Molave Milk Station

Carcar-Barili Rd., Barili, Cebu

Molave Milk Station
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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

It’s been awhile since I came by and drop by this place. Back in 2015-2016, no one would really make a stop at this place. A small fenced place with a wooden signage and a very empty stopover. So obviously, no one would really stop by, para lang syang mapunong lugar and because wala pa syang hype noon, wala talagang bababa. 128514

After two years, enroute going back to the city from Badian, (south of Cebu), my cousin was the one who suggested to make a stop. I can say that the hype finally reached Molave Station. 128521 and I was happy for them. I asked my cousins how they knew of the place, they said that they have good homemade gelatos from carabao and goat’s milk & that is what they want to be known for 128521 128522

A lot have changed and I say changed very nicely. 128076🏼 They’ve made the place attractive, repainted the wooden tables to something colorful, pasalubong area is placed in where they used to have the cashier and more access to the place. Like they have more dining area extended below. They now serve more than gelatos. They have snacks, meals and coffee. They claim they have fresh coffee but what I saw were coffee bullets like the ones you use for nescafe dolcelatte or CBTL machines - those kind of coffee 🙄

The selection of the pasalubongs are quite many - toasted mamon, polvoron, otap, carabao and goat’s milk, quezo and so on.. Prices are affordable and worth a try 🙂

The interior decorations were simple but quaint. It is surrounded by trees which sets the mood 128522 . And if you bring the kids, you can see some of their zoo pets like peacocks, birds, ostrich and a few others.

We all had tried the gelatos. Made of carabao’s milk. The flavors were all unique, I wanted to try all of it but that would make my pocket cry 128514. The flavors were amazing: mangosteen, jackfruit, guyabano, melon, coconut, strawberry and vanilla 128525

I tried the Guyabano 127848 (120php) 1108811088110881108811088️ .. OMG 128525 it was sooooo goood ♥️. The taste of guyabano was in it, creamy and flavorful. They are selling pints of ice cream but I forgot na how much it was, pero hindi expensive, affordable pa rin. 128521 (Price rate comparison POV is coming from someone *me* who lives in BGC).

The place is instaworthy. Very attractive. Gelato is a must try 128521.

•How to get here:
Option A: Go to the South Bus Terminal and look for a bus going to Barili. Inform the conductor of the bus that you will get off at Molave Milk Station. Travel time is about an hour or two.

Option B: Rent a van or bring your own car.

You can make this as your first stop before canyoneering and Moalboal activities or be the last stop as you head back to the city 128521

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

My teammates and I went to a Southern Cebu roadtrip on a long weekend to explore and try out new places. We have quite a number of places to try and explore during our roadtrip and I'm really excited!

We’ve went to Carcar first for a sumptuous lunch where we had Lechon and also bought some few goodies from nearby stall – Matmat’s Chicharon. We instantly thought of having some dessert and one of my team mates suggested to drop by at the Milking Station.

Molave Milking Station is located in Barili and one of the usual stopovers of those heading down to the south-west coast of Cebu. They’re famous for serving delicious fresh milk extracted from cow and goat, as well as soft-served ice cream.

Place is pretty laidback as it tries to mimic a treehouse located in the middle of the ranch with some cows and goats are roaming a few meters away. You can even see some banana bed-like couches where you can just lie with your sunglasses on while enjoying your ice cream!

We tried a few of their Ice cream that are available in cups and on a cone. One thing in common about all of these ice cream flavors is they’re all creamy! It's also creamy and it has that homemade taste. We tried a few of their gelato such as the Buko Pandan, Strawberry, and Vanilla that are also available in soft-served. Everyone seemed to like their choice of flavor but I do really love the buko pandan the most. Not too sweet for my taste which is pretty ideal! One of my colleagues tried their Avocado and jackfruit combination on a cup and loved it because of the uniquely delicious flavor, but wasn't too sharp for his taste.

We also tried their best-selling fresh milk extracted from goats and cows. Cow milk, well, like the usual; it's creamy, and a little sweet. The goat milk, on the other hand, has a quite sharp taste and a bit dense for my taste. Still, not bad at all!

They’re also serving some snacks and coffee if you wanted something different aside from ice cream, as well as some breads on their bread station which can be found near the entrance of the place. A good 5-rating star for me.


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Van G.
5.0 Stars

They serve the best homemade ice cream made from fresh cow or carabao's milk. Personally love the jackfruit and avocado combo which is considered a special flavor at P55. Regular flavors such as vanilla, Ube, mango and others are priced at P35/cup.

They also serve fresh milk from cow and goat. I am not fond of the idea of drinking goat's milk so it's safe to say I only tried the cow's milk. Hahaha. At P55/bottle, the milk was smooth and creamy.

So if ever you are headed south of Cebu, this is the best place where you can get your gelato fix!

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Nikki C.
3.0 Stars

Traveling towards Moalboal, Alegre and Oslob - provinces in the south of Cebu, this area is a great stop over. They do have corkage fee but is minimal.

They serve fresh cow milk and cheese and other dairy products. They have a barn at the back of the restaurant where all the fresh dairy products come from. 128004128004128004

Must try their products 128076🏻

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