Ming Kee Live Seafood

7852 Makati Ave. cor. Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Ming Kee Live Seafood
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

It was our second dinner after a memorable one at Hot Space. Check out my review there to find out why. I don’t mind eating dinner twice. How about you?

Ming Kee is relatively new and offers Singaporean with Crab and Fish as its main dish. It’s a sophisticated place with foam on its tables! Since Crab price was quite steep, we ventured to have Fish instead. We found it somewhat delectable but could use more flavor. Most of its taste is on its sauce.

The star of the night was its Tofu. More than soft, melt in your mouth sensation, it had its own world of taste. It’s independent from the veggies that came with it.

The desserts were generally outstanding. The Mango Tapioca was chilled well and the sago was smooth. I would have preferred it sweeter though. The lychee was super and so was the Apple with wine.

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Jaya M.
5.0 Stars

Probably the closest we can get to Singaporean food right here in Makati! We ordered a variety of dishes, all of which I enjoyed very much. The prices are a bit steep though so be careful! You can be sure you only get the freshest seafood of good quality so it works out! Here is what I enjoyed the most:

Fried Fish Skin - I didn't think I would enjoy this because I was expecting a fishy smell or scaley texture but it was as if I was eating chicken skin! Only healthier.

Cereal Prawns - I still cannot guess what the cereal was made out of because though it looked like cereal, it had more of a wafer texture. The sweetness went perfectly with the flavor of the prawns! I really liked that the prawns were already deveined and didn't have the head on! 127844

Triple Cooked Crab Beehon - This one is their signature dish and for good reason too!! It's basically a crab cooked to perfection and stuffed with Beehon. I'm pretty sure they cooked the Beehon in all the good stuff like crab fat and then put it back in there. Very flavorful and so delicious!!

Homemade Beancurd - I was expecting the Beancurd to have a tofu like texture but this had more of a taho texture. I don't think I've ever enjoyed Beancurd this much; it literally melts in your mouth. Be sure to order this dish when you visit Ming Kee!

I can't wait to go back!! 128156

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Crichelle F.
2.0 Stars

they said that suahe are fresh, but when it came to our table it was not fresh, it looks like it was frozen and overcooked, tough and u cant taste the sweetness of the suahe.128546128534 crispy chicken on the menu looks like roast crisp chicken but what they served is literal na parang chicken joy fried chicken, the only thing that i like was the yang chow fried rice, the service is good though! not coming back here 128542 128557

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Joseph H.
1.0 Stars

Went to makati to try this Resto , read about it in a blog that it was a Singaporean franchise known for crab behoon. Had high hopes but Our experience was very disappointing

Ordered the ff
Oyster cake - overcooked oysters in overcooked egg with over cooked vegetables :-(

Fish maw and crab soup - was ok but quite bland had to add salt and some black vinegar for flavor

Crab beehoon - the specialty of the Resto , this dish tasted ok , but a far cry from the version we tried in Singapore at sin huat

I would give this Resto 3 starts for the food but this Resto has very poor integrity . They cheat the weight and quality of their live sea food something I did not expect from a Singaporean franchise.

crab is something we always buy and cook at home so we know our crabs . The crab they served to us was weird , the meat from one claw was thin and the other was fat . Since the body of the crab was still meaty I would assume that the thin claw didn't come from the same crab , the live crab must have lost one claw in the tank and they replaced it with one from a dead one or from one that was it the tank for too long . This wasn't a big deal for us since it was only one claw and we just joked about it.

What was very disappointing was that when the bill came they were charging us for 1kg of crab , the crab they served us was only about 500g. I've bought and cooked enough crabs to know the difference between a 500g crab and a 1 kg crab and it's pretty obvious. We complained to the head waiter of the Resto and they agreed to reduce it to 600g.

Bottom line they are not honest what they serve and charge their customers. Not something I would expect from a Singaporean franchise

Not coming back and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

When I heard that there's a newly opened resto offering Crab Beehon, I made sure to try it asap. Well, it was not close to the famed Crab Beehon of Singapore's Sin Huat. The beehon was a bit soggy and lavked that crab flavor. The proportion of the beehon vs crab was not equal, it was bitin. But when you're craving for Crab Beehon in Manila, guess this will do.

Also had their cold cuts platter. It was just okay, nothing special.

Crabs are priced at Php250/100gms, min weight is 1K.

Very limited parking (just 2 slots in front).

Service was good.

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