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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Lately, my friends and I have been hooked on card and board gaming. I am not talking about Monoopoly or Snakes and Ladders, although the former is a closer example. There is a deeper world of boardgames that everyone doesn’t know. And that belongs to a different post and an entirely different blog.

What I do want to talk about is Meshroom, a chill cafe located along Lucao road (heading to CSI Citymall, Lucao) where we visited several months ago. I observed that they also had a few games like Jenga and such, so I thought to myself, hey, they wouldn’t mind if we brought our own games, too, right?

2nd time we were there, we brought in a tactical game called Scythe. This has a huge board and thus we needed a huge table. Luckily, Meshroom has 2 of these and it accomodated 7 of us without a problem. They also have a sort of loft area where you and your friends can sit Japanese style with huge throw pillows.

They still have the same menu, but added a few more to choose from. They also have promos on certain days of the week and barkada combos. The prices are affordable, you can eat and drink here with a minimum budget of ₽150.

We ordered this huge fishbowl drinks for sharing, which has several flavors to choose from, but we went for the iced cucumber lemonade, and added couple of appetizers to start with called the Squad Platter. It consisted off chicken nuggets, squid, oozing cheese sticks, and dynamite (jalapeno’s stuffed with cheese and wrapped in lumpia wrapper). We also ordered a plate of super crunchy chicken skin.

We stayed there for more than four (4) hours, I believe, since we were so engrossed with the game and lost track of time. We also got so hungry so we ordered a round of rice meals and my personal order, A-Yum Noodle soup!

This dish is amazing! It’s wheaty noodles served in a thin flavorful broth, which I believe has tumeric in it. The noodles have that al dente bite into it and you could feel like it was freshly made.

I haven’t really tasted the other dishes but my friends vouched for their flavor, especially the Beef Salpicao.

Other dishes ordered on the picture is the Sesame Chicken, Pepper Beef (choice of beef or chicken) and Thai Pork Binagoongan.

#loolooDroneGiveaway #GAPH #gastronomicaladventuresPH

PS: I have a vlog on my youtube channel, feel free to check it out for a video tour of the place ;)

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Nyche D.
4.0 Stars

Pro/s: Hipster-artsy ambience 10024
The place is truly instagram-worthy!
Their food is also instagram-worthy, would not say it's the best I ever had but somehow it's worth the try :)
They also sell skateboards, pennyboards, helmets, swimwears, etc! 127938

Con/s: Nothing really. I just got disappointed with my burger ( because I'm a "burger person").
Nonetheless, Meshroom's worth a next visit 128522

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Janille T.
5.0 Stars

One of the new getto place in Dagupan!

Let's start with it's ambiance. Hmmm.. What I can say is.. The owner of this place really think about the design, interior and exterior! They decorated the place with smart diy ideas that used recycled materials and it worked! Also, part of their decorations are for sale! From catus in teacups to Dagupan Shirts..

The food:
They offer fusions of asian and mex cuisines. It cinfused me a lot but we dis like what we ordered.

Burger - i think this is the most expensive from their menu but it did not disappoint! The patty was very tender and juicy swerved with a handful of fries. So I say.. A must try!

Buns/tacos -i forgot what flavor did we ordered.. They offer different flavors with a choice of buns/tacos and we ordered both in different flavors.. Really good and satisfying!

Nachos - a cheesy goodness! Hindi tinipid.. Worth your money


We ordered the raspberry juice (to share) - very refreshing and it's good for 4 - 5 people!

So when you hit Dagupan.. Don't forget about this place.. Affordable and a great place to tambay.. 128521


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