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Miguel & Maria
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Shellah Marie R.
4.0 Stars

I've been in Miguel and Maria for so many times but unfortunately, I was only able to take a picture of their food during my last visit.


It was quite small but clean. Nothing special with the place.


Seafood Paella: We used to order this all the time. It has generous amount of calamari, shrimps, and hard boiled egg. My friend loves this dish so much that he assure to finish it all or take out leftovers and eat it the following day. If you're also a fan of different kinds of spices, you'll surely love this dish too. Yummy as it looks. But I won't recommend it for people who doesn't want aromatic spices on their food.

Honey Salmon thingy : Sorry I forgot the name of the dish. This one is a must try for me. I'm not a fan of fish but I definiteky enjoyed this dish. The fish was cooked to perfection. Love the taste of honey as well as it does not overpower the fish but it complements the fish. The roasted garlic as well wasn't bitter but its so good that I want to eat even the tiny bits of it.

Chicken Parmigiana : Just imagine a crispy coated tender chicken topped with tomato sauce and gooey cheese. Yuuuuum

Beef Stroganoff : (Wasn't able to take a picture of this) For me, this is a must try. The taste is just simple but the tenderness of the beef and creaminess of the sauce is definitely worth trying.

Baked Mac : It was good but nothing special for me.

P.S. Dine-in has bigger portions than take out. (For Baked Mac)


Staffs are friendly, accomodating, and very cheerful. However, service would have been better if it was quite fast.


Super affordable!


Did I enjoy it? - Yes
Would I recommend this? Definitely
Will I come back? - Yes

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Denise A.
2.0 Stars

I had really high expectations with Miguel & Maria before visiting because of the hype from friends who have eaten here already. Talagang sinasabi nilang 'You have to try dining there!!! Masarap talaga'. I got curious kung gaano kasarap so after our ATV ADVENTURE at Rizal my friends and I decided to stop by and eat our lunch here.

Okay fine. I can't say anything bad about the look of this place. From the interior, to the menu, ambiance, color scheme, room temp wala akong masasabing nega diyan. They even have a unique call system per table which really amazed me. Sa isip ko, aba hi-tech! Okay nice, pwede.

I really got surprised cause of the affordability of their food. Based on the photos on the menu parang sulit yung babayaran namin. Everything is mouthwatering. Good food and good price? What more can I ask for diba?

ABA! The servers were all friendly. They accommodated us really well. 10 pax kami sa group and they were all smiles kahit medyo maingay kami and magulo.

Wowowow. Instagrammable yung presentation ng food. 128080
Kaya nga aakalain mong masarap. Hanggang tingin nalang. 🙁

Okay. Here we go...
They have all the factors that a good restaurant should have so sabi ko, i'm sure masarap yung food.

128205Bacon Chowder P80 127775127775127775127775/5
128205Baby Back Ribs 127775127775127775127775/5
These 2 na probably yung pinakaokay amongst all that we ordered. Pero ghe quality is so so parin. Not so good and not that bad.
128205Baked Salmon 127775127775127775/5
It took a longer time for this to be served. Siya yung pinakalast so we were all expecting that this must be good. But then again, the salmon was fine, 3 cheese lang ang nagdala.
128205Steak 127775127775127775/5
Melts in the mouth pero nangingibabaw yung lasa ng tenderizer. Kbye.
128205Mac & Cheese 127775127775127775/5
Masarap naman 9786
128205Miguel and Maria's Ultimate Burger 127775/5
Hala siya. Ultimate daw. Tumaas lalo yung expectation ko plus wow factor yung posters nila and bombarded talaga lahat convincing me na dapat ko talaga siyang i order.
But as expected, it still disappointed us.
The patty tasted like meatballs na pinilit gawing patty. 128546 there were too many fillers which made it thick pero wala namang lasa. I was really so disappointed on the quality of this burger.
128205Hungarian Sandwich 127775127775/5

We were all so HANGRY from our Atv Adventure so siyempre we were all craving for good food. Sabi nila pag gutom ka lahat sayo masarap, well not this!!!
We were all so disappointed sana nagjollibee nalang kami. Haha!
Anyway, I think they still have a room for improvement.
Good resto in the making na sila e... Naperfect na halos lahat EXCEPT THE FOOD which is the no. 1 factor every foodie considers.

