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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

Late post, went to this branch last December 2016.

Anyway, I've been meaning to try this place out ever since I read about it on some social media sites. Anyway, I can truly say that the experience was worth it.

We got their Ribs sample platter which consists of 3 types of ribs, sausages, salad, corn and corn bread muffins, and fries. For the ribs, you get to choose what flavors you want them to be and as far as I recall we got the Garlicky BBQ, Hickory BBQ, and Peppercorn BBQ. My fave would habe to be the Garlicky BBQ one as it really packed a lot of flavor. All the ribs were good though and they were fall off the bone, and flavorful as well. I wasn't really impressed with the sausages that came with it, I found them to be too bland, but the ribs were the main star of the platter so I'm going to let that slide lol. Corn muffin was good too, and it was served hot. Anyway, there were 6 of us in total - 4 adults and 2 children, and yet we still had some leftovers haha.

We also had Bacon Wrapped Meatballs for our appetizer. It was just alright, a bit too salty for me. Definitely not something I'd order again if we dine here in the future.

Ambiance was alright, although space is a bit packed, especially when they have a full house. They don't have free wifi. They do have their own bathroom here, which was quite clean during our visit, also the male cr is separate from the female one. Service is fast and efficient.

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

So my friends and I decided to eat here, we got their pork sausage platter and ribs sampler. Yum! 128522. We were 5 adults and 1 kid. 128522

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Allan D.
3.0 Stars

Was an early bird for lunch here

We ordered the Ocean mAdness platter for us , an order or plain rice, 2 sodas and 2 lemonade.

Total bill P3600+ for 4pax

Place- cramped and table arrangement needs to be improved, we had a hard time getting out from our seats as chairs in between have no passage for ingress/egress.

Airconditioning is quite hot as well

Service- servers are in disarray when the place is jampacked, when it's empty they can manage to be attentive and quick to serve

Food- ribs were overrated for me , battered prawns tasted like hotcakes...grilled sausages and cornbread were good

Overall - price may not be worth the food and service ,it's just a typical american ribs resto

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Had an early birthday celebration here in Morganfield's since my mom and dad would be on a vacation. I suggested Morganfield's since they seldom go down south and they havebeen craving to try out this place ever since.

We tried out their October promo platter the Porktoberfest. It was loaded with lots of meat. Like the Roasted Stuffed Porkbelly, Pork Knuckle, Sausages. To top it off was salad, corn, veggies, mashed potato and potato fries. The 3 kind of sausages (Cabanossi, Shueblig and Hungarian) was all good. I love most the shueblig with its slight spicy flavor. But overall I love all three of it. The stuffed porkbelly was a little too fatty for the old peeps but for me I like the fats hahaha. After removing the fat we all enjoyed the juicy and flavorful meat. For the Pork Knuckle, It was like a crispy pata and we asked the waiter to do the chopping for us. It was a little salty and masakit sa panga. To lessen the salty flavor you should add the mushroom gravy. Overall I love this platter except for the Pork Knuckle, filipino version of crispy pata is still much better. 128521

Aside from the platter we also had the famous ribs of Morganfield's. The Ocean Madness Platter (Smoked Peppercorn Ribs) and JackDaniels Ribs. The JD Slab was the fave, a well mix of sweet and juicy flavorful iberico meat. I can eat a full slab of this by myself! The smoked peppercorn was equally good. The peppercorn giving a nice spice to the smoked ribs! My Mom fave was the muffin included in the platter and was laughing hard when she said that this corn muffin was way better than Kennys Muffin. Hahaha. 128514128514128514

Overall love my 2nd visit to this place. It was indeed a feast of meat! Still need for improvement was the mosquitoes.128522128077

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Better late than never, yeah? Was finally able to try morganfields months after it first opened. Had a catch up dinner with my friends there last weekend and we had a nice time. Arrived at 6PM and it seems they just opened for dinner service. Happy cos we didn't have to wait to be seated. We were led to a table and the servers were friendly enough though I feel that It could be amped up a bit. Behind our table the a/c was dripping so I called the attention of one server and pointed it out to him and he like just kinda gave a blank look like 'ano gagawin ko' 128563 so I literally had to tell him to put a bucket or some Dahil Baka may Madulas.
After studying the menu, we decided on the carnivore - a full slab of ribs, half a tequila chicken, a couple of sausages and corn bread. We were deciding on the appetizer so we asked for some suggestions and (another server not the blank look guy) suggested their month's specialty which was a sausage platter na Php1k! lol I said we already ordered the carnivore, do you think we could finish that? Btw there were only 5 of us. Point is even though you need to sell your 'specials', dapat may konting 'matching' din dba? We decided on the nachos which were blah (look at the pic), malungkot sya!
Before the ribs arrived we were given actually sinuotan kme ng bins. They smelled fresh and clean which were good 128077🏼 the ribs arrived and true to their claim, they were huge! It was really enough for the 5 of us well 4 actually cos my other friend didn't have any appetite 128542
Malangaw nga as previously commented.
All in all it was a good experience though I don't think I will go all the way to bgc just for it.

