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Most Recent Reviews

Jhen M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Call ahead for reservation. Get the chefs table. The chef is very accommodating with regards to questions. Degustation is the way to go for first timers. Very creative and tasty dishes. Do not expect traditional Japanese food after all this isn’t a traditional restaurant. Loved most of the food served.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Chef Bruce Ricketts was around when me and friends decided to a foodie catch up. Honestly am torn with all the good reviews versus what I really felt with what he served.

Fine, you have gourmet servings with high prices justified if they are that good. If they were just okay to barely good then you double up bad. That’s what it was for me.

We had almost everything hey have in one page menu. Nothing really stand out except the Duck Soba which were off menu and their lone dessert- lava cake.

Most of it really was too oily, all fat and too sinful to eat at night. You got intestines, chicken skin, belly fat, oily fried rice called Chahan, chicken neck. I was shouting for meat. They didn’t have any salmon dish left and there were 4 of it in the menu.


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Chiara C.
5.0 Stars

This is the best fancy restaurant I've ever been to. So few restaurants can do "complex" dishes, but Mecha Uma does them well. You can taste the quality of of the individual ingredients, as well as experience how they all complement each other - how the wasabi grated from the plant, the japanese rice, the fish belly, and single granules of sea salt all work together to make a damned killer sushi. Owner and Chef Bruce was also a fantastic host, felt like an intimate dinner party with a really good chef.

Looking forward to trying the ala carte dishes!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I’ve always wanted to visit Mecha Uma by Bruce Ricketts ever since I read wonderful and mouthwatering reviews. But the fact that I have to shell out PHP3,000++ for the tasting menu made me think twice since that’s equivalent to a Spiral dinner buffet or a Kapitolyo or Maginhawa food trip. But thanks to R and his family, I got to give this place a try.

Hello, Mecha Uma.

The dim lit restaurant was packed when we visited. (Well, the restaurant can only accommodate maximum of 30 persons at a time.) Despite the small crowd, the place still gives a seemingly romantic vibe. It must be the ambient lighting.

It took them a bit before they served the first dish, Tomato. It was peeled tomato with white chocolate, a dash of sansho pepper and cucumber. It was paired with tomato juice with gin and soy sauce. I must say, the presentation was impressive.

As for the taste, I love it yet I hate it too. I loved the peeled tomato, cucumber bits and sansho pepper but I didn’t like (at all) the white chocolate and tomato juice. Despite my craziness with tomatoes, I absolutely hate tomato juice.

Next served was Tostadito. It was a combination of scallop, pico de gallo, scallop and mussel crema. It was a play of textures. The taco was also made of scallop and squid ink. It was refreshing thanks to pica de gallo. The only downside was that it was a bit messy to eat.

Lobster was the next dish and it was a mix of octopus, lobster, plantains, scorched coconut leche de tigre and mung bean puree. Again, there was an interesting play of textures here. There was the smooth yet charred octopus, rough yet soft puree and refreshing pomelo bits.

St. Pierre or the atlantic dory and local crab dish was scrumptious! The asparagus and broth of vegetable sauce was heavenly. R got so upset when I allowed the server take my bowl with some sauce left. He really loved the sauce.

The next dish Bird was one beautiful mess. A combination of pigeon and duck with peppercorn, avocado and watermelon is a party for the palate! The serving size for this one seems perfect since the flavors are quite powerful too.

Rice, or what they named the sashimi paired with flavored rice, was one filling dish. The sashimi cuts (one of which was taro) were fresh and and it was a great contrast with the rice with broth.

Finally, meat! The Matsusaka Gyu was to die for. The soft and flavorful meat topped with scallions and Cabrales cheese with a piece of potato on the side was one of the highlights that dinner. (The other two were St. Pierre and Bird.) It was definitely the meat that melts in your mouth type.Good thing I was already full when I reached this course or else I would have ordered a la carte of this!

And since all good meals have to end well,we were served with sudachi curd with coconut and a hint of lavender and olive oil. I loved how the slightly crunchy Japanese peach highlighted the softness of the curd and chewiness of the coconut. Lovely!

Though Mecha Uma serves great dishes, I do not think I will visit it again anytime soon. It's the type of place where visiting it once is enough and twice perhaps for a special occasion.

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Alex O.
5.0 Stars

Finally tried Chef Bruce Rickets's Mecha Uma! Probably one of the most-difficult-to-book restaurant in Manila! Although we still couldn't get an Omakase seat, the ala carte reservation was a wise strategy, otherwise I would be leaving Manila again without still getting a seat.

