Miao Cat Café

2/F, 7 Congressional Ave., Project 8, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Miao Cat Café
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Most Recent Reviews

Jasper C.
5.0 Stars

They were very kind to wait for us even though they were about to close! Having above and beyond customer service is truly remarkable! That cats were so cute and friendly that we really wanted to take them all home! Truly a cat lover’s paradise!

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Jam C.
4.0 Stars

We bought vouchers at metrodeal to try this cute cat cafe that i had seen. It is for a 2-hours stay with complimentary drinks all you can. Another sulit right? Another instagrammable cafe that we've been to. Their unlimited drinks was nice so we decided to order a muffin and tacos when we sense that we're getting hungry.

Tip: They will ask you to wear their slippers before entering so i guest it will be a good idea to just wear sandals or easy to wear shoes kung ayaw niyo ng hassle.

Tip: Not all the cats here are with breed some of them are puspin. And i heard you can ask them if you want to adopt one.

Tips: Please don't disturb cats that are sleeping. You don't want others to disturb you too if you are sleeping right?

Tip: Be careful of your foods. The cats tends to go where the food is and i notice that they are very fond of straws so it is much better if you don't play them using the straws of your drinks.

Tip: We went here on a weekday lunch so we had the whole cafe for ourselves. (Perks of having weekdays as your off)

Tip: I'm not really sure of how to get here via commuting so it would be much better to just use grab or uber in getting here. Plus the cafe is really hard to find since it is located at 2nd floor of a building in congressional ave.

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Sher H.
5.0 Stars

The atmosphere of the place is so quiet and relaxing. The cats are really friendly and clingy. You will also enjoy playing with them. Food tastes great, the frappes were to die for. :)

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Dana Mae I.
5.0 Stars

We 10084️ cats so much! Especially my Boyfriend! 128514128514 Die hard fan of CATS! 128514128514 anyways this place is perfect for cat lovers like us! 128077🏻

The place is cute and the smell is 12852512852510084128077🏻
FOOD is 10084128525
Service is 10024128077🏻

Contact them here 128071🏻 message through fb
https://www.facebook.com/miaocatcafe/ 128076🏻

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

It's fun to dine and be entertained with cats all around you.

Inclusive with the entrance fee is a choice of food and drink. Then if you want to order more you can order ala cart. Make sure to call before going there to make sure you'll be accommodated.

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Good mawwwning |!

We spent a wonderful afternoon here last Saturday. My son had a hangout in Timberland and being idiots we thought this was near Timby. It still took us an hour per way to get to & from Timberland.

We went to the 5-7pm viewing. You have to read the rules, sign a waiver, remove your shoes, use their slippers, and sanitize your hands before coming in. You're not allowed to grab the cats nor wake up the sleeping ones.

There are about 20 cats here. They have imported cats from as far as Kazhakstan. A small gallery of their cats are on the table identifying each of their names and their breed. My daughter went crazy! I could hear gasps from the other visitors when my daughter boldly picked up and hugged the cats. Haha. Bawal yun. But she's oblivious to the danger and I just had to keep close watch to stop her from stressing out the cats. The H was so fascinated with the hairless Egyptian Sphinx. Most of the cats are friendly, some would just like to sleep. Some are brazen enough to go up the table while you eat, but the owners put them on time out when they do, in a cage inside, when they're too makulit. You're allowed to pet them, there's a photo of the areas of their body they like. I found out here that they don't like being touched on the head, unlike dogs.

We were able to see the feeding right before we had to leave. All the cats were given a bowl each. They all ate quietly too. Place is sanitized, didn't have that funky animal smell. There was only one area where it smelled funny, I'm guessing it's their litter area.

Owners were very friendly. They talked a lot about their cats. They shared how one of the cats was featured in the recent PLDT commercial. Big hug to the adorable Erin, the owners daughter, who played with my daughter the whole time we were there.

Miao prefers you make arrangements prior to your visit. I sent them a message via FB and they replied within 30 mins. They have several time slots you can choose from. You get a 2 hour stay.

300 for adults, 150 for kids. Adult fees come with 1 food and 1 drink of your choice, kids come with 1 item.

