Momsie Kitty Spa & Slimming Salon

Loza Bldg., Lilac St., Concepcion, Marikina, Metro Manila

Momsie Kitty Spa & Slimming Salon
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Most Recent Reviews

Jacque B.
2.0 Stars

Two weeks ago I went here to avail of their massage, well for P270 pwede na but I just feel that I'm robbed kasi mas magaling pa yung mga blind masseuses sa Mall. I'm disappointed, waste of time and money.

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Chyna-Jas F.
1.0 Stars

Worst service I had in my life.
When I found this salon here in Looloo, I told my friend that we should go there with our girls... and so we did. It was a Sunday night, we met there after dinner. Our girls loved the place, the salon staunchly stick to the theme from the furnitures down to the nail polish bottles. I can say that it was really cute.
However, it wasn't only the Hello kitty decors that made my experience unforgettable... I had the worst service ever!
---> My friend and her girls got there 15-20 minutes earlier than I did. She was already having her foot spa when I arrived. It was affordable, so I took the same combination, foot spa with pedicure. The girl who attended to me seemed having a bad day. She was frowning, but I just brushed it off. She started my foot scrub, then some massage... Maybe my friend and I were so busy chatting that I didn't notice right away how fast and hasty she was doing it. The next thing I knew, I was done with my foot spa and she was about to start with the pedicure. My friend who had a 15 minute head start was only halfway with pedicure (first foot ha) then to our surprise, almost sabay na kami. I was trying to control myself because I came there to relax. When she was done cleaning my nails and about to put the polish, it dawned on me that she didn't even ask if I wanted to trim my toe nails. She rushed her job as if she wanted to get it done and call it a day. My patience just ran out--- I asked her in a nice way what her problem was, why she was frowning all the time, why she did it all in haste and why she didn't bother to ask how I want my nails done.. Guess what? She just walked out on me. YES. HOW RUDE. Her colleagues immediately apologized and cleaned my nails all over again. They said that the she was pregnant and she wasn't feeling well. But why the hell would she put it out on me? Was it my fault that she wasn't in a sound condition? She should've not attended to me in the first place. There were other pedicurists who could've taken her place.
Good thing the daughter of the owner went there to close the salon. I told her what happened, she apologized and offered me to come back to have the same service for free. I refused and told her that I'm not a freeloader. Would I dare to go back to that place?!? Never again.
I'm not after any compensation, i just want to relax and have their staff learn respect. I don't want others to have the same awful experience. The owner asked for my number but I didn't hear anything from them. Boooo!!!! 128078🏻

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Hello Kitty lovers, this one is for you!128049

Do you want to experience a Hello Kitty Pampering just i did? Momsie Kitty Spa and Slimming salon offers you a Hello Kitty pampering experience located at the famous Lilac St. Marikina.

Went there last week after i dropped my daughter at a bday party. Decided to go here while waiting for my daughter. At first i just want a simple pedi and the price was very affordable but when i found out they do some nail art, i decided to have a minion nail art for my feet128099

The nail artist was very talented, she was very relaxed while doing it and the minion was perfectly cute for my nails. It only cost me around 240 pesos.

The whole place was filled with hello kitty, the basin where they soaked my feet was hello kitty shaped, the tools they used for my pedi, the toilet too everything was Hello Kitty. Staffs where nice and allowed me to get crazy pics with Hello Kitty stuffs there. Service was fast too.

This place was highly recommended, no need to go to Japan for Hello Kitty experience9786128077128133

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Aubrey Megan T.
4.0 Stars

Hello Kitty lovers! Pampered with their service and relaxing pink designs Hello Kitty all over 128571128571128571

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Eya P.
4.0 Stars

If u love Hello Kitty, try this salon. I tried their foot spa + pedicure service earlier this month. Staff are very friendly and accomodating. Siguro they are already used to customers having their pictures taken at every corner of the salon kasi when i stepped inside the place, after choosing the service, their staff immediately offered to take my picture. May kasama pang bola "ay ang ganda ng kuha ma'am!" Haha! They also asked me i like coffee/tea/ice tea. the only thing i dont like is sobrang tagal ng pedicure! i'm not even exaggerating! I went there quarter to 5, i went home magse-7:30pm na! I would like to avail manicure sana kaso baka 12midnight na ako makauwi chos! The staff yata is new, although the service took forevs she is very careful naman with my nails.

