Menya Genki

Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

Menya Genki
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Most Recent Reviews

2.0 Stars

Another late review... Haha.

Stumbled upon this place before watching Wicked with the family!

While their specialty is their tonkotsu ramen, we weren't in any mood to have some ramen, so we just settled with their regular fare.

And that was probably our first mistake. Everything we ordered was just... So-so. Their tamago sashimi was really weird though, i didn't even understand the taste. Very far from the tamago sushi I know. It was slightly toasted and tasted flat. The sushi rice wasn't sticky enough to hold the entire sushi roll slices together.

The oyakodon i ordered had a very bland taste, but the miso soup that came with it was very salty. A contradiction.

The cold soba was nothing special as well, my dad remarking that my mom could cook a better version at home. I forgot what my sister ordered but i don't remember her saying that it was spectacular or anything.

It was pretty cheap for what we ordered, so i won't take that against them. The place looked quite shabby though.

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Edward Anthony T.
3.0 Stars

I gotta say, this place took a step back since the last time I was here last Jan-20.
* the broth still tastes good but isn't anywhere near as hearty as I'm used to (I've been coming here since 2011. No collagen film on top when the ramen was served to me.
* the Chasu is tasteless and is not as melting apart as before.
* the ajitsuke tamago is still as good.

This is the very first time I got disappointed here.

Top 5:
1. Ramen Yushoken
2. Ukkokei Ramen Ron
3. Ramen Nagi
4. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
5. Menya Genki

Will I return? I'll give this place another shot. I always have a soft spot for independent establishment vs chains.

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3.0 Stars

So so

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Edward Anthony T.
5.0 Stars

The best Tonkotsu broth in Metro Manila by far. Very hearty and very, very satisfying!

+ The tonkotsu broth!
+ Just the right seasoning for the Chasu.

- Noodles are overdone. A little less cook time to be al dente.
- Chasu is quite fatty.
- Air conditioning is not consistent.

Chance of returning: DEFINITELY!

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Christopher S.
4.0 Stars

The tonkotsu special is one of the best shoyu ramen in town, and would rival Ramen bar. The shrimp tempura were small but had 10 pieces in 1 serving. If not for the busted aircon, i would give Menya Genki a 5 star.

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Michael T.
4.0 Stars

Chicken wings here are fire

Ramen is like a fine wine

Dope spot for quickies

Love the lamps here

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Anthony S.
2.0 Stars

I don't if I was spoiled with the recent crop of Ramen Houses but my recent trip to this restaurant has left me disappointed. I tend to compare Ramen Houses based on 1) soup 2) noodles 3) meat and others. Sadly all three were inferior to most of what I have tried.

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