128062Food / Drinks
Pretty good! I really enjoyed the Thai Iced Coffee. Not much of a coffee drinker but I needed a pick me up. It wasn't too strong which was perfect for me. H got the Americano and they served it with a cute bottle of milk. We ordered a Caramel Crunch Frappe (was told it didn't have coffee) which was my favorite! It had some rice crispies I think, a little nutty, topped with whipped cream, sweet heaven in a drink. I consumed half of the drink, my daughter was too young anyway to finish a whole mug. Their cakes, muffins and chips are just store bought, not a big deal for me.

There are 4 free slots available at the FilOil gas station 10m before Miao.

This is directly above the Cake 2 Go store.

Overall had a relaxing afternoon. I was more stressed out with my daughter getting so gigil with the cats. If it were any nearer to us we'd visit more often.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Jellian Razzele K.
4.0 Stars

The place looks so homey! Every corner of the cafe is suited best for cats to purr on. There are bridges on the walls and most furnitures are made of wood and are wooly so the cats can have a "scratchy" moment anytime they want. The entrance fee is 300 for adults, which comes with a complementary food and drink (which are superb in taste!). They only provide 2hrs per visit so the cats can rest. You can also make reservations thru their facebook page. I like it that there is a station for sanitizing and that there are enough guidelines so you cant harm the cats. Oh and they have a mini store, too, so you can have all cat-inspired things from there. It's a nice place for chilling especially when you are a certified cat-lover. #12Days

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Jess R.
4.0 Stars

This place is in the very street where I grew up in, and I only discovered it now when I'm quite a distance away. My sister who is very fond of cats took is here. The interiors are quite nice for both guests and cats. The mini red piano was the highlight for me. It's a perfect place to interact with different kinds of cats. Oh and btw, they even have a sphynx cat. For a dog lover, it was an eye opening experience. Don't expect much from the food as the highlight of the place is the experience.

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Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

Cat fan128568 but i do have allergy.. So i need to take citirizine before going there128138 our reservation is at 2-4pm as usual im excited, we came early and still closed. More time to read their rules and change slippers. Upon entering, as i expected the place smells cat fur allover!whew (achoo!) most of the meow are sleeping128164 siesta huhu but some are so sweet and lovely. Oh 300pesos with food and drink we tried their pasta of the day
Pesto and carbonara both has goodtaste
Strawberry milkshake is boo! Improve the taste please 128565
Milky choco is 128077🏻 just +20 pesos
Advice: 5pm reservation cats are active and hungry hihi

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Hanging around with cats is therapeutic.  I read this somewhere and i am confident that someone will back me up.

Miao holds a special place in my heart.  This is the birth place of the Joberts (This is the Scottish Fold,  we aptly named 'em Joberts,  a play on juxtaposition,  an expensive breed with a common name.  No offence to individuals named as such)

Traffic,  deadlines,  perceptive stress from individuals who is fond of using empathy rather than the Analytical side of the brain (whole brain thinking is a myth),  subject verb disagreement from people with a mighty sense of self-enhanced bias (i am referring to work) can be a lil tough.  I am in dire need of a break.

What better way to blow off some steam than to hang with the pretty felines at Miao.  I am looking forward to see the Joberts (Elf and Elfiya) and the Dynamic Duo (Felix and Fabiana). 

Felix is my favorite among all of the kitties.   I like the fact that he is the feline version of the Caped Crusader.  Playful and full of energy.  Felix is fond of crossing the kittie bridges,  using the scratching pole and staying suspended mid air.  He likes to do recon work on each of the guest.  I think he would go berserk when faced with the laser pointer.  Too bad,  we always forget to bring one.

I prefer cats compared with dogs.  As the late great George Carlin said,  cats have a mighty sense of pride.  If the cat fractures his leg from jumping around,  he will try his best to walk straight when someone is watching.  And they wallow in pain alone,  hidden from everyone.

Note: Listen to Carlin if you have time, one of the best stand up comedians that walked the earth.


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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Are you a cat lover? If your answer is yes, well this place is definitely a place for us. Part of hubby's Birthday gift to me was this date with the cats! I think there were almost 20 cats in the room, combination of puspin and cats with breed.

