Minami Saki by Astoria

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Minami Saki by Astoria
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Maloushky had so many wonderful things to say about this place. When my friend was craving for Japanese, it was a sign to finally visit.

Too bad she was allergic to a lot of things. No chicken, no meat, shrimps, oysters, crab. So we had a simple lunch consisting of edemame, cucumber, tuna sashimi done two ways- fresh and burned, tofu steak and fried rice.

I rate it a 4.0 for the friendly ambience and wait staff plus fresh and tasty food to want we tried. I’ll surely come back to try their long list of steaks and seafood.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The sister asked for suggestions for her birthday dinner and I recommended Minami Saki by Astoria. I haven't even been here, but the consistent good reviews have made me interested for the longest time. Good thing she took my reco and I finally got to dine here too! 128571

We ordered a bunch of their bestsellers and it was definitely an amazing meal!

1.) Aburi Sushi (5 kinds)
OMG this is so good! I could finish a plate of this alone along with a lot more items from their menu and I wouldn't feel guilty about it, except for the fact that I'll be spending a week's long earning. 128569 Ang mahal po at Php 850++ but we do not regret getting this kasi super sarap! 128571 My personal favprites were the salmon and unagi!

2.) Moriawase Sashimi - Ume
Their slices of sashimi are so thick and so fresh! The salmon was amazing! 128568

3.) Kakiage Tempura
I saw this dish on Minami Saki's IG account and it got me interested. It turned out to be really good! It was very tasty and perfectly cooked. Their tempura sauce was also really good! 128571

4.) Ebi Tempura
I really liked their version of the fried shrimp! Their batter in particular was not cloying, it was just the right texture. It was delicious! 128571

5.) Spider Maki
This was sulit, had eight slices so good to share. The soft shell crab was fried really well so it gave a nice crunch to the roll.

6.) Minami Saki Maki
This was typically a California roll with unagi on top and anything with grilled eel is a winner for me. 128571 This roll was delicious and I was glad they were very generous on the toppings and fillings! 128568

We also enjoyed an order of their Edamame, Miso soup and we were each given a complimentary appetizer which was like a salad of some sort. 128569 Needless to say, they were all delicious! 128571

I will definitely come back! Value for money is definitely at play here. The place sure is quite pricey but I must say it is worth it! I'll save up for the next visit also to try other items we didn't eat. 128568

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Meg M.
5.0 Stars

Dinner of two girls! 128109

The Aburi sushi is so good! It's expensive for me but it's worth every penny. 128525 I think it costs 895 for 5pcs. Waaah! It was my "birthday eve" dinner so it's okay to indulge! Hahaa

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Minami Saki by Astoria

Here's another late review. About 2 months delayed. I attended an event in Astoria and they had Minami Saki cater lunch. I was sharing the table with other attendees I didn't know so I could only take photos very discreetly. 128566

We were served the following and really, they were all good. 128523
🔹Aburi Sushi Salmon
🔹Aburi Sushi Tuna
🔹Tempura Maki
🔹Scallop with Tamago Sauce
🔹US Tenderloin
🔹Wakadori Teriyaki
🔹Coffee Jelly

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Kary Y.
5.0 Stars

✅ In Photo: Aburi Sushi 5 Kinds

The rest are your typical Japanese fix so I suggest just go easy with those and order the 5 kind aburi. Super worth it! 128077127860

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Karen G.
3.0 Stars

Seems like this place was deluged with customers after making it to the top of looloo's mid-year best sushi places report. The food was good, but the service was s-o-o-o s-l-o-w-w-w that most of the food we ordered didn't start arriving till an hour after we arrived. Some people who arrived after we did received food that we had ordered so there was definitely a lot of confusion going on.

The aburi sushi was really good and was one of the first to arrive. Would definitely order this again if I ever go back.

The karaage and the tofu steak arrived cold already. We also canceled the futomaki which hadnt arrived by the time we had finished everything else.

The manager did apologize and suggested we visit again during weekdays when they have fewer customers.

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Rick G.
2.0 Stars

I disliked it.

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5.0 Stars

It's more JaFUN in Astoria because of Minami Saki!

