Mt. Binacayan

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Binacayan
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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Finally after 2 years, I was able to go back to this mountain. I couldn’t contain my excitement when we were planning about this climb the night before. I told myself to pack light as I was going to bring a camera with me.

More weight to carry = the harder the hike!

I setted with just 1L of water, a camera, my phone, and 2 batteries. Clean clothes always stay in the car.

Coming from QC, the drive was only around 30 minutes if you’re going at anything between 60 - 100 kph. We left QC at 4AM and we were supposed to start the climb at 4:30-5AM — but my friend was late for an hour for pick-up so we started the climb at freakin 6AM. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I wanted us to start early to get a nice photo of the sea of clouds from one of the viewing point Mt. Binacayan. When we got to the spot, it was all gone. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

So if you want to see it, start the climb at 4-5AM. 128584

It was also my friend’s first mountain so we had to wait for him. I remember finishing the trilogy (Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi, and Pamitinan) in just 3-4 hours 2 years ago - this one mountain took us 4 hours lol 128517

Overall, it was still a good climb. Looking to go back very soon!


1. Guide fee is totally up to you / your group. I do recommend giving the guide at least Php500. The guides here are actually good photographers. They know the instagrammable spots and they recommend different variations of framing and all. 128514

2. All the fee that we paid for per person at the jump-off site was less than Php100 per head.

3. Lots of decent shower rooms at the jump-off site for only Php25.

4. Place also has a handful number of stores and carinderias.

5. They’ve developed the jump-off site and they now have a nice parking lot (with guards watching over the cars) - how awesome is that!

6. Bring full-finger gloves! Some parts of the mountain require you to hold on to sharp rocks and all. Don’t be like my friend (see photo).

7. Get in touch with sir Arnel Zata - one of the best guides in Rizal. 128076 ‭(0907) 600 4641‬

8. Don’t look down 128584

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

If you want some sweaty and buwis buhay activity try Mt. Binacayan in Montalban, Rizal just 1 and a half hour from manila. 🏔 The hike is just easy but requires a lot of energy and strength to passed all those steep trail, rock edges and death defying rock formations just to get you to the peak but it was all definitely worth it. 128514 As in grabe! The view on top was awesome! 128525

128681 How to get there?
Just ride a fx going to Montalban, Rizal. The driver will drop you off at the front of tricycle station. You can either ride a tric or jeep going to Brgy. wawa.

128681 Registration fee is Php 50.00/head and the tour guide fee is depends on how much you want to give. (I don't know if there's a fixed fee now)

128681 What to bring?
Bring a lot of water. I think 2L will do.
Put sunblock or wear longsleeves to avoid sunburn.
Wear hand gloves because the rocks too sharp.
Wear proper foot wear (thick)
Bring food or you can buy in the carinderias near the registration
Extra clothes
Camera/Phone/GoPro etc.

ENJOY HIKING BESHIESSS 128079🏻10084️ @oohitsrian

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Lovely P.
4.0 Stars

some trail adventures. :)

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Aye T.
5.0 Stars

Binacayan is the most easiest climb i ever had took us 1 hour with minimal stop.. We had a family climb and i organized it thank goodness it went awesome.. It was fun climbing this mountain good for first timers..

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

Probably one of the easiest mountains to climb in Rizal, Mt. Binacayan (424+ MASL) is a crowd favorite because of its accessibility and the sea of clouds that you'll see once you're at the summit.

We left Quezon City at around 4:00 AM and arrived at Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal at around 5AM. After paying 2 pesos per head at the DENR office and after signing a waiver, we went to the barangay hall and registered again and donated 100 pesos for the entire group. We also had to pay 30 pesos for the parking slot.

We started the climb at 5:00 AM. It was still dark so we couldn't see anything. The guide used his flashlight but it wasn't enough for the entire group. So we had to use our phone's flash. Lesson learned: bring headlamps!

The hike starts on a paved road. After a few meters, the terrain gets a bit harder as you'll be stepping on soil and clay.

Unlike the neighboring mountains, Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi, Mt. Binacayan is a lot easier since we barely used our hands for climbing. A couple of sari-sari stores can be found at the start of the trail. So water supply shouldn't be a problem. 128166

We had to overtake a couple of groups who climbed a little earlier than us since we didn't want to get stuck in "mountain traffic". We only stopped for 2 - 3 minutes to take photos of photo-worthy views.

We reached the summit at around 6:00 AM. We had the summit all to ourselves for about 30 minutes so we were able to appreciate the awesome view at the summit without getting irritated about noisy hike groups. 128545

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough "sea of clouds" that morning. 128557

On our way down, our guide told us to just take the trail less traveled. Basically, it was a more technical trail. But it was way shorter than what we took for the ascent.