Ps. Didn't bother to take a photo cause of my disappointment. It's not worth the effort. 128546 Naiyak nalang ako.
Sorry for ranting.

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Ruby G.
5.0 Stars

One of our usual Beshie Day... We Finally made to dine here, because every time me and beshie passed by this restaurant I was astonished by the load of the people who dine there and makes me more wanna try their food. Fortunately we didn't have a hard time to find a parking space.

The food:

For starter we have one of their best seller the chicken wings. Where you can choose on Three different flavors depending on how spicy you want.

Flavors are

> Buffalo Wings
> Garlic-Parmesan Wings
> Original BBQ Wings

for us we choose the buffalo wings served with blue cheese dip.

As always beshie's all time favorite aside from pizza.... BURGER!!! So we ordered Miguel and Maria Ultimate Burger. It was good and juicy but for me the patty is a little over of spices. Though the melted cheese makes it perfect. 128512 I also loved their french fries with 2 different dips.

For someone who loves Paella like me, you'll definitely gonna love Miguel and Maria Seafood Paella. It's not the typical Spanish Paella but its more on the Pinoy type of Paella. The toppings are breaded calamari, shrimp and boiled egg. Serves for 2-3 pax.

I love how they design their restaurant. It will give you the feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation. The Ergonometrics of their table was a little odd. There is a little space for you to walk especially when they are packed. The servers are also accommodating. We'll definitely go back here...

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Michelle M.
3.0 Stars

128077 The place is comfy and neat. Food is good. But not great.

128078 I came here for the ribs, but was disappointed. A bit pricey considering the food is not that wow.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Marikina is one of the foodie havens I have been eying for the longest time. However, every time I plan to visit this foodie wonderland, it gets cancelled. But thanks to a sponsored eat up, my dream food crawl became a reality and I finally got to visit one of the restaurants I have been dying to visit.

Hello, Miguel & Maria!

We were greeted by a facade in black and white hues which gave me an impression that the restaurant would have modern interiors.

I was instantly corrected as soon as I stepped inside. The restaurant has a warm ambiance with its predominantly dark-colored furniture, wooden floors and walls and rustic displays.

While waiting for the food, I explored the area and was surprised that it’s a pretty spacious restaurant and it could easily sit around 70 to 80 diners.

After a short wait, Miguel & Maria’s Ultimate Burger (PHP220) was served.

It looked so heavenly with its dripping cheese and thick angus beef patty. And it tasted pretty good too. It was indeed grilled to perfection as the patty remained succulent. It was flavorful enough but it was further enhanced by the melted cheese. The fries were pretty good too though a tad salty.

Next served was the mouthwatering Mac & Cheese (PHP220) which was love at first bite. I loved that the pasta was al dente and that despite the overflowing amount of cheese put in the small sizzling plate, it was not cloying at all. I had beautiful dreams of this dish ever since that first bite.

The Baby Back Ribs (PHP250) is one of Miguel & Maria’s bestselling dishes. I enjoyed its sweet barbecue taste and how each bite of the soft ribs made me smile. I skipped the rice and coleslaw though to make room for the dish I have been wanting to try.

Baksed Salmon (PHP300) was the last dish served and it sure made my eyes sparkle like a crow seeing something shiny. I truly enjoyed the juicy Norwegian salmon seasoned with herbs. The cheese on top was a combination of three types of cheeses which, sadly, I was not able to take note of. But the combination of cheeses were pretty good too and went well with the lightly flavored baked salmon. However, I tend to be a purist when it comes to salmon. I would have enjoyed it more without the cheese.

And as I sip my Home Brewed Iced Tea (PHP45) I noticed that each table is equipped with some sort of call button with three buttons—to ask for the bill, to call a server, or to cancel the request. Impressive!

I can’t wait to visit Miguel & Maria again, hopefully with an empty stomach, so that I could try its other delectable dishes!

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Bianca Q.
3.0 Stars

Food was good, service was fast, however the seafood marinara was a bit bland for me. Staff were nice as well from the parking boys up to the servers!

