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Mercato Centrale
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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Last time i tried the steak at Auntie May's and took a mental note to come back and try the salpicao the next time. Well here it is and i have no doubt why the salpicao is the bestseller.

The beef is super flavorful and quite tender. You can really taste the marinade with each chunk of beef. Get the Hungry sized order for a heaping amount of salpicao. They cooked up a batch and placed it on my rice. And when i thought they were done they cooked a 2nd batch and heaped that on top of everything!

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Stress eating take out from my favorite food market!

Auntie May's tenderloin Angus steak
- I liked this but felt I should have gone for the bestseller, the salpicao. But who could say no to steak on mash w/ corn? The beef lacked flavor and i could only really taste the gravy as if it was masking something. But the gravy was good and beefy, so no complaints overall.

Don Churro
- The fabled churro stall from the Salcedo and Legazpi markets! Its always been a favorite churro place and i'm glad they brought their wares to BGC as well. The churro dough, whether fresh or in the process of being deep fried, was so fragrant i couldn't help but be drawn in to place an order.

Cuisinier's slow roast beef
- This roasted beef belly(?) was super tender and flavorful. I liked it even without the sauce!

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Mercato Centrale in BGC has been around for years now. It has changed the ball game for weekend markets and even challenged existing midnight markets causing a stir that hyped up and leveled up this kind of food scene in the Metro. I've been a Mercato Central fan as early as 2011 - even before it moved to it's unforgettable location just across the football field in BGC. It used to be that weekend market that I look forward to on a Saturday morning.

Housing vendors that were mostly small and home-based entrepreneurs trying out the food business, Mercato served as an avenue for new food concepts. Here I met Tea.ology, Mochiko, Baked by Anita, Merry Moo, Balay Dutung, Sunrise Buckets and even Manang's Chicken among others.

Haven't been to Mercato Central in a while so when I got an invite sample food from some of the vendors, I was giddy!

| Parlade Creperie

Owned by Spanish husband and wife, Belen welcomed me and introduced me to her husband. She told me about their story and how they've started the business in Spain as a side job until she needed to move to the Philippines to fulfill her work obligations as an architect.

The batter that they use is of their own formula and they only make the crepes as ordered. They don't believe in re-heating so they make sure that each order is freshly made. I just love how hands on they were in their business! They had me try one of their best sellers - Complete Crepe. A savory crepe that's ready for breakfast, it's complete with all your breakfast essentials - ham, cheese and egg!
I watched as they prepared it for me - batter for the crepe, scrambled egg, ham, cheese then salt and pepper. They'll even ask you how much black pepper you want and if you like your crepe toasted or not. I went for a lot of freshly crushed black pepper and toasted crepe!

The crepe was DELICIOUS!!! The crepe itself was a little thick but I'm not complaining since it's generously filled with meat and cheese! Loved that the scrambled egg laced the crepe so you'll get all the ingredients in each bite. Breakfast love rolled into one - this is a must when you visit Mercato.
Also got the chance to take a bite of another best seller - Nutella and Banana. As expected, it was yummy! You can never go wrong with Nutella and Parlade Creperie made sure to put in just the right amount so that it will not be cloying.

| The Hairstylist's Menu

If you are looking for something light, fresh and definitely healthy while in Mercato, you have to check The Hairstylist's Menu! They don't sell hair care products but rather, they offer healthy grub - fresh cut fruits, garden fresh salad fruity milkshakes and freshly squeezed fruit/veggie juices! Owned by Leo Pascual, who apparently is a hairstylist with his own salon (Leo Pascual Salon), they're serious in ensuring that only the freshest organic ingredients are used in all of their products.

Their Fresh Garden Salad has been pre-mixed with crisp greens, strips of crunchy carrots, cucumber and some other veggies. There's also a serving of fruit mixed in, depending on what's in season. The variety comes in with their dressings.
You'll get to choose from the following: Honey with Mustard Vinaigrette, Honey with Yogurt Vinaigrette, Peanut Butter in Sesame Oil Vinaigrette and Thyme with Salt and Pepper Vinaigrette. I went for the honey mustard since they run out of the peanut butter right away!

Loved that everything was crisp and fresh! There was just enough dressing as well to coat each ingredient. The dressing had the right sweetness and sourness, nothing too overpowering in flavor.

