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Monte Cafe
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SherieAnn O.
4.0 Stars

Pipilitin kong maitawid ang hamong ito.

Matatagpuan ang monte cafe sa pngalawang palapag ng gusaling Citywalk sa bayan ng Antipolo.

Ang baked mac ay kilalang pagkaing naghahatid ng ginhawa. Bagamat nakasilid ito sa maliit na mangkok, hindi naman kami binigo ng lasa. Aldiente ang pasta, at ang giniling na karne ng baka ay sakto ang lasa.

Ang smores at sorbetes ay naangkop na magkasama. ang tamis na dulot ng smores at ang lamig ng sorbetes ay perpekto..Isa lang ang aking naobserbahan, kung yung baked mac nakasilid sa maliit na mangkok, eto naman sa malaking pinggan..hehe.

Wala akong nakitang kapintasan dito, bagaman hindi ito perpekto, madali din itong makalimutan.


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Travel Eat Pinas T.
4.0 Stars

Monte Cafe has a homey and relaxing ambiance. It has an artsy, hipster and earth tone interior design that resembles what you can see in the mountains.

Aside from the cafe's ambiance, Monte is also know for its comfort dishes and signature beverages such as their Seafood Marinara, Monte Clubhouse, Iced Mint Tea with Calamansi and Cafe latte.


Monte Cafe's Seafood Marinara has al dente linguine pasta, mussels, juicy shrimps, squid, fresh tomatoes, well seasoned tomato sauce and chili. This pasta is oozing with seafood flavor with a trace of sweet and sour taste coming from the sauce. Seafood Marinara costs PHP 180.00 per serving.


Monte Clubhouse has bacon, ham, egg, tomato and cheddar in between toasted wheat bread. It is served with potato chip and gravy. The ingredients flavor blend perfectly with each and it has a sweet aftertaste coming from the ham. The gravy is oozing with spices and the potato chips are crunchy. Monte Clubhouse costs PHP 175.00 per serving.


Iced Mint Tea with Calamansi is a refreshing and relaxing drink. On the first sip this beverage has a sour taste coming from the calamansi but as you continuously drink the former you will taste its sweet, earthy and minty flavor. This beverage tastes deliciously weird and addictive. Iced Mint Tea with Calamansi costs PHP 100.00.


Like the usual cafe latte, Monte Cafe's cafe latte has milk and espresso. The espresso is perfectly brewed and you can taste its strong flavor. Cafe Latte costs PHP 100.00 and PHP 115.00.

To know more about the latest foodie hangout in the Philippines visit

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

Sponsored Event.

I've never heard of Monte Café till now.  Itchy feet hasn't brought me to Antipolo.  I am weally glad i got the chance to explore Antipolo and unearth its foodie secrets.

This is our fifth stop of ze Antipolo Food Crawl. 

I was blown away with how cozy the place is.  It felt like i was inside a coffee shop in the city.  Seriously,  Monte can make dem third wave coffee joints a run for their money design-wise.  The interior is very cozy,  i like the way they play with the lighting.  Upon entry,  you will be greeted with dim lighting while the dining area is well-lit.  It creates a perfect mixture of light in photos.  I'm digging the graffiti wall x faux menu.   The wall is designed with bits and pieces of the types of coffee they have and the components of each.  Think of it as a coffee periodic table sans the letters,  more on ze pretty.


¶ Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino.  Not the kind that i was hoping for.  The coffee flavor is too prominent and it drowned the matcha 6 feet under.  On a good note,  non-matcha fans would love this as the leafy flavor is toned down.

¶ Java Chip Frappuccino.  This is just okay. I've drank a lot of frozen coffee drinks on my lifetime.  MC's version didn't leave a lasting impression.


¶ Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce.  This is my favourite among all of the dishes served.  Dem cheese logs are cooked and flavored perfectly.  And the marinara sauce is the shiz!
¶ Aglio Olio.  Not your typical aglio olio,  Monte's version is cooked with white wine.  Whuuuut?  I can't taste any...that's the beauty of it all,  the white is very subtle.  I know,  there's an egg on ze plate.  It's not a mirage,  MC added offbeat elements in their pasta.  The 65 degree egg is cooked perfectly,  it adds an interesting flavor contrast when you break into the yolk and it mixes with the other elements of the dish. This would've been an awesome Aglio Olio if the pasta is cooked al dente.  The texture of the noodles is bordering on soggy. 