We drove all the way from South just to have merienda with the cats. Thank you so much hubby! You made me the happiest. 128525128525128525

We reached the place past 4pm and they were already having their scheduled maintenance so we had to wait for another 1 hour. They vacuumed and deodorized the whole place. They gave vitamins to the cats and let them eat first. They do this cleaning every 2 hours.

5:00PM - Before entering the cafe, guests should sign the waiver, wear their slippers or you can use your socks and sanitize. They will also provide the menu standee with the cat's name and food choices upon entering the place. You have to pay 300 pesos each and you'll get a complimentary food and beverage. We ordered Carbonara, Lava Cake, chocolate shake and chocomint milk tea. The foods were great, especially their Lava Cake. Gosh! Wish I can put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it.

Some cats were trained and would just sit on your lap. Pet them as long as you want, they adore you for doing that. You just have to be careful with some cats who don’t want to be touched. Don’t worry, the staff were very cautious and will warn you if ever you pet their “masungit” cats.

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Jen P.
5.0 Stars

If you're a cat lover you can go to this place but before you go here you make a reservation to them because they have "cat break" then after 1hour it will be resume again. We go here with my siblings around 1:00 to 2:00pm This place is so very hidden if you really don't search it at google map. When you got here it's so very nice because you will see different kinds of cat breeds. 128522 then they have a place where they can play and sleep. The most cat that we liked is Anne Curtis Cat named Mogwai (I forgot the specific name of this cat. 128513 they have lots of this kind of cat. He/she is very cute and adorable 128571 I have lots of different kinds of cat breeds. But this pictures are one of my favorite cats. This place is so enjoyable and relaxable especially when you're stress they can relieve your stress or you want make fun with them 128077

PS: you will also see a hanging pictures of different people got here and they have celebriies who got here also like Anne Curtis and Meagan Young.

Ambiance: 11088110881108811088
Customer Service: 11088110881108811088
Food: 110881108811088 1/2

  • No. of Comments: 11
Ram Jamelle P.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Paige V.
4.0 Stars

I love this place! I love their imported cats! Very clean and friendly 128571 their food was okay. The place was cozy and very relaxing so it feels like home. Friendly staff and good service. If you plan to visit this place, I suggest you make a reservation first.

  • No. of Comments: 2
France T.
4.0 Stars

Met Garfield in person, and his family too 128571

This Cat Cafe is not easy to find. The landmark is Cake to go, along Congressional. If you see a stairs going up and a cat logo, then you've reached your destination.

Before you enter the cafe per se, you have to remove your footwear and sanitize your hands in a small room. P300 pesos will give an adult a 2 hour pass in the cafe with 1 Food and 1 Drink of your choice. For kids, you'll pay P150 inclusive of 1 Drink OR 1 Food.

What's inside the cafe? You'll see couches, lotsa cats, a red piano, food counter, a mini store where you can shop cute items and clothes as well, wooden two level cat play house, where you can chill and play with the cats. They also have high chair with aquarium lights where you can read the books they provide.

Service? All the staff are kind, friendly, informative, accomodating and machika. They attend to your needs right away.

Food and drinks? They taste good and they have a good presentation for a cat themed resto 128571

⛔️ What I didn't like? First is that you can't see it right away. Second is that the parking is a bit far. There is a near gas station and Miao Cat Cafe rented a space there for parking. It's kinda hassle especially if it's raining. Third is the black cat tryna lick on our food (all cats were okay except for this one!)

Overall: I'm a dog person, but I get to enjoy my cat cafe experience. Have a Miaos Day! 128573

  • No. of Comments: 7
Zia M.
5.0 Stars

If this cat photo didn't catch your attention, then I don't know what else will. 128518

I've been wanting to go here ever since I knew there were cat cafes in the metro now. But I don't know which people to ask? Finally, a highschool friend of mine is also fond of cats-like me. I immediately arranged a reservation for the two of us for our cat-day. 128153

Days passed and we cannot contain our excitement until we just wanna go here after the confirmation of our reservation.

