Mee Noodle

LeGrand Tower 1, Eastwood Palm Tree Ave., Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mee Noodle
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Emm T.
4.0 Stars

Mee Noodle Bar is another gem in Eastwood that might not be getting the attention it deserves since its a little out of the way compared to the other restaurants.

But we absolutely loved the effort placed in its Asian fusion offerings. Definitely the place to visit if you're undecided on which APAC cuisine you're craving for.

The salt n' pepper squid and shrimp on fried noodles wasn't at all chewy like most overcooked seafood. Quite tender and perfectly seasoned. The chicken satay and peanut sauce were quite authentic. The Nasi Goreng rice was a spicy yet sumptuous feast. Everyone's consensual favorite! But the star which stole the show was the Pad Thai noodles which were flavorful and robustly seasoned. You really taste Thailand in your first bite. M

Not pictured is the lemongrass iced tea which isn't too sweet like your usual house blends. And you must-try the green tea panacotta. Simply heavenly.

To top everything off, the have a Mongolian Buffet during select hours. Check it out.

Prices range from 200-350 per person.

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Ayesha I.
3.0 Stars

We were craving for noodles and gladly, this Noodle Bar is just a few steps aways from our building! The place is spacious and neat when we get there. Friendly staff welcomed us as we were directed on our table.

We ordered Shio Ramen for lunch. This bowl is already good for two. 9996️ I was expecting it to be a little salty - but no. It has a semi sweet taste most probably because of the corn kernels hiding at the bottom of the bowl. Personally, it was just fine. Nothing spectacular.

But wait, there's more! The also offer Kare-Kare Ramen which is a very interesting dish. Maybe, it's worth a try on my next visit. 128077

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Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

As a noodle addict, I was quite excited to try this place. Together with mg GFF, we ordered Laing Cigars and a bowl for sharing of Tantan Ramen.

The Laing Cigars were plain Laing rolled in Lumpia Wrappers. The Laing is very flavorful but the serving was quite small.

The Tantan Ramen bowl was good for 2 pax. It has corn, spring onion, carrots and chicken. The serving was OK but if you're appetite is quite big, you mught want more. The soup was just OK. I needed to add loads of spicy oil in it as for me to be able to appreciate the flavor more.

I might come back to try the Kare-Kare Noodle Soup though.

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Christian R.
5.0 Stars

If you can't choose only one from your Asian favorites, whether it be Japanese or Vietnamese or Korean or what have u, Mee Noodle Bar and Restaurant is a place to visit in Eastwood. It's a bit of a challenge to find though bec its located at the annex of the main mall BUT it is surely worth the search. For appetizers, we tried the gyoza and the salt and pepper squid. Yummy. For our main, we had the Sho Ramen, tempura and sukiyaki. Cant complain. Definitely will come back here. This is Eastwoods must try place!

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Monique F.
5.0 Stars

Mee Noodle Bar? DE-LI-CIOUS!
Boyfie and I were feeling "noodle" for lunch and boy did we get more than what we bargained for! 12851310084
Singaporean Laksa and Phad Thai were simply the best! Loved the creamy coconut milk gravy and stir-fried rice noodles128525128525128525
Goes best with their scrumptious gyoza and laing cigars128523, finish of with their very refreshing Lemongrass Tea and BOOM! You'll have a very FULL-FEELING afternoon! 128540
Definitely going back! A Must-try Noodle house! 128522

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Sherica Fabienne O.
1.0 Stars

Disgusting! I hated their Kare kare noodles. The Korean noodle meal was served REALLY hot, it burned my tongue, it also took almost 30 minutes for them to serve it to me cause apparently their owner had a very BIG order..... So they had to prioritIze it I guess? The manager said they're giving me a discount instead... but forgot about it when i was already paying the bill. Wtf.

The meals were pricey also. Never going back .

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Melanie Z.
2.0 Stars

They served us old mushy and smelly noodles in their Tantan Ramen. It's old flour flavor affected the broth so we added vinegar to it.

We had late lunch and we were so hungry so we savored the gyoza which was ok and sipped the broth.

Not going back here. Another at least we tried and now we know charge to experience kinda thing. I was really so disturbed so I called the manager and chef to talk to them.

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Tin R.
3.0 Stars

If Mee Noodle was a painting, it would be the Mona Lisa with a few strokes gone wrong.

Flagging themselves as a noodle bar, you'd think that they'd have mastered the delicate art of noodle and soup making. However, they show that they have much to learn. The Shio Ramen had this off taste to it --- something that we just couldn't pinpoint --- but it wasn't the gentle, soothing texture out expect from ramen. If you plan on having noodles but feel wary about the flavors and textures the actually bowl might have, we were still quite please with the Sukiyaki and Korean Beef Noodle. Please pardon the meat cuts though.

Everything else though was a delight to the palette. I definitely recommend the vegetarian spring rolls and the lemongrass tea.

Mee Noodle Bar was a lovely place, but the great staff might only see me a few times a month.

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Melissa E.
3.0 Stars

Hi guys! Sorry wasn't able to review lately and by saying that, this is a late post.

I've been to this newly built resto in Eastwood. It's located at the ground floor of Le Grand tower 2. A fusion of cuisines like chinese, japanese, korean and even persian food.

We ordered the japchae and the shio ramen. The japchae was okay. It does not have a 'wow' factor for me. The thin noodles were cooked perfectly but the thing was, cilantro leaves were part of the ingredients. Because of that, the taste didn't go well with the other veggies. I didn't finish this and no one did, since it tasted badly for me. But we have different taste buds so I think it's just depends on how you will like it 128521
The shio ramen was good. It was cooked perfectly. No 'alien' taste but of course the shio ramen at Santouka is way better.

Come visit this resto and try their other offerings. They are slightly pricey compared to other newly opened restaurants. Their price ranges from P195 to P700 depending on the food you order. You might have an awesome experience unlike me 128540

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