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Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

For Hello Kitty fanatics, this really is a haven!

Celebrated some time of my birthday here with my two besties. We were walking along Lilac, looking for Cookie Mug. As we went along, we saw this and decided to check it out as we were also planning to get a massage together.

Upon entering the spa/salon, ooh, I couldn't contain those nostalgic kiddie feels that came back because literally, we were in Hello Kitty Land! From the tables, couches, mirrors, weighing scales, bath dipper, rice cooker, calculator, lamp, etc., Hello Kitty was everywhere! So, we opted to have a photo op first before deciding which service to avail. Their staff were kind enough to take photos of us at almost every corner of the area. They even insisted that we give out all of our cameras and they were willingly supportive.

Anyway, we decided to avail the Whole Body Massage service. We went inside the massage room and we were stationed next to each other. Of course the robes were Hello Kitty inspired too.

The massage took us an hour. The massage bed was quite hard and the space wasn't enough because the masseurs kept on bumping with each other. The massage itself was normal. Nothing extraordinaire. What kinda disappointed me was the oil used was too much. Even my face and hair looked too oily after.

Still, I appreciated the effort and kindness of the staff.

Also heard that this December, the owner of this spa/salon will have a viewing of her Hello Kitty inspired house located at Lilac, SSS as well. :D

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Minami A.
5.0 Stars

My review would be for the Sassy Kitty Spa - Montalban Branch where they have their newly opened kitty salon.. They have different varieties of hair treatment for such an affordable price. When I say affordable, I mean 1000 below. That affordable! Imagine having a Keratin Treatment for a price of 300php or a Hair Color for around 700php and a whole lot more.. Visit their Facebook page to view their price menu.
It feels so good to be back here again, 128524

Calling all Hello Kitty lovers out there..

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Minami A.
5.0 Stars

Montalban branch is now open for business.. Newest branch of the famous Hello Kitty Spa in the metro..
Perfect place to hang-out with your girlfriends, kids, family, even boys gets to enjoy the place.. 128513
All services are sulit and budget friendly. Who wouldn't fell in love with such a cute place such as this, all filled with Hello Kitty and stuffs.. Haha! Kawaii! 128525128522128077

*San Mateo branch has a salon where you can take your kiddos haircut..

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Liz C.
5.0 Stars

Every girl loves Hello Kitty! Momsie Kitty Spa is the best place to relax.

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Minami A.
5.0 Stars

The first ever Hello Kitty themed spa that is perfect for the whole family!
I guarantee you would all love this place. 128522128077
This is where the boyfriend works, he manages the place. Owned by a his mom and his tita (Mae Lindo), she is actually the one who collects Hello Kitty and decided they should open a themed spa. The place has already been featured at Rated K and Fashbook.
From family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriends this place is the perfect place to bond and relax. This place isn't just for girls, guys are also given their own place at 'Daniels Room'. 128522128077
You can also celebrate birthday parties here with their spa party package.
Go give it a try, MK Spa is located at SSS Village in Marikina.
To get here, ride an fx from Gateway mall enroute to SSS Village and tell the driver to drop you of near SSS Vill Elementary School which is just across MK Spa.
Or ride LRT 2 going to Santolan station and ride a jeep with a sign 'SSS Village', and ask manong to drop you off near a police station or SSS Village Elementary School. You'd see the sign MK Spa there.
Plus there are a lot of good restos near the area, after spa bonding you can always stroll around the place to try different kinds of foods.

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