G/F Maybank Performing Arts Theater, 26th St. cor. Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Remember all the buzz about McCafé when it opened mid 2000s? All of a sudden, McDonald's is a lot classier and attractive to caffeine addicts. Price-wise, it is close to how the famous siren charges for her cup of joe. But the popularity of McCafé didn't last long as it didn't offer one thing the siren is known for... ambiance. Fast forward to present, McCafé made a comeback and this time, it made sure to give what caffeine lovers want.

Hello, McCafé!

Located at the newly constructed Maybank Performing Arts Theater in BGC, McCafé is positioned to be a premium shop that offers coffee, a handful of pastries and an area suitable for meetings, intense study sessions and web surfing (thanks to their reliable internet connection).

I decided to swing by before attending an event nearby and went with Iced Latte (PHP125, small | PHP135, large). I got an electronic number after paying for my coffee and I waited for about 5 minutes before the never-fails-to-surprise-me gadget buzzed.

Taste-wise, it was your usual iced latte. It was milkier than I wanted it to be but it was fine. I'll stick with the good ol cappuccino next time.

But it's nice to know that there's a (sort of) new place I could have as my office.

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Clarissa P.
1.0 Stars

I was about to give this place at least 4 because McDo Iced Mocha was decent and the place was really nice BUT.....

Imagine, the cafe was almost empty BUT the corners with outlets were occupied. Noticed that employees were lounging in one corner with one person who they obviously know munching on chips bought from outside plus a canned Del Monte Juice. The manager was chit chatting with this person.

I got my Iced Mocha and asked if there were other outlets available - manager checked and just informed me that they're all occupied. Went back to her friend - more chit chat and munching of chips.

They were super relaxed! One was even leaning by the counter texting while a customer was ordering, others just too noisy chit chatting! Huhuhu what happened? Sana man lang na level up onti ung training nila vs fast food because sayang the place 128545

They were playing Jazz Music BUT the ambiance was ruined by the very noisy employees!

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5.0 Stars

After dinner, we went to Maybank Performing Arts Theater to check the newest McCafe branch in BGC. I was fascinated when I saw the McCafe in Maybank Performing Arts Theater for the first time because of it's stunning and modern architectural design. It's very Instagram worthy! Be ready with your camera.

Inside it's very bright. Although it's not that big but I can see the cleanliness and coziness of the cafe. And yes! McCafe has its own Comfort Room with infrared lighting (it turns out when no one's moving). Most of the customers were students... some were studying and some were just hanging out.

While having coffee outside, we were so relax with the city escape view of BGC. Tall buildings and glittering lights were so amazing during night time.

By the way, I got Iced Cafe Latte for Php135.00 (Large Size).

Cafe Latte - 11088110881108811088 4/5

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Marc C.
5.0 Stars

Am right here at the newly opened McCafe in BGC. It is right beside the Maybank Performing Arts Theater at the newly opened BGC arts center. I must say it is so swanky. The courtyard has an amphitheater for outdoor acts. Love the place since it is nice & quiet to relax & contemplate away from the usual crowded places. Cheers for more open places like this!

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Giovan T.
3.0 Stars

Now, this is their serious entry to the cafe culture in the Philippines. Plush seating, a bright ambiance, and convenient power outlets speaks to the millennial's habits and budget allocation. Not to say it's cheap here, actually pricey if you actually want good coffee, normal if you just need a space.

Their Cappuccino (Small 125 or Medium 135 PHP) is decorated with their M monogram  and served in a ceramic cup. I'm no coffee connoisseur, but it's easy to distinguish between average and great, it's about average, which is why I don't find it to be a great deal for coffee lovers. 

For the purpose of pure relaxation and maybe just a basic brew, then this place is perfect.

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