¶ Seafood pizza.  The elements used to create this dish is hands down brilliant.   The tomatoes, mozzarella cheese,  pesto, squid and  basil is a match made in flavor heaven.  Everything is well thought of except for the crust.  It tastes a lil weird,  i think they used premade crust.  This saddened me a bit as the flavor combination is promising.

Overall,  we enjoyed our stay at Monte Café.   The artsy walls and warm smiles from the crew made our visit memorable.

I ain't gonna compare them to the cafés in the metro - it wouldn't be fair.  The food is mediocre.  My unsolicited advice is that they need to work on the little details in order for their food to  stand out and impress a foodie from the city.

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Julie L.
5.0 Stars

Easter Sunday lunch with family. We wanted to try out a restaurant away from our usual hangout spots. 128522

Here are the dishes we ordered:
Potato Chips (105pesos)
Seafood Marinara (110pesos)
Chicken Alfredo (170pesos)
Seafood Pizza (275pesos)
Cheesy Baked Salmon (350pesos)
Lengua Estofado (165pesos)

New York Cheesecake (175pesos)
Dark Chocolate Carrot Cake (135pesos)
Revel Bar (35pesos)
Cookies (35pesos)

Lahat ng pagkain masarap. Kaso yung tahong sa seafood marinara over cooked but it's all good. Winner ang new york cheesecake slice pati revel bar! Yum! Sulit naman ang pag bisita namin dito 128523

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Casey D.
2.0 Stars

Decided to have quick lunch here after mass with the fambam. I was raving about this place as their food were affordable and delicious. The place is really cozy with couch seats and cool wall writings.
We were handed the menu but you have to place your orders on the cashier.
Tick tock tick tock. I think I already told them everything about what happened to me this week (I talk really fast) and still our orders havent came. Almost one freakin hour!!!!! We were already hungry as f!!!!! The smoothies came in first. We already finished it and no anything yet. Haha then the burgers (delicious patty, fresh lettuce and tomato.. though they should have grilled the buns. The onion rings included was also delicious and crispy). several minutes the baked mac followed (per mom this was sour, she said they used tomatoes..not also cheesy. 128078) Preggy sister was already hungry so we decided to have the desserts while waiting. Yes, smoothies, desserts then main dish. 128528 Ordered the banoffee pie with vanilla ice cream. It wassss a let down. Tasted weird. But the plating was enticing. 128514128514 the indoor smores was yummy (though nothing can beat Fatdaddy's smores 128069) and I remembered the first time I tried this, milk was included. 128545 I had the seafood marinara. It has mussles, squid strips and lots of shrimp! So sulit for the price. 128055 Fambam's fave would be the all meat pizza. Thin crust with generous toppings and oh so cheessyyyy. 128055128055

Affordable, delicious food but still... the service?! HAHAHA
We asked Ms. cashier why it took them too long to place our orders.. her answer? Short staff. It's already 12noon, and they only have 1 or 2 kitchen staff?! Hahaha Good thing parentals were really patient and Ms. Cashier said sorry for the inconvenience.
Hoping they do something about this. The group of friends that came in first before us were already mad. Naubusan nadin sila ng chika di pa complete orders nila. Take note kami and sila lang ang customers that time. 128546 Kept telling the fambam that the service when I ate here before was not like this. Off day indeed.