Got here on time, it was late afternoon and this are the things we did;

You go up the second floor of the building, which you'll notice on the outside it doesn't look like there are cats in there, haha but wait, there are 20+ of them! You're supposed to change your footwear to slippers and sanitize before entering. Guests are not allowed to carry the cats unless the cats say so, or talk loudly or even wake them up when they're sleeping. Imagine someone waking you up in your best dream? Bad trip right! 128545

So, just as we enter the cafe, we were mesmerized, awed, full of excitement dawned upon us and we just can't help but purr in joy with the cats. 128571 We can't even decide what to order because cats.

The entrance fee of ₱300.00 includes a conplimentary pastry and a beverage of your choice. I had the banana-walnut muffin and strawberry milkshake, and mind you, that's my late lunch meal!

We were the first guests during that time so we cannot help but roam around and take pictures and follow cats and pet them and oh! We didn't even realized our food is already at the table.

I am torn between eating my food and cuddling the cats. So it took me forever to finish my meal, although the food is good, I just don't wanna waste any moment with these little gods. 128570

Guests have arrived and we were almost 10 I think in the store, which isn't really crowded for the cats. Carrying capacity of the cafe is max of 15 persons so the cats won't be overwhelmed by humans.

I also had the guts to talk to the owner, Ms Sam, which is really a cool cat-lady. She and her friend have 60 cats in total; me and my friend be like, "THAT'S SO AWESOME!" 128576128571128576 And the 20+ of the cats they have are in the store, those who are people-oriented cats, while the aggressive ones stay at home.

I even ask her if they plan to branch out somewhere, but she's not planning to. After all, "She just did this out of passion." (She's adorable!) She even advise us to visit every cat cafes in town!

Oh! And they have cat store too! I bought a cat earrings and I want the cat-inspired dress but it's small for me. 128546 Cannot fit in those.

They have a restroom, chairs, couch, al fresco dining area, and what else? Cats? Everything you need, is here! (Minus the wifi of course, cats dislike them) haha

Inviting all cat-ladies, cat-man, ailurophile, even cat-haters, this is one place to de-stress and to mingle with other cat-persons too!

They have purebred and puspins, those who are rescued and all, so you'll be happy with the cat stories of each and every pet. It was just amazing!

I really had a blast with them, I couldn't help but cry and my heart breaks a little when we were about to go home. 128148

PS I think this is my longest review yet! 128571

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars


Stressed?  Bewildered? Bored?  If you had a really long day at work,  HEMF's (Post Vietnam War term,  Higher Echelon Mother Fckers,  pardon my french) breathing down your neck then there's only one thing you should do...

(a)  Call your Shrink
(b)  Consume Ethanol in large quantities
(c)  Head on to Miao for some feline therapy

The answer is C. 128049128049128049128049128049

Cats.  The best thing that ever happened to humans. 

Third visit.  I missed the kitties.  I had a really long week at work,  decided to blow off some steam at Miao.  Petting the lil furballs relieves stress.  We picked the 11am slot, we had this notion that we can have the cafe for ourselves.  We were wrong.  Lots of guests on a rainy Sunday morning. It is a relief to know that there are a lot of cat lovers in the Metro.

Aubrey (as seen on the photo) is my favorite kittie.  Grumpy and assassin like. She is the leader of the pack.  She moves like a Kenshin Himura and is mighty quick with the sword.  Reich and Aubrey -  match made in heaven.

Jobert was there too. And my long lost daughter, Joy. The British Shorthair siblings are there too. The dynamic duo - Felix and Fabiana.

Happy International Cat Day!  128049

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

A Place Among The Felines.

I love cats.  I prefer kitties over dogs.  I am the kind you will see on Animal Hoarders (different version of the show,  not the depressing stuff they air on cable).  I'd be the cool cat lady with the cool cat shirt,  oozing with kittie swagger.  My cats would be limited to five breeds - Maine Coon,  British Shorthair,  Russian Blue,  Scottish Fold and Puspin (Pusang Pinoy)

If I believed in pseudo science... reincarnation for example.  I'd like to believe I am a cat in my past life (No disrespect, Sam Harris.  I am merely conveying my profound affinity with the felines)

This review is long overdue.  I've been to Miao twice and I'm planning to make it a weekly habit.

Miao Cat Cafe, the first cat cafe in Manila.   Words cannot express how giddy i was when i heard the news.  Saying excited (and all other synonyms ) is not enough,  I was over the moon.  This is normal behavior for cat lovers.  (No need to call Dr. Phil)

As soon as i got the reservations.  I got my kittie gear on and off we go to The Place Among The Felines. 