Mecha uma, literally, means 'insanely delicious'! And it didn't disappoint. Chef Bruce, indeed, is one of the most creative, up and coming, young chefs in the Philippines today. His food is really a fusion of many inspirations with Japanese cuisine as just the creative base.

Certainly, one of the must-go restaurants in Manila!

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ManEatManila R.
5.0 Stars

Never eat in Mecha Uma.

You probably won't enjoy the small bites of perfection that Chef Bruce Ricketts personally serves you, anyway.

I tell you, stay away from Mecha Uma.

Cod sperm? Monkfish liver? Who would want to eat freshly-sourced, in-season, and meticulously-prepared odds and ends?!?

I'm warning you, steer clear of Mecha Uma.

If you order the Omakase, they don't even give you a menu! Are you really brave enough to leave your palates at the mercy of a 20-something year old who is changing the face of Philippine dining as we know it?

Avoid Mecha Uma at all cost!

Speaking of cost, this place ain't cheap. They charge you for everything! For the quality, for the experience, for probably one of the most memorable meals you'll ever have...everything!

So please, never ever eat in Mecha Uma.

It's hard enough for me to get a tasting menu seating as it is.

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

I'm *this* close to asking Bruce Ricketts to marry me. I will happily feast on his culinary creations for the rest of my life. The guy is a food visionary and has terrific command of flavor, texture and ingredients. Dining at Mecha Uma gives you a glimpse into his creative process. Watching the team prepare the food is engaging and impressive. Precision, discipline, technique in action. I'm in love.

I saved up for months to come here. The Php 4,000 price tag is no joke but is well worth it. We were lucky to have caught Bruce Ricketts after his first trip to Japan. He seemed truly inspired and shared how he was moving away from structured tasting menus of the past. He's a really great, warm and passionate guy. He also generously offered us little off-menu bites or special cocktail mixes here and there but we were too shy to take him on his word.

The meal itself is two hours of a bunch of courses (I lost count) starting with little light bites to heavier savory mains. We started with tastings of amazingly fresh fish (toro, kampachi, saba, tai). Some raw, some grilled to perfection. While it was mostly fish, there was meat also - lamb, beef and unagi (i dont consider this a fish haha). we were treated to a matsusaka beef dish which was superb.

Admittedly some flavors worked better than the others. Our not so favorites - dessert (overly sweet pudding thing), lamb and this one sanma with monggo puree as the flavor felt a little too heavy. Despite that I can still say I loved it. I've always felt that a tasting menu is not about having every dish be 100% spectacular (bec you can't please everyone) but rather a journey and an exploration through flavor as an homage to food.

Go. Go to Mecha Uma. we're already saving for our next visit.

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Chessie T.
4.0 Stars

Heard so much about this place so we spent our 30th monthsary here intentionally for my 100th review in Looloo!127881127881127881

First impression: impressive modern Japanese interiors. It's intimate size, dim lighting, and sleek open kitchen really gets you in the zone for a true culinary experience. When we entered however, the music was far from ideal. They were playing loud rap and r&b music in a fine dining ambiance. I would usually get annoyed with that kind of thing but it was so weird we ended up laughing.:)) We did tell them to turn it down at least--or rather, turn it off.:))

On to the dishes!

1) Tuna w/ coconut, foie gras mousse, and roasted pineapple - Perfection. All the combinations, the TEXTURES, the presentation--perfection. Everything just bursts with flavor in your mouth--you'd never think TUNA can taste THAT good. If you brought tuna to heaven, it would probably taste something like that. 5/5 for sure! Must order.

2) Kaarage - impressive presentation (looked like intricately weaved balls of fried chicken on a fancy bowl); but the taste was well, "cheap." I've tasted so many that are way better but none of them look as great as Mecha Uma's. Still, taste over presentation, any day. 2.5/5 (don't order this; you'll just be disappointed and quite frankly it's a waste of money in such a fine dining setting)

3) Wagyu Rice - basically it's fried rice with bits of steak (mind you, very veeeery tiny pieces of steak so don't expect too much); I really liked it but it's nothing memorable. It definitely goes well with any ulam you'll order here though so go ahead. 4/5

4) Kurobota Pork - Amazing. Again, the combinations were perfection. Just spot on.128076🏻 Tender, succulent, and creative. Another must try! 5/5

5) Wagyu Cheek - well, I love Wagyu and I love cheeks but I did not love this dish. Uncharacteristically compared to the tuna and the pork, the taste was one dimensional. The presentation was divine! But like the Kaarage, a real let down. It was tender but that's it. I wish I didn't order it. Lesson learned: not everything priciest in an expensive restaurant is THE dish to order. Should've done my research.128531 2/5

