were quite full, we managed to still enjoy the food.

Service was great. Waiters able to assist in your orders. Two CRs available. This place is also good for dates and chikas with amigos and amigas--that type.
Get it. Not really chitchat with pare and mare but amigos and amigas. Haha.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Hidden somewhere near robinsons magnolia. The place is beside a carwash and at 1st you will give it a 2nd thoughy. But once you've entered the place it was a homey kind of place with many old decorations on its wall. This place serve one of the best paella that I've tried. It was very flavorful and the seafoods are not overcooked. The mateo's salad is also highly recommended. The dressing they use was very delicious.

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

My wife and I tried Mateo's last weekend. Dining was such a pleasant experience. Service was good and the staff very helpful. I especially enjoyed the fact that the staff knew the food they served very well. My wife loved the puttanesca but i was very pleased with the cheeseburger. It was unique because it looked like a submarine sandwich with french baguettes as buns. The pattie was very tender and juicy and it complemented the crunch of the bread. To complete the dish, they added onion and garlic dip as well tomato jam as dip for the potato wedges that went with the burger. The tomato jam seemed a bit strange but came out as something surprisingly delightful.

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