Seriously, if you're a big fan of Japanese cuisine, then this should be on top of your must try list!

Their head chef is the Legendary Chef Kimito Katigiri and he brings you the traditional goodness of Japanese cuisine but with an elevated contemporary twist!

The ambiance, the minimalist but classy interiors, the well prepared authentic Japanese cuisine, and the overall dining experience deserves nothing but praise. 128588🏼

Word of warning, the prices are a bit high BUT they make up for it with the freshest ingredients (some of them flown directly from Japan) and foodgasmic tasty dishes.

My personal favorites are the:
128073🏼 Aburi Sushi (omg, this is awesome 128525)
128073🏼 Ebi tempura
128073🏼 the beef and mushroom roll
128073🏼 Tempura Maki
128073🏼 sashimi sampler
128073🏼 oysters and papaya
128073🏼 coffee jelly with home made sea salt ice cream

Everything was just delicious and well executed! 128523 it's a modern twist to authentic dishes. It Tastes both familiar and surprising at the same time which makes you just want to eat more. I like food that keeps me constantly interested to try more. I have nothing but love for this restaurant!

Definitely a must try! I brought my family here as well and they were all praises! 128588🏼

Ps: be sure to reserve in advance as its always jam packed!

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 5 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


  • No. of Comments: 30
Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Why do we have so many places serving great food hidden in plain sight? Minami Saki is very close to where I live but I only knew about it 3 weeks ago during an event.

I went back to Minami Saki today because my tummy was aching for it. The first time I had their Aburi Sushi, I made a commitment to come back soonest.

The place was packed, as always. It opens during lunch and dinner time only so you have to make sure you make a reservation ahead of time.

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Monday - Sunday

Minami Saki is located at the ground level of Astoria. The owners of Astoria love Japanese food. When they heard that Chef Katagiri was about to throw in the towel, they tried to convince him to join Minami Saki as an executive chef. He used to be one for Inagiku at Shangri-la and Ginza at Manila Hotel. This man is legendary. Having an acclaimed chef speaks volume about a restaurant.

Here's what I had today,

Since Lapu-Lapu was not available, I orded ala carte instead of getting the platter with three kinds of sushi. I ordered Sake (Salmon) and Maguro (Tuna). They are slightly burned and soused with a delicious aburi sauce. You can indentify that it took time to make a perfect roll. The details and the consistency of each roll was on the dot.

For a la carte, you get two pieces per order.

Almost similar to Aburi Sushi. It also has a burnt taste but bolder and the rolls are thicker. I had 8 rolls of these delicious maki with tempura in the middle topped with flying fish roe and fruits. If you want a more sulit meal, this will be your first pick. It's PHP550 for 8 thick rolls and it's very filling.

I will never choose Coffee Jelly over panna cotta, cheesecake or any other desserts. During my first visit, this to me, was the most surprsing among everything we tried. The jelly seemed like it was fused with coffee extract that each bite screams caffeine. It came with a home made salted caramel ice cream which was the perfect condiment.

I always take a step back when I see traditional Japanese restaurants. I get excited when it's about ramen or japanese curry but not really into sushi, sashimi and all the mi's. I am not a fan of seafood especially when it's raw. Minami Saki is traditional but with a hit of modern and it is Minami Saki that showed me how good traditional Japanese dishes are. Now I can go to authentic Japanese places as long as it's as good.

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Chichi T.
5.0 Stars

This maybe one of the most underrated sushi joints in Manila and probably one of the best I've tried. Since it was already late, we only got their famous Aburi sushi priced at 250 for two pieces and cold soba. Not at all cheap but once you've tried it, you won't regret ordering another!

Aburi sushi is made of slightly charred salmon or tuna (your choice) with oozing cheese, the secret sauce (which I think is made of Japanese Mayo, soy and cheese) plus lots of caviar! Make sure to get the Sake and Maguro and it's a done deal.

Why did I just discovered this joint last night?!?! I've been asking the same thing until today! I can't wait to go back.

Ps. Former Inagiku Chef holds a strong force behind Minami's kitchen. Probably the reason why it's pretty darn good!128514

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

Our typical birthday dinner is getting pretty predictable, we will look for a Japanese restaurant - either an old classic or a new place we haven't tried.

