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Mt. Daraitan
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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

I have never climbed up a mountain, ever. I don’t think trekking Mt. Pinatubo counts because it wasn’t climbing up, it was more of a long walk. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to join her in climbing Mt. Daraitan in Rizal, I said, sure why not?
I wished I hadn’t said yes when I was climbing up and when I was going down the mountain...

We went on a package tour which included a van transport and a guide which seems like a more convenient plan rather than driving on your own. The roads to Barangay Daraitan is a rough one so if you consider driving, make sure your car is equipped for rough terrain.

The downside of being in a tour is you don’t get to choose who you’re with so people can be late and you won’t be able to reach the peak with the sea of clouds present. If you want to see the sea of clouds at the summit, you have to start your climb really really early, like 3AM, to get there by 7AM.

Although Mt. Daraitan is considered as a beginner’s trail, it’s not really the easiest mountain to climb. Especially if it rained or is raining. Any trail, I think, would exponentially increase in difficulty if it’s wet… But with Daraitan, the trail is quite steep so it’s really tough to climb from one step to another. The paved street that leads to the start of the trail is steep and when you start climbing, it gets even steeper!!! If you’re not ready, I really suggest you choose another mountain as your first.

If you’re not physically active by nature, make sure you prepare beforehand. Start training your body to walk and climb stairs. Stairs! Yes, this would definitely help! I personally do not like stairs but during our climb, we were with two doctors-in-training and they went up pretty fast! How did they get to have so much stamina despite being in the hospital everyday? Well, whenever they would get “Code Red”s or whatever it’s called in the hospitals, they have to run to wherever they’re needed. It also means running up stairs because elevators take forever. So stairs! Don’t think they’re annoying because they will save you when you climb mountains!

Since the trail is quite steep, you would need to grab on to branches and rocks wherever you can. Gloves really come in handy to avoid getting scratched and getting your hands really dirty while climbing. There’s a lot of mud, moss and also insects so you don’t want to risk getting cut or something.

Gloves are not the only thing you would need. Wear clothes that cover you well. Despite the heat or what-not, it’s better to wear long tights and long sleeved tops. Shoes too! Very important. Wear something that has more grip. Good climbing shoes are an investment when you plan to climb a lot.

The hike is a whole day thing. Our pick up time was at around 3-4AM and the drive was about an hour or more. The one way trek is supposed to be 4 hours or more - depending on how often you stop and how long. So imagine carrying a backpack while going up really steep stairs for hours… It will get heavy.

If you’re going on a tour group, it may be possible to leave some stuff in the van. But make sure to bring the following:
* Trail food - Jelly-ace and sweets are good! Sugar is important
* Water - Lots of it! You need to stay well hydrated all throughout the hike.
* Insect repellent
* Sunblock - Even if it’s raining, you need some!

Cameras are good to bring, but keep your gear light. Phones are good - GoPro too for wide shots. But keep in mind you can’t really take photos while hiking cos it’s very hard and you don’t want your cameras/phones to get scratched and dirty. Besides, your hands will be busy grabbing onto the branches and rocks anyway.

Do not push yourself if you cannot follow others in the group. Let your guide know. Every group is guided by the local guides in Daraitan. They help whoever’s having a difficult time and they also make sure you’re not left behind. You will reach the top eventually, so just do it on your own pace. If everyone’s faster, don’t let that intimidate you because you will only burn yourself out. “Slow and steady wins the race.” Breathe, drink water, breathe.

Rest stations are pretty far apart from each other so make sure to pace yourself well. Also do not rest too long in one station because your body will start to cool down and it would be hard to start it up again to continue the climb.

Very important. Don’t let the difficulty discourage you. When you reach the summit, it’s a very worthwhile moment. Be proud of yourself for reaching the top! Take the view in! It’s a beautiful view! You can see how nature is such a wonderful thing! When you finish the whole climb - meaning you got down safely, pat yourself at the back! It’s a huge achievement!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

My first legit mountain climbing happened last may 1. It was just a random suggestion to my friends that we do this. Thankful of the previous reviews from looloo we were able to get some details.

Pack light. Don't bring a lot as the terrain is really steep. Especially when going down. Just bring a small amount of food and at least 2 liters of water and pocket money (as there will be some vendors you'll encounter on "campsites"

We went there through private car. You may type in your waze "barangay daraitan" it's a two hour drive from cubao at 3am. We arrived 5:30 am. My friends and i were a little anxious when we were already in the rough roads where it seems everything is abandoned, but drive on, soon you'll pass by the wooden bridge (pay 50PhP) and then the barangay area where you can park your car for a day (ours was 50PhP).