We were back at the jump-off site at around 7:30 AM and A LOT OF PEOPLE were still trying to climb either of the three mountains. Good thing we started our climb early!

We then gave our guide 500 pesos. But I didn't really like him since he didn't help my newbie friends at all. Unlike our previous guide, Arnel Zata, this one didn't care at all. He was friendly though.

Since we have to go through San Mateo again to get back to QC, we encountered heavy traffic and got stuck in town for about 2 hours. :O Wala din kwenta early hike. Late din ang uwi. 🙄

Anyway, get in touch with Arnel Zata 3-5 days before your climb. People in the area know him very well since he's like the president of the trail guides there. You can reach him at +639076004641. But he replies faster on Facebook (techie guide). Book early because this guy's in demand. LOL 128527

So why just 4 stars? The summit and view is not as awesome as Mt. Hapunang Banoi. 128517

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Charlene B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Louella D.
5.0 Stars

Must visit and try! 12852210084

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

Climbing this mountain requires a short interval of time that most often for season climbers, it can be done for three summits in a day including the Mount Pamitinan and Mount Ayaas.

Scaling Mount Binacayan is more technical due to its sharp rocky terrain. It is not forested and so climbers have to expect that the terrain is open and there are no shades to cover with. The final leg is through a ridgeline with thick foliage, requiring long steps and reaches from one limestone formation to another.

As for its rocky terrain, one has to closely watch his footwork to avoid accident. Any false step may lead to skin cut or of being out of balance may lead to leg or arm fracture.

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John S.
4.0 Stars

Mt. Binacayan, which is shorter than Mt. Pamitinan by just a few meters, has two different approaches, both of which feature a profile similar to Mt. Pamitinan, though the latter is a bit more unexplored (as of Feb 2015). Instead of a forested ascent, however, Binacayan offers a more agricultural terrain, followed by the same rock and bamboo ascent. The final leg is through a ridgeline with thick foliage, requiring long steps and reaches from one limestone formation to another.

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Janine R.
5.0 Stars

Achievement unlocked! Twin Day Hike ticked off my bucketlist! (1/2)

Spent my November 1st conquering my 3rd and 4th summits in one single day. Rodriguez (Montalban) in Rizal is just a 1-2 hour drive from Cubao. We were supposed to leave at 6 AM, but some came beyond agreed upon meetup time. We took Mt. Binacayan for the first hike. Class trail is 1-4 and has a difficulty of 3/9. It is highly recommended to climb this mountain first even though it's a bit more difficult than Mt. Pamitinan. The ascend takes 2-2.5 hours while descent takes 1-2 hours depending on your pace.

My legs were challenged because of the steep rocky climb. You also have to use your arms for grip. Another problem is there are limited shady areas to rest once in a while and you could hardly feel the breeze on the trails, hence dagdag sa hirap! 128514

One good thing about this climb is the fact that it is budget-friendly. Along with the usual essentials I've said in my review for Mt. Batulao: 1.5-2 liters water, trail food (jellies, nuts), first aid & hygiene kit, sun protection essentials (arm sleeves, cap, sunblock), you need to pack as light as you can and bring extra patience for those rocky boulders. Don't underestimate them! 128514

(Photo taken at the summit, overlooking the Wawa Dam)

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Kenneth Joy D.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Pamitinan (426+) Mt. Hapunang Banoi (517+) Mt. Binacayan (424+) in 1 day. Whoooo! Yes we did it!

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

Photo: Summit of Mt. Binacayan128525

Had our climb a month ago. It's a twin day hike to Mt. Pamitinan. It was an unforgettable climb. A little scared cause rain just stopped and it's slippery.

Don't forget to bring gloves when you're planning to climb here. It's full of rocks and it's sharp so you need it for your protection.

All in all it was fun.

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Tin O.
5.0 Stars

T-Rex head on top of the mountain?! Yes, you're certainly right. This is just one of the beautiful rock formation you can see when you climb Mt. Binacayan.

We decided to have a twin day hike of Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Pamitinan, as my boyfriends' prep climb to Mt Halcon.

Arrived at the area (Rodriguez, Rizal) around 630 am. From there you can asked for a local guide. I highly recommend Ralph/ Noknok, he's equipped with necessary knowledge. (see contact # below).

We hiked Mt. Binacayan first; corral rocks adds difficulty with its sharped surface and ragged edges, plus I forgot to bring my gloves with me, so barely used my hands. Thank God I survived. 128518 Reached the summit by 930am. We rested for a while, then begin to capture the majestic view from the top and of course the mandatory "buwis buhay" pose. 128540

By 11 am we decided to go down to prepare for the 2nd hike to Mt. Pamitinan, and it tooks us 1 1/2 hour (this will depend on your paced).