6) Matcha Lava, condensed milk, and rice - I was so interested to try a matcha lava cake especially since I'm an absolute lava lovahh.10084️ Haha! I was also excited about how it would all taste with its unique pairings. It was really yummy! But it didn't taste as unique as I was expecting compared to lava cakes I've tried in the past. It was good but not to die for.128522 4.5/5

So on average, this totals 3.5 but plus points for decent service, interiors, and well, the puuuuure awesomeness of the tuna and pork = 4✔️

In conclusion, it's the type of restaurant that I was glad I tried and that's that. I don't really see myself coming back (it's pricy) or at least any time soon. Felt like a satisfied customer but not too satisfied that I would be an occasional regular; it was quite inconsistent. Won't be my special occasion go to place but it's definitely special enough for anyone wanting to celebrate anything over high quality food. You just need to know what to order. That's my fine dining tip for all--you'll be spending more than usual so make sure you get the most out of your money by doing your share of research and review reading.

Had I not ordered my low scoring dishes, I'd be raving about the rest, eager to revisit.

I'm still curious to experience their degustation though so in time, maybe I'll be back. The chef has a 10-13 course tasting menu where you get to sit around the open kitchen and he cooks for you. Cool uh?? Maybe on my next birthday.9786

PS. This is going to be the third time I say it...order the tuna and pork.:))) These will not disappoint.

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Marinel L.
5.0 Stars

It was my first time to try this restaurant so my friends and I decided to get the Chef's Omakase Menu. I must say, it was worth the price! We absolutely loved all 10 dishes served to us by the chef who explained each dish in detail. Even the ice tea that I ordered was soo good and had a very unique taste. 128523

If its your first time to try this restaurant, I suggest you get the Omakase menu as well. The ala carte dishes are kinda pricey so the Omakase would be more worth it. Make sure to book in advance! They only serve Omakase for dinner...either at 6pm or 8:30pm.

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4.0 Stars

The first time I heard about Mecha Uma, curiosity immediately hit and so many questions, like who, what, where, and how, kept circling through my mind that I couldn’t help but do my research. It appears that Chef Bruce Ricketts, owner of Sensei Sushi, manages the restaurant and his new baby is currently located in The Fort. Seems to me that the stars had aligned and I can finally taste his food since it is geographically reachable anytime compared to that of Sensei Sushi. Apparently, it is not at all similar to his first restaurant; he takes Mecha Uma on a whole new level by serving exquisite dishes on his ala carte menu while having a 10-course tasting menu. 

If I am not mistaken, it opened sometime in October so it was very timely since both of my brothers’ birthday were in November. I suggested the place to my mom in which she agreed to celebrate it there but then some things came up that I had to give up my reservation.

Few months after, I decided to ask my friends to eat with me since we have been talking about it. I swear, calling for reservations in Mecha Uma is hell. It came to a point that I already knew when and when not to call, as I will be directed only to their voicemail. After countless trials, I was able to get a reservation; the given date was a month after the call. I couldn’t believe it! The first and second seating of every night was already fully booked! But the day has come when it was my friends and I’s turn to eat. 

The place was surprisingly tiny and it is far from the brighter side of The Fort. People who reserved for the tasting menu sit on the bar while those who chose the ala carte menu sit on the regular tables and chairs. For the tasting menu, they only accommodate 10 persons per seating. I was surprise to see that we were complete since I reserved for 6 persons but then 2 of my friends couldn’t come all of a sudden that I had to give up those two seats. I made that cancellation a day before the actual reservation so I didn’t expect to see the bar full of people. This place must really be something!

First course: Oyster
As instructed by the chef, it is best eaten in one gulp. The fresh raw oyster was seasoned with tofu, a little bit of tapioca, custard and oyster juice on sweet sake, fresh apples, and frozen pineapples. It was indeed zesty and refreshing! What a way to start our dinner!

Second course: Blowfish Sperm (aka Fugu Shirako)
Hearing the name of the dish, my friends, R and P, immediately looked at each other. Doesn’t sound so appetizing, I suppose.
  In Japan, this particular dish is served sashimi-style but since Chef Bruce is not a fan of sashimi, he created his own version wrapping the blowfish sperm and pickled mushroom in Shiso leaf and sweet potatoes frying it until crisp and light golden brown. Underneath it is a pool of sweet sake, which tastes like tempura sauce.
It doesn’t sound so appetizing at all but wait until you try it, it will blow your mind!

