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Mt. Batulao
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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

I've always heard from friends that Mt. Batulao is just an "easy" hike and will most likely take half a day to finish the trail. So I guess that was a wrong mindset because you can't really underestimate a mountain. I usually do DIY hikes but this time, we signed up with Trail Adventours.

We met up with the rest of our group at 5am at Hillcrest jump -off point and started with the briefing. We were handed our bag tags with our names on it and was given an opportunity to share 3 words that we look forward to 2019. Guess what my answer was! Of course its TRAVEL, ADVENTURE, FOOD!

Shortly after we met our local guide and started our hike around 6am. We took the old trail first because they said the voee is more scenic and took the new trail during our traverse. It was COLD and it slightly rained also! But Mr. Sun did not disappoint us and showed up together with its blue skies. We reached the summit around 945am and decided to stay for a while and eat. I was looking forward to the Mountain Dew and Halo-halo but the store was closed when we reached there. Baka nasa bakasyon pa si ate! 128515

We started our traverse and had to go through the steep pathways, trails that would need ropes while having to balance ourselves especially when the wind blows strongly!!

We finished the hike around 1pm since at first we've been waiting for the rest of the group to catch up with us but later on realizing that it is more tiring if we keep on stopping. I guess this is one of the bad side if you sign up for groups when you can manage your own time when you do a diy.

I started hiking in 2014 and I am so happy that I started my 2019 with my 16th Summit!!!! What an achievement!

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

2018 has been a good year for me. There were series of travels that I had which was the highlight of my year 128522 (hoping for more this 2019)

For my year end climb I chose Mt. Batulao since I really wanted to try this mountain. I admit, the thing that bothers me here are the numerous "toll fees" while on your way to summit. There were 6 toll fees ahead lang naman 128562

For this I had my own itinerary below for your reference 128521

Point of Origin: Quezon city

128652 By bus from Cubao to LRT Gil Puyat php15
128652 Bus from Gil Puyat to Evercrest php111
🛵 Trike from Evercrest to Jump off php30
1282051st toll fee php30
1282052nd toll fee php30
1282053rd toll fee php20
1282054th toll fee Php20
1282055th toll fee php20
1282056th toll fee php20
🧗‍♂️ Guide fee:800 for 5 pax= 160
128703 Shower fee 25/pail of water(amazing yung lamig ng tubig!)
🛵 Trike from jump off to Evercrest php30
128652Bus from Evercrest to Cubao php121
127969Home sweet home

128223Total expense: php657

Since my last climb was back in September, I knew that it's not gonna be an easy peasy climb for me. The weather when we climbed was good, it didn't even rained and it was cold!

We started around past 7AM and finished around 12noon.

Mt. Batulao has 12 peaks and we chose the NEW TO OLD TRAIL. It is because, we started on the hardest trail as we ascend and descended using the easy trail. Good decision since we were just the only group who chose that trail so, NO TRAFFIC! 128517

This is by far my 16th summit!!! 128557(tears of fulfillment) haha

One last thing: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A MOUNTAIN. May it be rated as a minor or major. Sobrang lakas ng hangin sa bundok na itoooo. 🤣


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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars

My 4th mountain. They say it's difficulty level is 4/9.

I guess with all the rope involved but hey I made it. ⛰128522

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Chloe C.
4.0 Stars

This was my first hiking experience and I guess Mt. Batulao would be a good place to start if you're a beginner. I didn't really have much of a hard time during the hike, especially since there weren't a lot of steep climbs involved.

Once you get to the summit, you'll find the view to be very breathtaking and rewarding. I don't think I'll go hiking again soon but this was a pretty fun and interesting experience. We also met a lot of friendly cats, dogs, and chickens along the way!

