Midtown Inn & Diner

551 Padre Faura St. cor. J. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

Midtown Inn & Diner
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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

and they serve breakfast.. all day 128523
from the traditional si-logs to an american breakfast! they have it. with a choice of brewed coffee or iced tea. you can also have fruit shakes which are in season. they serve lunch starting at 11am, menu changes from day to day. the interiors are good, staffs friendly and our tummies.. satisfied! 128077🏻

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Theodore A.
3.0 Stars

Placed in the heart of Padre Faura, Manila, the Midtown Inn Diner has become an institution when it comes to restaurants and landmarks in the area. For more than 3 decades already, the diner, reminiscent of the old American style, has been serving up classic Filipino breakfasts and meals.

The food was honestly just okay but for all its old architecture and memorabilia looking items, it feels like a trip down memory lane even without going into the past. For a good old classic Tapa meal with egg and brewed coffee or just plain and simple pancakes, this place can be easily accessed. Try a visit when you drop by. #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Have you ever played the game, Diner Dash? That time-management game that is fun and stressful at the same time? There you get to play the character named, Flo, who decided to quit her job and opened a diner. There she slaves from finding the customers a table, getting their order, serving their food, taking their bill, and then putting off the plates to the washer. I loved the game and it also happens to be, the closest thing I could get to a diner (yeah I know, pathetic). That is because Pinoys prefer fast-food, coffee shops, and milk tea places. So when I spotted a diner during a morning stroll along Malate, all thoughts of eating at the big red bee’s place flew out of the window. That morning, I had breakfast, at Midtown Inn Diner.

The place looks old; from the dusty signage outside to the vintage-y interiors. There was a moment during our stay when we were able to chat with one of the staff, but it didn’t occur to me ask how old the diner is.

But it looked every bit the diner that I had pictured in mind; a row of diner booths on the left side of the room, bar with stools on the right, music from the 50s blaring in the background, a waiter going around the tables with a pot of coffee, and old people. Yes, Midtown Inn seems to be the favorite hang-out place of people well past their youth, and so there were no sightings of people liked doing selfies, no sound of annoying schoolgirl giggles, and no flashing of the latest source of credit card dilemmas.

I was supposed to eat breakfast American style, but I wanted fried rice. So I ended up ordering Sinangag With Sunny Side Up And Daing Na Bangus (PHP125), garnished with slices of tomato and cucumber.

Spanish Omelette With Ham (PHP130) comes with two pieces of toast bread and butter.

Some meals like the ones mentioned above came with Brewed Coffee, which, by the way, tasted divine. They serve it with brown sugar and fresh milk.

nterior wise, there was nothing spectacular about the place. Their foods are okay and priced just right. It wasn’t cramped and the crowd was composed mainly of old folks. Yet I loved the experience because it allowed me to enjoy breakfast without having to worry about the noise and time.

My first experience in a diner wasn’t anything like the game. That morning, I had breakfast, unhurried and stress-free.

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