At roughly Php 1,000, including the tour-guide fee and donation fee, we're able to experienced this kind of adventure! Super sulit, and worth all the sweat! 128076128076128076

Tips: - Pack light
- Don't forget to use gloves and proper footwear
- Bring trail food (candies, jellies, etc)
- Wear comfortable clothes (dri-fit)
- Bring your camera (smartphone, dslr, go pro)
- Noknok contact # 09993652005 (I hope he still use the same # up to now)
- Enjoy!


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Ginny B.
4.0 Stars

Finally got my hiking fix after months and months of bugging my coworkers. i was so ecstatic! 128525

With a close proximity to Metro Manila, it just takes a 1.5 to 2hr drive to reach the beautiful Mt. Binacayan situated in Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal. Though considered a minor climb and beginner-friendly hike at 424 MASL and 3/9 difficulty, the climb proved to be quite a challenge. The trail has more of an agricultural terrain (not much shade), so expect it to be hot. The trail also may not be that steep, but one has to be extra careful as this hike requires a lot of rock scrambling and bouldering. The edges of the limestones are sharp so wearing thick gloves is a must. At one point, i even asked "kuya! bakit puro bato na ang daanan? kailan po tayo babalik sa lupa na trail??" 128517

The 2hr hike up will get you all sweaty and tired, but pace yourself, rest when needed, and just enjoy and treat the mountain as your playground! You'll soon reach the summit and will be rewarded by the very scenic view of the Sierra Madre mountain slopes, Wawa river, and the neighboring mountains Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Hapunang Banoi, and Mt. Ayaas. Take lots of photos, stare at the breathtaking view, and just savor the moment. God is SO good! i can't wait to hike again! 128588


Sample Itinerary:

6am - 7:30am Makati to Brgy. Wawa
7:30am - 8am registration/meet guide/prayer/stretching
8am - 10am hike up w/ occasional rests
10am - 11am 127925 i'm on top of the world, YEAH! i'm on top of the world, YEAH! 127925127925128525
11am - 1pm torturous hike back to the jump off 128556
1pm onwards *chill at Wawa dam or you can do another hike at Mt. Pamitinan or Mt. Hapunang Banoi


entrance fee - Php 2.00
guide fee - Php 500 per group (max 10pax)
shower - Php 25
CR - Php 5.00

Won't burn a hole in your pocket at all!



- condition physically and mentally before the hike
- bring at least 1.5L of water and packed lunch (but there are carinderias and sari-sari stores at the jump off)
- wear sleeves to avoid fugly tan lines and put sunblock on your face
- wear gloves (those Japanese Php88 stores sell them or you can buy a pair at the jump off)
- avoid wearing shorts as the limestones may give you wounds; for girls it's advisable to wear shorts over your leggings to avoid holes
- reserve a guide a few days before the hike (kuya Armando - 09306428279; kuya Ogie - 09473868778)
- stretch after the hike and get a massage after coz you'll be sore! 128539

*gave this hike 4 stars coz i feel we weren't able to maximize our trip. failed to do a twin dayhike and Wawa dam was closed.. but we still enjoyed a lot! 128521128077

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

I love extreme sports yung nga buwis buhay adventures. I decided to keep my next adventure closer to Metro Manila, I chose to do a twin hike of Mt.Haponang Baboy and Mt.Binacayan in Rodriguez, Rizal. Before one could reach the summit, which is actually an outcrop of limestone formations, one still needs to scale the platform-like limestone formation.
At the top, one still needs to be extra careful of the jagged edge of the limestone. Nevertheless, the awesome view of the Sierra Madre, the Wawa River, Metro Manila and even Central Luzon mitigated whatever tiredness that we were feeling at that time. We then explored the immediate surroundings.I chose to take the new trail to see the hidden beauty of this mountain led by kuya Arnel, the best tour guide ever.

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Valerie Faye B.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Binacayan is located at Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal.
It has its twin mountain called Mt. Pamitinan with over 400 MASL (meters above sea level).

The mountain's difficulty is specified under 3/9, trail class 1-4.
On top of the mountain you can see the scenic view of Sierra Madre and Rizal Province with its 360 degree awesome view.

You can strike your most glamourous, dangerous and creative pose on the lime stones and unique rock formations that is absolutely going to be your next profile picture.

You need to prepare 700-800 budget for a day trek which will cover fares, food, registration and guide.

Wawa Dam
Pamitinan Cave


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