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Mj D.
4.0 Stars

500 for the guide
Old trail - easy daw pero pero long way to go
New trail - easy nanaman daw pero the short one more matarik
Mamili ka? 128517128298
Me: Dun na ko sa exciting mahirap pero kakayanin 🤧
Kaso either sa two trail comes with a payment fee 30 per peaks 1-12
Huwag na masydo magdala ng maraming gamit naka full gear ka nga bagal nmn ng progress mo paakyat pababa huwag ng pahirapan sarili 128517128517
Enjoyin mo na lng, simple the better
Bring 2-3L water pero my bilihan nmn may halo halo pa sa summit :)
Nuts/Anything sweets na hindi matutunaw dahil pagdating ng tanghali ka init 128557
Anyway, laging magiingat :)

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Mich M.
4.0 Stars

Mt. Batulao is not for the faint of heart, some may say that it's for beginners but maybe just for mountaineers who hike up regularly. Hiked May 2017. Weather was great, not too hot nor cold, there was an overcast but no rain. 🌥

We were a group of 18 and we went through the new trail>old trail. Started our ascent at 4am and reached the summit by 730am. 128170🏼

The hike itself was fun because it had a lot of obstacles meaning not just a regular steep hike or long walk, the trail started muddy as it was still dark at dawn. Thankfully we brought our own sticks or rather pvc pipes to aid us in our hike. There was a time when we had to use ropes going up a rock wall, ropes going down and walking sidewards at an edge too. Challenging indeed but a nice way to learn the ups and downs of hiking, loved the trail. It was the bulalo after that motivated us to finish haha tiring and rewarding! 128517127858

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Holidays are meant to be spent at your happy place so during our heroes' day, I, with my group J-Hikers & Friends, did our 8th climb for the year at Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Luckily, we did't have to commute as we decided to tag along Tita Gina's car and just chip in for the gas and driver's fees. We left Antipolo's main road at around 4AM, passed through C-5 and reached Nasugbu after a matter of 2 hours. Most roads were clear given that we were extra early so we're ahead of our schedule.

We entered the road leading to the jump-off point. That same road is also the same one that you should take if you want to visit the city's famous Calaruega Church. In a matter of 5 minutes, we got to the parking area of cars and were told that the trek starts there. Parking fee for a whole day is at P100.

Most of the guides can be found there and as we were a group of 5, we hired only 1 for P500. Given that it rained the previous night, we were advised to take the tricycle to avoid the long walk at the extra muddy trails leading to the main jump-off point. 3 people in a tricycle were asked to pay for P100. The trike ride was extra crazy and wild given the challenging, muddy trails. It was really one hell of a ride! It's as if we rode a ride in a theme park!

Finally, it's the start of the trek. For P10, we each got a bamboo stick that we used as a trekking pole. The sticks were really helpful in balancing most especially in steep and slippery trails.

We did the unusual path of climbing from the new trail and traversing down to the old trail. The new trail, as they said, was quite easier compared to the old trail. Having experienced it, I can say that the hike's fairly easy and relaxed. Yes, the start was a but tough because you really need to pass through crazy trails filled with mud, wild mud! It took us almost 30 minutes to go through this type of trail and we survived! Just keep in mind the technique that we got from the locals: walk sideways, slowly but surely.

The ascend wasn't too much as it's slowly getting higher, little by little. You wouldn't feel the pain in your legs that much given that the ascend's fairly friendly. Wherever you look at, you'll get to enjoy the greens of the trees and the blues of the skies. Hills and mountain ranges surround the whole of Mt. Batulao along with tall bushes everywhere that looked super pretty from afar!

After almost 2 hours, we were near the summit. We started seeing rocks painted with peak 1 onwards representing that the summit which is labeled peak 12, is almost there. At this part, the hike got a bit more demanding given that the ascend's continuous already. Don't worry, just keep a good pace as to avoid feeling worn out easily. We passed through campsites and from there, you'll be surrounded with the simple yet astonishing beauty of the mountain.

We reached the summit after almost 3 hours and there weren't much people there. Luckily, the weather's in favor of us that's why we were able to see the astonishing sight of the mountain ranges surrounding Mt. Batulao. From there, Mt. Maculot and the Taal Lake can be seen. Mt. Batulao's summit was plain, simple and not unique but the view surrounding it was extremely filled with fresh, raw greens of nature that will make you feel really grateful for the sight. We ate brunch here and had desserts as an ice cream vendor was there to make us feel that rewarding ourselves was worth it!

After re-energizing, we decided to do a traverse to the old trail to maximize the experience. The old trail was fairly easy too. There were just loads of rocky parts wherein you need to balance yourself a little more to avoid tripping. There was this part wherein we needed to rappel going down a muddy and slippery trail and we survived!

