2/F S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

back to Manila from Cebu trip, we tried Taiwanese cuisine.
We ordered the following:

slices of tender beef cooked in a soup packed with oriental flavor, not spicy despite it's red color. noodles was al dente, We split the food so we can enjoy other dishes 128522128522128077128077

paired perfectly with black venigar sauce128522

perfectly fried rice with generous shrimp 128522128077

the ambiance was nice, simple, fresh smell, good service. thanks to Ms Kath

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Marc M.
3.0 Stars

Been waiting for this since last year when they put up that big poster ad of their Beef Noodles 128525.

Upon entering I cannot help but spy on the other table's bowls. I thought it looked a bit light.

127836 Red Roast Beef Noodles 127836
Php 340
I guess I was expecting too much. I do know that Ramen, La Mien, and Beef Noodles are of different classes but man this one is just too thin for my taste. There was a bit of a spicy kick that I think was paprika because it smelled kinda Cajun-ish 9996128513. It was so-so like Chairman Wang's

The noodles were a bit thick for a light broth. Kinda reminds me of Mitsuyado's Tsukemen Noodles.

The Beef though was really on point. Super tender, very savory and generously applied. Loved every bit of it. 128525

128055Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumplings127844
Php 170
Wife said it tasted like Xiao Long Bao in a Gyoza wrapper. I can't help but agree 128514. Indeed the contents were like XLB while the wrapper was thick as Gyoza. I'm guessing the essence is trapped inside because of the good seal of the wrapper. Liked this one as well.

127868Milk Tea9749
Php 100
Pretty standard milk tea. I tried the wifey's glass and I got the urge to order one for myself. It's quite a refreshing escape from all the spices of their dishes. (I also happened to notice that the delivery guy was wearing a Chatime uniform 🤔)

I also got to try a bit of the wifey's order which was the Dry Noodles in Sesame Oil. This one I liked! It was like Dan Dan Mien with the thick peanut sauce it had going. It wasn't actually dry. 128525

I would say that if you are after a good hearty bowl of soup then this is not for you. You would be better off with NS45. But that's just me, it all boils down to personal preference. 9996128513

I have yet to try their stinky tofu and their Mala, though. I didn't get the chance since I'm with the wifey and she doesn't like smelly food. 128514

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Serena M.
3.0 Stars

So excited to see that there's a newly opened Taiwanese restaurant in S Maison. That's why we immediately came here to try it but sorry to say that we didn't like it that much. I find the soup very oily. The Mala beef noodle is not that tasty, just spicy only. Plus the pig's blood is not available thus making the soup lack in flavor. 128542

We also ordered their red roast beef noodle 127836, red roast beef with rice 127858, mapo tofu with rice 127858, fried rice, pan-fried dumpling and dumpling with spicy sauce. They all taste just ok. 128076🏻 But i believe that they could improve it coz they're just on their soft opening 128521

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