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Muffy T.
3.0 Stars

Food was too expensive for what it is. 2k for two - just a platter of ribs and drinks. Ribs were okay. Not bad, but not the best either. The sauce was too sweet. Paid 95 bucks for rice, and another 100+ for a piece if cornbread.

Maybe i expected more? Tbh it was a good meal naman, but prolly still not coming back.

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Im a huge fan of morganfields and ive been here several times though i heard about their issues with flies it was only for this visit wherein we felt its annoyance that even candles didnt help at all.

Well as for the ribs we went for the platter package, the sausages were superb, but the ribs didnt taste consistent, out of 3, one of them was kinda dry and lacks juicyness. Theres something off about the ribs on this particular visit, hard to explain, its not bad but not something i would rave about.

Shrimp Salad was just okay while its drink called begonia taste like soda water with kiwi and strawberries, if thats your thing then this ones for you.

Sad to give 3 stars for this visit. Ill definitely be back but i hope immediate action should be done to address the problem with flies.

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

excellent staff and great food 128077🏻

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Joy and Lance x.
3.0 Stars

#JLJustLanded recommends:

Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs
--the picture does not justify its original size but it is surprisingly HUGE. For its taste, sorry but my biased taste buds still go to Racks 128540 don't get me wrong tho, it's still good as how it looks like 128076 (JLTip: the more, the merrier, the cheaper per person :-p bit pricey for a couple if I may say)

Bacon & Egg Aglio Olio // Pork Ragout and Homemade Meatballs
--typical pasta you could order on your fave resto, still good though.

Follow our food/travel-ventures on Instagram:
@jljustlanded 128107128156

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Joseph C.
4.0 Stars

Hickory ribs,garlic and spicy ribs, salad and Paulaner pints . good service and they will gladly serve cakes from outside purchase. Cheers! Downside : no pokemon stops here ha ha but food is all good.127866

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Reann G.
4.0 Stars

This sharing platter is made up of the following:
​- Full Slab Ribs: you can choose from the different flavors - Hickory, Garlicky BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn or Spicy Asian
- 1/2 Herb Roasted Chicken or Tequila Spiced Chicken
- Grilled Spicy Devil Sausage
- Grilled Herby Hog Sausage
- Garden Salad
- Corn on the cob
- Corn bread
- Crispy Fries

We chose all the basic flavors for the chicken and ribs. We wanted to be adventurous and try the other flavors but we wanted to make sure we have another reason to go back to this place considering the price.

The hickory flavored ribs was just like any other hickory ribs. But I loved how they cooked the ribs... It was just right and the meat was falling off the bones. It was meaty more than bony. The Herb Chicken was okay. I cannot recall what it tasted like or if there's a place where I could compare it to but couldn't find any. The chicken was juicy and best eaten paired with the gravy that came with it.

The sausages were also good!!! I personally liked the Herby Hog Sausage than the Spicy Devil Sausage. The Herby Hog was more tasty and flavourful than the Spicy Devil.

I'm not a meatlover type of person to be honest, but this meal was really worth every penny. The price was almost the same as Friday's but I'd say I prefer Morganfield's over Friday's. 128539

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Morganfield's, The House of Sticky Bones, made it's debut in the Philippine market during the last quarter of 2015. Since then, it has been one of the top favorites of Filipinos when it comes to ribs. Marinated for 24hrs, slow cooked and baked for 3.5hrs, smoked for an additional hour then grilled to achieve perfection in every bite! This meticulous process is their signature and each step pays off really well with their tender, fall off the bone and undeniably delicious ribs!

Originating from Malaysia, Morganfield's is proud to celebrate their 5th year anniversary this month of August! From July 16 to August 31, they're offering a special platter for all of us to enjoy - the PRESIDENTIAL PLATTER! Tagged at 3295Php (Vat inclusive, subject to 10% service charge), this platter is insane! Morganfield's x |ooloo gave us the chance to sample this platter on a Saturday for lunch.