Also got the chance to try two of their freshly squeezed juices. Cucumber with Lemon was bursting with summer freshness. The cool cucumber juice mixed with some citrusy kick from the lemon was a good combination. Then there was the Super Fruit Juice - carrot, apple, pineapple and cucumber. One super healthy drink indeed, this bottle had a lot of flavors going on! All of their freshly squeezed juices do not contain water nor sugar so you're guaranteed that you're only getting the healthy and pure stuff in each bottle!

| Graco Farms and Leisure

Fresh Sugar Cane OR Buko Juice was my next stop. Since fresh buko juice is readily available, I opted to try their Fresh Sugar Cane Juice instead. Mind you, this is not the bottled sugar cane juice type that has usually been processed or mixed with water and sugar. This was the real thing! Freshly squeezed from sugar canes, straight to your glass! According to the owner, sugar cane juice should be consumed within 15 minutes after being squeezed. This is to ensure that your body will get the highest concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese as possible.

The drink was indeed refreshing, sweet and tasted like childhood! Memories of my little self in the province, nibbling on a freshly cut and cleaned rod of sugar cane to extract the juices played in my mind. It's the drink to have if you're very thirsty and if you're feeling tired. I promise you it'll perk up your mood!

| Auntie May's Home Kitchen

Salpicao was my next stop! I love Salpicao and I swear by Dulcinea's version which is really good but also on the pricey side. Then there was Auntie May's. I can't believe my eyes when I saw that each order of their Salpicao was for only 150Php! Angus Beef Salpicao for that price is a steal. I was giddy to try it! The Salpicao smelled so good! Sitting on top of warm rice, it was surprising to see a generous heaping of beef chunks! Well marinated, tender and really good - this Salpicao is highly recommended! Easy on the pocket, it was salty, just a tad sweet with a good garlic kick. Husband went for seconds!

| Merry Moo Ice Cream

For dessert, I'm happy to report that we had Merry Moo! Oh this ice cream shop, I've been a fan since it's early days in Mercato! Salted Caramel is a favorite, then there's Matcha and their Strawberry Basil! This time around, I tried their Avocado ice cream. Avocado is a favorite of mine, as a fruit, as an ice cream or even as an ingredient in salads! Merry Moo's version was on point!

Smooth, thick and creamy ice cream bursting with Avocado goodness! The marriage of the milk and Avocado was perfect and the sweetness was not much too. This was so so so good! Two scoops were enough since it was super rich in flavor!

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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

THIS PLACE + LOCAL 127866127866 = 100841008410084

F and I ended Octoberfest here surrounded by our very own local beer brewers 128522 I was both excited for the beer and the food. The food actually can be a little overwhelming #nalulaakosadami #angsaraplahat 128517128517

🔹 Takoyaki (70php) -- 110881108811088️ Four pcs. Taste was okay, it had more batter than squid or whatever savory na dapat meron

🔹California Maki (80php) -- 11088110881108811088️ It's affordable and filling.

🔹Joe's Brew: Sierra Madre -- 1108811088110881108811088

🔹Merry Moo's Avocado Ice Cream -- 11088110881108811088️ Very creamy and the avocado taste is very flavorful

Great ambiance and live music 128521 127926

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Late nights on a weeknight calls for some good midnight snacks! Whenever I'm around the area, I like visiting Mercato for their wide variety of delicious food.

At first I wanted to go for their soup noodles 127836 but on second thought, I didn't want to feel bloated because it was so late. Maybe I'll try it next time.

I ordered the following:
While strolling around, I saw a long line on the 128025 TAKOYAKI stall and made the line longer 128514
Batter • Octopus • Tempura scraps • Pickled Ginger • Green Onions
Takoyaki is ball shaped Japanese 🇯🇵 snack made of wheat flour based batter and cooked in a special moulded pan. It's similar to the okonomiyaki but in a mini size version. I loved everything about it. Maybe because I'm biased since I love Japanese food so much. Also, you get four big pieces for only P70. Not bad for a fulfilling snack 128077🏻

128036ISAW [P35 Single • 3 for P100]
Their isaw is GIGANTIC! At one point in time, I stopped eating this because I had an experience wherein the isaw was not fresh anymore so the texture felt too sandy and the taste was too bitter. But this one doesn't have any of those characteristics at all. It was very clean and the marinate was delicious 128069