The old trail didn't offer a variety of pretty sceneries compared to the new trail but the trail was more polished and easier if you will ask me. From the old trail, we got to see the beauty of Batulao's summit from down under given that the sun's already out nicely. The old trail was a bit farther too compared to the new one when you talk about the distance from the jump-off point but hey, you're not always in the mountains so why not make the most out of it, right? Before heading out of the mountain, we were able to eat lugaw at this stop. The lugaw was really yum and worth it for P25 only.

After almost 3 hours, yay! We finally reached the jump-off point and we made it! The not so demanding hike was fulfilling and not so tiring. This is definitely a mountain to try for beginners. The guides were informative and accommodating.

The downside of this mountain was that there were too many registration/entrance fees that must be paid upon entering a specific barangay. We paid thrice, first was P30, the second was P20 and the third was P10. A total of P60 for 3 different registration areas. These fees were a bit too much given that you'll just pass by the barangay then a fee is required? I do hope that they'll fix this concern in the near future.

Anyway, I would still reco that beginners try this one out and see for yourself the beauty there is in Mt. Batulao.

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Aye T.
4.0 Stars

Me and my friend cherry decided to have a twin hike mt batulao and mt talamitam because we had the same dayoff, lets just say biglaang akyat haha anyway scenery here is awesome. Good for first time hikers, you'll appreciate the beauty of nature and its not that hard to climb its just a long trail with rock parts. The problem here is going down, this mountain has a lot of sands and dirt not to mention the animal feces.. Belive me theres a lot of farm animals here.. Its ok but the thing I didnt like is the 3x registration and the taga presyo of transpo and guide.. First time ko naubusan ng pera dito.. All and all its ok my 14th summit is an experience.. If you are a firstvtime climber you should visit this place

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Oh can I unlove you? Went here with my friends last weekend. It was an overnight camping so we needed to adjust our IT. We arrived at Evercrest past 5PM. There are stores nearby for last minute buying. Water is not a big problem here as there are many stores selling drinking water, soda and my favorite halo-halo. We took the new trail going to the summit because we knew that there were plenty of people pitching their tents in the old trail compare to the new trail.

We pitched our tents near the registration area (new trail). It The night was still young so we had a socials with the participants under the moonlight while cooking food for dinner.

Getting a guide here is optional because the trail is pabebe and well-established. What I really don't like is the registration fee...very very hassle!!! You need to register 3 times 30.00, 20.00, 10.00 pesos total of 60.00 pesos. Nevertheless, We had fun! I saw the happiness of the newbies who joined the event and they're now looking for the second target.

You can also join us if you want to try something different..I'm just a ping away! I'll be your personal tour guide128522 Don't worry I'm a nice guy128521

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Mio C.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Batualao was the first mountain I ever climbed. A lot of people reccomended it since it was relatively near QC (only a few km away from tagaytay. I enjoyed this experience and was taken away by the gorgeous views. The view was consistently amazing throughout the entire climb. There were also conveniently placed nipa huts that sold food and drinks. I would never forget this amazing experience and hope to do it again soon!

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

One of the most convenient mountains to climb, Mt. Batulao is popular among beginners and seasoned mountaineers because of its location.

Just a couple of kilometers away from Tagaytay, anyone would definitely say yes to a Batulao hike especially that you can go on a food trip after the climb.

It took us an hour from QC to get to the jump-off site. Thanks to Jon L, we were able to contact a trail guide a few days before the climb.

With a difficulty of 3/10, the trail is pretty forgiving since it's mostly composed of paved soil. We chose to take the "new trail" on our way up and the "old trail" for the descent.

It was a sunny Saturday morning so we were scorched by the sun. We started the climb at 6AM and got back down at around 11AM. It was a pretty fast climb considering that most of us were noobs.

The only thing I didn't like about this was the extra fee being charged by the barangay of Balayan, Batangas. They charged us Php30 per head. They explained that it's a "donation". First of all, if it's a donation, you should have the freedom to choose what type of donation to provide or amount to give. 128530

Second, they said it's the fee for taking their trail. But our guide, Vic, explained to us that Batulao is indeed not in the territory of Balayan. So they shouldn't be charging climbers.

However, these barangay officials keep insisting that it's required. They even showed me a certificate with a signature of the Barangay Captain. 🙄

The Php30 charge per head is also kind of useless since before taking the new trail and old trail, Nasugbu's tourism people charges Php30 and Php10 respectively.

