Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Mabini, Batangas

Mt. Gulugod Baboy
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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

A quick escape from manila 128524128524128525

Its an easy climb which will give you a stunning view and instagram-worthy shots 128514

On top is a wide area where you can just find your own spot to rest and enjoy the view of distant mindoro, batangas bay, and mountain sceneries of mt Pinamucan, mt maculot, mt batulao, the city and port of batangas, and tagaytay highlands.

The best part is, after the climb, you can enjoy the beach of anilao! Who wouldnt love getting soaked after a tiring trek. 128514128524

It is a surefire destination for divers and hikers alike.

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Tim E.
4.0 Stars

If you are looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the metro and is looking for a little adventure, Mt. Gulugod Baboy is definitely the place to be!!! Just a couple of hours away from Manila, this gem in Mabini, Batangas could give you a 360° view of the coastline of Batangas. The hike was easy, but the heat got us gasping for air every now and then. So go on early!!! Haha! The summit is nothing short of amazing. The wind will make you feel like you're on an MTV, emote emote, ganyan. LOL Also, you may opt to go to Sombrero Island for some beach bumming, if you had the time. Coz we didn't, which is actually sad. I heard the island's good. :(

Anywaaaaaaaay, if you're planning to jumpstart your passion for hiking, Mt. Gulugod Baboy is the place to be! I bet my life on it. Go on! The mountain is calling! Answer it! 12851612851310084

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

The crazy summer heat would not stop us from conquering another mountain! Definitely not!

It's our first time to check out a mountain in Batangas so it was really something that we're all excited about, even if we're only 5 in the group. Before the climb, we read some blogs to set our expectations.

It was last Saturday when we met up at around 5AM at EDSA, Jam Liner station and waited for a bus going to Batangas Pier. It took us an hour of waiting before we decided to transfer to another bus line, ALPS, and they had much more buses than Jam. For 165php, it'll take you 3 hours to reach the pier. From the pier, you need to ride a jeepney for 37php that will bring you to Mabini. This will take you around 2 hour. Afterwards, for 15 minutes, ride a tricycle for 40php/person going to PhilPan Resort, the jump off point of the climb to Mt. Gulugod Baboy.

We arrived at 12nn so imagine the heat that we have to face but yes, nothing stopped us! We started the hike despite the heat and what made us last were the rest stations wherein we hang out and bought cold water, soda and even halo-halo to keep us going.

The supposedly 1 hour climb to the summit became 3 hours for the group as we really prioritized stopping whenever we felt like we're collapsing because of the heat.

So, we arrived at the summit by 3:30PM and we were happy that despite the heat, it was really cool at the top! From there, you'll get to see the whole panoramic view of the beach of Anilao, the spine of the mountain and the blue sky. Worth it in every single way!

The summit looked like a number of hills interconnecting with each other and if you're a photo addict, you can initiate Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music or Heidi and run like you're in New Zealand. It was really beautiful in every angle.

From the top, you get to enjoy the awesome view of the beach meeting with the perfect skyline. The cool wind will actually make sun bathing bearable for you.

Despite its grasslands, Mt. Gulugod Baboy is really a must see one as it offers beauty in every side of it. More than that, this is a good mountain for beginners as it's really an easy climb, minus the heat.

We went down before it got dark and a lot of groups were on their way up as they'll do an overnight camping at the summit. You can choose to not get a guide as well because the trail's really visible.

I might go back here during the cold season and probably camp out with my friends!

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Joyce Anne F.
4.0 Stars

You are on a budget but wanted to hike? Why not try to go here. Mt. Gulugod Baboy lies in Anilao, Batangas. With a difficulty of 2/9, the trail is very easy and you can reach the summit in just an hour or two.
This mountain offers the picturesque view of waters and lands! Overall, the hike was fun because I was with my 'barkada'. At the peak, we stayed for almost an hour and a half. It was very windy at the top that if you wear a cap, it might just fly away! Haha! The feeling it gives ypu at the top is pleasurable. It makes you raise your hand ang just be in awe of the beauty of nature. There are also some birds flying at the top so it's very cool.
After this, you can do a post-hike activity at PhilPan Dive Resort or any other resorts at Batangas. Sombrero island is a must see place too so if you have an extra budget, why not go there? Because I will one day be there! 128151128151

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

We were a weird bunch; a Hispanic couple from the US, a hiking enthusiast with her towering Australian beau, a happy-go-lucky guy, a girl who loves going on weekend trips, a blonde entrepreneur who shares a striking resemblance with Beyonce, a couple in their mid 20s, a girl who went on the trip thinking that we were just going to the beach, and I who came with a tent heavier than me. We were not the next Survivors castaways (although I'm pretty sure we are capable of creating enough drama to last a full season), we were just a silly group of travelers who wanted to go camping at Mt. Gulugud's Baboy. But the experience could have passed off as a Survivor challenge because it was tough. You think I'm referring to the climbing part? Nope, I mean the camping part.