Register at the barangay 100PhP per head and 500PhP fir your tour guide (1 tour guide for a group of 5) Rodel was our tour guide. We chose the short trail (app 1.5 hours ascent and 2hrs descent, depending on your ability. Lol)

It was a 10 mins walk in a 30degree initial assault. After that, it became steeper. Like 70 degrees. From there, your endurance will be tested. There basically 3 stations.

It could have been muddy if it rained. Luckily it did not. It was a combination of leaves, dirt and rocks. But more on rocks and trees later. The sea of clouds could be seen if you reach the alts before 7am. The peak is a little boring since there's just rock formation and there's a lot of hikers. If you hike early, the better. Like some people start climbing as early as 3am daw.

The descent was really a challenge. Pure dirt, rock and leaves at 90 to 70 degrees slope. But the cool Tinipak river is just waiting for you after 2hrs of hiking.

Wear something cool. No need for long sleeves. I even did not apply sunblock. Hah. Trail is covered with trees. I actually wore a pambahay and hiking shorts. Bring GLOVES. It will be your aid as you grab those trees and jagged rocks

Make sure it's durable. Don't wear something fancy. I wore sandals without socks from sandugo aka basekamp. They provide good hiking supplies and suggestions.

Again, Pack light bring water and food only.

Pag papawisan talaga kayo dahil sa hirap hindi dahil sa init. We finished the hike around 3pm.

If you're commuting:
Van at starmall mandaluyong to tanay
Call kuya Pio (which i also asked suggestion) the tricycle diver 0948 042 4947, he can ftech you at jollibee tanay to the barangay hall.
Or ask guide from a tour guide named jouanson 0935 312 9588/ 0975 245 4246. These numbers, i got from "awanderfulsole" site.

For a beginner like me, it's challenging at 4.5/9, 2 as a chill climb.

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Roegan T.
4.0 Stars

It's been 2 months since my last physical activity (hiking/HIIT) so the thought of hiking a mountain seemed like a bad idea.

But I did anyway.128584

My friends and I joined the trip this past Saturday organized by Kaladkarin MNL -- a group that organizes climbs and beach trips every weekend.

I paid Php800 for the convenience of a van transpo + the fees.

We left QC at around 1:30AM and arrived at Brgy. Daraitan at around 04:00AM. We first went to the barangay hall to settle the following fees:

• Environmental Fee = Php50 per person
• I forgot what it's called fee = Php30 per person
• Another fee =Php20 per person
• Guide Fee = Php500 for a group of five people

Basically, overall expense should be 200 per person excluding transpo. The Php800 I spent for the trip was definitely worth it.

We then went to a basketball court for briefing. The guides warned us about the continuous assault and the muddy trail. During the briefing, two manangs joined us and started selling gloves (Php60) and headlamp rental (Php30).

One of the older guides (Kuya Junior) then said that we should rent the headlamps if we want to start the climb early. If not, we wait for dawn -- which is not ideal since we're trying to avoid the crowd.

Most of us rented the headlamps. Na sales talk ng guide. 128514Good thing I brought my own!

So we started the climb at around 4:30AM. The trail was indeed muddy and it was kind of difficult to deal with since it was slippery.

"Walang makapit na sapatos sa putik at basang bato" -- every guide that I've talked to since last year.

We reached the 1st rest station at around 6AM and rested for a couple of minutes. The 2nd rest station was reached at around 7:30AM. The 3rd rest station (campsite) was reached at around 9AM.

The campsite has 2 stalls that sell buko juice and hard-boiled egg. It has a couple of wooden benches that you can sit down on before you do the final trek to reach the summit.

We then reached the summit at around 9:30AM. As expected on a weekend, minor-climb mountains are always packed.

Before starting the climb, we were given a heads up that there's not a lot of view to take photos of at Mt. Daraitan. So most of us took selfies instead.

After taking photos at the summit, we went back to the campsite to eat our packed lunch. After lunch, we started hiking down. It took us almost 4 hours to reach Tinipak River since there was mountain traffic. The muddy trail also slowed everyone since we had to be extra careful with every step.

What disappointed me the most is that there were exposed rusty nails on some trees that were supposed to help you maintain your balance hiking down. These should be removed to avoid injuries. Just imagine having a hole in your hand. Yikes!