An online advisory has been released by different mountaineering clubs telling people to avoid climbing Mt. Batulao for now until the issue has been resolved. 128584

I was told by the guide that it will be resolved very soon as the tourism office of Nasugbu are finalizing documents that would prove that there shouldn't be an extra Php30 charge.

But if you do decide to still climb Mt. Batulao, get in touch with Vic at 0933-4695320 / 0946-6324622. One of the nicest guides ever! Make sure to get in touch with him a couple of days before the climb as he'll be coming from Manila.

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

When I'm with you,there's no place I'd rather be. Mt. Batulao is one of the many beautiful mountains near Metro Manila. Located in Nasugbu, Batangas, Mt. Batulao is a favorite among climbers most of which newbies. The steep climb and assault with rappelling are to be reckoned with.

I invited my friends to join me because the want to experience mountain climbing. I know that can make it because the trail here is ideal for firsttimer.We take the old trail going to the summit and New trail getting down back to the start point. There's no doubt why Mt. Batulao is one of the famous and most visited mountains in the Philippines because of its unique characteristic that makes it more interesting for us.

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Kirstie Mel V.
4.0 Stars

This is an extreme adventure that I did to end 2015. For photos/review please see link below.

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Myra L.
5.0 Stars

This mountain seems like a very easy trek. My brother and I even did a DIY thanks to PinoyMountaineer's IT. But it was actually hard! 128560 What really challenged me was the old trail going down; especially its vertigo-inducing, 15ft+ wall climb. There was a rope to hold on to. Still I felt my grip was weak and my body so heavy I'd easily fall down. But it was my lucky day! Three strangers who were about to go up the summit guided me and reassured me on each step. It was terrifyingly great! And made our adventure more memorable! 128588128076128077 As for the new trail going up, it was way easier. Yes, it's a long one but the trail is fairly leveled with minimal steep climbs. You'll also be accompanied with a beautiful scenery since you'll trek the small peaks and ridges the mountain is known for. Good luck sa wall climb!!

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Yla Gracelle Benze C.
5.0 Stars

There’s always something about year-enders. Year-end gimmicks, adventures, makeovers, and the like – a year-end activity testifies the validation we need in the year that’s about to end, and symbolizes the hope that we can also conquer the new year that’s about to come.

As for my friends who are always hungry for an adventure every now and then, we chose to conquer Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. We were planning for this as early as the first week of December, but Typhoon Nona came and we couldn’t go so we had to reschedule. 

I was excited for this climb and I have to admit, I was afraid too. Chloe couldn’t go with me that day, so I had no one but myself to tame my paranoia. A night before the climb, I was having nightmares about trekking Batulao. I didn’t let it (and I know God won’t let it!) get to me and I woke up as early as 4am to boil eggs for the whole team.

I left home by 5am and went to the transport terminal in Complex, Balibago to meet Maybe and his boyfriend Von. We took the van bound to Nasugbu via Tagaytay and told the driver to drop us off at Evercrest. We had a pretty smooth 1-hour ride to Evercrest. I personally loved the time when the sun started to rise and break in the horizon. The sky was vibrant with blue and orange hues. After a few minutes and as we went pass by Tagaytay where we can see a wonderful view of the Taal Lake, the colors of the horizon started changing to pastel hues of pink and blue. It was beautiful. I wasn’t able to take photos because I was sitting at the other side of the van! :(

We arrived at Evercrest 10 minutes before 7am, our call time. Waited for the others and when everyone finally arrived, we immediately took a tricycle to the jump-off point with our guide who we just met at Evercrest, kuya Jun. 

After around 10 minutes, we got to the jump-off point, readied ourselves, prayed for safety, and started the trek.

We took the New Trail and it was fairly easy. Most of my friends are beginners in trekking, and they didn’t have that much of a problem. It’s always best to start the trek early because the heat is still bearable (healthy, even!) until 10am. According to Kuya Jun, Mt. Batulao (813 meters above sea level) has 12 peaks. It’s a perfect mountain for beginners and intermediate climbers, with its difficulty rated 4/9 by PH Mountains.

After 3 hours of trekking the mountain’s thrilling curves and peaks, we finally reached the summit! It’s definitely a good feeling conquering something! Not just the mountain, but also the fears!

