G/F Remington Hotel, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

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Angelica S.
5.0 Stars

Bff meal :) sarap ng libre!!:)

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Captain Bruce D.
4.0 Stars

Get it before it's gone 127839127839

McDonald’s has brought back the famous curly potato for a limited time. You can avail the twister fries for 65pesos.


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Lesley Ardelle V.
5.0 Stars


I heard about it over the radio today, but I wasn't so sure if the branch near the office had it already. So I asked the utility guy to buy hash browns if there are no twister fries.

He came back with both. Potato overload. But I'm not complaining. Hahaha.


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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

A pajama party wouldn't be complete without the BFF fries! 127839127839127839

Good thing, the lines vanished quickly when the fx shuttle came from the outside, people started going out. Lol 128517

We also asked for cups of ice, Because the 7eleven nearby got out of stock of their ice. 128529
They didn't charge us for that since we asked to place it in the courtesy cups. 128129

Medyo sossy 'tong branch na to. IMO

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Erick B.
4.0 Stars

And since I'm stuck in traffic I decided to just let it cool down. Too bad stores were still closed when I went inside the mall hoping to get a good cup of coffee.

Fortunately, there's this McDonald's just across. Good and affordable coffee.

Fun fact: Traffic enforcers in the Philippines are good at what they do: they enforce heavy traffic. 128110128586

  • No. of Comments: 9
Blossom A.
5.0 Stars

Lunch time came and this branch is the closest and most convenient location to my work place, so I decided to go back after taking breakfast earlier.

What a pleasant surprise! I saw their new Happy Meal toy!!! It's My Little Pony and I thought right away of getting one for my daughter... So she can have a glimpse of what my childhood days were.

The Happy Meal I got was the chicken nuggets. Good serving as it only has 4 pcs instead of the regular order of 6 pcs (so hard to finish up when you're alone).

Of course, I had my favorite iced mocha to go with it. Just the right kind of sweetness and coffee mix.

Indeed it was a meal that made me happy.

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Blossom A.
3.0 Stars

I tried the hamdesal and found it a bit strange... I wasn't so used to that kind of taste for McDonald's so I got myself a sausage McMuffin to finish up my breakfast.
Good thing my hubby was eager to finish my hamdesal leftover.

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