We reached Tinipak River at around 4PM. My friends and I took a quick nap before going to the riverside. Also, they sell awesome buko salad in ice candy wraps (Php10) at the store near Tinipak River. Make sure to try it!

Tips / info that I think would really help:

1. Bring a headlamp if you're trekking early.

2. Bring gloves for added protection. Some of the stones that you'll hold on to are pretty sharp.

3. I brought 3L of water which is more than enough for the whole trip.

4. Don't wear hiking pants like I did. If you're trekking during the wet season, better to wear shorts. It's easier to remove mud from your skin vs. removing mud from your clothes. 128521

5. Don't wear trekking sandals if you're planning on hiking during the wet season. Might be counter intuitive but given that you'll be stepping on mud, it'd be hard to see what's IN the mud. Don't risk hurting your feet.

6. 95% of the trail were shaded by trees. No need to wear longsleeves. Sunblock will do.

7. You only pay for Php20 for the shower.

8. Inihaw na hotdog costs Php15 (Tender Juicy) and Chicken Isaw costs Php10 per stick. 128525

9. They also sell "HAWAIANAS" slippers for only Php100. My friend bought one because he forgot to bring his pair!

10. Trike fee is Php15 per person. You need to ride the trike from parking area to the barangay hall (jump off). You also need to ride the trike from the end of Tinipak River to the local town. This is where the shower rooms are located... and the isaw!

Will I come back to this mountain? Perhaps during summer. Overall, it was still a good experience! This review is more of a 3.5 because of the exposed rusty nails.

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Pearl R.
5.0 Stars

First climb for 2016 - Mt. Daraitan
Located at Barangay Daraitan – Tanay, Rizal
Height: 739+ MASL
Difficulty: 4/9
Feauture: Scenic view of the Sierra Madre range and of Tinipak River

Saturday day hike adventure with colleagues.

Exactly 3:30 in the morning is the assembly time in Shaw (Starmall). The jeepney station going to Tanay is located beside the Andok's. We were 15, we pay P220 up to the Brgy. Hall in Daraitan. We arrived in Tanay at 6:30am. Registration fee is Php P20/person and 1 tour guide is equivalent to 10pax and cost P500 for day tour. After a short orientation, we started trekking. The trail was really steep going up (stuggle is real). In about 3 1/2 hours, we were able to reach the summit. The view from the summit is breathtaking, worth the pain.

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Jerrick S.
4.0 Stars

Medyo mabato lang dito kaya wag nyo po ko tularan na nakatsinelas lang umakyat.. Ang hirap po pag pababa.. 128557128557128557128557

Pero sa community nila isang malaking 128077. Pantay pantay ang mga tour guide dito at manage nila ang mga tao mula sa permit and briefing ng mga aakyat ng bundok.

Ps: Pag sinabing 2L na tubig 2L talaga. 128076🏼

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Roland O.
5.0 Stars

Our scheduled hike to mt.Marami was canceled by the organizer a day before the hike, so we opted to do a DIY instead to one of the nearest mountain. Mt. Daraitan. Meet my friends 5am in Shaw jeepney terminal going to Tanay Rizal. Since most of the passengers are also hikers going to mt.Daraitan, we requested the driver to drop us instead in Brgy.Daraitan and paid 150/pax. (Usually from Tanay, you need to rent a tricycle.oneway is 500 pesos.good for 4 passengers).

Headed to the Brgy.Hall for the registration P20/pax. Good thing brgy. registration is very organized and every group is required and should have an assigned guide. 1guide is good for 10pax. guide fee is 500 for daytrip. After the short orientation, the 3 of us started trekking. You can choose to take either the easy and long path or the short but difficult one. We let our guide kuya Christian choose which path to take..hehe.. After 1.5 hrs of trek via the short path,we reached the summit 739+ MASL. (very fast) 127939127939127939Start up to the top of the trail is very tiring as most of it is stiff. Proper hiking shoes is needed. Stones on the trail are sharp and might cause any injury if you are not careful enough.

You will be rewarded with the beautiful scenery as you reached the summit.
If you love the outdoor..
hike Mt.Daraitan and sweat it out!!

Jeep. Shaw to Brgy.Daraitan - P150
Registration - P20
Guide fee - P500/3 --P166
Jeep. Brgy.Daraitan-Tanay - P100
FX.Tanay to Shaw - P70

Total Damage: P506

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Janice E.
5.0 Stars

When my friends asked me to organize a climb, I immediately searched for a mountain that is near and budget friendly. Mt. Daraitan can be found in Rizal which isn't that far from Manila. And budget? We didn't go over 1000 pesos each.

