Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

I ignored all those DIY affogatos posted all over | at the time it trended. I not much of a coffee drinker.

Uptown has no coffee places yet so while waiting for our kids that we "deposited" in Kidzoona, we went here to get the H some black coffee and a caramel sundae for each of us. Yes, it was a flashback to our penniless high school life.

Out of curiosity, I poured a few spoonfuls of coffee to my sundae, and wow, ang sarap! May caramel sauce pa. For about 50 pesos for a sundae and cup of coffee, it's a third cheaper than the popular mermaid brand, in case you're not that particular with the brew. The hot coffee melted the ice cream into a creamy sauce and I would drink it every so often. I put just enough to alternate between ice cream and affogato. Maybe when I feel like it again I'll pour more coffee over the ice cream to make it into a creamy drink.

Affogato is literally just espresso poured over ice cream. So whoever thought of this is amazing!

PS. Oh my, Fast Food Badge127942 Health-wise, I'm not sure how happy I should be for this128517128514

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Once upon a time, the Matcha Wizard of Golden Arches invaded |ooloo land. Almost every |ooloo villager was hypnotized by the matcha McFlurry's swirly eyes and those enchanted by the Matcha Wizard flocked the nearest McDonald's and ordered Matcha McFlurry. The end.

And it was not just some fairy tail. It did happen.

When Z posted a photo, a beautifully taken one at that, of her matcha discovery, everyone went crazy! Over 20,000 likes on Facebook and probably the most likes on |ooloo's Instagram page as well. Soon, everyone was talking about it and reviewing it from different branches.

I first tried my luck with q McDonald's along SLEX but they were out and since I was not in the mood for cotton candy, I went with the typical Oreo McFlurry.

I tried my luck again in McDonald's Uptown Mall branch and they have it! Yay!

One cup costs PHP50 and it is perhaps one of the cheapest matcha treats around.

I loved that they still put Oreo bits for crunch and they were generous with the matcha powder. Each spoonful had a nice green tea taste though it was slightly overpowered by the Oreo bits.

I hope that they keep this as a regular flavor. Japan did. 10084

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

I ordered the Cotton Candy McFlurry 'cause it looks so cute in the poster. (Haha!) As expected, it was really sweet. The wafer bits added a bit of texture to the smooth ice cream.

My officemate tried the Oreo Matcha. Matcharap naman daw for P50 pesos. Hihi. 128518

PS: Shoutout to the smallest ate in the counter who is always nice and smiling. 9996

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Michael A.
5.0 Stars

The place is new. Crew is attentive.

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