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Food is good here! Absolutely love their mac and cheese; and the ribs and dirty rice. :D

I was also able to taste their ultimate burger and baked salmon. The salmon was overcooked but the mashed potatoes that came with them were perfect. The ultimate burger was juicy, but the meat lacked seasoning - the cheese totally made up for this tho.

Overall, food is good and service is fast and efficient.

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Pauie P.
3.0 Stars

Good place. Good food.

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We finally invaded Lilac St. in Marikina!!! Our first restaurant of choice: Miguel and Maria.

We arrived the place past 12 and there were parking spaces available, so we were able to park easily. The restaurant was packed! A family was occupying the whole couch dedicated as the waiting area. We waited for the server to come to the front desk to have us listed on the waiting list. We were 3rd on the list, by the way, although it wasn't too long of a wait since customers are already preparing to leave.

While seated on the waiting area, the server gave us copies of the menu. She mentioned that we can already order our lunch while waiting for seats to be cleared, so they can serve it as soon as we sat down.

We ordered their baked salmon, steak, chicken parmigiano, seafood paella and roasted herbed chicken. The first three were served with roasted vegetables and a choice of either mashed potatoes or rice on the side.

Baked Salmon P300
I liked their baked salmon. I had it cooked well done, and it was good. It wasn't flaky or rubbery, contrary to what a server from another restaurant told me when I had a salmon returned to the kitchen to finish cooking. The cheeses on top didn't actually add much flavor to the dish, but it was okay. The mashed potato wasn't to my liking. It still had small bits of potatoes, and it wasn't as creamy and as seasoned as what I wanted it to be.

Steak P350
The steak used was New Zealand beef. I'm not sure on what New Zealand beef is, but I didn't enjoy the dish that much. When you cut your steak, you expect to see the "lines" of the beef. This wasn't the case. It was like big cuts of not-so-"jelly" fat. These are my thoughts, while my sister had the opposite. She liked the steak. But I guess I shouldn't have expected a lot considering the price.

Chicken Parmigiano P250
This was like a chicken breast pizza. It was just okay as well.

Seafood Paella P350
Huge huge serving of paella good for 3 people! Although I can say that this is not a legit paella, I was able to enjoy it as it was bursting with flavors.

Roasted Herbed Chicken
This was served with rice. We weren't asked on whether we will have it with rice or mashed potatoes. My first impression of it was it was like an inasal. But it was different, although it lacked the herby taste my boyfriend was looking for.

One thing about the dishes: almost all the dishes weren't served hot (except the paella). I know it's not because I took photos first, since it's the first time I encountered this issue with my food. Perhaps the food was ready minutes before it was brought to us. I think it would've been better if the food were served hot.

Serving was huge! A had a hard time finishing even just a single dish. Pricing is cheap given the serving.

Service was great as well. Even though I think they were short-staffed, the servers were able to pull it off and you won't even notice that they are getting stressed or tired.

P.S. There are more seats inside, although I wasn't able to take photos of it since it was dark and a bit crowded.

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Lai L.
2.0 Stars


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Kyla B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Athina Janelle U.
4.0 Stars

I like the atmosphere of this place. It would seem as if they offer expensive dishes.... Glad to know that the their dishes are priced just right.

Baby back ribs taste nice but could get too sweet towards the end. I like how the meat goes off the bone easily.

Steak is also delicious, my companion had it medium well. I am not fond of undercooked meat but I was satisfied when she gave me a small slice of beef.

The salmon dish is yummy too. It has lots of cheese (which might take away the "healthiness" of the dish) but you know, cheese IS cheese so I have no complaints about it.

We had the mac n cheese dish too and I was satisfied with it. I love that way the cheese clings to your spoon. I just wish they add a bit more bacon bit.

Their burger is okay. We found it a bit too salty for our liking. It has generous servings of cheese too.
I like the french fries and the dip that goes with it.

All dishes are served in big proportions!

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Great food.
Big servings.
Good service.

