Ming-chao Teahouse

Armal Bldg., C. Raymundo Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Ming-chao Teahouse
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Most Recent Reviews

Chris T.
5.0 Stars

The food is great. You can compare it with hap chan and north park.

  • No. of Comments: 2
3.0 Stars

Define Chinese Lauriat. Hahaha.

Despite the Resto not being too fancy, we went big with the food. Boooom! Define p7,800 for 14 pax. Hahaha. As the restaurant was relatively cheap, you can imagine how much food we ordered for the 2 tables.

We ordered the ff:
✔️ crispy pata
✔️ chicken feet and siomai
✔️ yangchow fried rice
✔️ birthday noodles
✔️ salt and pepper spareribs
✔️ buttered fried chicken
✔️ fish and tofu taosi
✔️ mixed veggies
✔️ Nido soup
✔️ fried tofu

Double that (kasi 2 tables) and add 1 more L yangchow and that's what we ordered. WILD!

Food was good but some of the dishes were extra alat but hell, it's Chinese food yo.

Perfect way to celebrate 3 things -- my advanced birthday, the return of our teammate from her honeymoon, and the despidida of our PC. 128077128077

Some pet peeves that's why I rated it only 3 stars:
✖️ service was relatively slow
✖️ our bill had some problems - glad we checked the receipt as mali computation by 2k 128545128545128545 I would understand if may sumobra punch ng order pero yung total yung Mali. Which made us think if this was a sneaky tactic 128545128545128545
✖️ namimili ng credit card yung terminal machine nila. 4 different credit cards before it worked. HASSLE

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2.0 Stars

Really affordable and food was not bad. Their chicken feet, siomai, and mixed vegetable were really good too.

But a few things happened that made me give it a low rating:
- at the other table, one of the seats broke and the customer fell flat on her back. As in hilata. Lahat kami shocked. But none of the staff immediately helped her. Only the other costumers helped. Even the girl taking our order just looked. I said "go tulungan mo" before she checked on her. I would completely understand if she left first for that. Priority Ang safety. Pano kung nagka-serious accident? BAD SERVICE 128545
- their waiters don't know what dishes to recommend.
- desserts were out of stock 128545
- shrimp dumpling was sooooooo alat. Parang MSG na binudburan ng hakaw haha.

Sayang 128561

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4.0 Stars

I've been passing by this place everyday going to the sales office but I've never once given a though in eating here because the place looks shabby and carinderia like (not like there's anything wrong with carinderia's). Basta when you look at the signage and the entrance it looks nakaka-awa. Oo na, ako na any judgmental. Haha

But we were looking for somewhere near as we had loads of stuff to do at the office. Someone suggested this, I was iffy at first but didn't want to go my separate way sa lunch so fight.

Honestly, I was surprised with the food. It ain't half bad. They canton really tastes authentic (must be the msg haha).

I tried the combo meal - porkchop, chopseuy, canton, 1 big rice, and a nice tea. All for p150 with 10% SC (so p165).

The serving was huge. And the pandit and chopseuy were savory and flavorful.

The porkchop was really crisp outside and soft inside.

I'm honestly shocked. Though the aesthetics look bleh (as in parang makalumang diner na ewan), the food was good.

It's true what they say, don't judge a book by its cover.

I think what heightened my experience was the value for money (busog na for p150 yo), it's near the office, and my low expectations. Haha. Nice little discovery 128077128077

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Alberto C.
5.0 Stars

Yummy ang food

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4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Troy B.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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