This year, another #looloo foodie Julie J told me from a #looloorendezvoos about Minami Saki in Astoria, checked out the other reviews and it's been decided - we will try it out!

What was recommended for us to try was the aburi mixed sushi - partially burned sushi on 5 kinds of seafood. Aside from that, we ordered the shake sashimi, ebi tempura, gyuniku udon and grilled US scallops on tamago sauce. We actually ordered more than our usual amount of servings but I'm coming from the flu so I need to eat!

Reservations was pretty tough, so have that done ahead. Walk-ins are permitted but you have to wait. The 3 groups I saw who walked-in waited till 9pm before they could eat. The place is by Astoria so it can probably accommodate about 30 pax or 40 if you really cram everyone in. Service was on and off in consistency but it was a really full Friday night and the staff was nice - so that's ok. Not so much of a downer. Ambiance is pretty noisy, but again since it's a small place - it's pretty much expected as well.

On to the food, the gyuniku udon came out first along with the aburi sushi. The broth of the udon was really rich, perhaps boiled with the beef for a long long time. Broth was enriched further with shitake and golden mushrooms - this was good! The aburi mixed sushi was a feast for the eyes as how it tasted, something like an explosion of flavors with each of the 5 kinds. They were salmon, tuna, hamachi, lapu-lapu and unagi, the burnt cream cheese sauce gave a good balance to the taste and the small fruit slice on top blended to a sweet end to the bite - this was also really good. The ebi tempura was worth mentioning too as our standards for tempura has gotten pretty high because of Asakusa - and their version passed with flying colors too!

The star for the night for me was the grilled scallops! Perhaps in an effort to ensure the cooking, the giant scallop was cut into smaller discs before it was grilled. So maybe 4 big ones cut into 12 cuts. The grilling was just right, you can still feel every strand of the meat, and being fond of scallops - I enjoyed this the most. The tamago sauce gives it a different flavor, but you need that to avoid the constant scallop taste which I'm guessing most people won't like if you eat it in sequence - but since I love scallops - I ate it like it was the first thing I was eating.

The bill came out to Php3000. Pretty reasonable given the type of food you get - and we would have probably spent more if we dined in Little Tokyo. If you're dining for a special occasion, and you're looking a good Japanese food - this place will not disappoint!

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Max O.
5.0 Stars

I've always been a skeptic when it comes to aburi. i always thought that it was just some sort of glorified sushi or something. This perception of mine changed after tasting the hamachi aburi here in Minami Saki. All I can say is that it didn't disappoint. The aburi I had with my family was superb, but there were also a few other letdowns. What disappointed us the most was their ebi tempura which lacked flavor. Their slow service also tested our patience, but hey since it's Christmas, we decided to let it go.

Price: Reasonable
Food: Very Good
Ambiance: Good
Service: Has room for improvement

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Michelle A.
5.0 Stars

Have found a new favorite Japanese resto. The aburi sushi is to die for! My hubby and I were staring at it for so long, we didn't want to eat it right away as we didn't want the experience of it to end. Ganun ka sarap. You shouldn't leave the resto
without trying it.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Julie J.
5.0 Stars

Braving EDSA to get to Ortigas area is such a daunting task these days 128549 So when I got an invite for Monday night dinner at this place, I was filled with half dread & half anticipation, but having heard positive feedbacks about this place, anticipation won 128514 specially when it comes to food! Takaw lang plus it's free, so win win except for the traffic 128514

It was my first time here and upon entering, I immediately liked the ambiance, bamboo and stone materials adorn the place, the decors were minimal, simple yet elegant 9786️ As soon as we were seated, I was handed a menu and served tea.

