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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

I'm DEFINITELY just among a handful of people watching something else on this day, the opening date of one of this year's most anticipated movies--- Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But since we've been hearing about this local movie, and there have been a good number of local movies in the past few years, we decided to Uber it to, of all places, SM City Manila, because this was the only cinema showing "Always Be My Maybe." Go figure, huh?

Every movie theater showing this movie was practically obliterated because of the opening of Batman vs. Superman. I should've watched this movie last night at Fisher Mall, the only mall open in MM the past two days; and I was actually there last night having late dinner at King Bee. But coming from a balikan, out-of-town trip to a wake yesterday, we were kinda tired. Dangnabit.

Funnily enough, my wife woke up with surprising energy this morning and she said, let's watch Always Be My Maybe today. But we had no choice but to head to SM.

They still had 12 cinemas in this place, like those big malls, surprising because (I think) it's not as big as a Megamall. The theater we went into is kind of medium sized, and this was in Cinema 9, so presumably not among the bigger theaters. So not bad, not bad at all, number- and size-wise.

I always take a look at two things in a cinema to gauge its quality, the bathroom, and the main facilities of the movie theater, like chairs, floor, smell, little things like light at the stairs, etc. The bathroom, though looking clean, smelled terrible, though, like old, with many years of chemical use that seemed to hide whatever filth it attempted to clean. Visually clean, but not something I'd stay over a minute with a gun to my head.

The chairs were well worn, though some seats didn't spring back up anymore; it has better leg room than the old old Megamall, but not by much. This is still SM, after all. The floor repainted and generally not sticky so fairly clean. Some chairs had ripped upholstery, unfortunately. Chairs were decent sized for someone of my height and heft. Again, for an SM. There were blue lights to guide viewers past the stairs during the movie which was appreciated.

The movie screen and audio were excellent. Dolby Surround so can't complain there. The staff outside didn't seem to anticipate an electronic ticket printout. There didn't seem to be anyone really stationed there, at least not anyone in proper uniform; except a pair of people who weren't in uniform but seemed to be SM Staff. SM has now opted for electronic turnstiles but it didn't seem to scan our ticket at first. In fairness, the "staff" there tried to help, and the scanner eventually read the tickets, I think, so we went in.

Good thing we made it to the movie still. Darn, I missed the trailers. Anyway, we opted to sit in the balcony section, which can be used for the same ticket already, meaning whether Orchestra or Balcony, you basically have one ticket. Which is cool. Though a bit old school.

I was able to buy popcorn outside. Luckily, cinemas 6 to 12 had all movies, other than Dawn of Justice, which was nice for me. Overall, the cinemas of this mall are outdated, though decently kept. SM has improved the look from the outside vs what I recall from Megamall with center located ticket booths, which seem aesthetically pleasing than what I've seen in Megamall or SM North. Though whether it works during tremendous blockbuster days or heavy weekends, I don't know. I've seen how Ayala does it which I like, with separate lines for online transactions, PWD, Seniors, etc. and separate queues for big movies vs other movies. Which are nicely done by their operations. SM, on the other hand, isn't known for its customer centric ways.

Bottomline, the Cinema is an Okay 3. Nothing I'd come back for, but for residents of this area, it'll suffice.

Now a quick side review... on Always Be My Maybe ;p
Heard many good things about this so I eschewed watching Dawn of Justice for this today, in the only remaining cinema showing this movie. It was good, both actors showing their romcom acting chops. I've seen Gerald act very well, in OTJ, and this is the first I've seen of Arci Muñoz, pretty, fresh and quite the sexy actress. And she's got a funny timing to her delivery. But not over the top like Toni G is prone to do. Director balances the comedy while showing some creative chops in a very delicate scene, too. Enjoyed this movie. Not as great as people have raved about, maybe the victim of high expectations, but I've seen better. A solid 3.5, rounded up to 4.


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Pamela M.
4.0 Stars

Review's kinda long overdue. Hahahaha!! Forgive for I was too busy!! Lol! 128514128514128514

Heneral Luna was indeed a superb film! Hmm. He should be our national hero hahaha coz he was killed by a kapwa pinoy. Ugh. Still having second thoughts about Emilio's innocence. I just believe that he's the mastermind behind Heneral Luna's death. 128546128546128546

Okay with regards to the cinema seats were okay, AC's were running good, sound system was so so. 128513

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