Dr. A. Santos Ave. cor. President's Ave., Parañaque, Metro Manila

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Mcdonald's have really stepped up their fried chicken since re-inventing their McChicken. I'm one of their fan when they made it more juicy and flavorful. The chicken skin was also turned into a better version but I think the pamabansang langhap sarap still got the upper hand when it comes to a crispylicious chicken skin.

Now Mcdonald's introduce a McSpicy version of their fried chicken. Wow this made me a bigger fan of their chicken. Their version is not the one with just chili powder on top. From the skin to the chicken meat you can taste the delicious spicyness of the chicken. With this I think they will be able to capture the spicy chicken lover. Hope they will keep this as a mainstay on their menu.

For the service of this branch, good and fast service. What I didn't quite like was that the place was a bit dim lighted. Not that type of vibe I was expecting for a fastfood. I was expecting it to be well lighted to give a brighter mode.

Overall I suggest you try out their new McSpicy Chicken. The rib or wing part is a good choice. It tend to have a more juicy flavor on it meats.128522128077

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

The address is outdated... Presidents Avenue cor. Dr. A. Santos Ave. (Sucat) is already SM City BF for 3 years now. I think this branch is infront of SM City BF beside Paranaque Medical Center. Anyway, drive thru and saw this new SING Happy Meal toys. Bought Burger McDo with OJ. Cute "Johnny" the Gorilla toy and carry box. Quick service! We are regulars here and they know what we want. The new burger mcdo is firmer than their old counterpart but the sauce is the same. I like their burger mcdo but my parents do not like it. They feel cheated by this low brow extender meat burger.

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Mico C.
1.0 Stars

Whenever I plan to have a cheat snack, I want it to be a step above the average. So when I found out that shake shake fries are back, I decided to try them out again.

At 11 pm, i took a break from my work and drove to the nearest mcdo (aka this branch) and got one order.

When I got back to the office, i was dismayed to see a brown paper bag of fries, 3 pieces of napkin, and 2 sachets of ketchup. Unless there is a ketchup flavored shake shake fries, then i think this branch gave me an incomplete order again.

But, i should have checked my bag before leaving. Hohum. They already missed my apple pie order before. So there we go, cheated on my diet for regular fries. Bummer.

Happy weekend everyone! Hahaha #ChangeMood

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Mico C.
2.0 Stars

Definitely points for convenience. I only go to this branch because of their drive thru since it's along my office route.

Unfortunately, i'll never let go of the time they forgot to give me my apple pie. Was charged for it, but they weren't able to give it to me. So partially at fault since i didn't double check the goods i received (oh i guess that's why i'm not with procurement, ha!), but when a staff member tells me "order's complete" i inspire trust and don't bother checking. Also, i'm usually in a rush when i go here (hence, i only frequent them for their drive thru's).

But hey, mcdo is mcdo and they do have some tasty although not the healthiest meals available. Sooo... Yeah i'll most prolly go back. Hahaha but will thoroughly check moving forward don't worry.

Ayt, take care everyone!

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Luigi G.
4.0 Stars

The new Cheesy Eggdesal sandwich is an excellent addition to their menu. With it's hot moist pandesal buns that cover the scrambled egg with cheese, it's sure to hit that morning Filipino craving. At Php 39 (and Php 55 with a drink), makes it even better! Great job Mcdo!

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Liz D.
1.0 Stars

As usual, I still hate unhealthy food. Better make your money count on healthy food before it's too late. You might spend more on hospital bills when you get older. 10084️ Love love love!

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