Morielli's Inn and Diner

Calamba Rd. cor. St. Francis Drive, Tagaytay, Cavite

Morielli's Inn and Diner
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Poonam K.
5.0 Stars

It has been our 2nd time to stay at Morielli's as stay-in guests. The food is awesome that is why we had all of our 6 meals during the entire 2 night stay at their diner.

We highly recommend their Lechon ala Morielli''s crisp rich flavor and soft meat makes us order for the same again and again. Their Pusit con Carnitas is really good too! We also enjoyed their Tijuana Mexican Tacos, the flavor is so authentic. We loved their Sinigang Pork Ribs too, the meat falls off the bones and you would not need seasoning because the taste is perfect!

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May B.
5.0 Stars

The ambiance is lovely, the breakfast menu quite lacking, but I loved their tortang sisig! Would've gotten the tapa but it was unavailable then. Really good food and really great place. Service was also good, they gave us a souvenir as we were first-timers there and they took our photo before we left.

Really a great place, different from the usual buffet breakfasts around Tagaytay. There is no view of Taal, but the interiors are really lovely.

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Rorie G.
5.0 Stars

We love this place! I am definitely going back with the kids next time. Hubby and I passed by for snacks and didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised with their courteous service and good food 9786️ Before leaving the server handed us printouts of our names and their meanings...sweeet 128521

Ok, ok, I know we're past that stage...but I still feel kilig because sweeet nga 978697869786

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Kaye B.
4.0 Stars

Their Pampanga's Pizza is a must try!

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Gio C.
5.0 Stars

I surprised Regine E by suddenly showing up at her office in Tagaytay one weekend for dinner (I had to take the chance, I was already in Sta. Elena for a Capoeira workshop, and it wasn't too far away anymore)

We were hungry, and wanted to try something new, so we took a chance on this place. From the time we walked in we had someone attending to us the whole time. He walked us to our table, explained items on the menu to us, told us his favorites, etc. We later found out he was one of the head chefs (the other is his dad) and son of the owner. We also observed that he repeated this practice for all patrons that walked in.

We ordered the Beef Pepper Rice Surprise, which is rice mixed with ground beef and vegetables and cheese, and stuffed into a bell pepper. This is served with cheese quesadillas on the side. This was really good, especially since I enjoy bell pepper anything. It's like a healthier version of a burrito!

We also ordered the Sisig Quesadillas, which are exactly what they sound like. They also have this sweetish garlicky sauce that goes really well with it.

You may also notice this place is listed as an inn. They have 4 room up on the 2nd floor, which we got to see while waiting for the food. It's a very cozy place and I think can hold up to 4 adults or 6 children per room.

When we got back down, the very friendly owner came and spoke to us, and it turns out the inspiration for the place came from her parents always taking the family out to eat on Sundays for family day. The place is run by her own family, with her husband and her eldest in the kitchen, and her two younger children behind the counter at the cashier. They're originally from Marikina, but go up on weekends to help run the place. They're really nice people! 128513

Finally, they asked for our names, which apparently would be placed on a certificate explaining what your name means. It may just be an add-on, but it's a fun little gift for their customers to take home. (Btw my name Gabriel means Hero of God 128519)

Looks like we've found a new regular place in Tagaytay!

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Maureen L.
3.0 Stars

Nobody even attempted to seat us when we arrived, and took about 10 minutes before we got to see the menu.

Carbonara 110881108811088
Looked good with the egg yolk on top (cause I love eggs!) but it fell short of my expectations. It was dry and bland and cold.

Bistek Tagalog 110881108811088
I make better bistek tagalog at home 128514 cause I prefer mine more sour

Good thing the owner was nice and accommodating.

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Cyriss C.
5.0 Stars

Food is superb and customer service is impressive! They got parking space too! Their super crispy lechon is a must try! 128077

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Fay Sam N.
4.0 Stars

Expect heavy traffic in Tagaytay during holidays. We were not suppose to eat here but because we're really hungry so we decided to make a stop here. The place is a bit small with wooden tables and chairs. We brought our dog with us so we need to wait for an outside table to be available, waiting time is a bit long, because seriously there are only 3 servers. My goodness, our food came late, what we originally planned to order is not available, but nevertheless i still give this a 4 star because they really serve good food. I love their bulalo, pepper beef rice, pampanga pizza and their buffalo chicken salad with bleu cheese. I'll try to go there some other day and try their best seller which is lechon.

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Ging A.
5.0 Stars

The owner is very accommodating. They will give you this homey feeling and will recommend the best dishes they have. We tried this last father's day and we are happy about it!

Lechon is a must try! It's unforgettable! Cooked to perfection achieving crispy-liscious state. You'll never go wrong with this.

We've also tried soft tacos, carbonarra, pancit canton, and porridge as well as ripe-mango shake and certainly everything that we ordered are yummy and reasonably-priced (affordable)!

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Joanne E.
5.0 Stars

Morielli's Inn & Diner is a new find for us. And I can say that I'm glad we checked it out due to excellent reviews.
The place has a homey relaxing feel. The furniture is made of wood and the accommodating waiter informed us that the restaurant's theme is Kapampangan.
The food is superb! It's very unique in both taste and presentation. We ordered the ff:
1. Pepper Rice Surprise - A dish full of Mexican flavors that's presented in a very interesting manner. 127834
2. Pampanga's Pizza - Four slices of thin soft-taco-like crust pizza that's loaded with tocino, longganisa, cheese, onions p, and tomatoes.127829
3. Classic Carbonara - The authentic way of preparing Carbonara indeed, using egg yolks. It's something that you wouldn't taste in a regular Italian resto. 127837 (those that I've been to atleast)
4. Bottomless Iced Tea - Their own brew of iced tea with a hint of Pandan. 127865

In summary:
Food is great.128516
Customer service is impressive.128513
And the place is very homey and relaxing.9786
(And oh, they also have 4 cozy rooms where couples or families and friends can stay.)128521

A good find for us indeed! 12852112807710084

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Grace F.
5.0 Stars

From Sta Rosa exit going up to Tagaytay, turn left at the junction. Moriellis sits on the right side of the road. Ample parkjng available and you will be greeted by the charismatic Chef Mikey.
Try the Bee Pepper Rice together with the Tocino Fries. Also a must try is their Lechon!

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