Mrs. Pepper's

El Grande Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Mrs. Pepper's
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Most Recent Reviews

Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

I found this bag of Matcha White Chocolate potato chips by Mrs. Pepper's in Cafe Bonjour along Commerce Ave, Alabang.

A bit pricey lang at P250 a bag but, dang these were good! Matcharap haha

I forgot how much Royce costs so I can't benchmark right now. But hey, for something this delicious i could treat myself to a P250 bag of chips once in a while 128517

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Zel B.
4.0 Stars

Ordered their Ferrero cake for my mom's birthday yesterday. What made the deal extra sweet was their promo of Buy 1 Take 1 on their whole cakes. Got a free Cashew Sansrival (was supposed to be a Belgian choco cake as told over the phone during reservation but on the day of pickup I was told they only have sansrival). But hey it's still free cake so no complaining here.128523

Onto the taste test: You'll be sure to satisy that Ferrero craving with this cake.11088️The best part was the decadent bottom layer. 128077
Got a bit dismayed though that the reason the cake looks tall is all because of a layer of ladyfingers. It's the same thing that makes mango bravo tall. I prefer my cake dense like that of a choco mousse. No need to have ladyfingers as padding.

Come to think of it, the next time I buy a cake I'll be sure to ask and make busisi what the layers are. 128527

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Donna K.
5.0 Stars

I would buy cupcakes from this place over Larcy's any day!

Seriously. The garbage they serve at Larcy's makes me wonder how are they even still open for business. (but enough hate, moving on)

My baby sister was bugging me to buy her cupcakes all week and she really wanted something from VCB but I just didn't have the time. So I got her a couple of cakes from Mrs. Peppers. The verdict? She loved it!

The cakes were moist and the frostings were just right not too sweet and overpowering. My favorite in this batch would be the carrot-walnut. When your sink your teeth in you could just taste all the flavors of carrot, walnut and cinnamon in it. The cream cheese frosting was superb too.

So if you're in BF looking for a quick cupcake fix, check out this place.

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Heddy B.
5.0 Stars

Tried their Ferrero cake and we got our free brewed coffee! Cake not too sweet!

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Donna K.
5.0 Stars

You can't believe how happy I was when I discovered this place. 128539

Going to VCB every week for my cupcake fix was definitely tiring and I'm not a big fan of Larcy's. 128530

On my first visit I ordered a Salted Caramel and a Belgian Chocolate. It was divine! 128525

What I loved about their cakes is that the frosting isn't an overkill. The cake itself is moist and packed!

All this goodness for P65! Unlike some places I know who charge P85 for a terrible tasting cupcake! 128530

I have yet to try their donuts and french macaroons! 128525

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