Our host did the ordering and here's a rundown of what we tried, Salmon Sashimi, Ebi Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Astoria Maki, a Salmon and Hamachi head dish and assorted Aburi Sushi. Everything was excellent, fresh and tasty. 128077🏼

The star of the night for me was their 127775 Aburi Sushi (sushi with fish topping that is partly raw & partly grilled or torched) Hamachi, unagi, salmon, tuna. & lapu-lapu with Aburi sauce. (Price range : 280-310 for 2 pcs) Sure I've tried Aburi before but this one was just wickedly good! Generously topped with ebiko and a teeny fruit bit on top, Every bite was bursting with flavor 🤗 I die!!! Try this Kiko G

For dessert, we had the coffee jelly which was presented so uniquely with dry ice, Almost every table had one order of this. Too bad I can't put up the video here 128533 (check IG video)

Service was excellent and fast 128079🏼 I little expensive but you really get what you pay for! No doubt about it, I'll be coming back for more Aburi Sushi 128514

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Madeleine A.
4.0 Stars

Heard about Minami Saki by Astoria from Ramon L's dad who mentioned that the restaurant is headed by Chef Kimito Katagiri, who previously served as Executive Chef of Inagiku (Makati Shangri-La), Ginza (Manila Hotel), and Yanagi (Midas Hotel and Casino). Neither Ramon nor I have tried any of the aforementioned, but with a resume like that, how could you go wrong?

We arrived for a late dinner at 9:30pm, just an hour before closing time. I was looking forward to having my starter staples, uni and spicy salmon sashimi, but neither were available. It was a disappointing start, but we saw it as an opportunity to try new dishes. We ordered the Sake Aburi Sushi (Php 180), Ebi Tempura (Php 575), U.S. Angus Tenderloin (Php 1,150), and their Seafood Fried Rice (Php 210).

We sat at a booth in the far back, right beside the glass window that separated the kitchen from the dining area. We watched as the sushi chefs created our aburi sushi, and admired the modern look of the restaurant. While waiting, we were served a complimentary dish of cooked tuna in vinegar. It seemed simple enough, but I couldn't help asking for Ramon's when I saw that he was done tasting it.

The food came faster than we expected, and the first served was the tenderloin, cooked medium. It had toasted garlic on top, with a generous heaping of stir fried vegetables. The meat was a tender, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth experience, that did not even need the sauce it came with (which was served cold, by the way). I chowed down the vegetables with so much gusto, as it was fresh, crisp, with a hint of butter in every bite.

The aburi sushi is described as "slightly burnt sushi". It was a visual pleasure just lightly burned, topped with fish roe, and a small slice of strawberry and mango. I'd never had anything like it, and sure enough, I enjoyed it to the very last bite.

I found the tempura expensive for its price, considering it wasn't the best I've ever had. (If you're curious, the best was at G Squared Palutuan, a non-Japanese restaurant located at dampa). To their credit, the tempura was crunchy, with a light batter to shrimp ratio, which all makes for a good tempura regardless.

The seafood fried rice was delicious. Good for two and full of flavor, I could get full with just this. It had a slice of crabstick on top, with other seafood bits thoroughly mixed with the rice.

Service was quick and friendly, although the waitresses became a little loud when only Ramon and I were the remaining customers for the night. Well, it was almost closing time, and it didn't bother us very much anyway as we were so absorbed in all the delicious food.

Wow, my first taste of Minami Saki and already it's going on my recommended list. Definitely a restaurant to check out if you're willing to shell a little extra, but I assure you, you'll get every peso spent in the food, the service, and the overall experience.

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Cornelio S.
5.0 Stars

The place has minimalist Japanese decor- a little understated elegance without being stuffy or too relaxed. Specialty is different kinds of sushi. Try the spider roll sushi made with soft shell crab -yummy. My son loved the teppanyaki steak- really flavorful. Will come back again.

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John T.
5.0 Stars

Their Executive Chef, Kimito Katagiri, was at the helm of Misono (Manila Hotel), Inagi-Ku (Shangri-la Makati) and Yanagi (Midas Hotel) so his credentials tell you what to expect from the restaurant and his signature dishes. The food is traditional and authentic cuisine so it is different from the katsu and ramen craze sweeping the metro. The decor is minimalist as well which provides that simple yet outstanding and comfortable. The food was as expected, delicious and unique. The signature dishes were outstanding and delicious: kaki papaya yaki and the aburisushi. Service was prompt and friendly and spot on. Consider this resto as Pasig's secret best resto dto go tto'

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