We started climbing at 5:30am to make sure it's not that hot yet, it was still dark at that time. Though we intended it to start early since we are aiming for sea of clouds, especially that it was my friends' first hike.

The mountain is more of assaults, so if it is your first climb, prepare yourself, mostly your knees for a battle. Make sure to have enough sleep. And bring lots of water.

After a exhausting ascend to the summit, you'll find a breath taking view that would make you forget how tiring the climb is. Mt. Daraitan is indeed one of the best mountains to climb.

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Aillra L.
5.0 Stars

Hello to my first climb!

I've been wanting to climb mountains, not just to conquer it but to conquer myself. Ive been dreaming before that its a way to find myself, to find what is my worth in this world. Coz I have the feeling that mountains and the whole nature will make me happy, that will make me whole as a person. And there! Together with my friends, we made it happen! 128522

Good thing Mt. Daraitan is near Manila. Going there was fun! The fun part is riding the tricycle, where the breeze is really cold and its a 2 hour ride which is worth 500 pesos good for 5 128561 Going to the hiking part, I was thinking that I cant make it to the top since there are 3 stations in the mountain and were not yet even on the first station and I was so tired already and losing my breath as well. But I remember why I was there in the first place and good thing we reached the summit! Yay!! 128522 It was really worth it seeing the view and how far I reached. Im seeing one of God's creation and it was indeed beautiful 128525 When we're going down the mountain, it was hard as well!!

I got bruises, I got wounds, I was really sweaty, my were legs hurted, my arms were hurted but I dont mind because I know how fulfilling and how happy I am in doing this.

Looking forward to many more mountains.

Next, Mt. Pulag on May 7th 9786128513


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Aillra L.
5.0 Stars

This is my first hike. I'm dreaming before in climbing mountains and finally I've done it. I didn't know that its really hard tho 128517 without stretching and exercise, I climbed the mountain together with my friends. At first, I want to gave up since I'm losing my breath but by the help of our tour guide, he carry my bag and helps me to feel better atleast. There's a different happiness I feel when I reached the summit. It was totally worth it!!! 128525 but when we're going down the mountain, I want to cry because I am really tired!!! But upon reaching the river, I was relieved!

All in all this trip is beyond fulfilling as it is my first time 128516

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

Increasing the difficulty with 738+ MASL. Mt. Daraitan was so deadly but stunning beautiful at the summit. Deadly because the rain pours so hard that made the trail so muddy and hard to trek. The traverse was so hard that it made me want to give up. But hey! I was there to witness the beauty of the place and to see it with my own eyes because I'm drooling with its pictures inside the internet and of course, the highlight which is the Tinipak River.

The assault to the summit was so sick! Everything was so stiff. We got to the summit approximately 4hrs from the Barangay. Then traverse to Tinipak, was around 3hrs. From Tinipak to Barangay was roughly 15-25mins. 15 mins walk and 10mins tricycle ride.

I will go back there, but to witness the real beauty of Tinipak on a morning and to visit the cave also.

A reminder. Don't. Ever. Expect. For. The. Guides. "Malapit na". Because monitoring the time while on the trail is, soooooo sllllooooow especially when the trail is muddy. 128514128076128170

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

An unforgettable climb with my friends last February 13-14, 2016!

Meet up at 6:00 am at Shaw Boulevard Terminal. Good thing, there's a lot of climbers that day that's why we hired the whole jeep going to Brgy. Daraitan for Php 200.00/head.

Registered for Php 20.00/head registration fee. Guide for overnight cost us Php 1,250.00.

We had early lunch and hired a trucycle going to Tinipak River ( see another review for tinipak river).

We spent our night there at the campsite. At 2:00 am, we woke up and fixed our things. It's too early because we need to go back to Brgy. Daraitan to leave our things before going to summit.

Thumbs up to our guide kuja Jeffrey Delos Santos for offering his house to leave our things and had breakfast as well.

At 4:30 we started to ascent going to summit. I am the only one who really hikes in the group..most of them are beginners that's why some of them having trouble climbing. But luckily we reached the summit at 6:20. My friends gathered all their strength just to witnessed the sunrise and we did.

Photos here and there.. Sea of clouds are present! Beautiful views and relaxing on top!!

