The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay Rd., The Cliffhouse, Tagaytay, Cavite

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Most Recent Reviews

Tei A.
4.0 Stars

My fave flavors:
- black sesame
- cookie dough
- green tea

Super like! A bit messy to eat especially when it starts melting but it's really good!

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Gel G.
4.0 Stars

When I saw the streamer of Mochiko at the entrance of the cliffhouse, I said we definitely have to try it out because my daughter "MICHIKO" loves ice cream...

So after some pizza and pasta at Buon Giorno, we decided to have ice cream for dessert at Mochiko. We ordered the green tea and vanilla, and it was good. It's like bilo bilo with ice cream inside, reminded me of our favorite dessert in high school, sorbetes in monay bread!! Weird right?! But it's good.

Nothing beats eating ice cream while looking at the scenic Taal lake. And guess what, Michiko loves Mochiko...128077128077128077128077128516

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Erick B.
4.0 Stars

Potato-chip chocolate, one of my favorite flavors here in Mochiko. As always, really good. I think they should lower the prices now though, given that there are lots of competition out there. Paying P80-ish for something so small isn't pratical 128516

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Jairus d.
3.0 Stars

Third Stop, Mochiko! I was really interested on mochicko only to find out na ice cream in a sticky Japanese rice cake lang pala to. Akala ko naman kung ano na, sana nag-google na lang muna ako! 128514

I got their caramel & oreo cookie flavors and I just find it ordinary (specially the ice cream filling). I guess the mochi breaks the umay factor? It's something that I would try once in a while but to crave for it? Definitely not! 128556

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Bam A.
2.0 Stars

I like mochi. It's my dream to go to Japan and eat authentic mochi. But for now I settle for mochi within my geographical reach.

Mochiko in Cliffhouse Tagaytay is one of them. Ordered the chocolate (but of course!) and strawberry.
Straight from their fridge, I unwrapped and bit into it. Not exactly the brightest idea.
2 things.
Number 1, it's too hard. It's like biting into a rock.
Number 2, brain freeze. Gah! I have low EQ obviously. 128513

When the ice cream inside the mochi was soft enough, well then that's when I really got a taste of it. Ice cream tastes familiar, one of 'em local ice cream I guess. The mochi covering part is so-so, somehow reminded me of the sticky bola-bola you find in your home-made ginataan (now, that sounds yummier)

For most parts, mochi from Mochiko are okay. I don't think I got my money's worth though. Php 70 per mochi. With that amount, I could've gotten 2 scoops of local ice cream next door (F.I.C.) which is far better than the ice cream inside their mochi 128532

Sigh. I wanna go to Japan 127884

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