We took our time admiring the wonderful scenery before us. We also ate our lunch there! :)
We started our descent by 11:30 am. Personally, I feel like trekking down Mt. Batulao was more challenging than ascending it. My legs and knees were shaking, and I was more prone to sliding off on loose soil. It was more dangerous. Nevertheless, everywhere I look, the view was still so stunning!

Finally, we arrived at the jump-off point by 2:30pm, freshened up, and left Nasugbu by 3:30pm. If you’re going back to Manila, there are buses to Pasay passing by Evercrest so you’ll just have to wait. Otherwise, if you’re heading home to Laguna, take a jeep or bus to Mendez Crossing Tagaytay, ride a tricycle to Olivares market, and take a jeep to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 

Tip: The bus to Pasay, Manila takes so long (it took me more than 3 hours) to arrive at Manila because it passes by Cavite and the traffic there is too much. I suggest that you take the route to Sta. Rosa, and from there, board the bus to Manila. It can definitely cut your travel time to 2 hours, rather than 3-4.

Mt. Batulao, thank you for the humbling climb. You are beautiful and it’s an honor to be one of the few brave hearts who were able to witness God’s masterpiece through you.

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Martin R.
5.0 Stars

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Mount Batulao situated in Nasugbu, Batangas is a mountain that you can easily access to escape the stresses of city life. The jump off point, which is the Evercrest Golf Course, is just a few kilometers from Tagaytay. Standing at 811+ MASL, it was just my second mountain to climb after joining my school's mountaineering club.

We went from the new trail to the summit and down the old trail. For me, the climb was easy and straightforward. There were no misleading trails and there were ropes already placed for the steep parts. The view along the way to the summit is spectacular. The rolling slopes of the mountain is probably the reason why I didn't feel tired when climbing. From start up until the top you can see where you trekked and it's amazing. The view from the summit is also nice. It was a perfectly clear day so we had a 360 view around the top. I suggest climbing early or else you would get directly exposed from the sun. There are very few shades along the climb and it could get really hot. We ate our packed lunch at a camp on the way down and since we were way ahead of our itinerary, we had enough time to appreciate the surroundings and relax.

Overall, climbing Mt. Batulao is an experience worth remembering and I recommend it for first time climbers. I'm so glad I joined a mountaineering club. I realized that I'm not only joining a club but also a family. I hope have more adventures in the future because what's the point of life if you're not going to live, right?

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

Rinnggg! Ringgg! Ringgg! 1282229742️ The mountains were calling and our feet were itching, so off we went to Nasugbu, Batangas for a dayhike adventure at Mt. Batulao (811+ MASL).

Didn't expect much from this mountain as i googled photos of the view, but boy oh boy! I lost count how many times i blurted out the words "wow, it's so ganda!!" (yes, taglish talaga) upon seeing its ~majestic~ toblerone-like peaks in person. It was bee.yoo.ti.full! #likeme 1285399996

It was a very chill and relaxing hike for us as the trail was well-established and mostly "patag" or flat with only a few inclined portions. Hindi masakit sa thunder thighs ang assault ng Batulao! 128522 You will also encounter rope segments along the way, but worry not! It is not that steep. Rest stations and tindahans are scattered along the way, so feel free to take breaks when needed.

Another factor that prolly made this hike a very easy one for us was the perfect weather. We started around 7am so it was breezy and cloudy for the most part of it. It drizzled a bit at the summit making the onset of our descent quite slippery but a few mins more and the sun was up with a rainbow to boot! 127752

Everything about this mountain is perfect save for the disorganized paying system. Ang daming naniningil na hindi naman dapat, grr! Good thing we had a companion who had just hiked the mountain a month ago and he sorta knew where we really should pay. What i know is you DON'T pay at the health center, that white structure even if they claim and show you a document that the mayor signed daw and you also DON'T pay at the registration at the foot of the mountain. We were just asked to log our names there, but was later told that guides are mandatory.. uhhh, NO. Guides are NOT mandatory. Out of the 4 or 5 times that we were asked to pay while trekking, we gave in twice. I know these fees help the locals, and hikers wouldn't really mind shelling out a few bucks, but a clear set of rules and regulations must be implemented to avoid confusion and trickery, grr! 128548