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Sainah A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Reich T.
2.0 Stars

Miguel and Maria.  One of the popular restaurants along Lilac Street.  We tried to dine here x number of times but the wait time is discouraging.  We finally got a table one Saturday afternoon (no wait time involved)

First things first,  the joint looks big from the outside but in reality - it is a small restaurant.  Less than 15 tables,  i assume.  Of all the restaurants I've been to,  this by far has the most confusing interior / decor.  Dim lighting and vintage furniture - one would think they are aiming for the homey vibe but once you see the wall decor,  homey goes down the drain.  Michael Jordan,  LeBron James,  Notorious Big,  Tupac,  Martin Luther King and Mohammad Ali will give you the stare.  Yes,  photos of famous African American figures are on the wall.  Uhmmm...maybe they are paying homage to famous people.  I turn to the bar,  flatscreen shows local basketball and another wall decor that features Big (with "It all started with a dream"  or something similar to that caption).  Are you just as confused as I am? 

I aint sure if the theme is family restaurant meets sports bar meets "we-are-paying-homage-to-famous-AfricanAmericanPeople".   I got a lil woozey describing the not-so-cohesive surroundings.

On to the food.  We ordered the following:

*Garlic Parmesan Wings
*Seafood Marinara Pasta
*Cheesy Belgian Fries

I hate to break it to you folks but the food is blah.  The chicken wings was served first,  it looks appetizing at first glace but as they say - looks can be deceiving.  The wings are cold,  i am guessing these babies were fried a couple of hours ago.  I can tell because the meat is too tough.  Such a letdown,  these could've been awesome if they served it hot. 

The pasta was served next.  Is it me or they prefer serving dishes cold???  Or the kitchen staff is too cool to care they didn't bother reheating the food.  Or....the microwave is busted!  Dunno really.  If a restaurant has the audacity to charge php 200+ for pasta,  please for the love of all things holy - don't serve 'em cold.  Tastewise,  it's mediocre.  This is something you can make at home.

The fries were served last.  Weird sequence eh?  Mains are served first then the appetizers.  This was served hot.  Fresh off the fryer fries drizzled with generous servings of cheese sauce,  Jalapeños,  bell peppers and bacon.  The cheese sauce is nothing like the one i tasted before (February 23rd to be exact).  It's good but a lil too salty for my preference.  The other components of the sauce is too overpowering,  it gets cloying after a couple of bites.  I aint no expert but if they tone this down by substituting the capcicum with caramelized onions - it would lessen the cloying factor.

Overall,  my first Miguel and Maria is not as satisfying as i hoped for.  I had high hopes for this place.  Maybe it's just a bad day,  I dunno really.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

We were lucky enough to drive by one December weeknight and find a parking slot. Although it was still early for dinner, we went on in as this place is usually packed.

On the table (1st round)
🔹Bacon Chowder in a Bread Bowl - Creamy, flavorful and hearty We dipped in some of the bread into the soup too.
🔹Baby Back Ribs - tender and tasty
🔹Beef Casserole - this was really good and heavy.

Food was great, prices were reasonable and servers pretty attentive and engaging. We enjoyed the first visit so much that we went back for another round with MIL and Lola.

On the table (2nd round)
🔹Mac & Cheese - corny and some pieces were hard and seemed under cooked. We wish they served this with bread but hubby got parts of MIL and Lola's bread bowl anyway.
🔹Calamari - fresh, soft and tasty. I'm not sure what the sauce was but it was a bit sweet and had hints of pesto
🔹Tomato Soup in a Bread Bowl - they over toasted parts of the bread
🔹Grilled Cheese Sandwich - they used the same cheese as the Mac & Cheese. warm and comforting combo. Of course I dipped the sandwich into the soup. the soup wasn't too thick nor sour. I've had better Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup but this ain't bad.

Food presentation and serving containers/platters are pretty ok. Dishes from the other tables looked appetizing too. The place isn't that big and tables are close to each other. They have a lovely and clean restroom.

There are still a lot of dishes that we want to try and we'd probably pull right in if we see a parking spot.

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Kim L.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Alvin Joseph G.
5.0 Stars

I love this stuffed pork chops creamy spinach.. one of my favorite my comfort food.. must try guys! Value for money 128522

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Jillian L.
5.0 Stars

Ordered Tomato Soup and Roasted Herb Chicken. Food was well served and great. For the price even if its a little expensive you will be impressed with the taste. Definitely worth it to try and go back for their other dishes.

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Liza Marie D.
5.0 Stars

The food is awesome! the ambiance is cozy! the dessert is to die for!

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