Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

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Fast Food
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Open 24 Hours

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₱50 - ₱130

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Ygie Marielle M.
4.0 Stars

This is McGriddles of Mcdonald's! I was really stoked to try this cause their ad makes me so hungry. So I forced my parents to have bfast in Mcdonald's when we went on a vacay. Too bad I still prefer Sausage McMuffin over this. Maybe because the pancake was too soft for me or maybe I just still prefer thicker breads like mcmuffin lol. :D

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

galing kami crystal beach resort ng friends ko, paalis pa lang ng resort going home to manila nagcracrave na kami ng monster coke float... we saw the mcdo signs along the highway, pero ang layo pala nya! kaya pala d nya linagay kung ilan km away...

buti na lang dami parking dito, d katulad sa ibang branches sa manila na limited parking spaces


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Gilbert T.
2.0 Stars

wtf McDonald's?!
I ordered 2 pc hotcakes (55) and additional 2 strips of bacon (25). this is what I got. that's not even a strip unless it came from a month old pig!

this is a ripoff!

I complained and this is what I got:
"sir, ganyan talaga yan kasi half strip Lang Po."
but the ad says 2 strips. it did not say 2 half strips.

so I decided to cancel my order. period!


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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Here's the first mCdo to have black forest coke float. Lsang ... Coke prin. 3 for creativeness

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Lea P.
3.0 Stars

Tadaaaaah!!! McDo! LOL

Twas past 2am when we decided to brawl our tummies with iced coffees after miglyt apple hahaha

Too bad any ice cream dessert on the menu is not available, boo yah! So ganun pag madaling araw na bawal na mag ice cream?! Mukha pa namang promising ang bago nilang flurry ung cookie butter something haha! BOOOOOO!!

Iced cafe latte - less than a hundred bucks haha ang urteh! Masarap hindi matamis much.
Iced mocha - eh the usual taste haha
Nuggets - ok nmn haha
Fries - mas gusto ko ang fries ng mcdo kesa jollibee, labsa at lamya ng sa jobee eh

Overall - masaya naman kase tawanan kame ng tawanan ang ingay namin kame nlng kase tao hahaha


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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

Cookie Butter!!!!!!! 5 stars because I didn't expect it to taste that good... Imagine for only 45 pesos. Definitely worth it. 128525

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Jodi N.
4.0 Stars

The first Mcdo inside Subic Freeport! Very modern and spacious with plenty of parking. I finally tried the McSpicy and its okay. I can order it again but it's not something I would go crazy about like KFC's Double Down.

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