Half Slab Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, Half Slab Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs, Chili Cheese Footlong Dog, Pork Schnitzel, Beer Battered Prawns, Chili Cheese Nachos, Caesar Salad, Corn Bread and French Fries make up the PRESIDENTIAL PLATTER. It's ideally good for 3-4 persons but trust me, there's a lot in it that even 6 people can share! Aside from all the meat, this platter also comes with a free carafe of Tropical Fruit Tea.

I started off with the salad, fries and nachos. I loved the Chili Cheese Nachos! Corn Tortillas topped with generous heaping of chili con carne, gooey cheese, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos! Each bite was spicy good and loaded!

Then I had my share of the Chili Cheese Footlong Dog. It was my first time to try their sausage so I took advantage of the sausage part that was sticking out of the bun. No chili con carne topping, I wanted to sample the sausage itself. I've heard a lot of good feedback about their sausages and this Farmer's Bratwurst did not disappoint! It was juicy, meaty, salty and just perfect! Add in a good portion of chili con carne, mixed melted cheese and a soft bun, OMG! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE CHILI CON CARNE HOTDOG SANDWICH! I loved it!

The platter also came in with Pork Schitzel which was like a breaded pork fillet. It was okay. On it's own, it was bland but when smothered with the mushroom gravy, it magically transform into a tasty treat! The Beer Battered Prawns were awesome as well. Even after morethan 30 minutes of picture taking, the batter retained it's crisp! The shrimp inside was cooked just right.

Then of course the Sticky Bones! It's amazing that their ribs did not decline in quality overtime - still the same tender fall off the bone goodness. I got a good portion of each ribs and even went for a second helping! I'm still in love with the sweet and strong taste of Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs but as usual, the distinct garlic of the Garlicky Spare Ribs was good as well.

The corn muffins were a great addition to the platter. Freshly baked, they were moist and tasty, with real corn bits!

The Tropical Fruit Tea that came with the platter was good too! Made with mango and orange puree, fresh calamansi juice, this had orange bits too. What's more interesting though was the use of green tea as it's base instead of just plain water. It was citrusy, refreshing and broke the saltiness of all the food served!

The Presidential Platter is a bang for your buck! From appetizers to sides, seafood portion to meat overload and the foot long sandwich - it's a guarantee that you'll love every bit of this!

P.S. Morganfield's is also opening a new branch! Those near Mall of Asia can start enjoying one of the best ribs in town starting August 11, 2016! Mark your calendars foodies!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Peanut D never fails to make me giddy whenever I see an unread email from her. It always mean one thing… good food! This time around, we were invited by Morganfield’s to try its anniversary platter called Presidential Platter priced at PHP3,295. After a few coordinations here and there, we all decided to enjoy the humongous platter on a Saturday.

Hello, Morganfield’s!

After celebrating my sister’s birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings (and used up the gift certificates I got from looloo’s 12 days of Christmas contest + R’s Bistro card discount and coupon), I headed straight to Morganfield’s for some serious eating.

Clarissa P and Norman Lester T were already inside when I arrived. We were given a pitcher of Tropical Fruit Tea which is a refreshing blend of mango and orange puree with fresh calamansi and orange bits. I loved that despite the puree overload, it wasn’t overly sweet and did the job in quenching my thirst.

After a while, the hefty platter—composed of half slab Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs, half slab Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs, Chili Cheese Footlong Dog Pork Schnitzel, Beer Battered Prawns, Chili Cheese Nachos, Caesar Salad, corn bread and french fries—arrived. Just the sight of it made us gulp. How could we finish a feast that seems to be made for 6-8 persons? But we put that thought aside and went from one table to the next in search for light to take nice photos. (Denise A arrived just in time too for it.)

And after 20 minutes or so, we were finally happy with our photos and went back to our table to try the dishes.

I first sampled the lighter dishes—salad, nachos, beer battered prawns, schnitzel and fries.

The salad was your usual Caesar salad—tangy and crisp. We were impressed with the beer battered prawns as the breading remained crispy despite the fact that it had to wait for almost half an hour before we get to enjoy it. The sausage was also great. It was meaty and juicy. However, the middle part was spicy, or so I was told. I guess Morganfield’s is serious when they say “chili cheese”. The nachos were actually spicy too but tolerable. I managed to eat two nacho chips without water break. And just like everything else, the fries had to wait for us to finish shooting. Surprisingly, it didn’t turn starchy. It was still pretty good!

Next to be devoured were the ribs.

The Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs and Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs were tender and oh so flavorful. Hickory had a lovely sweet taste with a tinge of tanginess while Garlicky had a powerful but not overwhelming vampire repellant taste. Don’t let the word “half” trick you as these Morganfield’s slabs are huge!

