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Stamford Executive Residences, Upper McKinley Rd. cor. Florence Way, McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Mil Cooks
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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Had a wonderful 3 course dinner with Chef Mil the other night. One of the latest trend in the food scene is having a private dinner at a home resto. After reading a wonderful article in about Chef Mil. My friend book a dinner for 2. Booking a sched was a little hard since most slot are already filled. So be sure to try to book atleast a month or two especially if your planning a Friday or Saturday dinner. There is only 1 sched per night (8pm). Thats why his schedule is quite jampacked and since he is starting to get famous hahaha..

The home resto Milcooks is located at Stamford condominium in Mckinley. When you enter his condominium you'll be amazed how astig the small room was interior decorated. A perfect hostel like bachelors pad. Messy looking but in an artsy way. Also love the playlist he was playing forgot the name of the artist.

When we got to settle on our table he was just about ready to serve the 1st meal.

Sous Vide Egg Truffle Pasta - he explained to us that the egg was cooked at a steady temp of 62.5°C for a certain time. The egg was the sauce for the pasta. We poke it and mix well. Tada it was uber delicious pasta dish. The creaminess of the egg with the hint of truffle was so good!

Next to be serve was

Rib Eye steak paired with glass of red wine - cooked perfectly medium rare. Just enough pinkiness on the meat and proportion was big enough. The simple salt bring out the juciness of the meat and was perfect with the red wine that comes with it.Some part of the meat was just a little tough to cut/chew. He was honest that he use local steak for this considering the cheaper rate he ask and he is mostly a grocery kind of guy unlike real resto that order bulk from supplier. For me this was still a great steak considering it was local meat.

For dessert

Dark chocolate cake - this one is haven. Perfect dark chocolate cake that has a balance of bitter sweetness. The matcha powder sprinkle gave it a new level of flavor to it. Another thumbs up for this.

After we finish our meal we got to chat with Chef. We learned that he is currently studying in Enderun and an intern of Moment Group food research team. Wow just wow thats why the food was so good!

Overall I love the cool condominium. The food was amazing! Chef Mil was very friendly and fun to talked to anything about food.I highly recommend this to guys looking for a new experience or an intimate dinner. By the way max person is only 4pax since the room is quite small.

For resrvation here is his contact number

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