Mindanao Taoist Temple

RGA Village, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Mindanao Taoist Temple
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Kristella D.
2.0 Stars

If not for my class on Asian Arts and Literature back in college, I would not have known this place, even though I've been living near it for practically my whole life. Whuut. 128566

Well, there's a legitimate reason. This place isn't along the major roads in the city. It's hidden in one of the subdivisions near where I live.

Now I'm no Buddhist or Taoist despite the fact that Chinese blood runs through my veins. (I'm a Christian.) But the place was pretty fascinating. 127983

It's an old Taoist temple that incorporates all the elements of feng shui and all that Chinese flair. The building is octagonal in shape and has three floors. On the ground floor, there's an offering altar. And on each floor, there are miniature statues of Taoist "saints" kept in cabinets. 127886 There's also a hall dedicated to the departed.

Too bad the place hasn't been maintained that well. 128532 Grass was overgrown, and some parts of the temple were chipping away. Well, I guess that's understandable since there are only a few Taoists here, and there's only one caretaker. This place is still considered a tourist spot for those who want to go on a historical adventure in the city.

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