I ended my meal munching on the corn bread which was buttery and fluffy. I loved its light sweet taste and was the perfect dish to end the meal.

Guys, this platter is a steal! It is definitely good for at least 7 if you are all light eaters. And great news for south foodies! Morganfield’s Mall of Asia branch is opening soon!

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Denise Marie D.
4.0 Stars

Did you know that there is an ongoing giveaway by Morganfield's in their FB page where you can win a free presidential platter?

OH YES! It's still ongoing and there are 3 more people that they have to pick.

My mom was the first winner of the giveaway and she claimed it yesterday and decided it would be my family's lunch.

So what's in a Presidential platter?
âś“ Half Slab Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs
âś“ Half Slab Garlicky BBQ Spare Ribs
âś“ Chili Cheese Footlong Dog
âś“ Pork Schnitzel
âś“ 4 Juicy Beer Battered Prawns
âś“ Chili Cheese Nachos
âś“ Caesar Salad
âś“ Corn Bread
âś“ Fries
âś“ Tropical Fruit Tea

We weren't able to try the corn bread, footlong and the schnitzel because of the huge serving but the rest were really good. They told us it was good for 3-4 people but they said American appetite which we aren't haha.

Both the ribs were really tasty and has the right BBQ flavor slabbed on them. The meat can be removed easily from the bones so no worries on that. One of the best nachos I had was their chili cheese nachos. When they say chili, its definitely spicy. For those who are not into spicy, try to eat the nachos that have minimal spread of the chili or maybe just avoid it haha. Salad was good and somewhat helped in removing the spiciness of the nachos. The prawns were also good with the dip though for me I want more of the dip to lessen the umay of the batter. The tropical fruit tea was so gooood. Definitely a drink that is refreshing and willing to order it again.

Their kitchen manager and staff were all nice. Service is fast. Hopefully they keep it that way. :)

Again, you might win this for free by joining their FB giveaway (3 more are up for grabs I think) or you can order this platter till August 31 for Php 3,295.

Don't miss the opportunity of trying their platter. Worth it <3

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

Morganfield's first opened its doors to PH late last year. I can still remember that this Home of the Sticky Bones restaurant created a buzz in the foodie community due to its big-sized ribs. Bigger than my arms, actually. 128541

Like everyone is saying, receiving an email from Peanut D is equivalent to good news. Free food from Morganfield's. Even though it would not be my first time here, I still got excited for this foodie event. Well, who wouldn't be if it's ribs, right? Would this classify as a rendezvoos, tho? 128541

Due to Morganfield's 5th Anniversary worldwide, they're serving a new platter combo called Presidential Platter. This consists of half slab Hickory BBQ spare ribs, half slab Garlicky BBQ spare ribs, chili cheese footlong dog, Pork Schnitzel, beer battered prawns, chili cheese nachos, Caesar salad, corn muffins, and french fries. This is priced at 3295php and comes with a free carafe of their Tropical Fruit Tea. They say that this platter is good for 3-4 people, but seriously, 6 people could enjoy this and still be full and satisfied.

I like Morganfield's ribs - very tasty, soft, and tender. Between Hickory and Garlicky flavors, I'll choose the latter as I love anything garlic, and not to mention that this has a little spice that I liked. I also found the chili cheese footlong dog really good. I loved how cheesy it was when served. For me the spice level was just right. I also liked their beer battered prawns. However their Pork Schnitzel was bland for me. It can be improved though by adding mushroom sauce. Also, since it took us around 1 hour to do the photo op session with the platter, the pork became hard to chew anymore. I would like to give this a second try, when it's served freshly cooked. And of course, their corn muffin. Thanks to Mary Love S for giving me half of her muffin as it's really delicious. Too bad the serving is just for 3 in this combo.

The Tropical Fruit Tea that came with the platter was refreshing. This consists of mango and orange purees, fresh calamansi juice, and bits of oranges. One interesting fact that one of the servers told us is that the base of this drink is green tea. Cool stuff!

For the service, I can say the servers were attentive and quite helpful especially when we asked them to hold the tray for us to take pictures. I also liked their initiative to offer me warm wipes before I leave the place.

P.S. The Presidential Platter is available until Aug. 31, 2016 only. Ooops, I forgot to mention that Morganfield's will have another branch at Mall of Asia. It will start operating on August 10.

P.S.S. Nice meeting you Clarissa P Mary Love S and Denise A 128541 Hope to have more foodie sessions with you. Sorry for my "po" and "opo" though. 128514 Thank you Peanut D 10084️

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Morganfield's will be releasing a new platter in lieu of their anniversary celebration and their second branch opening which will be in Mall of Asia on Aug 10, 2016.

