Mrs. M's Classic Recipes

Linear Bldg., 142 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Mrs. M's Classic Recipes
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Tammy M.
5.0 Stars

Their bread pudding is wonderful. The burnt caramel bottom is tops!

The pineapple walnut cake matches their very strong and delightful brewed coffee.

Mrs. M's also sells ready to heat take-out containers of home-style dishes, and bottles of herbs and spices. I'll buy vanilla bean pods next time.128077

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

What I liked about this cafe was the wall full of herbs and spices for sale! 128525 and the food of course! I had the crispy pork belly (Filipino style bacon) with pinakbet rice and it was really good, I got to really taste pinakbet. And then there were only 3 strips of pork belly but it was just right for me and I shared half of one pa with my mom. For my mom naman, she got adobo flakes, I tried a little and it was just okay for me. Hihi We were also able to try out the lemongrass juice too and it smelled weird to me but it tasted good naman. 128077 definitely coming back to try the desserts, like their best seller bread pudding and pineapple cake. 128523

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Lissa S.
5.0 Stars

I've been passing by this new building on the way to work and noticed how there are new shops that opened. It was actually the coffe shop that caught my attention.
Anyway, hubby and I decided to check it out and saw Mrs. M's tucked on the same floor. We were warmly greeted by the chef and owner of the quaint resto and personally told us in detail what's in their menu.
I decided to get the pinakbet rice and my husband got the chef special fried chicken adobo flakes. Our verdict --- we loved it! Ingredients were fresh and taste was great. 128522 what I loved even more is the personal touch that the owner and chef extended. I got a free serving of bagnet because he saw how I struggled gnawing my bagnet! 128516 I really thought it was unnecessary but I was floored by his generosity. Too bad I was too busog to finish the extra serving. Now that's customer service, right?
Hubby liked his chicken adobo flakes too. I would want to come back and try other items on their menu.oh, there's not much on the menu, but you can tell it was well thought of because they all sounded good from his description.
The place is quaint. Good for small groups. I love the spices and herbs stocked on the shelves. It's a cook's shopping paradise! Ooh and I saw chocnut spread too! Awesome! I will buy a jar of that and stash it in my secret hiding place. Yup! I'm a sucker for anything chocnut. (Sorry nutella!)
Price range is 180-200(250?) a dish, so not bad at all. If there was room for dessert, I would've tried.128513 Chef said his wife makes them.
I do hope they stick around Katipunan! This place is definitely worth a try! 128077128077128077

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Troy G.
4.0 Stars

Grace M and I had a very long day at work and we were looking for homey food for dinner. We decided to try out one of the restaurants/cafe in the newly opened Linear Bldg. along Katipunan extension. We ended up in Mrs. M's Classic Recipes and we were happy with our decision.

We met Mrs. M. (As well as Mr. M, Mr. M 2, and Mrs. M 2). She offered us chicken and corn chowder on the house, it was delicious! Very comforting indeed, and a nice way to start our dinner. For the mains, I had their Braised Pork Belly, while Grace had Pinakbet Rice with Crispy Pork Belly. The B.P.B. has a thick sauce and is described by Mr. M as "to die for". The meat was really soft, and falls off the bones.

I'm not a veggie-person, but the Pinakbet Rice surprised me. It was really gooood especially when paired with the crispy pork. You should try it!!!

They also offer a number of pastries for dessert, and ended up choosing their Cookie Butter cheesecake. I wasn't so sure at first when I ordered it because I'm not a fan of cookie butter, but it turned up great. The cheesecake was not too sweet, and the cookie butter wasn't overpowering the cheesecake. I love it! (I wish to have more crust please 128516)

Overall, their food was great, good price, and the family of Mrs. M were great hosts. Mr. M jr told us about how they started and what was their inspiration for their business.

Aside from the food they offer, they also have a collection of herbs, spices and other rare ingredients for sale, as well as some comfort food like peanut butter, chocnut spread, banana chips, etc. i might buy the peanut butter as it looks so tempting. 128522

It is a new business, and we hope to see more food items soon! Try it out!

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