Taft Ave. cor. Pedro Gil St., Manila, Metro Manila

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Geramarie D.
5.0 Stars

Shake shake fries sesh 128077128155

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Roy T.
1.0 Stars

Sending this review on behalf of my friend.

She's a coffee drinker and it has been twice already that she got this branch's coffee and reported it to taste spoiled. Yes, SPOILED. PANIS. 128548128544 tsk tsk! Once is forgivable, but twice? A big no no. 128529

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Kenrick C.
5.0 Stars

Have you ever had Longganisa with rice with SCRAMBLED EGG? Instead of the SUNNY SIDE UP EGG??????

127829To get to the bottomline of my review, you can just scroll down and look for the "128205" 128516128517But my story isn't that half bad or long 127829

I tell you!!! Try requesting to make the egg scrambled instead of the sunny side up. The taste should be like a buttery taste128523 very deliciious

BTW!!!!! This mcdonalds is beside CSB-SDA!!! The one in UPAD. Maybe it might be different on other branches.

128205P.S. Try the other branch and tell me how it taste like, if it's the same or not. 128513 if it isn't butter its not that one.

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Aeron C.
5.0 Stars

Red velvet McDip sundae128523

-rich vanilla taste
-flavorful dip


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Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

Perfect Meal for a 16-hour duty! I really like their Coffee Float, it's stong and not that sweet unlike the one from Jolibee. A perfect drink that made me awake and more alert! 128540

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Denise L.
5.0 Stars

Perfect breakfast meal. 128076

Our first class ended slightly early so we were looking for somewhere cheap to eat. Guess what, we ended up in Mcdo! Surprise, surprise! (not really)

I never knew there was a 3-pcs pancake in Mcdo so I was overjoyed when I learned that. Haha. I was craving pancakes that day so it explains the excitement over a few pieces of pancake. Haha. Their hot chocolate is really good and but really hot as well. Haha.

Hash brown + pancakes + hot choco = perfect combo 128522

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Aika V.
4.0 Stars

Of course everybody knows Mcdonald's!

I love that there is wifi here. This is my favorite hang out place when I am too early for my class in the morning since it's very near my school - the nearest food chain with wifi, that is.

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Marc V.
4.0 Stars

McDonald's is I guess one of the pioneer on fast food business. And now that they giving the costumer a privilege to enter the world wide web by giving a free wifi use for 24 hours! Isn't that great.

And for the food, well I guess everyone of us have been here. It's like our haven of food that we ideally eat with our barkadas on our side.

And what more I like here is their fries! It is truly a mouthwatering food! And now that many people are playing with their fries and posted it in the net. Like they will do a huge pyramid or a tower of fries!! Hahaha

McDonald's rock!

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