Highly recommended our guide for the full support and for accomodating us on his house.

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Kenneth Joy D.
5.0 Stars

Steep ⛰

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

Probably one of the best feeling is to see this kind of view after the hardest climb. The long hours travel, the bumpy tricycle ride, the muddy trail, the struggle of my feet along the way because my shoes finally gave up and the only thing i was wearing is my socks and the experience we had is the most memorable thing ever. Mt. Daraitan is one of my mountain i'm seeking to climb and yes, i've made it.

Mt. Daraitan is located in Tanay, Rizal a 3hrs drive from manila. You can ride a public transportation in front of Starmall Shaw Blvd cost Php 70.00. Once you arrived in Tanay, there are tricycle that offers you a ride to Brgy. Daraitan and the minimum fare is Php 600/group of 5. The registration fee is Php 20.00/person and Php 500.00/group for the tour guide (DayHike), 1,500 (Overnight).

You can also traverse to Tinipac River after you've reach the summit of Daraitan. It said to be one of the most beautiful rock formations in Rizal. We weren't able to traverse because of the muddy trail. But maybe next time we'll be back to visit Tinipac River.

And because of the heartbreaking looloo explorer giveaway i'm here again writing a review for the #12Days of christmas giveaway! 127876

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

Most tiring and one of the longest day ever but definitely one for the books kind of experience. 128076🏼

This was my first hiking experience and I sure did had a lot of fun during the whole activity (no fun the day after because my whole body was aching!!). But a lot of new and first time experiences I will surely remember and treasure! Naks! 9786

Meeting time at Starmall Shaw was 330am. You have an option of either riding a jeep or van/shuttle (which costs 70pesos per head) to Tanay, Rizal. That's about 1.5hrs of travel (without traffic). Or you can bring your own car or rent a van that goes straight. But the experience won't be complete and (more) fun if you bring your own car because you limit your experience. During our shuttle ride, we met a new friend. Melvin, the guy from backpackers of the Philippines. He's also heading to Mt. Daraitan so we all went together and we let him ride the jeep with us. During the ride, he shared stories about his adventures.

Pawee already rented a jeep that will bring us to Sampaloc, Rizal. I suggest you do the same since the ride going to and from is kind of hard when you're commuting. So from Tanay, we travelled for another 1hr (Jeep rental was around 2k).

First awesome first time experience happened during this ride. Instead of riding inside, we did TOP LOADING!! From this point to our destination, we were on top of the jeep! It was both exciting and scary but the experience was super legit I can't believe I did that! Because riding inside the jeep is too manila! Here in Rizal, we do top loading! 128526128513128565 The ride was bumpy especially in the last part you have to really hold on tight and watch out for tree branches 128562128518 but it was very fun!! Roller coaster ride Rizal style! 128513128518128588🏼 The air was cold and we had a nice view of the place. Hello, mother nature! 127807127806127804

From this point, we went across the Daraitan river through a raft (which costs 5 pesos per head). Then we have to pay another 10 pesos per head for our tricycle ride going to the Brgy. Daraitan.

Then you need to register and secure a tour guide at the barangay hall. Registration fee is 20 pesos per head. Tour guides are for 500 pesos per group. It is a must to secure a guide, can't hike without one to ensure safety. Better safe than lost or injured and sorry, right? 128521

Our tour guide was Kuya Archie. He is still just an intern and has only been working here for less than a year. He's very patient with us! He guided and helped us throughout the entire hike. We were really slow especially on our way down but he remained patient and calm and still managed to chat and share stories with us. He was really nice and friendly. Hope all guides are like him! 9786

Here, our tour guide explained what we need to do and what to expect. He advised bringing at least 3 liters of water. Also before beginning or hike, we used the restroom, stretched and prayed for guidance. 128591🏻

Off we hike.... 128507127939🏻

The trail up is small/narrow and steep so when you meet hikers going down, you'll have to stop and give way. One thing I noticed was they (hikers) greet each other. Good morning and Ingat po! It's nice to get greetings from strangers especially during moments like this. You somehow feel even more motivated to finish the hike. 128513 It was a long hike, we had 3 stopovers for rest, water break, quick snack, and removing of mud in our shoes. Our last stopover before reaching the summit was when we had our quick lunch. We were really tired and hungry already so imagine our excitement and happiness when it's eating time na!!