First,  Google Maps is the bomb,  we didn't have difficulty locating the place.  I am direction impaired and I dunno much about QC (born and bred in Makati).

Miao is located on the 2nd floor of Cakes To Go.  Be mindful of the stairs,  a lil bit steep.  Before you get to mingle with the kitties,  you have to read the house rules,  disinfect your hands,  remove your shoes,  wear rubber slippers (c/o the cafe) and register.

While i was reading the house rules,  a cute feline caught my attention.  A munchkin (cat breed with short limbs and moves like an insect - maliksi in the vernacular).  And then i saw the myriad of cat breeds they have.  I have this weird habit of thinking out loud.  This is the exact words i said. 

"I just died and went to cat heaven. "

Entrance fee is php 300.00, good for two hours and with consumable food.   Do not expect much,  stuff they serve can found inside your fridge (except for Snapple Half n' Half).  

We were greeted by an adorable gray kittie.   I think her name is Coco, she was lounging comfortably on our table.  (You can't carry the cats as the owners are avoiding any cat related injuries).  Petting 'em felines is okay.   Coco's hair is as soft as cotton (You can tell if the e kitties are well-groomed by touching their fur).   Lounging around on the floor with pillows while petting a cat is the best stress-reliever.

There's one feline I've been eyeing on.  Behold!  The amazing Scottish Fold!  My friend and I named him/her (not sure of the gender)  Jobert.  Do not ask why,  we find it amusing and cute.  He was sitting comfortably while looking at the window (I think he's male),  contemplating on the vastness of the universe. 

Another feline caught my attention,  Felix the British Shorthair.  He was doing recon work and wanted a sip of my milkshake.  Shorthairs doesn't have a prominent snout unlike the Puspins.  Fur is not a long as the other breeds but touchin 'em feels like touching an expensive stuffed animal (the kind that you buy at Rustan's or something)
Miao's interiors are filled with cat furniture.  Little bridges on the walls,  scratching poles and the kind wherein kitties can hide (not well-versed with kittie furniture, my bad).   The cafe is strategically designed for cats (for recreation and relaxation).  As for the cleanliness,  i gotta say,  the place is squeaky clean. I didn't find any cat fur on my milkshake.

This is the perfect place for cat lovers.   You get to spend time with the pretty felines.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

#loolooandroidreview naman

Miao miao miao miao!
The first cat cafe in the philippines.
Met the owner paul and unbelievably friends with dennis ty (owner) of cat cafe over at maginhawa.

Well the thing is miao cafe only allows you to adapt your cat while miao cafe allows you to adapt their cat.

The place is quite hard to find. You need to look for cake to go and theres a narrow staircase leading to the cat cafe.

Before entering you will have to sign a waiver outside. for 300 pesos, you have to two hours fun time with high breed cats with your chosen food and drink. Don't expect the food to be extraordinary. I ordered cheesy pesto which was just fine. And chocomilk for the drinks. Try to finish your food asap as the cat will approach you and try to eat your food. If you encounter one, try covering the cat's face.

There maybe a need for reservation if you guys plan to go there by a large group. I went there by myself at their last hour (8-10pm) walk in. I prefer to go in solo or in a group of 2-3 maybe. Maybe the cats would prefer a quieter environment?

Approach the cat quietly. Give the cat a gentle rub in a small area first before giving them an effleurage. Build rapport first haha. There's this cat that's super snob; but then i tried this approach and it worked. However, the assistant started chatting with me and started to irritate/divert the cat's attention (-_-!)

It was a nice experience. Calling cat lovers, try this.
Hmm... I kinda got a bit itchy after. Have you?

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Jenny A.
5.0 Stars

The moment we entered the Cafe and saw the many cats roaming around, I said to my boyfriend that I can live in that place. :) It was so relaxing for cat lovers like me. The staff and owners were so friendly. The place was not mabaho and well-maintained. Cats are sooo cute!!!!!

As regards the food, I love the blueberry cheesecupcake and the Thai Iced Coffee. Good job, Miao Cat Cafe! I hope to come back soon with my family.128049128049128049

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