I was invited by the Looloo's God Fairy Peanut D 128519 to attend the sneak peak of their newest platter at Morganfield's Uptown BGC. To be honest, events like these encourages me to explore new flavors I don't usually have a taste of. I'm a foodie but I usually stay on the safe side and go for those which I know i'll end up liking.

Going back to Morganfield's, I really liked their interior and the overall design of the restaurant - Industrial + Countryside Feel. They also have an Al Fresco dining area which looks like a good hang out place at night. They really have cute wall stickers and chalkboard arts, and too many piglets everywhere. I was kinda sad I didn't see their famous piglet mugs.

I honestly did a research before going here. Checked out other reviews and their website cause of my unfamiliarity with ribs. My friends would know i'm not a fan of savory food combined with tangy + sweet taste which is equivalent to a BBQ SAUCE. LOL. So I was afraid I might not enjoy it. But I was surprised that first impressions don't really last when I had a taste of Morganfield's Spareribs.

We were served the PRESIDENTIAL PLATTER which is priced at P3295. Don't be startled with the price cause the platter is already good for 6 people. We were 4, but we weren't even able to finish them all. 128523

It comes of the following:
A combination of fresh greens drizzled with Morgan's house dressing.
Tip: It's a little dry but I enjoyed it when I added the creamy mushroom gravy sauce.

Mmm. I am surprised that it didn't taste as sweet as I expected. The Hickory sauce had a tangy sweet taste which added kick to the spare ribs. By the way the meat is so freakin tender, I wish I am a thicked-face and use my hands to pull the meat LOL.

'Tangy, Sweet, Spicy & Loaded with garlicky goodness'
I LIKED THIS BETTER than the Original Hickory BBQ Spare Ribs just because of the Garlic. Lol. At least I know if I won't be able to like the original flavor, i'm sure to like this cause it's saltier. IT IS ALSO FREAKIN TENDER. The meat and even the bones were So tender I was even able to slice it. Hahaha. I can definitely order this again. It's spicy though.

Omg. I loved it. The shrimp is so tender and perfect with the mayo garlic sauce. Bitin!

'Homemade corn bread muffin, deliciously corny!'
Hmmm. Not a fan of muffins tbh, but appreciated this one. I wish I was able to try it when it was served hot.

* Green Tea Based (NOT WATER!)
Uhuh! You got that right, it's not water based. Kaya pala it has a leafy minty taste to it because of the green tea! Super loved it. Perfect pang-alis umay. 128076🏻

128176Plus points for the ff:
Their staff are very courteous and attentive.
Their bathroom has cute piglet stickers and is very clean.
They give out warm wipes after eating.

I would love to try their BERRY EASY blended cooler128139 and other beverage. They have an interesting beverage line up and alcoholic drinks.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying out their new platter. It also made me discover that when it comes to food, I shouldn't be bounded by unfamiliarity. This will surely be a hit!
I am happy to finally meet Mary Love S in person, also Norman Lester T and see Clarissa P again 128522

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

OMG these ribs! 128525128525128525 They are the best I have ever had in my life. Like woah. Super delicious, super amazing! Tender, falling off the bone and the taste was just devine.

The people who say it's just mediocre, try the Jack Daniel Baby Back ribs. Ugh! Delicious!

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Sabrina P.
3.0 Stars

Morganfield's is one of the first few restos that opened in Uptown Mall. Finally had the chance to try it last night. The place was packed on a Friday night and sweldo day. 128540

We ordered half slab of smoked bbq ribs with coleslaw and french fries + 2 cups of rice all for 1k+ pesos. Waiting time was only about 15 minutes - not bad since there were many customers last night.
The verdict? Hmm, it was just okay. 128529 It was more pricey than Racks and I think the ribs needed to have more bbq sauce. I actually had to ask for extra sauce because it was too dry for me. The presentation also needs improvement since the plate was waaay too small for the half slab. The fries were placed on top of the ribs and part of the ribs wasn't on the plate anymore. 128513

Curious to try their rib platter though (combination of 3 flavors of ribs, sausage, muffins, side dishes & corn). The table near us ordered that and they were only 4 people!!! I think that rib platter's good for 8... or even 10! Haha 128514

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Marijoe D.
4.0 Stars

Had dinner last night with my cousins, since we're in a group we ordered their oceans madness seafood platter (Ps 2,795). Our orders took 30 mins before it arrived. The platter looks very appetizing. Everything looks delish. Their Hickory Spare Ribs is the best, it's really huge! I also love their corn muffins and sausages.

Good service and great food. Will definitely go back again to try their other menu.

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