But yea.. just do your own research, read blogs or ask friends who've been here first, so you'd know what to do and expect. After all, this place is something you'd really hate to miss! 128525


Sample itinerary:

4:30 - 6:30am bus from Pasay to Nasugbu
6:30 - 7:00am breakfast at the carinderia
7:00- 8:00am warm-up leisurely walk to the jump-off (you can take a trike instead)
8:00- 12nn hike up (new trail) to the summit with lots of horsing around and chilling 128526
12 -12:30pm photo op at the summit
12:30 - 2:00pm quick lunch, hike back (old trail) to jump-off, trike to the carinderia
2:00 - 3pm freshen up
3pm onwards bus back to Manila (expect heavy traffic 128557)


Expenses: less than Php500!!!

Bus (one-way) Php105
Mountain fees Php50 i think
Trike Php30/person
Softdrinks Php20-30
Banyo Php20 or less

#12days of Christmas 127876

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Faye D.
5.0 Stars

They say your first experience will give you the basis for the rest of your trips, and this holds true for my hiking experience. My friend and I were faced with challenged even during the planning stages, but I guess this is one of the things that makes the trip worthwhile.

From the initial plan of going on a group hike with five of my friends, two of us only ended up pushing through the plan. Both of us being first timers, there were doubts as to whether we were going to manage it unscathed (okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration on my part 128514). In the end, we shrugged off most of our doubts with lots of research and the ever-powerful mantra of "Kakayanin natin 'yan!". Looking back, I can't get over the fact that both of our parents ended up allowing us to go despite the circumstances.

It was extremely liberating to plan for a hiking trip by yourself. In our case, it was a joint effort between my friend and I. We were initially tempted to join groups found online, but we decided to do it on our own mainly because of budget constraints. And because we were a bit wary of going with a different group. You could also say we wanted an adventure where we could really say was full of effort from planning to execution. 128522

One of the gravest mistakes I did was let the excitement take over and not get enough sleep. I think I just had around 3-4 hours of sleep because I couldn’t sleep the night before.

Anyway, on to the day of the trip. Since we both live from the north, we thought it would be better to take the bus from Cubao. At 4:57AM we arrived at the San Agustin terminal, but since it was a Wednesday we had to wait for the bus to be filled. We had to wait for about 30 minutes before the bus’ departure. Fortunately, the two-hour bus trip (which costs 106 pesos each) from Cubao to Nasugbu gave us time for a short nap or two.

We arrived at Evercrest at 7:30AM, and that was the time the realization sunk in and that it was now just the two of us left to finish what we started. 128523 We were greeted by tricycle drivers and kids clamouring for our attention to ride the tricycle towards the registration area or get a guide since it was just the two of us. I think we were both exuding a newbie aura at that time. You may opt to start walking towards the registration, but we decided to ride a tricycle and get a guide upon arriving at the Evercrest bus stop.

The tricycle ride was about 15-20 minutes which costs 50 pesos. At the registration site, you have to pay 10 pesos for the first registration fee and 10 for the ‘usiw’, or the walking stick used for hiking. When I was reading about the registration fee / environmental fee on blogs and websites, I initially thought it was to be paid in one sum. The thing is, it is divided and to be paid in different registration areas or camps. Or maybe it depends on the policies implemented on the mountain you’re trekking. On the other hand, the usiw is optional, but recommended for first time hikers or for situations where the soil is damp or wet. It can get muddy and slippery, so it pays to have extra support. 128077

There are also certain houses situated near the camps where you can do certain bodily functions. You have to pay 10 pesos if you’d be using their comfort rooms.

We started trekking at around 7:58AM, and again I made a mistake of overestimating my physical abilities. Since we were 15 minutes late from the time indicated on our travel itinerary, I opted not to eat breakfast, thinking that I can eat the snacks I brought with me. Upon starting the hike, I only had will power, some snacks, and water to keep me going. For the first camp we passed, we had to pay 20 pesos for the day hike fee, stopped for a few pictures, and proceeded trekking.

One thing I noticed about hikers is that they’re very polite. Some people we passed by greeted us, another group we encountered offered us water, snacks, and even liquor. Haha. (I realised I should have taken up the offer for water at that time.) So follow their example and do the same for other people as well, you won’t realise that your words of encouragement can make a huge difference of giving them positive vibes.

