41-A N. Domingo St., Valencia, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Most Recent Reviews

Joanne P.
5.0 Stars

127860Fried Lasagna (PHP178) 127775127775127775127775

127860Pork Kimchi Burrito (PHP215) 127775127775127775127775127775

127860Half & half pizza - Pepperoni/Seafood Garlic (PHP332) 127775127775127775127775

🥃Black Currant Tea (PHP88) 127775127775127775

🥃Ube Milk Shake (PHP158) 127775127775127775127775127775

Super like their burrito and ube milk shake. Nasobrahan order namin for 2pax. 128522 Too bad we weren't able to taste their burgers. wala na daw e.

Overall, love it! 128523

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Megawatt is a small American/ Mexican stop near Quezon City. It hasn't caught my attention since it first existed, until my sister asked me to accompany her on a foodventure.

I promised my sister to take her to Megawatt in the afternoon, after my visit to a caterer in BF homes. This was a definite plus, since Megawatt has a tie up with Eatigo, and we got to book a table for 3 people at 50% off the bill. What a catch!

We arrived Megawatt a little before 3pm and the place was empty. It's located just above a well patronized car wash. Parking is a bit of a problem, though. There's a single slot available, but one personnel from the car wash made us park at the sidewalk.

We took time to order since we wanted to try a lot of different items, plus everything is priced affordably (aside from the 50% discount), which gave us the idea that we can order as much as we want! And because me and my sister wanted different dishes, I asked her to order what she wants instead, and I shared those with her.

A platter with mozzarella tots, ohm-nion (onion) rings, chicken pops & crispy fries, and came with 3 sauces: their own ketchup (I assume), mayo, and jalapeno. I liked everything included in this platter, since these are the most enjoyed finger food almost everywhere. Something you might find noteworthy is that their crispy fries are like chopped up twister fries (And I love twister fries).

The fried lasagna was a good concept, not too much deviating from the lasagna we all love, except that its taste fell short of my expectations. I don't know what the gravy-like topping was, but it tasted like dissolved bread. The lasagna tasted good though, plus the crispy outer coating made it more enjoyable. I think it would've tasted a lot better if the bechamel wasn't cut out of the picture.

The pork kimchi burrito is a bit tough to judge because I don't appreciate kimchi that much. The taste of their pork was delicious. It was well flavored and tender. The burrito also has a few strips of spam that added the salty contrast to the kimchi's bit of sourness. It's best for people who enjoy kimchi (and spam?).

My sister loved the beef taco that she ate the whole order (while I only got to have a little taste of its toppings). She argued that this is more of a shawarma than a burrito, probably because the toppings are a bit similar. The beef was flavor-packed. This coupled with their generosity with the cheddar cheese made me like their beef taco.

Also available in 3 and 6 pieces of chicken) I think their chicken and waffles was the most I had on this visit. The chicken had a lot of spices that makes it a greater combination with rice, if you're into that. But, the waffles, which were already dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with maple syrup, also tasted delicious. The kids (and kids at heart) will enjoy this.

The ube milkshake was served is a bulb-shaped glass. This is actually why I ordered this drink in the first place (haha, although I think most of their drinks are served in a container like this as well). The taste of the milk was stronger than that of the ube, with the latter still recognizable. We happily shared an order of this, since the glass was a bit taller than we imagined.

There are also some collector's items, games, and other novelty items on display that are actually on sale, although I don't know if you can get the item on the spot. The seller's name and contact details are posted on the display's glass.

Overall we had a nice time at Megawatt. I can't say for certain if I'll be back, though, but my boyfriend expressed his desire to try out their food, so I guess when that happens, I'll get to try their burger.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

It’s not really rare to find hidden gems in the food-crazed streets of Quezon City. Recently, I found myself in a Tex-Mex diner sitting atop a carwash somewhere along Gilmore. I suggest you Waze this place, so you won’t miss it.

