Mt. Cayabu

Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal

Mt. Cayabu
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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

Since it has been raining for the past few weeks, it was muddy when we went there. It took us 2hours to get to the summit. It could have been shorter but the trail was a bit challenging.

This was the first summit on our day hike.

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Tim E.
4.0 Stars

First of the twin hikes with Mt. Maynuba. It's located at Brgy. Cayabu (hence, the name) in Tanay, Rizal (my hometown! Reprezent!! Haha!). It's peak is covered with lush greens and a little bit of big rock formations. Thus, overlooking view of the mountain range is very limited. What makes this one appealing lies within it's trails, especially when hiked during dawn. It's got that eerie horror movie feeling without you actually feeling scared. Lol and I liked that. Also, here is where you will first see the sea of clouds/fog that these twin mountains are becoming known for. Definitely a sight to see!

Photo above is Mt. Cayabu as viewed from the trailes en route to Mt. Maynuba. Such a beauty, isn't it? 128150

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

It was 2AM yesterday when I found it really hard to push my body and mind for the climb. After all the work stress from the past weeks, staying in bed was the choice I am wanting to take more, earlier. But, when I paused and thought for a while, letting go of the challenge and adventure that await me yesterday was so hard that's why I decided to push through and forget about my Lola problems. Yes, I definitely made the right choice. The beauty of Mt. Cayabu is unbelievably breathtaking, always, in all ways.

Coming from Tanay proper, we had a private car and started moving past 3AM. Passing through the usual spots located at Sampaloc, Tanay, you will definitely enjoy sightseeing here when the sun's up. At past 4AM, we got at Barangay Cayabu and was really surprised to see loads of groups who were already there. There were almost 8 vans ahead of us and big groups already started climbing and a lot more were following. Indeed, tourism here has really gained their time.

So, we instantly registered and were asked to pay P40. Afterwards, we started our climb with our guide, Kuya Ryan. It was still dark at around that time so we prepared headlights and were wearing hoodies to keep us warm.

The jump off point started at Mar-Ning's Resort and after 5 minutes, we reached the foot of the mountain and the continuous assault will heat and pump up your body as you keep on moving upwards and upwards.

As a lot of groups started earlier than us, there was traffic and every once in a while, you'll see the piled up line and you'll get the time to rest and recharge for the upcoming assaults.

This mountain's actually the first of the mountains that you will get to climb before you reach the second mountain beside it, Mt. Maynuba / Maynoba so expect to do a twin day hike here to make the most out of your visit.

Everywhere you look at, fogs and mists shall fill your eyes. Despite the darkness, you will still enjoy the view given that it seems like your inside a place filled with sea of clouds. After passing through bushes and big trees, once you're at the top, be amazed with how beautiful the skies are with the clouds being really near you. Literally, it's just like heaven!

From there, you will pass through a polished trail that will lead you to the unexpected summit of Mt. Cayabu. Why unexpected? It just popped out there. No expectations of having great looking rockies or a view from it that's extra breathtaking. It came out from the trail that you're walking at, simple, straightforward and that's just it.

At the summit, you can rest and relax, eat snacks, before heading to the more challenging one, Mt. Maynuba/Maynoba.

Given its popularity now, go and visit Mt. Cayabu and Maynuba/Maynoba soon enough and witness how you will be transported tk the Cordilleras given the beautiful sceneries and views that surround them!

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