Merry Moo had a lot of flavors I haven't tried before like 127856 Strawberry Shortcake, 127851Salted Chocolate, and 127821 Toasted Almonds and Pineapple. But I wasn't on the adventurous mode that time so got something familiar: Sea Salt Caramel and Earl Grey Tea. Their sea salt caramel wasn't the best I've tried so I'm going to pass on that the next time. But I loved the Earl Grey Tea flavor! It was so light and yummy. It also leaves a nice after taste that I liked 128524

If you guys do want something heavier than what I had, I heard their ribs, frank sandwiches, and noodles were good too. Price is quite affordable as well. Place was packed as usual. Somehow this place doesn't die down. Good job Mercato 128077🏻

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

1 hashtag: #baconfestph!!! Pwede rin #BAEcon haha

How can you not love bacon??? It goes with alnost anything! Awesome event with almost every stall selling a bacon variant of their typical fare. And some even came up with totally new limited offer dishes just for the evening. For a bacon lover like me this was a treat! Though i think i tasted too much bacon for one evening, naumay narin ako. 128517

From top to bottom, left to right:
Bacon Cheese Fries by Ultimate Cheesesteak
Bacon Rolled Lasagna by Bhest Lasagna
Bacon Bomb by Surfries
Bacon Cup by Ace Cuisine
Bacon BBQ by Dadding's Kitchenette
Fluffy Puffy by Creamco Creamery
Liege Waffle w/ marshmallow, almonds, caramel, oreos, and bacon bits by Pastry Shack

My favorites would be the:
Bacon cup - a literal cup made of bacon, filled to the brim with mac n cheese, then topped with mashed potato "frosting" (like an actual cupcake!)
Bacon BBQ - bacon cooked pinoy bbq style, ingenius!
Liege Waffle - this waffle was loaded with toppings, and the waffle itself was good. Surprised at how they used torched marshmallow instead of whipped cream.

The second pic shows what i had on my previous visit, pre-baconfest haha.

Cheesy hungarian sausage in charcoal baguette by Fronen
Chalupa by Julio's

The sausage was really good. Though i didnt really taste the difference of the charcoal baguette. Tasted like an ordinary baguette to me. Only difference was my 128169 turned black after 128586128517

The chalupa was basically just like a taco but instead of a hard corn shell, you have this fried empanada type of taco shell holding everything together. Worth a try!

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Hey Mercato! Its been a while! More than 2 years i think 128562

Glad to be back now that the office is conveniently a few minutes away. Noticed the vendors have changed since then, which is a good thing! More new interesting things to try!

2 booths caught my attention since sila ung pinipilaan that evening. Hence, they must be good! Both had interesting gimmicks that can really catch your attention, but ultimately i think its the quality of their food that deserves a thumbs up.

1.) Cheese Scraper
Ahhhh raclette! I havent had this in a while and missed this sorely. These guys prepare your raclette on the spot with a block of swiss cheese! There are several options and modern twists but i kept mine traditional with boiled potatoes and antipasto. I wasnt disappointed at all. The gooey cheese was and is always the star of the show for this one. Also tried the 7 cheese raclette on their spicy aglio olio pasta. Another winner! 128077

2.) Creamco Creamery
I remember a video that went viral on Facebook of a Thai woman preparing custard on an iced metal sheet by flattening the mixture, mixing in flavors, then making edible mini rolls out of it. Well, this is exactly it! Had the Pocky Road flavor which was custard mixed with a chopped oreo and nutella. Then the rolls are garnished with Pocky sticks and drizzled with a bit more Nutella.

Haha i had my cold custard while waiting for my order from Cheese Scraper right next door. If anything, it does take a while before you get your raclette since they do it on the spot.

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Jacob N.
4.0 Stars

Lots of new finds from mercato centrale BGC 128525128523

I. Cheese scraper

I remember an insider post about this from new york and Im glad that we have this now in manila 128524

They heat the raclette cheese wheel from the top until it gets gooey and bubbly and then they scrape off the cheesy goodness all over your pasta or salad 128557128525128523

All cheese lovers will definitely drool on this cheesy scenario 128514

It was my first time to try a raclette cheese and it was good. It has this distinct aroma and taste that goes well with your salad/pasta.

I wish they invest on more heating machines though because the line gets too long. We've waited more than 2 hours for this 128514

Price range is 200-250 for a half scrape and 300-350 for the full scrape.