Kuya Ericson sells pinipig and iced buko here. Ice cream right before the summit? Yes, please! He was extra nice as while we're resting and eating, he accompanied us and even shared stories about how he started selling here, his struggles, random experiences and all. He sells the ice cream for just 25 pesos, only 5 pesos pricier than the ones being sold down at the Brgy hall.

So we each had ice cream as reward slash suhol to ourselves! 128518128541 It was very refreshing. Here is where I had the Best adobo and rice in the entire world for lunch and the best iced buko for dessert. Sarap when you're really tired and it's okay to eat a lot because you need to. Ahhhh! Adobo, Rice, Iced buko and a very very nice calming refreshing view! Saya! 9786128513128077🏼

Trivia: the LTE signal here is strong! Buti pa sa bundok may signal, sa Manila ang hina! 128529128548

Back to hiking again..

When we got to the summit, the place was filled with fellow hikers. What I felt when we reached the summit was not "omg ang ganda dito yayy" but "wow we made it!" And it was worth it! You get a nice refreshing feeling with a view up here. Too bad there wasn't a sea of clouds. There were rock formations and all. We picked two areas to take our pictures at. The view was amazing! 128525128076🏼 Despite the number of hikers up, it didn't felt too crowded and no bakit masikip feeling. It was orderly and organized. Everyone was patiently waiting for their turn to take their pictures. 128513

The hike up was very hard! Beginner? Yes! But not when the mud is wet and very slippery (because it rained the previous day). Plus it was very steep! Wala atang patag sa lahat ng dinaanan namin!! 128566 According to them difficulty level is 4/9 but because of the rain, I would like to make a petition that it should be 6 or even 7. 128563 The hike down was not hard but it took us longer. Since the mud is slippery, we had to be extra careful else we'll fall and slide! 128528

Since were going down really slow and extra careful, we had a small game. Whenever we meet hikers along the way, instead of greeting them good afternoon or saying ingat, we ask them random questions like what is love? Aldub or kathniel? What's your favorite ___? And it was fun and kind of removed the pain and tiredness we're all feeling. When there were no longer hikers, we all just asked within the group. And it was fun. Fun way of knowing each other since we're all not direct friends. One person organized the hike then invited her friends and her friends invited friends as well. Haha! We're a group of strangers! 128518

When we ran out of question to ask each other, we asked Kuya Archie about his life, his experiences and of course, we asked questions about the place. Daraitan came from the word Daitan which means "magkakalapit" since there are 3 locations surrounding the area -- Quezon, Rizal, and Marikina (I forgot the 3rd location but I'm sure with Rizal and Quezon 128586128517) and locals now are called Rumentado (a mix of local aetas and people from the city).

It took us almost 3hrs going down but at the end of the hike was a nice reward, a river! Cold running water! It surely removed and washed all the stress and pagod (and dirt/mud) away from us. It was very refreshing!! The view from here was very beautiful, as well. We also got to see mountain deers along the way, nice flowers plus the rock formations were all amazing!! So picture perfect! It was all so worth it! 128076🏼 and the rainbow after the hike was also a beautiful ending to an amazing experience. It's like mother nature is saying, "Great Job you guys!" 9786127752

It was indeed an awesome day because aside from the hiking itself and the feeling of accomplishment that I got to hike a 2300ft mountain, it is the whole experience, from waking up at 230 in the morning to going home at almost 12 midnight that I am most thankful for. A lot of firsts I never knew I'd be able to experience -- from commuting, hiking with people I don't really know, eating with very dirty muddy unclean hands, to seeing how strong and determined I can be, and of course, the top loading experience! Plus we also got to meet new people and hear interesting stories from them. I have never imagined myself doing all these -- going beyond my comfort zone. It's not everyday we get to have an experience like this and thank you hiking for this!! It was a very fun, tiring, exciting, awesome, and insightful day! 9786128076🏼 Para na 'kong nag retreat! 128518

From here, since you're still very muddy and dirty, you can clean up and have a quick shower for just 20 pesos. You can buy soap and shampoo from the sari sari stores around. Also before leaving, don't forget to pay for the guide, to "log out" and sign at the brgy hall.

After this, you ride a tricycle back to Daraitan river. Then ride the raft again to cross the river and there will be your jeep waiting on the other side. Since it's night time already, top loading is not safe anymore. Another 1hr drive heading back. The air is really cold so we had a quick nap during the ride. 128076🏼 Then we first had a quick dinner since the shuttle is still not yet here. Shuttle will bring you straight to Starmall Shaw.

