Morning Star

Haselma Highway, Atok, Benguet

Morning Star
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Abegail H.
3.0 Stars

6 out of 10. So I guess am just partially addicted to |ooloo ey?! Geeeez! 128563

Coming back from a not so long trip, it's now time to give time for |ooloo.

From Manila, we started around 10pm on a friday night, arrived in Baguio at 4am (with a 30-minute stop over) even if we took the TPLEX, travel time had a little difference. With another 30-minute stretching on a below zero weather, we proceeded on driving thru the infamous Halsema highway, ranked on the worlds most dangerous highway before it was kept tidy by PGMA. For those who follow the same time scheme for Sagada adventurists, most likely they will arrive on one of the bus' stops around 6 to 6:30am and in our case we always end up here in morning star at Sayangan Ato, this time it was little exact at 6:02am. The weather here is like baguio at night, may it be a foggy road or a glaring sun, be sure to expect a hell of a shaky hands.

The place opens as early as 6am esp if it's Friday cause it is when the tourists would come and make a stampede for a coffee or anything that is hot. They serve mami, and hot viands from vegies, to fishes down to dogs. Just kidding!!! They don't, only pork and beef.

That day we had my usual chicken mami, boyfie had some pork afritada, and my mom and auntie shared a bowl of beef mami. Call me cheap but I was really looking forward for a good meal with my chicken mami, with my previous experience with it, it's hell the best chicken mami on earth! They use fried chicken and some commercial noodles, nothing big to expect but the umami chicken flavor on every sip of its soup, but sadly the expectations became a regret in just a second. It's all crap but the chicken was still fried though, the noodles were undone and the soup is all bland. What happened?! Sayang naman ;( mom also noticed something with the beef, it tasted like carabeef, whaaat Is a carabeef? I don't know either, but the meat sure is tough and tasted odd, but mama said it's because meat here is just left out after being slaughtered because of the absence of deep freezer for preserving meats, it still take hours before it gets to every pan on each households but she explains that it isn't spoiled. After all the negative things in here, good thing boyfie was satisfied with his meal highlighted with their native rice. Nothing peculiar with the pork but with the rice, it's brown and it has a good rice aroma.

The comfort room here is 128567128586128561 I hope they'd improve on that.

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