II. Cream co.

This one is an instant favorite. Crushed banana and cream base and nutella goes really well together 128524.

There was also an insider post about this from japan if I'm not mistaken.

Price range is 130-150 128523

I'm really happy to see the diversity of the food choices now in our food market places. Theres always something new to try and experience 128524128523

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Eden M.
4.0 Stars

Friday nights are food coma nights. So tonight, I ordered my regular fave, isaw, which costs 3 for 100. Not a bad deal huh? Great food at a very affordable price. Can't get any better than that!

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Eden M.
4.0 Stars

Friday nights are food coma nights. Ordered my regular fave isaw which costs 3 for a hundred. Not a bad deal huh? Good taste at a very affordable price. Can't get better than that.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

It took us a long time before Ony and I went here again because of our not so nice experience before when his laptop got stolen (in their old location). 128557128557 Anyway, we like that their new location is more open now, it's brighter, and I think more safe (hopefully!). We don't really enjoy the food at Mercato because they are mostly just the usual food. Plus they're not really cheap/affordable but there's just something about night markets like this, open spaces, the smell of those grilled barbeque sticks, isaw, the sight of different types of food like shawarma, burgers, rice meals, pasta, bagnet, and crispy bacon. There are also a lot of drinks (fruit shakes, beers, etc.) available. These make us enjoy eating here. I guess it's the chill and carefree vibe. You don't need to dress up here, you can stay here as long as you want after a loooong tiring and stressful work week. It's a great place to just chill, unwind, eat, and enjoy!! 128518

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Camille A.
4.0 Stars

Just look at that lechon belly. Juicy and tender meat, crispy skin, all the right flavors and aroma of lemongrass. I bet you're craving for some right now. It was love at first sight with this baby. I mean, who can say no to it?!

Mercato Centrale moved to a new location by the way just beside Forum in BGC. It's not hard to miss. You'll see tents and different kiosks. For drinks, try the Strawberry Lemonade (35 pesos)

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

Our last Mercato BGC experience was several years ago when they were still located near S&R. They have moved to the empty lot in front of that building with the astronaut painting. Since we were in the area, we decided to check it out.

There were so many food stalls that we circled around several times before getting anything. We were still full so we had to pass on the rice meals which looked so tempting.

On the table
🔹Dying Burger from Hunger Buster - big, juicy and tasty burger w/ bacon, mushrooms and cheese. Although I couldn't taste the bacon, it was so worth the P100 we paid for it.
🔹Fish Balls, Pork Bbq and Isaw - ordered from the stall w/ brown wooden trays where you put the items that you want. It took more than 10 minutes and they seemed confused and disorganized. The fish balls were oily and not toasted like we requested. All of the things we got weren't hot anymore. This was challenging to eat standing up since food were on sticks, paper plates and the small glass of vinegar was soft. I had to use my teeth to slide down the meat to the end of the stick to dip them in vinegar.
🔹Edgys Foodtrip - they served cold bottled juice at p35 a bottle or 3 for P100. The Dalandan Juice and Wintermelon were great! Wintermelon was kinda sweet.
🔹Wadoughs - gravitated towards this stall because they served Liquor Infused Desserts. Their That's My Bae-leys was rich and moist. Loved the cute plastic injection that you could squeeze for an extra boost of Baileys

We were too full to eat anything else so we called it a night. I would love to have dinner here one of these days. I just hope we would be able to snag a table.

*BBQ smell stuck to my clothes and hair for waiting too long in that area.
**nearest parking area is The Fort Strip.
***it was breezy and comfortably cool last weekend
****that blackboard was a cute touch. You could declare your fave food finds.

