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Mochi Sweets
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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

Mochi, in case you don’t know, is a Japanese rice cake dessert. It is like the tikoy of the Chinese, soft chewy exterior, with a filling. The difference is, mochi is a lot prettier (and I couldn’t emphasize this enough) and much more delicious. One of the best tasting mochi I've tried can be found at Mochi Sweets.

There are many flavors to choose from like chestnut cream, dark chocolate, red bean, blueberry cream, peach cream, strawberry cream, honey lemon cream, cream chocolate, black sesame, durian mousse, chocolate mousse, sakura (yes, the Japanese flower), and mango yogurt.

So far I’ve tried four flavors starting with my favorite, Green Tea. Yes, you read that right, the type of tea I so hate happens to be my favorite mochi flavor. I don’t know how they did it, but the MS people are genius! They managed to turn this bitter tea flavor into a delicious mochi treat.

Caramel Macchiato I believe, is their only coffee flavor. It does have a hint of coffee taste. It’s good but not as fine as the green tea.

Purple Potato is another must-try. Among the ones that I tried, it has the richest flavor. It tasted a lot like this food, which name I couldn’t freaking remember. It is enough to say that this one is yummylicious.

If you want something a little sour but not too intense, I suggest you try Mango Mousse. Provided I wasn’t seeing things, I think I caught bits of real mango in it. It was refreshing, a welcome break from all the sweet mochis that I had.

It’s PHP70 a piece but you can also get it in a box of 6 (PHP420) or 12 (PHP840). They even use dark colored, an elegant-looking box for it, just like what they use for expensive chocolates, which makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Mochis are kept cold; you have the option to eat it as is (the MS attendant preferred it that way) or if you ever care about my opinion, consume it when it turns soft. Wait for it to thaw for like 20 minutes. I think you can appreciate the flavor more and you don’t run the risk of chipping your chompers, if you eat it soft.

You will be compelled to buy it, if only for the fact that it looks pretty. If you do I suggest you give in, ’cause these round, colorful temptations taste just as good as they looked.

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4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Arrah D.
2.0 Stars

I knew I wouldn't like this but I still tried it out of curiosity . Hmmm not a good decision. Maybe I'm just not a fan of mochi. :/

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Cindz C.
5.0 Stars

This one i really love. The promo price is great 50 per pc. I tried their best seller the chocolate and green tea flavors and i really enjoyed the chewiness and the taste. Will try their mango flavor next time.

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Charizze T.
3.0 Stars

I uber love japanese food. To complete my meal (the filipino way), i need to find the perfect japanese dessert, so i've been trying to find my favorite mochi dessert, but so far i found none. Nothing against mochi, it taste good naman. But havent tried something that can be a favorite.

Still looking. . .

So, will still try mochi sweets

i find the stall and the packaging sosy.

And ate, the seller, was so accommodating. I changed my order 3 times as i cant remember the items i tried before. Talk about patience.

1 star for ate, 1 star for the stall and 1 star for the packaging.

see you again ate at mochi!

Hope to find my fav mochi flavor soon.

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Joicy B.
5.0 Stars

While walking in a Century City Mall and spotted this babies near Rustan's in an instance we crave for it. Though we dont know what's inside this cute little balls. We learn it was Mochi. Its made of glutinous rice inside is icecream. We ordered there bestseller which is Chocolate Mousse. Yipeee.. Woot woot.. I am a happy kid again. The odds is in my favor. Hahaha.. 128523

This is my first time to try mochi icecream. It has a soft chewy outside and so yummy inside which in the middle you will be suprise with the chocolate mousse.. Sobrang SARRRAAAPP.. 128523128523128523 I didn't brain freeze at all. A bit pricey for a 70 per piece but sulit. 128077

127775127775127775127775127775 Will surely come back for more of it and will try other variant specially the Blueberry and there is also a Mochi Icecream shape in small donuts in elegant box when you buy in 6's or 9's.

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