Misty Lodge and Cafe

Staunton Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Misty Lodge and Cafe
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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

very cute place. sending homey vibes as soon as you enter the place. clean and fresh scent will greet you. this place will give you a christmasy feel all year round.

they serve soft and juicy steak. very satisfied with my well done angus steak. served with salad and rice. for the price 215, my stomach gave it a- two 128077🏼 rating.

the first picture is a porterhouse steak for my friend. so full when she finished it. priced 280 pesos (i think) 128521

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I discovered Misty Lodge while I was searching for a nice place to stay in Sagada for my "ultimate" solo North trip last month. I kept reading about it and learned that it's one of the most beautiful and instagenic lodges there. It's actually no. 1 in Tripadvisor. So why not, I told myself.

I messaged them in Facebook asking if there's a room available on my preferred dates. Sigrid replied to me instantly with a yes. She told me a room for one costs 350php per night. Really cheap, right? Well I immediately made a payment thru BPI online transfer, then voila! All set to go.

I arrived in Sagada at around 11am. I texted Sigrid if I can check in early, and she affirmatively replied. Misty Lodge is quite far from the Tourist Center in Sagada. It's actually 20min walk! No PUVs here. Good thing Sigrid suggested that someone from Misty could pick me up using their service vehicle. When I entered Misty for check in, I was amazed by how beautiful it is - rustic yet homey, cute but classic. Its wood design made it pleasing to the eyes. Misty has a fireplace probably because of Sagada's natural cold weather. This made my stay all the more relaxing.

While waiting for my room to be fixed, I browsed their cafe's menu and decided to get their Bacon Lovers burger. I liked how my burger patty was cooked. It was not raw nor too cooked. It was juicy! However I found the bacon bitin for it to be for bacon lovers. Nevertheless it was good meal!

My room was a standard one. No lavish lampshades, no microwave, no vault, no coffee maker. Just a bed, a cabinet, a chair, and a vanity table. And oh, no private CR. Well, I just paid 350php. Not really expecting anything posh. I found my room to be comfy, enough for me to sleep and relax. Most lodges in Sagada actually have the same set-up. Though their CR is shared, it was clean. Sigrid and the rest of the staff in Misty were friendly. They even asked me if I wanted to join them for sunrise at Kiltepan Peak.

For breakfast the next morning, I ordered their home-cured sirloin beef (tapa) + Alamid coffee. The tapa meal was delicious! The meat was soft and really flavorful. The taste is not similar to Jollibee's or Rodic's, but it's still good. The coffee was strong, I had to put cream and sugar to balance the taste. It was served in a beautiful coffee press.

After check out, I asked one of the staff if we could again use the service vehicle for me to catch the bus going to Baguio at 9am. Being friendly and accommodating he is, he agreed.

Sagada will always be fun to visit as you can do a lot of things here. I'll be reviewing some here also. 128513 Misty Lodge may be far from the town proper but I can assure you that the long walk along the high way will be worth it.

P.S. Misty Lodge and Cafe also serves home-made yoghurt ice cream. I heard their version is delicious!!!

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5.0 Stars

A Sagada Trip Special

Had our last lunch here in Misty Lodge. Upon entering, I fell in love with its homey feel. The interiors were really inviting with the framed adventure, friendship and love quotes hanged on the walls. The wooden interiors add to its artsy vibe.

Went here to try their pizza. And definitely the pizza was worth it. Thin crust, delicious, cheesy. We ordered their meal of the day. I forgot what that was but it was soup with ground pork with carrots and potatoes. The taste was kinda bland though. We were thinking of going back to Yoghurt House to buy yoghurt but we were lucky because they also serve frozen yoghurts here.

We ordered strawberry yoghurt. This one's smaller in serving than Yoghurt House but the taste was compelling! Saraaaaap! The service was good too because the owner and the server were all smiles to us.

I'm gonna check in here when I go back to Sagada next time.

Hope you guys learned and had fun with my reviews! Took a while to finish this set because of work. I'm missing Sagada already!!!!

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Zinia A.
4.0 Stars

Nice, cozy place worth going to in sagada. The best brewed coffee for me during our whole stay. Very good breakfast at reasonable price. I just find most of the restaurants absurdly expensive here with so-so taste. Misty lodge cafe is a good place for good breakfast and quality brewed coffee (not watered downs).

