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Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Mooon Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

May Ann B.
5.0 Stars

A continuation of sponsored food crawl by Parkmall in partnership with looloo.

Landing as 6/7 on the list, Mooon Cafe made me look forward towards the end of day 1. Why? Because I love Mexican foods, and I have been craving for it!

I'm glad the dishes served during the food crawl did not disappoint me; I actually loved everything!

1. Campesinos (P160). Composed of crispy flour tortilla chips with tender beef fillings, melted cheese, and spiced paprika. I love its appetizing smell; the chrunchiness of chips, which Mooon Cafe proudly claimed that they made from scratch; and the saltiness and spiciness levels were just right. This was the bomb! I would admit I ate a lot of this. Tasted really, really good!

2. Nacho Supremo (P260). Also a must try. Did you see a mountain high dish photo? Yes, that's the nacho supreme. It has colorful corn tortilla chips, jalapeño, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, bolognese, and melted cheese. I noticed some green olives, too! What I love about this dish were it never fell short of ingredients, and its generous serving. Saltiness level was just right; it was quite spicy due to jalapeño, which I really liked; and the bolognese balanced the whole thing with its sweetness.

3. 22 pieces Chicken (P220). This can be thighs or mixed fried chicken cuts. One of the photos may look as if the chicken was already dry; but, it's not. It's surprising that the chicken meat was tender and juicy. The saltiness level was just right. It tasted like home cooked fried chicken.

Going back? YES!

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

Sixth stop of the |ooloo X Parkmall sponsored food tour is Mooon Cafe. Yey almost done for the first day! I still couldn’t believe we were totally 1.) surviving from the super heavy food crawl and 2.) on time it was ridiculously awesome! 128569 This restaurant is no alien to me either. I have dined here a couple of times before and have liked it consistently. I even had it in Bacolod too.
So what I learned from someone before (I forgot who) is that what keeps them unique from other Mexican restaurants is their wooden ceiling fans. If you notice, it’s in every branch. I think that’s actually pretty cool. The look of the place is very colourful. I like how they use wooden tables and chairs of different colors like the ones in Mexico (or San Diego in my case since I’ve never been to Mexico yet hahahaha). 128569

We were served by a number of their bestsellers, and I must say the portions were all good for sharing! I remember writing here that I thought the serving size was petite. Baka nabasa nila? Kasi I sure got served. 128569

1.) Nacho Supremo
I like nachos as much as the next gal. I believe it’s the safest thing to order in a bar for whatever drink you are having. I generally like citrus based beverages and nachos pair very well with these. When we came, Cinco de Mayo just finished and as part of this celebration, they upgraded their well-loved nachos by using colorful chips. It really did make the dish look more matched for a celebration. The taste was good, familiar and flavorful. When I had it, I kept on thinking that it was calling for an ice cold beer. Roegan T. even said he wanted a bottle too. 128568

2.) 22 pieces Chicken
Three words: Fried. Chicken. Thighs. How can you go wrong with that? I liked this because it was cooked like how my mom would do it at home. It reminds me of just simple salty, lightly breaded and not too greasy fried chicken. It was served with gravy, but i didn’t like that a lot. The chicken in itself was actually already seasoned, and the gravy had so much flavor too that it kind of canceled out on each other in terms of flavor. I’d eat the chicken alone, or maybe if the gravy recipe is adjusted somehow, this dish may actually be awesome. 128572

3.) Campesinos
I really liked this dish! Crispy flour tortilla chips with tender beef fillings (feelings? JP G. 128569128569128569), melted cheese and spiced paprika, this was my favorite from the array of food served to us. I liked how thin the chips were and how generous they are with the cheese. The flavor of the pieces of beef was good in itself. I could clearly taste the cumin - very Mexican. It wasn’t too oily too, so it was good. I wanted to eat more but we still had one more place to go to for the day so tiis na lang nang konti.

4.) Green Summer
This mocktail was absolutely delicious! It was very refreshing for a hot day, especially for this summer season. I didn’t really know what comprised of the beverage but I sure liked it. It wasn’t too sweet either, which was great. Plus it’s green, so I’m not complaining. Hihihi 128569

All in all, I really liked visiting this place. I will definitely come back for more of their food and drinks next time! 128568

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

Just dropped by here last 14/06/2015 before going to the airport to catch our flight back to Manila.

I ordered this Quesodilla Veracruz and my guy ordered Beef Burrito and san mig light for me and pale for him. For me, my order taste good but his order he didn't like it. Haven't tasted it though. Lol

The ambience outside was nice. You can feel the cold air plus the colorful lights scattered around.

They have wifi here as well.

We didn't stayed long. Quick service128514

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Karen C.
5.0 Stars

Before, we'd just order their BBQ ribs and chimichanga, but we fell in love with their sinful gambas pasta! It's not complicated at all--garlic butter for the sauce with garlicky gambas. Yum! We ordered this with the ribs and the chicken parmigiana and the three of us easily finished our order.

Price will be php200-300/order that is already good for two. When you go to Cebu, this is definitely a must-try place!

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