Mt. Batulao has 10 camps, each serving as a mark for the 10 peaks of the mountain. Since we chose to ascent through the old trail, the first few peaks were manageable and easy to trek. We couldn’t afford to linger too long on every peak since our goal was to start descending before noon.

Peak 8 marks the start of my most memorable experience during this hike. I felt as if my body was letting me feel the deprivation that I made it feel. It was one thing that I didn’t have enough sleep, and another that I wasn’t able to take breakfast before starting the hike, but the sudden steepness of the trail coupled with the realisation that I was running out of water was just too much. I kept on pushing myself until I felt lightheaded. Back then, I was thinking that this was what the expression “seeing stars” felt like since it was as if I could see spots of light before me. I really had to sit for a while and look up at the steep slopes before me, while at the same time feeling the bright rays of the sun at my back seemingly mocking me for my stupidity. During this time, I was seriously doubting myself if I could still go all the way. Fortunately, a relief was given to me by our guide in the form of a certain mentholated topical ointment, which really alleviated the light-headedness. Because of that experience, bringing that menthol ointment will always be part of my first aid kit during any trip. 128077

Before reaching Peak 10, there are some areas which you are to ascent using a rope. I actually preferred it than climbing without a rope. Since it was sunny during our hike, the only discomfort we experienced was the hot weather but was easily alleviated by the cool winds. Our guide told us that climbing the mountain was much harder to do during rainy season since the visibility is almost close to zero.

As cliche as it may sound, being able to reach the peak gives you a sense of fulfilment that can’t be fully described in words. We were able to reach the peak in two hours (at 10:10AM), and I was really glad that I didn’t give up when I was feeling light-headed. I took in the view before me, marvelling at the 360 degree view from the top of Mt. Batulao. Our guide even pointed the locations of Mt. Talamitam and Mt. Maculot. There were a few more, but I couldn't remember their names. :P To celebrate our first time of reaching a mountain peak, we stayed there for almost an hour. It was fortunate that it was a weekday and that we were the only ones on Peak 10.

Of course, reaching the peak just marks halfway of the hiking experience. For our descent, our guide took us through the new trail, in which we had to pass through the forest to avoid the harsh rays of the sun. If I remember correctly, upon going through the forest you’ll be reaching Camp 8. During weekends there are a lot of villagers selling food and drinks throughout the mountain, but since it was a weekday, we were lucky to see a single stall selling water and buko juice from its husk (40 pesos for the buko juice). And we paid 30 pesos at the registration site at Camp 8. I’m still not sure about why but I think it was because we passed through a different trail for our descent.

Going down from Camp 8 felt easy for me since I was still intoxicated by the adrenaline rush I felt upon reaching the peak of Mt. Batulao. There were areas in which you had to rappel, and it was quite enjoyable. The usiw was really helpful during the descent since it could serve as a way to check which areas can be stepped on (particularly on the forest area), and it can give you support upon descending. It took us almost two hours to descend Mt. Batulao (from 11:00 up to 12:50NN), and from there you can take a bath in on of the houses in the area (20 pesos per pail). If you’re feeling hungry, there are carinderias which serve food.

After hiking Mt. Batulao, you can take side trips before returning to Manila. In our case, we opted to drink coffee and tsokolate in Bag of Beans which complemented the sudden downpour we experienced. 9749

A lot of articles, hikers and blogs list Mt. Batulao as one of the mountains recommended for first time hikers, but that doesn’t mean that you should underestimate it like what I did. 128541 Apart from preparing the items you need on a hike, you should also make sure that you are physically prepared for it, and I’m not talking about exercising and the like, but simply getting enough sleep and eating properly before would really go a long way. Finally, pack light and make sure that water and potassium-rich snacks are what you have (those are good for cramps and will give you energy as well).

Finally, you’re the one defining your limits. This is what I’ve realised through the course of writing this review. Going through the experience is eye-opening, but looking back and writing about it made me aware of the mistakes I made, and made me more appreciative of the whole experience.

