Momarco Resort & Hotel

Sampaloc Rd., Plaza Aldea, Tanay, Rizal

Momarco Resort & Hotel
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Debbie Raye S.
4.0 Stars

Spontaneous visited this place after my friend's failed attempt to take us to Daranak falls for her birthday.

First road trip of the year with friends on tow and three days worth of food with us. We decided to take this adventure last January. So when we finally got to famous spot there were sooo many cars parked half a mile away from the entrance. When we got to the entrance there were several groups of motorists and bikers (rider's in tandem??) waiting to be let in.

There happened to be a shooting going on the same day so the other Batlag falls was also closed. Man was it so crowded. The admin decided to let one of us in to check the situation so we decided to just head on to another place. Luckily one of our friends was from Tanay so she knew a resort nearby. We were so hungry at this point we just wanted to get settled and cook our food so we can finally eat lunch.

So we got to Momarco entrance was 250 plus we had to pay food corkage of 70 pesos that per each person.

Their amenities weren't that bad. We tented one pf their cabanas for 1000.00 good for 8-10pax which came with a a grill.

There weren't too many people there so it kinda seemed we had the resort all to ourself. We explored the area before swimming in their big ass pool.

Recommend this for team building stints and such.

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Giselle C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

Staycation at Momarco Resort is love!

I loved my stay at their hotel rooms! Hehe it was neat, clean and smells good! The veranda is perfect for chilling out also! The bathroom is modernized and i love their shower head haha 128522128522128522

The view inside the resort was refreshing, lots of green! The pool is huge, it can accommodate almost 100 plus pax!

Fun fun fun at Momarco 128522128525128536

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Theresa L.
5.0 Stars

Ofcourse! It's summer time already! 128526

For those of you that's looking for a quiet place to stay, and seems that you've rented the whole place, then you should visit Momarco Resort. It's a resort, farm, zoo, and park turned into one. You'll be surprised with the place. Since the place is quite hidden, often times, it's only your company who's staying in the place.

They have different kinds of pool there:
- There's a gigantic pool sized into a bean shape. Around 3-4 times olympic size pool.
- There's a therapeutic pool that has pebbled floor that is good for your body especially when you're walking.
- Kiddie pool that has a fountain in the middle
- The most popular of all, the pool with waterfalls! Ohhh! 128525

This place is great for family outings, barkada gate away, company team building, or simply relaxing yourself out! The clean surrounding will surely captivates your heart. Fun activities like basketball, badminton or even volleyball! Videoke lover? Go ahead and sing your heart desires! Tired of swimming? Why don't you stroll with their mini cuztomized zoo! Different kinds of snakes, monkeys, birds, and lots more! 1280899728127946

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