Along the corner of N. Domingo in Barangay Valencia, lies Megawatt. This place is well themed with anything power from solar looking tables to names of their offerings. The store also got toys around, serving both as added design and a shopping time for you and me.

After taking a look around, we got down to business and set our sights on what we came here for: the food! It was good that I came along with a couple of friends, so we’d be able to try a number of things on their menu.

The first thing was Bacon Bombs (Php 168), which was basically deep fried bacon filled with mozzarella cheese. It was a very good match as the cheese was able to neutralize the saltiness and smokiness of the bacon, providing you with a sinful but wonderful combination in your mouth.

Next was one of my top picks here, their own take of fried chicken with cinnamon glazed waffles. I’m actually quite critical with how chicken is fried, but this one was easy to fall in love with. The chicken wasn’t greasy but still juicy, it was also well seasoned and crispy! The waffles also served as good companions, creating that usual 1-2 punch of sweet and savory in one go.

I’m also not fond of blue cheese, but I ended up satisfied with their Cheese Cheese Cheese Pizza (Php 315). The serving size is fair enough for its price tag, given its ample amount of the more expensive fermented cheese. This pizza can also be smelled miles away, pulling you in for an interesting bite.

AMP Burger (Php 255), on the other hand, came to us bland. This was likely caused by tamed toppings of hash brown and runny egg. The patty needs more spices and maybe bacon?

Are you a fan of gaining popularity Ube flavor? Here they take it to another level with their Ube Milkshake placed on a lightbulb (Php 158). It’s very dense and rich, thanks to a hefty serving of Ube ice cream. They also have the tangy Strawberry variety.

Time to power up and get filled at Megawatt. If I enticed you, I suggest downloading BigDish app and get your fill here at half the price or 50% off. Even better right?

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

For our last week's Sundate, Josh and I tried out a new restaurant near Robinsons Place Magnolia -- Megawatt! 9889 Their tagline is "Chicken. Pizza. Burrito." It's located at the second floor, since they also house a carwash downstairs.

When I saw their menu, there were a lot of dishes I would like to order and taste -- but of course, we were limited to ordering food good for two. 128557 To maximize our experience, everything we got was from their bestseller list:

✔ Parmesan Chicken Pops (Php 128) - 1108811088110881108811088
THE B E S T. 128076 We loved every bite of this! While the chicken was not as tender as we hoped, they were generously crusted with parmesan cheese -- which makes it super duper delicious! 128525 I could eat an entire order of this. Perfectly crunchy and tasty!

✔ For me: Fried Lasagna (Php 178) - 11088110881108811088
For anyone who knows me well, they would know that I absolutely love lasagna. I was intrigued when I saw this on the menu, and knew I had to try it! I was served with two rolls of fried lasagna that were crunchy on the outside and al dente on the inside -- I wonder how they do that! Each roll was also oozing with cheese, meat, and meat sauce. 128156 One thing I didn't like about it though, was the 'bechamel' sauce on top... For me, it tasted so much like Star Margarine! 128553

✔ For Josh: Pork Kimchi Burrito (Php 215) - 11088110881108811088
One thing I immediately observed -- their burrito is so BIG! We had it sliced into two, so it'll be easier to eat. It was filled with tender pork, rice (seemed like kimchi rice?), kimchi -- an Asian twist to this Mexican delight. 128516 Josh enjoyed it, and even complained that it was too much for one person to finish! 128517

✔ Black Currant Tea by Lick (Php 88) - 110881108811088
I can describe this in a short phrase as: Fox's Candy (Purple) in drink form! 128517 The flavor was a bit too overwhelming for me. It was still refreshing, but I felt like the flavor was too strong, and kind of diverts the diner's attention away from the food. I would've liked it better if it had a stronger tea taste.

The ambiance was great! I love how they use renewable energy to power some of their equipment. 128076 Great concept, Megawatt. The restuarant's space was a bit limited, as it has a maximum capacity of around 25 people only.