For those interested, this was what our timetable looked like:

4:57AM - Arrival at San Agustin bus terminal
5:21AM - Departure from Cubao
7:30AM - Arrival at Evercrest
7:58AM - Started trekking
10:10AM - Reached summit
11:00AM - Started descent
11:45AM - Arrival at Camp 8
12:50NN - Back at first registration area
1:00PM - Lunch & Freshened up
2:30PM - Bag of Beans
3:30PM - Bus to Cubao

I hope I still made it in time for #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway 128513

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5.0 Stars

The name of this mountain is apt. Literal, BATULAO-law dila ka after the hike sa pagod 128514128517. I've hiked 2-3 mountains before but this is by far the hardest for me... Whoever said this was an easy trail was definitely a Spartan... Or on drugs hahaha. But wth, it was fun!

Telle B, Christina M, and I plus a couple of our friends joined the Climbing Feet group on one of their arranged day trips to Batulao. Can't say nothing bad about their service as the team was nice and that everything was arranged for just a small fee (it's less than 2k if my memory serves me right). This includes the food, which would probably be the one thing I wasn't too happy about since it we had to bring it with us. Hahaha. Added weight ikanga but a man has to eat. Hahaha (next time I'm bringing a friend who knows how to cook from scratch in the wild... Like bear grylls. OA. Day hike Lang e. Hahaha 128514).

Although we all didn't have much practice (except Christina M), we went for it. traversing the first half to the summit was challenging but manageable with a little push from your friends... And pressure na hindi mapahiya sa non-friends sa group. Hahahaha. di baleng hindi makalalad the next day basta hindi mukhang lampa. Wuw. Hahaha.

We went up a couple of ups and downs, literally, as the trail comprised of a couple of peaks before the summit. It's 9-10 peaks if I'm not mistaken. The view was serene and beautiful so we got distracted from the lactic acid building up in our thighs. Hahaha. Once we reached the summit, heaven! Can you send the helicopter na Lang?! Hahaha. Or gulong na Lang pababa?! Hahaha.

The clouds were building up and it looks like it was going to rain. So we had to cut our rest time at the summit and had to go down. Diyahe. We were actually doing okay until it actually started to drizzle. Parang instant noodles Lang Ang mountain, just add water and it becomes twice (or thrice) as hard. 128561 and one of my friends got severe cramps and we had to get help for him to get down the ominous peaks (to make the long story short, binuhat siya pababa hahaha).

After a few more hours, we reached the bottom of the peaks and had to traverse a river of mud! 128561 because of the rain, the soil road stretch going to the base camp was now a mud wrestling pit. Naubos quota ko Ng exercise for the year because of that 2km stretch. I died.

Overall I loved the experience and I enjoyed the company. But I'm not doing that again if it's raining and unless I lose some weight first. Hahaha. Extra challenge e. But you've got to try it for the instant cardio and the amazing scenery you'll see. 128077🏼

Lesson learned:
128073🏼 Be ready! Bawal puyat at kulang Ng exercise
128073🏼 Bring lots of Gatorade + bananas. Potassium is king!
128073🏼 Wag pumunta Ng umuulan. Mehged 128561128529
128073🏼 push yourself. I thought half of the time I wasn't going to finish it but we did!

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Janine R.
5.0 Stars

Breathe all your city stress out and experience the fun and thrill of the great outdoors. Mt. Batulao gave birth to my climbing career (June 26, 2015). Standing at 811 MASL, Mt. Batulao is just a few hours away from the metro, offers a 360 degree view of Batangas, and a favorite among newbies. The trail to the summit has a difficulty level of 3/10 and is not too exhausting. Just keep in mind to load your backpack with just the essentials: 1.5-2 liters water, trail food (jellies, being my favorite), first aid kid, hygiene kit, sun protection essentials (arm sleeves, sunblock, cap). Lastly, don't forget your sense of adventure and fighting spirit, and you're good to go! Here's a sample itinerary:

3:30am ETD
6:00am ETA Mt. Batulao Jump off
6:00-6:30am Breakfast & Orientation/Registration
7:00am Start Trek
7:30am Trek to Old Trail (2nd reg area)
9:00am Trek to Old Trail Campsite (3rd reg area)
10:00am Trek to Summit
10:30am Trek from Summit to New Trail
11:00am ETA to New Trail Registration Area (you can take early lunch from here)
11:30am-1:00pm Trek from New Trail to Jump off
1:00-2:00pm Wash up

2:00pm-5:00 Side trip to Nasugbu beach/Dinner/Post Climb Socials
5:30pm ETD for Manila
8:00pm ETA in Manila


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