THE END. 128513

Some Helpful Tips:

Bring a lot of water! You'll need it! It's hot up! and it's very tiring! You'll sweat a lot so you need to be well hydrated. I was a bit worried that if I drink too much water, I'll have a hard time trying to look for a secluded place just to pee (and imagine how unsanitary that is 128552) since there's no restroom but surprisingly, never did I had a "i must pee can't hold it anymore" moment the whole hike (I am known for having that moment all the time). I guess because you sweat a lot?? Whatever reason it is, thank you Lord! 128518128591🏻

Also bring trail food or anything you can easily and quickly eat preferably something sweet like gummy bears/worms or jelly ace. Or the usual trail food. You'll need it especially when you're still not yet near but you're hungry or you are in need of the extra calorie/energy. 128521

Aside from your trail food, bring something to eat for lunch. Something easy and not messy to eat like a sandwich. Rice and ulam would be hard to eat but it's up to you. Ony's packed lunch was chicken and pork adobo w rice which and we enjoyed and loved it!! 128525128525128517128518 I was supposed to have ham with egg and cheese sandwich for lunch but ate it while going up (and finished the rest as we go down) as trail food haha! 128514 Good thing the adobo was good for sharing! 128517128521

Sunblock! A lot of it!! 128521 and off lotion/mosquito repellant.

Instead of wearing the usual tshirts, it's best to wear the dry fit type since you'll be sweating A LOT! You don't want the wet icky eewee feeling!! 128534

Sleeves! Either wear longsleeves or buy the "sleeves". So your arms won't be exposed. At the brgy hall, a lot of sari sari stores are selling this for just 50 pesos. You can also wear a hat for added protection from the sun. Sunglasses? But meh, you're hiking! And not going out for a walk in the park! 128517

Hiking shoes! I honestly do not know what's the proper shoes for this. Some hikers were wearing hiking shoes, sandals, or rubber shoes. But our tour guide was just wearing slippers. We even saw someone wearing a vans sneakers and some wearing crocs or not wearing anything at all. I guess it's really up to you what shoes you're comfortable with.

Be ready! I wasn't expecting at all that we'll be riding on top of the jeep but how can you let pass an opportunity like that, right? Be always prepared and ready for adventures! Sometimes, it's nice to be spontaneous and adventurous! 128521128077🏼

Stretch!! It's important to stretch before hiking to avoid injury and to prepare your body. Ahhh, you're legs and shoulder would hurt a lot! I swear! 128529

Pray. Pray for guidance and strength. 128591🏻

And lastly...... Thou shall not be maarte. No room for kaartehan here! 128562128561 If there is one important thing I learned during this hike, it is this. If you don't want to get injured and you love your life so much, you will have to forget about all your kaartehans! Like oh my gosh seriously! 128518 The hike up was very muddy, slippery, dirty and very steep. Expect your shoes, your hands, arms, and legs to be covered with mud. You will have to hold or grab whatever it is near you (a tree, its branches, vines, a rock, the ground) just so you can move and go on. Life > Arte. There are ants and insects everywhere as well. Basta, it's a dirty activity. VERY! Bring wet wipes if you want just so you can clean your hands before eating. 128513

And pahabol! Have fun! Enjoy the moment! 128521128076🏼

PS: Sorry for the very long post! 1285869996🏼️

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Jesreel A.
5.0 Stars

This place is a complete package! Imagine a place with scenic summit view, crystal clear river and a majestic cave with natural pool!

Mount Daraitan is located at Tanay, Rizal. It can easily be located using your handy navigation apps.

First thing that you will encounter at the port of destination is a man made gondola to cross the river. You have to take a tricycle afterwards to proceed to the barangay hall for the registration and to have a guide, PHP 500.00 for every group up to 10 pax per group, to assist you (he can also take your group photos!). The summit of Mt. Daraitan is around 2,500 ft asl so for beginners it is around 2-3 hours of hike. Not bad! As the view you could see along and as you reach the summit is beyond awesome!

Upon reaching the summit, you could descend using the trail going to Tinipak river. I could say that it is beautiful inside and out. Not only its white stones and blue water that could make you in awe but as well as its refreshing cold potable water that is streaming from the mountain.

If you still have the energy to explore the area, you could trek a little more going to the Tinipak cave. There are sparkling limestones everywhere so don't forget your flashlights so as not to miss this. But if you are the always forgetful person, no worries the tour guide could lend you some. At the middle of the cave, there is a small natural pool with cold clear water that anyone could enjoy. Its depth is just around 3-4ft so it is safe to adults who is not a good swimmer.