Service was great, but I hope they have more manpower during peak hours. When we visited, only one person was manning the front of the house. She was very cheerful and friendly, though.

Prices are very affordable, our meal for two only costed us a bit less than Php 700, and that includes the service charge (10%) already! So sulit! 128156 Will come back again when I get the chance. 9786


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Warren T.
5.0 Stars

i love big burgers and for a very reasonable price. get the crunchy mushroom melt. it is a heart stopper! i like the interior, though they sell some merchandise on the side which makes the restaurant a little crowded. cons for this place is parking which only has 2 slots and PWD accessibility.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Generating 1000 Kilowatts of electrifyingly good food.

Such is the tagline for this hole in the wall above a nice neighborhood car wash (LG2, along N Domingo between Gilmore Ave. and Doña Hemady), a block away from Robinson's Magnolia.

I was extended on my all windows / windshield acid wash glass cleaning, due to some back job so I was hungry and saw this tarp with burgers, burritos and pizza. Boy the burger looked good. But ginormous. So I opted for their chicken and waffles. Next time, Angus Megawatt Patty (aptly called A.M.P.).

2 piece of boneless chicken thigh, crisp fried and seasoned much like Bad Bird. Quite savory and salty, but I didn't mind so much. I asked the waffles to be crispy and they delivered. Served with gravy which is subtle to lessen the saltiness and maple syrup for the waffles, I enjoyed this bad boy. Very crunchy. (and unhealthy but what the hell). 4/5

Added me a Brew Kettle as beer of choice. P65 decent for local beer with international quality (like Hoegarden).

So they have pizza, burritos, burgers and this fried chicken, as their main attraction. Pretty darn good. Eat here while you have your car washed. Or not, just eat here. Good times.

P.S. Palamig ka na lang dito. Libre wifi pa.

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Mj D.
5.0 Stars

Yunmy, definitely will come back for the nachos and fried lasagna :)) nachos is good for sharing ..
2in1 purpose ngpacarwash ka while waiting eh di kumain kana rin 128513

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Chiara C.
2.0 Stars

We had the seafood garlic pizza and chicken poppers (which was highly recommended). Good concept, but ultimately disappointing.

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Jayne Marie W.
4.0 Stars

A hidden gem along N. Domingo. Megawatt is located above a carwash which serves great Burritos and Pizza! Everything was nice and as a bonus. The place also has an exhibit of Ironman and Batman items which are for sale as well.

Volt-MEAT-er (Php 352)
this one is our favorite! Promise. So meaty and tasty. Not an ordinary meat pizza. The bread is so soft and crunchy. So much cheesy that you will love it until the last bite.

Breakfast Longganisa Burrito (Php 208)
a perfect balance of sweet and saltiness of longganisa mixed with eggs and perfectly flavored and very fragrant soft rice wrapped with soft tortilla.

The food will definitely be worth your time. I highly recommend this place for all fans of Tex-Mex cuisine, especially those seeking an epic burrito. I cannot wait to go back and try the other dishes on their menu.

Fair warning because the place is small, it can get jam-packed easily. And parking is rather limited for those who will be bringing their car to visit Megawatt. I suggest that you drive an unwashed car and just have your car wash downstairs.

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Julienne Y.
4.0 Stars

Yum. Yum. Yum. We came here on a whim for lunch! Had every intention to get a burrito and a burger but when we walked in there was a table by the door that ordered a huge pizza. This got our mouths watering which derailed our plans. Got a Volt-MEAT-er pizza, mozzarella tots and a huge iced tea. Gosh it's delicious.

Mozzarella tots - huge chunks of crunchy-gooey cheese best paired with their marinara and drops of jalapeño sauce.

Pizza - it's like the long lost brother of pizza hut! It tastes very similar!! Generously topped with meat and cheese, we enjoyed this pizza a lot.

It sits above a car wash which may be the only way to get parking. It's tough to find otherwise. excited to come back!

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