Max's Express

Quadricentennial Pavillion, España Blvd., UST, Manila, Metro Manila

Max's Express
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Charlene E.
5.0 Stars

So my brother and his girlfriend got us chocolate ensaimadas! At first I was a little hesitant but curious on how it would taste like, but after trying it I was really really surprised! It was just so delicious, really heavenly! I ate 2 ensaimadas in one sitting. Ever since, whenever we go to a Max's restaurant, we always take home a lot of chocolate ensaimadas! It is a must try!

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Alyssa A.
3.0 Stars

It's so hard to find a seat during lunch. But anyway, the food's fine though the menu's not the same as Max's since it's just Max's Express. 128554 Staff's friendly and they really try to find a way for the customers to get seats. 128074

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Reinier S.
5.0 Stars

We went to Max Express to have late lunch. We ordered half chicken. The chicken is great. It is delicious with ketchup or gravy. It satisfy our hunger. It is a fun place to hang out. The service is great.

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Mary D.
4.0 Stars

Yay for more establishments popping up inside UST! I got their chicken and canton meal for 115php to go. Their servings are pretty small especially the chicken :(

I got so curious with the fancy new drinks I've never seen before so I got the lemonade one for shockingly 140php. It was borderline sour and I had to add water in it after finishing half. But if you like the super sour feeling then 128077

I like how they ask you gravy or ketchup? As the ketchup aka condiment hater that I am I got gravy. It was good but their chicken honestly tastes good on its own anyway.

I love how they have caramel/mango bars, chocolate/ube rolls, and other pastries for sale! Perfect snacks to nibble on. The place had a nice and modern vibe as compared to the tradition Max's restaurants. The chairs are so cool because they feel like rocking chairs. Medj. HAHA

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Jayne Marie W.
5.0 Stars

Having our late lunch in Max's Express is fantastic! Thanks to Em D for recommending /discovering this restaurant, imagine its just in front of Engineering bldg. haha 128512

I like the design of their wallpaper and chairs, colorful and lively that's why other students would love to hangout here. One of the crew said that the company is "planning" to have the next branch in De La Salle on Taft Ave.

So we ordered combo meals with drinks:
Chicken + Lumpiang Ubod
Basic meal (with one caramel bar)
Leche Flan (Php 29)
I like the sweetness level, it's not so sweet.

Fast service, cheerful crews. The only problem I encountered was the sound system, it's too loud that all of us was shouting and we can hear what the other tables were talking about. So -1 for that 128551 128532

Place - 5
Environment - 4
Service - 5
Taste - 5
Price - 5

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Em D.
5.0 Stars

Possibly the best Max's I've ever been to. 128586 I wouldn't normally review Max's but this one is.. Max's EXPRESS!

This is the first Max's Express ever in the country and I have to say that I like how they transformed it to a self-service restaurant. Fast food, komvagah. I guess placing a regular Max's inside UST wouldn't be such a good idea since students are always on the go. Good job! 128077

After placing our orders on the first floor, we went up to where the tables and seats were to further marvel (OA marvel talaga) at how great the interiors were. It was very homey and relaxing. Not more than 5 minutes (I think) later, our basic meals arrived. The chicken was huge and it tasted just like how their chicken tastes in other Max's branches. Hmm. 127831 I paid a total of PHP 298. 149 for the basic meal and another 140 for my drink (it was some fresh lemonade from Australia -- KAGULAT no sosyal ng drinks nila ha! They even sell organic juice and Arizona 128561). Quite pricey if I'd go here every single day but I guess pwede na since I rarely eat lunch out (I either eat at my place or make baon to save money 128541).

I'd totally recommend this to my Thomasian friends and followers! After eating here, I sounded like a chicken ambassador because I kept on telling about my experience here to my blockmates 128541128020

** I learned in my comparative anatomy class that the scientific name of the chicken is Gallus gallus... I LOOOOOVE FRIED Gallus gallus!! Kentucky Fried Gallus gallus 128514128514128514128514

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