Third course: Sashimi
In a formal Japanese meal, sashimi is often served at the beginning of the course. But as always, Chef Bruce makes it a point that his customers have a one-of-a-kind experience, something out of the ordinary. Just when we were about to attack these fresh raw fish with our chopsticks, he asked us to listen to his instructions very carefully as he explains how each fish were prepared while we eat them one by one.

We started from the bottom right, which is the Japanese halibut, the fresh white-looking raw fish cured in seaweed roll. It was subtle, making you crave for more sashimi.

Rotating clockwise, the Sea Bream, or also known as Tai, was next. It was prepared by pouring hot water over the skin and then plunging it into the ice right after so the skin would not peel off. Comparing it to the first one, this was definitely tastier!

It was then followed by the Winter Hamachi (Buri), or most commonly known as yellowtail or amberjack, seared and crusted with sesame seed garnished with grated radish and mushroom juice. The fat content of this fish is higher during the winter months, which results to a rich and buttery flavor. Even so, it was milder compared to the previous one.
The last piece was a Blue Fin Tuna belly, or toro, with wasabi. It was a great finale to the course! It was so good that we wished all four pieces were just toro!

At the middle is the dipping sauce made with wasabi, fresh beet juice and fish liver. Yet another creative concept made by the chef and surprisingly, it complements well the sashimi. 

Fourth course: Scallop
This dish is what I like to call, 50 shades of yellow lol the main star is, of course, the raw scallop sliced and layered. In between, there are egg yolk dots, which were blended, and on the side are the crumbs which were made with seaweeds and scallops making the taste a bit jammed and the sauce made with the liver of scallops, sake and butter. I don’t know how the chef was able to get the liver of the scallop and I didn’t even think the creature has a liver but he made this fine, delicate dish possible.

Fifth course: Black cod
This dish may look like it was prepared simply but wait until you hear how Chef Bruce did it. The hidden black cod is cured in fish sauce with a little parsley and some herbs. The purple-colored cabbage, on top, was fermented and cooked slowly with beef broth until it becomes oily. When it does, the fish was wrapped in it with a bit of sour cabbage sauce. The cabbage sauce is said to be sour as the fermented cabbage juice and sea urchin become one. This is, then, garnished with a salad of roasted beets, Juniper berries and seasoned with dill. Personally, I loved the roasted beets as it added more thrilling sensation to my taste buds. After hours (maybe) of preparing the dish, we could finally taste the unassuming Black cod. True enough, the fish was incredibly soft!

Sixth course: Saba
Saba, or also known as mackerel, was cured and marinated in miso and fermented monggo and was grilled after. It was paired with salad of pork belly, pickled apples, cauliflower, and pickled carrots. Under it is a monggo puree, which, to me, was sort of an alternative to a mashed potato. Again, the mackerel was cooked at the right temperature, as it was extremely soft and not at all dry. There was a bit of sour taste coming from the salad while the monggo puree was very rich yet enticing. 

Seventh course: Risotto
It is not always black truffles are available in Mecha Uma, depending on the season and supplier maybe. So when Chef Bruce offered us to put black truffle shavings on our dish, of course I said yes! Without the black truffle shavings, this dish looked boring but wait until you get a spoonful of it! It is legen… wait for it.. dary! – LEGENDARY! :) Concocted with lobster and uni, it was indubitably delectable. The Japanese rice was cooked really slowly making the entire dish rich and creamy and with a hint of citrus from yuzu, the entire dish had that aromatic zest. I was a bit disappointed with the truffle shavings as they weren’t as robust as I hoped them to be and I couldn’t quite taste the flavor of the lobster and sea urchin. Even so, this is one of the dishes that was truly unforgettable; if only I could ask for another serving lol

Eight course: Quail
The most photogenic dish belongs to this one. Not only was it very artistic but the story behind this dish was highly evocative telling about a quail’s flight. The French quail was aged for a few weeks, cooked in its own fat with steamed foie gras and was seared after. There are two purees accompanying the quail – the green one made with asparagus and pistachios and the black one composed of lemon, alone, charred and blended. The pork wine, thyme leaves and a bit of lavender were whipped up together to make the red splatter on the plate. The black puree symbolizes winter as the quail flies through this season while the red/brown splatter symbolizes blood as it gets shot in spring because of the hunting season. I love how Chef Bruce had the patience to prepare this dish because all of that paid off as he was able to serve us a tender and delicious quail that was greatly complemented by the purees he created. 

Ninth course: Wagyu
This was truly mind-blowing! The Matsusaka wagyu beef was charred and seasoned with wasabi. Its sauce is made with onion juice, Cabrales cheese and sake. As I slowly eat this divine beef, I could really feel that it melted in my mouth! Foodgasmic indeed!