By the way, if you have a hefty tough tent same as that of coleman's would be good. This will be a saver so as you could have more time to enjoy the scenery and have an overnight stay under a billion star accommodation!

So what are you waiting for? Stop the imagination and experience it yourself! 128074🏼128521 #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Pauline Y.
5.0 Stars

This place is RIDICULOUS. And I mean that in the best possible way, what with its surreal landscape, calm waters, and heavenly atmosphere. I drove for hours to get here with my BFF and every second of it was worth it. Been back once ever since and it was even better the second time around. You won't spend more than 300 when you're here; barring sari-sari store expenses if any. Just bring at least 1500 ml of water with you and pack a lunch and some snacks.

You can opt to do the "cheat"/hike like I did which is barely two hours (both ways) or opt for the grueling 8-hour hike for more advanced hikers. No thank you. Hehe. Guide costs 500 for a group of 10 so I advise you to come in a group if you want to bring down costs. Wear hiking shoes or rubber shoes. Sunscreen. You'll have the option to take a dip in the river in the cave as well so dress accordingly. Welcome to Paradise. Just a two hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Manila. :)


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Jv T.
4.0 Stars

It was a relatively difficult climb (took us ~3 hours) from the branaggay at the foot of the mountain to the peak. A steep climb too, with some areas at a 30-45 (ish) degree angle, sometimes with makeshift steps and plant roots that you never thought you'd be thankful for as they aid your climb. There are several rest stations along the way and a guide who takes you up (php500per daytrip group).

Hard to sum up the climb in so few words but the view is totally worth it :) you can actually see the town where you came from and the river beside which your car is parked, and ask yourself, "wow, i walked THAT far??". Makes you never wanna get off the peak, really. but alas, life goes on. We didn't get then pulag-like clouds, but i think this is a peak of its own. Go climb up and see what i mean.

Besides, it's really more of the people you climb with, than the climb itself, that makes it worth the effort.

(Usual hiking needs are a must: snacks, water (lots), lunch, etc.)

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Aileen Monica G.
5.0 Stars


Just a few hours from my city (Pasig) is where I really understood what it means when someone says "No Pain, No Gain". This beautiful place welcomed me with open arms... plus rain. Once you see the marker, you'll see forever... aka Forever Assault. It was a really a challenge, but with great people to climb with, it was worth the hike! Take a swim in the Tinipak River after... Woooh! Sarrrrap.ü

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Jon B.
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It is so hard to get here so I recommend to bring your car just like what I did or rent a van or jeepney coz there is no vehicle that will take you to Bgry. Daraitan unless you are willing to pay 500 pesos in just a single journey. I was just disappointed kasi parang pinabayaan lang nila yung mga basura sa daan. Tour guides are very friendly. It took 3 hours of trekking to reached the summit coz the trail was so dificult puro paahon lahat. I was just disappointed kasi hindi naalaggan ng mabuti.. I saw platic bottles, cans along the trail, good thing brought my 15 liters dry bag to picked up the garbage left by mountaineers who visited this mountain, it is always leave no trace for me.!

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Kaye O.
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Super late review.

May 2, 2015

Adventure day for me, B and 2 colleagues.
The FX van at Starmall left at 9:30 am and arrived at Tanay Market after two hours. We bought dried fish, eggs and rice at Tanay Market before renting a trike. Upon arriving at bgy hall, we were required to register and pay a fee of P20/pax and assigned a tourguide for my group. We thought the trail is easy, for beginners. Hindiiiii! The trail was so steep. Nakakaloka! I was told that the Daraitan trail is similar to Pico's. I haven't climb Pico yet (this is actually my first time) but according to B and Jobelle, it's not.

It was a difficult drive but since it was our (Harry and I) first time, I was too excited I did not get tired easily like B and Jobs.

We started our climb at 2pm and arrived at campsite 1 around 4. We set up our tents and had an early dinner at 6pm. We played cards til midnight. I did not sleep well, it was so humid that night.

We resumed our climb at 4:30 am. It was extra difficult because its too dark. We arrived at the peak after 2 hours. There was no sea of clouds when we got there but the view still left us breathless (ang haggard ng assault eh! haha!)

We stayed for about an half an hour bec it started to drizzle. Kaya ang haggard din ng pagbaba namin. Next stop: Daraitan River and Cave.

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