Melt Grilled Cheesery

Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Melt Grilled Cheesery
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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This has been my place to go if i really want some comfort food— yes sandwich is now a comfort food for me— especially grilled cheese!!

128204128525 Burrata @340PhP
This is Melt’s house blend of melted cheese, burrata, pesto, and tomato— i thought i ha e tasted a little mushroom in there? But really, go for this is you are a true cheese lover. It’s served with spiced honey (which i believe is just paprika)

128204 Lemon and Blueberry Baked Cheesecake @250PhP
It tastes like no bake for me, there’s preserved blueberries, whipped cream, a slice of lemon, and mint. So you need to squeeze the lemon to really taste it. It was just okay for me.

128204 Bacon Mac & Grilled Cheese @395PhP
Cheese and the grilled smoke buttered sourdough combination was great, but the maple glazed bacon were just a let down— because it was tough to eat. Don’t get this if you don’t want to have a difficult time chewing. Maple syrup is served with this order.

128204128525 The Big Buff @445PhP
This one is a choice fir those who really longs for a cheesy PROTEIN meal. It got buffalo and smoked butter coated fried chicken which were, of course, a little spicy to taste; pepperoni—giving off a little pizza taste; caramelized onions; smoked paprika; and aioli. I love the blue cheese sauce and spiced honey on the sides.

There’s a lot more to try actually. But so little time and money. Lol.
The service was great, but the serving time needs a little improvement. I remember the first time i ate here the wait was more than the agreed time by the server, but the food, i loved it. Especially the Burrata.

There’s a clean CR just beside the counter.
Also, Melt serves alcoholic drinks/ cocktails/ wine. The place can accommodate at least 50pax. Parking would be no problem since it’s inside molito complex.

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SouthKid o.
5.0 Stars

For the love of cheese! I love ‘em all! :))

Risotto Balls for appetizer - love the fillings inside.
Shrimp Gnocchi - love the shrimp!
Truffle Carbonara 💯 - one of the best truffle carbonara I tried! Not too salty but not too creamy too, just perfect!
Bacon Mac & Grilled Cheesy - perfect with honey that comes with it 128076
Dulce De Lecheese - sweet! But I liked it :)
Chocolate Chip Oreo Cheesecake with Belgian Chocolate Sauce 💯 - mix of sweet and bitter chocolate taste but the cheese made it perfect!

Perfect for 3-4 people for only ~P2k+. I love cheese and would definitely go back here!

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Noelle A.
4.0 Stars

Loved the mac & cheese!

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Khaimah B.
4.0 Stars

Since its FriYAY, Abby M and I treated ourselves to cheese wonderland, aka Melt Grilled Cheesery.

We ordered cheese fondue for starters, and it was a real winner! Cheese sauce is creamy, milky and buttery, with a smooth mouthfeel. (From a cheese developer perspective, I will grade this type of cheese as “young cheese.”) The dips, aka mini breads and sausages, taste great too. I have no idea what’s in those mini breads, but they remind me of home.

Truffle pasta and Carnivora pizza were my mains 128061. Unlike the other truffle pastas I’ve tasted before, this one’s on the mellow side — the truffle aroma isn’t overpowering the whole dish, which I prefer. Pizza is okay; I don’t find anything spectacular with it, but it’s not bad either.

Overall, I enjoyed our dinner, especially they have this list of cheesy date questions. 128586

PS. Developing cheese has been my bread and butter for 3 years now. I have always perceived cheese to be a complex food - I have been dealing with its chemistry, manufacturability, shelf life and taste profile 5 times a week. But tonight, I got the chance to enjoy cheese like a normal person would. 128512

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Marti M.
4.0 Stars

Nice cozy place but a bit pricey in my opinion.

We got the margherita pizza which they claim to be good for 6-8 (@Php 585). The pizza was good, really cheesy, but the crust is not as crispy as I expected it to be. And believe me, this pizza is only good for 3-4 hungry peeps.

The truffle carbonara (@Php 395) was good, and not so creamy as others do it.

They didn’t have flat white (which was what I originally ordered), hence we got their americano instead (@Php 110). Nothing special about the coffee, though.

The place does have a very nice ambiance, especially at night, with dim lights and a bit of a romantic vibe. Servers were very attentive and the service was really good.

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

My friend had their Chili con Queso (P 375) which had chili con carne, sausage, red bell peppers, cabbage and aioli. Of course, it had cheese. The bread was of the sourdough type. I had a bite of it, and it was very flavorful. I liked the blend of cheese and chili con carne. My grilled cheese of choice was their Monte Cristo (P 420) which had scrambled eggs, Parma Ham and raspberry jam. They used French Toasted Brioche with a side of maple syrup and lemon custard cream. To be honest, this geared on being sweet. I was expecting that the overall sweetness of the jam would be balanced by the Parma Ham but the meat’s taste got lost in there. I added some of the cream in to tone down the sweetness.

Grilled cheese was the name of the game that day but they have other cheesy and non-cheesy dishes. Though mine was a little lackluster (I really was put off by the sweetness), my friend’s choice showed promise. Service was good though price point geared on being a little expensive. Overall, it was a good dining experience. And who knows, you might just “melt” with whoever you’re dining with here (sorry, had to insert that line 128512 ) .

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

When I saw that melt was opening in molito, got really excited since this is one of my fave restos in uptown mall. Gave it a couple of months before trying it out and I glad I did.
Service was superb, we were greeted with a smile and that smile never left the server's face the whole time.
Tried the Thermidore and split a big buff as well. We also tried their corn (forgot the name 9996️) and it was good too!
Food all arrived in a timely manner and as instructed.
Happy to have a this place so near!

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Ruth S.
1.0 Stars

Brunch w the boyfriend here at the not so newly opened all things cheesy place one Saturday morning.

I’ve already visited their Uptown BGC branch twice and was not that impressed with the dishes we tried. They were all just okay. But since Ony haven’t tried this yet and he is a grilled cheese sandwich “liker” (not a lover hahahaha), I suggested this place. 128540


Place is bigger and brighter than their Uptown BGC branch. Hmm although it’s brighter here, idk why it’s sadder here. It’s plain and the staffs aren’t that energetic and lively. It’s too quiet as well and you won’t feel anything here (i.e., excitement, joy, etc.). 128517


We were supposed to try the Classic Melt but the BIG BUFF sounded so good and yummy that we changed our order.

THE BIG BUFF. Cheese Sandwich + Spicy Chicken Fillet + Sausage + Bleu Cheese Sauce (and sweet potato chips on the side).

Good but not as cheesy, as spicy, and “buff-y” as we expected. Nothing “big” about this sandwich. Was hoping for something overflowing with cheesy goodness and loaded with saucy spicy juicy chicken fillet. Was also hoping that they incorporated the bleu cheese instead of giving it separately. But bleu cheese is not for everyone so maybe that’s the reason why it was separated. Anyway, they gave a very small cup for the bleu cheese.

Only also got to try the coffee which is from abroad according to our server. Coffee was meh.


There were only 2-3 tables occupied during our visit, it was still pretty early so service should at least be “okay” but sadly, we had to wait for our sandwich for more than 30 mins (almost 40 mins) because “nag sabay daw yung orders” 128530128530128530128530 Nagsabay sabay with??? Eh may kinakain na yung ibang tables when we arrived. 🤨🤨🤨

PS: Currently, they only accept cash and still can’t provide an official receipt because “soft opening”. But to “compensate”, they have a 10% discount (but still + 10% service charge).

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