*2.5stars* 128514128514128514

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Casey D.
4.0 Stars

It's been two weeks since i wanted to try this cafe. My bestfriend visited me and saw it as an opportunity to have an adventure with her trying to look for this place. We hailed a tricycle and asked the driver to bring us to Citywalk building. Good thing he knows the place! Hooorayyyy. It's just a tricycle away from my place (Php40)... But no adventure for us. Hahaha
The place looks good and artsy. Instagrammers will love their interior design. Hihi their cushioned seats were really comfy.
We had a hard time choosing where to sit. Hahahaha
We ordered cheese pockets (85php) , such price for 8pcs. This already is a steal. Their grilled chicken sandwich (Php120) is delicious!! It has grilled chicken, tomatoes, lettuce with mustard sauce. This also has potato chips sidings which were really crispy though I did not liked the dip included as it was sour. 128547 The aglio olio (php100) was just okay. The toasted bread included tasted like margarine and lunod sa oil. Nothing special with the pasta. No toppings or anything. Haha 100php lang aarte pa?! Lol but will definitely not order this again.
The indoor smores (php150) again was just okay. The chocolate was too sweet. But i loved how soft the marshmallows were. It also included several "graham" crackers. I liked the milk though. Hihi
We also ordered their all meat pizza(295php) but wasnt able to taste this one. We did not even touch it as we were already full. Decided to have it for take out. My preggy sister loved it. Good thing kasi andaming arte ng taste buds nya ngayon. Minsan lang sya masarapan sa pagkain. Hihi
The place is good for long chit chats. Also, if you find other cafes in the area crowded this is a nice alternative. They also have an al fresco for those who likes to smoke while having a sip of their coffee.
1 thing I noticed.. No one greeted us when we came in. They were just standing in the cashier area while having their afternoon chikas. I was waiting but got nothing. Anyways, maybe it was an important chika. Haha Who knows?! Lol
I have this ugali while leaving a restaurant/cafe bigla nalang akong mapapa-"thank you for coming.. see us again" while walking out the door. Haha And again I thought no one will say it as we were already outside but one crew who was sweeping the floor outside blurted out these magic words. Thank you Ate!!! It made my day. Hahahhaa My bff then told me "Oh ayan masaya ka na" 128514128514128514 Total damage was only php750 and i think what we ate is already good for 4pax. 128521

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Kring K.
5.0 Stars

Im with my food buddy againnnn! Super saya ng bonding. Tgal din kasi naman ndi nag meet. :) Namiss ko ksi sya. :)
Anywayss, comment sa food. Okay un Monte clubhouse sandwhich nila and the cookies and cream frappe. Un potato chips na order ni Pii eh medyo sunog na haha. pero okay sya sa dip nila. :) What matters naman is yung kwentuhan at tawanan namin. :)

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Their pastas are delicious! Would definitely visit again.

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4.0 Stars

Perfect place to go if you want to chill and hang out with friends and family. I love the cozy ambiance and artsy interior. I like their pastas especially the Chicken/Shrimp Pesto Pasta.

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Monique M.
5.0 Stars

One of the best clubhouse i've ever tasted. It tastes sweet. A bit costly. But worth the price, I swear. Plus the place is great. I bet it looks better at night.

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Emerald B.
4.0 Stars

The interiors were artsy and creative. The place was kinda hard to find, it was my first time in Antipolo! We ate here right after visiting Pinto Art museum.

The food was just okay. We ordered Buffalo Wings and shrimps at first. Then, I ordered Chicken Pesto, which tasted like cream until I ate the cheese. Their bread stick was as hard as a biscuit. I didn't finish eating it. But their strawberry milkshake was great!

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Ronith Jazel D.
4.0 Stars

This place wasn't easy to find, I must say. But it's all worth it!

From a failed trip to Pinto Art Gallery (we went there yesterday, Monday, only to find that it's closed - they're only open from Tuesdays to Sundays which we weren't aware of), we decided to head at Monte Café. I've read some good reviews about it so it's what I suggested. We had to Google its address and walked (we tried riding tricycle but we ended up in a wrong place so we just asked the locals and opted not to trust any tricycle driver that day). After like 30 minutes or so, we finally found the place, the ambience was comforting, we were so tired and it's all that we needed!

I had Baked Mac and Mocha; Revel Bar and Brownies. It was all so-so. My friends had Seafood Marinara and Pesto and they liked it.

This cafe is just like the other when it comes to the menu, but the interior, it is simple yet brilliant and beautiful.

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Livid G.
4.0 Stars

The place has a cafe bene vibe. The Antipolo area is not too kind to cafés so I hope this one will last. We ordered

Spicy arabiata 150php - spicy and very tomatoey; just the way I like it.

Cheese pockets 85php - for 8 pcs sulit na! The garlic dip is on the sweet side.