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Katrina V.
5.0 Stars

I totally recommend this place if you're in Sagada. If you can't book a room here, at least you gotta try their food!

We've tasted almost everything in their menu. From pastas, pizza, burger, and breakfast meals, everything's good. Although I may have to point out that how you find the food whether it's delicious or not is an individual preference. There are probably other restos/cafes in Sagada that served better burgers and pastas and what have you. So I will not go as far by saying that this is the best in Sagada since I haven't tried the rest yet. But I have to say that your Sagada experience will not be complete without going here.128512

I think what made us love eating here was not only the food but the ambiance most specially. Since the place is secluded and no distracting crowd outside, you get to enjoy your meal at slow pace making you savor every bite. At night when they light up their fireplace, the mood changes like it's suddenly christmas and it makes you just want to sip hot choco while reading a book. Never miss this place! 128521128077

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Katrina V.
5.0 Stars

Since I didn't have the looloo app installed yet when we went here, this is going to be a super late post of our trip in Sagada. I will start off with Misty Lodge! This place totally deserved the 1108811088110881108811088

Our Sagada trip was truly one of my best travels! Thanks to the warm and accommodating gesture extended by the family who runs this place to us, our stay here has been surreal! We were so happy to have booked here even when it's a bit farther from the town proper because it gave us that peaceful silence and cabin-in-the-forest kind of mood.

On our first morning, we were greeted with the view of the pine trees covered with a bit of fog and the Sagada cold breeze. It was just how I imagined my morning would be at this place. 128522

The place has three floors and have a few rooms with ensuite T&B while the rest uses a shared one. We didn't mind using a shared bathroom though since it was clean and spacious. On the first floor is their cafe which I will review separately. 128521

Generally, the place is quiet, neat, and very comforting. The owners treated us and all the other guests like we're relatives having a vacay at their house. We felt so at home that it was hard to leave the place. The trip to Sagada might be long and "buwis-buhay", but definitely worth coming back especially when you look forward to staying at this place again. 128525

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Abie G.
5.0 Stars

I LOVE this place! The lodge is secluded from too much crowd, really serene and relaxing. The interiors were quite surprising, pure wood, feels like you're in some country place in america. The cafe area with the fire place's just lovely. The view from the patio, wow, just wow. Feels like looking at the setting of the twilight saga movie :) another thing to love here is their mini bon fire place outside! So cool! We drank there, share stories, laugh loud, the place is just amazing :) There arw only 2 bathrooms available with hot shower, but it actually wasn't a big deal for me at all.

Oh and by the way, the food they serve is so good too!! The burger patty breakfast, the bacon, the adobong manok, the pizza the pasta, no way you're not gonna love them! 128588128588128588 job well done 128522

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

Our first time to try the misty lodge and cafe and it did not disappoint.

The place is a little outside the town, hassle for tourists who do not have their cars but I guess the walk would be worth it.

It is not hard to miss because they have big signs and the building in pink is noticeable.

We were greeted by the very charming owner/cook MS. Bugan. She welcomed us and even lend us uno blocks and cards to enjoy while she perfected her menu. The ambiance was very natural, we chose to sit outside the garden area for the fresh air and wonderful view. Even her dogs were so hospitable that they played with us while waiting.

We ordered the following:
1. Pepperoni pizza, freshly baked crust with good quality ingredients. Good enough for a slice of 8 and a pay of 280.
2. Burgers and burger steak, any kind is good cause the patty itself is outstanding. The quality of meat was really on a high rate, very pungent even with the other toppings in. Although a little bland but i could swear it was close to charlie's grind and grill.
3. Pasta, tomato and basil, if I could bring back time I swear I would order this one! So yummy!
4. T-bone steak, cooked medium well, juicy and flavorful. Although I was a bit disappointed because the meat wasn't that tender.
5. Salad, never mind. Felt like it was under proportion if you'll consider the price of 125 and the location. It should suppose to be huge but it isn't. And there's nothing special with the dressing.
6. Lemon Ginger tea, the best drink to end a sumptuous meal. They serve it with natural honey, a legit one.
7. Yoghurt ice cream, Thank God another real yoghurt in sagada! Ohlalala!!! My friend just got addicted.
8. Red velvet crinkles, nothing special.

That above is a good experience and a good meal. Will surely visit again next time

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

The t-bone steak was amazing in Sagada!

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