Tenth course: Kalabasa
With the quirky dishes we have eaten, Chef Bruce wanted to end the night with something that is familiar. With kalabasa or pumpkin, revolving around this dish, two textures are visible which is that of a cake and a mousse. The syrup is made from brown sugar and the soft, white-looking cream is made with tofu and soymilk. Although I was expecting something cold and sweet to cap the night off, it was still delightful!

And with that, our dinner was done!

It was such an honor to have Chef Bruce Ricketts stand before us, who prepared, cooked and explained our exquisite dinner. Since we were the last customers in the restaurant, we were able to get the chance to talk to the chef personally and I must say, he deserves everything that he has right now. Just by hearing his stories, I could already sense the passion and the love that he has for this art. For someone who has already achieved so much at such a young age, he still remained to be down-to-earth, respectful and understanding. I truly admire him for that. To be honest, all of the dishes we had eaten was nothing compared to the conversation that we had with Chef Bruce. Not that I’m saying that the food wasn’t great but having a conversation with him was the highlight of my night. I do not want to put into details what we talked about especially since it’s his story to tell but I’m really glad that he remains to be a humble person despite all of his accomplishments and for that, I admire him and I do hope he remains that way still no matter how successful he gets.

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Vincent Y.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

This place was a hard restaurant to eat in. Called about 3 weeks ago and only recently did my reservation get thru.

The menu is limited as far as the regular dishes go, they do however have their black board specials which is dependent on what they have fresh from the market.

What we ordered for the appetizer is the tuna, and the gindara on a stick. I don't have the exact names but the portions doesn't justify the price. But you're in Mecha Uma. Dining along side politicians, celebrities who don't have any partiality to price.

What I have to say though is the main course is the real deal. I got the Matsusaka rib cuts with the fried rice. It will make you forget about the price. (Pictured)

The place itself is small. Perhaps a max of 24 pax if you get the entire place. They're strict with seating, since it's understood that the guests have privacy as a concern.

We wanted to move seats because of the air conditioning going straight to my wife - we almost didn't get to. So good thing this celebrity didn't mind. :)

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Len I.
5.0 Stars

Reserve seats by the ledge!

Really wicked food!

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The Bald Baker C.
5.0 Stars

Does this place even need a review?!? The place is amazing! Everything we had was TDF! Well thought of dishes and aesthetically beautiful. The servers were friendly and helpful.

NOTE: Be sure to book ahead of time... The place is small and seating is extremely limited. Can't stress that enough.

I can eat here. EVERYDAY!

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Vic B.
5.0 Stars

Had our end of the year dinner last night and to say that it was wonderful is an understatement. Bruce deserves all the accolades.

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Willyn V.
5.0 Stars

Finally, I was able to check out mecha uma by chef Bruce Ricketts!

Been hearing about him and his food of course and u was extremely happy when he finally set up shop at the fort. I did the omakase offering and man, super worth every single centavo I spent on the place. There's no fixed menu for the omakase since he serves whatever is delivered to him at that time. (Tip: deliveries take place every Friday so best to come in on a Saturday to get first "dibs" on special food items).

Chef Bruce is an instinctive chef. He creates dishes on the fly. No pretensions, no bullshit. It's just all about great food with amazing flavors that will haunt your palate.

Pictured is the starter of the omakase: oysters from Japan with uni. I wanted to cry from the sheer goodness of this dish. The flavors of uni and oysters - simply divine.

The bonus part is you can talk to chef Bruce and ask for his inputs. He will even tell you how he came up with the dish. He's extremely proud of his team and though he may be the head honcho, it's very clear that he respects and loves collaborating with his sous chef and the rest of the kitchen staff.

Will surely keep coming to mecha uma.

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Mike L.
3.0 Stars

So we ordered that P2,000 fish called Kinki - and when it came out my jaws dropped cause I thought it looked like a bisugo - which is one of my most disliked fishes. Thankfully the meat was so sweet and silky - tasted better than cod fish! Whew hehe Apparently I googled it and it USED to be an endangered specie. The best dish of the night! While there were hits, there were more misses. The Kurobuta belly was a bit salty. The torched salmon was forgetful. I liked the balance of the flavors of the spicy tuna sushi.

Had 2 desserts and both weren't really good - chocolate was just a good soufflé and the sesame cake tasted a bit like dirt.

I still have yet to decide if I have plans of going back.

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iRateSilently C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Daffodil C.
4.0 Stars

A small little place that serves good food. Had their degustation menu, a bit pricey but it's worth every penny. Giving them 4 stars because of the sour dessert and poor ventilation.

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