New York cheesecake 175php - kuya was not kidding when he said this is the best seller.sweet but just right and you could taste the cheese among the creaminess

Java chip frappe 165php - sarap!
Mocha frappe 145php

I'd definitely go back. They close at 1030pm,FYI.

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Frances Katrina T.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Angel J.
4.0 Stars

I'm backkkkk 9786️ for the Antipolo people and the people who are planning to go Antipolo, you guys should definitely drop by this place 9786️ The interior of the resto is so calming and TRIVIA! Did you know that the owner of this place is an Assumptionista? :) Plus the one who designed the place is also an Assumptionista too!! (ALL HAIL TO OUR BELOVED ASSUMPTION 128079) haha! This place is perfect for meetings and studying. 9786

You guys should try their fruit soda (I recommend the aloe-lychee flavor) and their organic juices :) these are hard to find ah! Haha. I got the lengua rice meal and for me, I sorta didn't like it because i think it was tomato based? For me lang ah! But their carbonara and chicken taste oh so good! 128076

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Tintin P.
4.0 Stars

- Fresh and cozy place for hanging out + working. Music/Noise is not too loud like in Starbucks.
- Very friendly service and accommodating staff.
- Good food + Good company = Great experience!

Must Try:
1. Their tea selection is great! Try their Blueberry & Vanilla Hot Tea.
2. Their desserts are also good - love their bannofee pie & ice cream combo.
3. Their nachos are hm OK. Not the best but worth the money you pay for.

My husband and I frequent coffeeshops every Monday due to our WFH schedules and we tried this cafe on our 1st wedding monthsary as its very near our house in Antipolo. I would like to hangout here better than in cafe cristina due to its proximity and the coziness of its interiors. They have varied food selections which is very helpful when you hang out long at a place to work or study.

I am definitely frequenting this place more often.

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Kit S.
4.0 Stars

It's the new cafe in the outskirts of the Antipolo town proper (2 mins away from my house!) along M.L. Quezon extension. If you're going on a road trip to Antipolo, you can stop by this place to get a quick snack or caffeine boost.

Upon entering, the first thing you'll notice is the pretty interiors. It has a lot of details like pillows (from Urban Abode, no less) and paper animal busts. They also have different textured walls around the cafe. On their counter, they have a wine rack which I think is just for display, but which makes a pretty good sight when the light from the glass entrance door hits it.

The place can seat at least 30 people in various seats--couches, dine-in tables and chairs, a long bar table and bar stools, etc.

Of course we claimed the biggest couch in a corner by their counter. The couch was comfortable with a dozen pillows in different designs, colors and texture (two are sack cased!). We settled down and prepared to order.

I had the Green Tea Latte (150php I think) and my sister and I shared a slice of their chocolate cake (140php I think). The latte was alright. It could've done better with a little more of that earthy taste from the tea. But the sweetness was just right. I remember having green tea lattes that are extremely sweet. Those gave me unpleasant doses of sugar rush instead of caffeine 128546. Serving size-wise, it's pretty sulit. Lasted me 3 hours (while working).

The cake was a bit dry but the taste was alright. It's not the best chocolate cake out there.

My friends arrived and ordered chicken and chips which I tried. Their chips are great! Homemade and not just one of those chips you can buy at the store and heat/fry, you could tell they seasoned it themselves and they did it well. The chicken strips were served hot and tasted great as well. It was served with a dip--cream+mayo+pepper?--which wasn't bad either. I scraped off the side of the dip dish with my chips when my friend finished her fill. Haha

My sister and I ordered Buffalo Wings (170Php) for dinner, too. On the menu it said it had a side of potatoes. But we were disappointed to know from the servers that they made a mistske in printing the menu. There wasn't any side anything. 128546 We kind of had to ask for something because we ordered the dish because it had potatoes with it. The server talked to the manager (who told the server it really had potatoes on the side "meron naman talagang kasama yun, diba?) and in the end we were given a plate of potato--chips 128546 Oh well. The chicken was hot and spicy (herbs and spices kind of spicy). Tasted like it was marinated in spices and also covered in their spicy sauce. It was a filling dish for sharing. The boiled potatoes could have complimented it better though. 128517

4/5 stars in spite of the lows. The cafe was comfortable and it's a great place to chill with friends or work at.


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