M's Bar

K-2nd St. cor. Judge Damien Jimenez St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

M's Bar
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Marqui S.
2.0 Stars

I just want to share this funny moment we had and how we ended up going to M's Bar

Me and my bf usually search for best reviewed restos on looloo when we feel like eating out after work. So one night, as we drove back and forth along tomas morato and timog area i found the review about snackaroo -

They were said to have the best tasting steak with the price of 145 up. We were excited to have steak that night and not spend much.

So as we followed the directions in google maps. We saw this place, no signage, had lots of lights and noticeable tarp advertising steaks

I thought okay this must be the place!

As we walked in most of the people were drunk, and they look like the guys you see na nagiinuman sa kanto but not all, maybe just the ones in front of us.

We immediately ordered steak, And the waiter said it was unavailable!

Now we realized, as we read the menu, the resto's name was M's Bar.

I was shocked because it was my fault for directing us there, we had no choice but to order and not look like sissies/losers/stupid people haha

It felt really awkward, it felt like people were staring at us for being weird or out of place, or maybe thats just me.

We ordered:
Pork sisig (more like Onion Sisig)
Calamares - not bad

To make things worse, the sisig was terrible. Unless you really like onions. The calamares made it less worse.

We really wanted to leave but there was this feeling of shame that we cant even finish the food and stayed probably for less than 15 mins. But then we just had to wrap it up and find the real snackaroo.

We didnt see it because they were closed already and they were just across the street.

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