Mercedes Bed & Breakfast

P. Abrea St., Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Mercedes Bed & Breakfast
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Most Recent Reviews

Peach L.
5.0 Stars

It would be our first time in Puerto Princesa in Palawan so I had to check out the reviews.

We're (what we call ourselves) smart travellers. When we know we have a lot of things we want to do in a place, we'd stretch out our budget. So in doing this, a good research had to be done.

One of the few bed and breakfast places that stood out is this place. It has rave reviews, high rating, and good photos. And while I was checking, the "personal touch" of the owner was highlighted. There was only one concern I had when I was reading, it said it was a few steps away from the airport.

Experience-wise, when a hotel is near the airport, it's usually too far from the city and if it's really that near, it would be noisy. But we still took the chance and booked the place.

Turned out there was no cause for worry.

A guy which turned out to be Aling Mercedes' husband picked us up in the airport so I thought it was far. It was literally a tumbling away because before I could finish my sentence, we were already there! 128514

The place is really a few steps away from the airport but it wasn't noisy... And it's a walking distance from Kalui's and a trike ride from everything else. It was perfect! 128522

When we got there, I noticed that the units were like bungalow-type houses lined-up together. It was newly-built. Few units and the land area was pretty big. They have a huge parking space, and a backyard which pretty much brought me back to my childhood. They have a few hammocks in the backyard too. I felt like a child again. 128522

Their cafe/canteen was small, detached from the units. Upon seeing everything, I felt like I was in a family compound.

We were given the unit no.2. It was big. About 35-45sqm i think. The bed was pretty straightforward but was nice to sleep in. They also had an extra bed beside the main bed, probably just incase you come in groups. The bathroom was also simple but it had every basic thing you need.

We met Aling Mercedes. She was very accomodating and friendly. She also helped us book the trips we wanted and even gave us a discount! 128522 it was very hassle-free for us.

Morning came and I decided to catch a "moment of silence" on the hammock. Aling Mercedes was watering the plants, another person was sweeping the backyard, and i can hear the cook busy in the kitchen for it was time for the guests to have their breakfast.

As I was enjoying the scenery and blankly staring at the green trees, I got startled by a movement. I looked closely to see what it was and I got the treat of my life... It was a squirrel... Running after another squirrel! Wow! 128522128522 It was my first time to see such a cute creature but sadly I couldn't capture it. They were fast... And shy. 128532

So anyway, we had a simple breakfast consisting of a staple pinoy breakfast, you know, the barkadahang silogs. 128513

I chatted a bit with the daughter of Aling Mercedes and found out that they're staying in the first room probably to oversee everything every day. That's Aling Mercedes in the photo by the way. 128522

When we left, I understood the kind of "personal touch" everyone was describing. It really was pretty personal for Aling Mercedes and her family and we loved it. 128077128522

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Dianne Rizalyn S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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