P.S. I wish I had better photos 128513

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Jinky U.
5.0 Stars

This was at Mercato Centrale at the open grounds of Glorietta, every Thursday and Friday.
Don't judge ung dami ng order 128584 at kung hindi bagay ung mga dish combo 128518 . Hubby and I wanted to try out a lot , food trip kung food trip 128540.
Shawarma rice and Angus burger (from different stalls) - hubby approved!
I always go to the Vietnamese stall . Their Bahn mi is good, esp the bread. According to the owner, they get their bread from a Vietnamese supplier. Their Iced coffee is yummm! just the right sweetness, not too strong, and its creamy too128523128523128523.
Didn't like the vanilla-caramel crepe cake from the lone cake stall there 128527128078

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Raisa E.
4.0 Stars

My college friends and I had a Fear Factor dinner last weekend. The original plan was to eat somewhere in Megamall but everyone arrived late - late as in the-mall-is-closing late. Hahaha

Loved the chicken isaw (I forgot the name of the food stall 128557) and the chicken wings from B.Wings! 🌶127831

They've moved to 7th Ave. cor 25th Street. The location is better than before but has a lot of mosquitos! Slather some mosquito repellant or use one of those mosquito repellant stickers before heading to Mercato.

A lot of new finds since the last time I've been to Mercato. 'Till the next visit! 128522

P.S. Trying to |ooloo again after soooooo loooong! 128522

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Hazel M.
4.0 Stars

This review is for Mercato @ Glorietta :)

As usual, a lot of people go here for their dinner. Mercato also gave free movie watching while their customers are waiting for their orders.

We waited for several minutes to find a table and ordered Isaw 128525 for 35 each ;)

We also ordered the double layer pizza for 100 pesos.

We waited for more than 30 minutes for our isaw kasi daming nag-oorder. 128553

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

Few days after my hub's Birthday when he and I decided to go to Serendra and have a stroll. It was just a plain afternoon, or so i thought. 9786

We were still in the car looking for a carpark when the lights, a good number of crowd, and the presence of Media captured our eyes and made us take a look around the place first before heading to Serendra.

When we got there, na excite ako sa dami ng food available. They have all kinds of Street foods or pica pica...BBQ, Fried Wings, Bagnet, a variety of drinks, and so much more! 128077🏼
But what gives me happiness is the presence of celebrities like Dimples Romana, Cheska Garcia, and Danica. I saw them on stage during their interview with Abs-Cbn staffs. I think it was RJ Ledesma who hosted the event.

Anyway, the event was offered to all malnourished children in the country. They are promoting healthy food cooked at home and I guess some of the proceeds will be given to homeless children.
I was about to post the spicy Chicken wings that I ate but I thought this pic would show more about the event (sorry lang na Isaw ang kasama sa pic!) Lol! 128540

I remember asking one of the owner of a booth stall, he said the Mercatto will be open during weekends till the end of the year and the event was sponsored by Knorr. 128521

We stayed for less than an hour, we couldn't stand the smoke from BBQ grill and sadly ang init na sa loob and parang kulang ang hangin sa dami ng tao at usok. We were done eating na when we decided to leave the place. Surprisingly upon leaving, a crew from ABS approached me and asked few questions on Cam, so why not? Channel 2? Sure!!! Hahahaha! Besides, nakatutok na sa kin ang camera at microphone! 9786

So kahit kinabahan at camera shy ako eh Go na din! 128521 The interviewer asked me about what i ate, how i find the place and the importance of home cooked food. Yay! Di ko na maalala ang mga sinabi ko!

Two hours more sa BGC before kami nakauwi...after that at around 9pm, I received some few messages from my family and friends...they were all screaming and soo happy they saw me on tv! Yay naman! 128525
Up until this moment, may paisa isa akong kakilala na pag nakita ko they'd say they saw me on tv...9786
Ang saya lang! 128077🏼

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Anne M.
3.0 Stars

Gained tons of Calories in these yummy foodies offered at Mercato Centrale. *No regrets* 9786 #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway #loolooapp

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Jown P.
3.0 Stars

They have all sorts of food from burgers, sausages, milk tea, churros, takoyaki, katsudon and yeaeaaassss soft tacos!! 10024

Place is quite full during fridays. And obviously you'll literally smell like smoke afterwards lol

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Kizet S.
4.0 Stars

I used to love this food market a lot.. There's live acoustic entertainment playing while you eat and chat with your companions, you can watch football right beside the tent while you eat, which my bf and I always do, and there's no dress code! Come as you please.. I sometimes go wearing my pambahay. 128522 I know the food that never fails me like the churros, burger, beef salpicao, philly cheesesteak sandwich, gelato, cakes, beers and buko and the others are so so. Anddd the best part for me is the market hours! We can go there after work til 3am! But please Mercato, offer something new. It would be nice to try something that isnt inihaw and the likes. But yeah, this is still a weekend-late night-food trip place for me.

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