Miso-Ten Ramen & Tempura

G/F Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil St. cor. Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

Miso-Ten Ramen & Tempura
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Most Recent Reviews

Zia M.
4.0 Stars

I really think that if you're looking for the right Ramen nearest to the area especially at the mall, this place is the place to be. They are accommodating even it's almost closing time. The ventilation maybe a problem since you'll be eating a hot food. They have big servings so if you're not much of a ramen lover you might share a bowl with a friend. I love their gyoza paired with the spicy soup.

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Frecy B.
3.0 Stars

Ordered their ramen set (miso ten original ramen + gyoza) for P400. The ramen was okay. At least it didn't taste as if it were from a cup of instant noodles. :) I wish the gyoza was firmer though. Honestly, I've tried better so, I'm definitely not going back here any time soon.

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Jay K.
4.0 Stars

A very good place for your ramen cravings. miso-ten offers a simple menu to cater to your authentic nippon taste. Their ramen base is miso based and the taste is very delicate yet so tasteful. You could also customize to add more to your ramen base. I would definitely recommend their tan tan mien, it is really a great balance of spice and umami! Try it and you'll definitely want to come back!

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Erica G.
4.0 Stars

I read the reviews of the other customers and suffice to say, had I read them before going to this place, I would have suggested some other restaurant. However, since it was a relatively new shop, I didn't bother reading the reviews and just went for it.

I don't think I was disappointed. I ordered the Miso-Ten Spicy while my friend ordered the vegetable tendon set. She was fairly satisfied with her food. The rice was soft, and the vegetables were fried perfectly.

We didn't have to wait long for our food. The staff was very accommodating and we didn't even need to get their attention to serve us hot tea and water. They refilled our drinks every time it got close to running out. Great customer service!

I'm not sure if I was just really hungry at the time but I felt that as I ate, the ramen got tastier and tastier. Managed to eat everything for a change!

My only qualm about this place is really the price. Our total bill was around P530 and we didn't even order drinks. So expensive!

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Denise Q.
3.0 Stars

We were in a rush to catch our movie that was 30minutes away! Panic eating!

But the service was okay just in the nick of time, we reached the movie house for Wolverine! 127881(Hugh Jackman was awesome! Wait for the aftercredits!)

Ramen noodles for long life! 127845127836

We got the Miso-Ten Original Ramen first - it was so-so according to my brother.

I noticed that they had Tantanmien.. So I said let's give it a try. I just took few sips of the soup.. Passed it on to my brother.. And concluded.. Nope, Ukokkei's still way better. I'm so sorry. 128541

But for their Katsudon, not bad! I love how the egg was cooked on top, with the tender meat. The sauce was very tasty too. I even had the sauce mixed with my rice. Yum! See photo! 128513128077

For the rest, too bad I wasn't able to take note of as we were all in a hurry to consume our dishes! But at least we got to try it with a credit card discount, plus a new food place with my family. 128513

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Howard G.
5.0 Stars

The serving size has improved, price is the same, and the quality remains high. Nice.
The chicken karaage was well done: perfect crispy shell with juicy meat inside.
The spicy miso was not so spicy but I do love their ramen and perfectly made seasoned egg. Definitely coming back for more.
Only problem was the fly that wanted my food.

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Allan D.
1.0 Stars

This place sucks big time!

Ordered a couple of bowl of Shio ramen and it tasted as if coming straight out of a cup noodle.

Tried their ebi tempura,tori karaage and gyoza and were equally below expectations for the price you have to pay.

Service crew were untrained as i specifically ordered an Ika furai but ended up having Tori karaage....Wtf????

Total bill was P1.8k. Highway robbery for the food and service.

Didnt bother to take pix as i do not want to remember this place

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Reinzi B.
2.0 Stars

When we learned that our favorite breakfast restaurant in Rob Manila (Flapjacks) was closing down, we thought, "well, whatever's replacing it better be damn good".

It isn't. The best thing about Miso-Ten is their house tea, a roasted blend. Perfection. Everything else was disappointing. Thier menu is so sadly limited you could probably go through it entirely in 3 visits.

We ordered the original ramen, tempura don, and gyoza. The ramen base was sickly sweet, and needed copious amounts of chili oil for balance. The noodles were fine, but rather overcooked. The tempura, while decent, lacked a certain kick. The rice was soft and nicely cooked though. The gyoza was crumbly in some places and overcooked in others. Gah.

If you're looking for good quality ramen in Manila, this is not the place to look.

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Patti V.
4.0 Stars

Newly opened Japanese resto in Rob Manila..
A bit pricey for the serving? Hehe! 128521

*Ang sarap nung complimentary tea nila! 128525*

Loved their Miso-Ten Original Ramen, flavorful! 128077 And the ramen noodle has the "magical" taste in every bite! As in! 128525 The smoky flavor of the beef is a plus. 128077

I just didn't like their Kani Mango Salad.. 128542 The lettuce has a bitter taste and "makunat-repolyo" texture.. 128542

But again, Miso-Ten Original Ramen, is a must! 128522

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