You know those plans that started small and ended up in a completely different way? That's how this trip came about. It was a late Christmas party celebration turned into a weekend trip. I took it upon myself to arrange it all because I'm a control freak like that (Nah, I just like organizing things in general, parties, get-togethers, travels, etc.). I successfully talked some of my friends into it; all in all there were 11 of us.

Okay before we proceed, let me thank my sponsors, looloo for my camping gears, hahaha... No seriously, I won a Coleman 4-person tent, Northface backpack, a sleeping bag, etc. because my review of Kalayaan Twin Falls was picked for the Travel Review category last year. So thanks looloo!

Anyway, back to regular programming, January 15, at around 10AM, the crew assembled at McDonalds, Taft-Buendia, a.k.a. that McDonalds branch beside the bus stations. Of course, to wish that everyone would be on time is like wishing the unicorns were true, so we weren't able to start the trip until around 12:00 noon. We took a bus going to Bauan diversion, bus fare goes for PHP125.

From Bauan Diversion there are two options to get to Philpan or the jump-off point: 1) Jeep then tricycle 2) Rent the jeep.

If you are a big group like us, I suggest you take option number 2. The jeep drivers themselves would offer their service to you, so don't hesitate to negotiate a fair deal. In our case, we didn't get the jeep all to ourselves, meaning there were other passengers on board. But there were so many of us, we practically occupied the entire jeep. The driver drove us all the way to Philpan and we only paid PHP100 per person; I say that's not a bad deal at all.

It took us an hour and a half to get to Philpan because of the heavy traffic. Somewhere along the road, the jeep stopped and I realized we reached our destination. One side of the road is lined with houses. We spotted a table where the mountaineer's registration is; a log book lay opened on top of it. We wrote our names and paid PHP35 each for the registration fee.

We reached the jump-off point at 3:35PM but we didn't start climbing until 4:17PM, that's the thing about traveling with a group you know; you always have to wait for some people.

The climb began on a 10 to 15 minutes walk on a paved road. We no longer asked for a guide because the trail is fairly easy and the path is established. When I said easy I meant the trail is not too steep, but it doesn't mean that you wouldn't feel the strain on your legs, or it wouldn't get your heart racing. We weren't even on it for more than 10 minutes but we were already gasping for breath. I figured it was either we were physically out-of-shape or we just had an extra hard time due to our camping gears.

Soon we reached the point where the dirt trail begins. The sun was already getting ready to call it a day so we tried our best to climb fast.

Actually, not really. This is the first time I climbed a mountain where I had the most number of rests. It was a series of climbing, hyperventilating, drinking water, and stopping every chance we got. Now repeat that 10 times until fade. In my assessment though, Mt. Gulugud Baboy is the easiest climb that I've had so far. The trail is not as steep as that in Batad, the path is wide, and the soil is dry, there's even fresh air to breathe unlike the almost windless Mt. Mabilog. Sure it was slippery in some parts, especially when there's some loose soil, otherwise, it was not complicated compared with the mountains I have thus far, conquered.

Since we loved stopping for breaths, I had the time to truly appreciate the view.

Finally, we reached the Mt. Gulugud peak, but the hustle was far from over. From there we had to continue our way to the Pinagbanderahan peak where we were going to set our camp. Up on Pinagbanderan, we were enveloped by a thick fog and greeted by a strong wind. As soon as everyone reached the peak, I encouraged them to set up the tents while there's still light.

It was my first time to use my tent and I had no idea how to pitch it. As the others were busy pitching their own, I stood there shaking from the biting cold. The wind was too strong, everyone struggled to get the task job. Eventually, my friends came over to give me a hand. Pretty soon, my tent is up and ready. Despite the coldness, it was warm inside my tent. I silently thanked the heavens and looloo for blessing me with this shelter.

Now for the fun part, dinner! Someone brought a stove so we were able to cook some noodles. We didn't have a cooking set, we just borrowed the pot from Ate Lisa, the woman who takes care of the registration down the mountain. We didn't bring a spatula, so we used some twigs that we found in the area to stir the noodles with.

We huddled together, sat in a circle to cover the stove so the wind wouldn't kill the fire. We lived in instant noodles, crackers, canned tuna, and mallows. Yes, mallows! This ain't no camping without mallows. And where did we burn them mallows? In the fire of the stove!

It was rather uncomfortable because the wind was blowing so hard, I was freezing the entire time. But it is without the question, one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life.

I kept waking up to the sound of my tent being whipped by the howling wind. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I heard my tent-mate asking if it was raining because she could feel water mist on her face. I buried myself deeper inside my sleeping bag and answered, "No, I don't think it's raining; it's the fog." And I had those fragments of dreams I couldn't control. In between dreams and reality, I almost believed there a was storm. I kept telling myself that the view in the morning would be worth it.

I woke up to a chilly morning to the sound of my friend doing a wake-up call. I forced myself up, unzipped the tent, and went outside. I was right, the view was worth it.

Even in the morning, the wind was blowing hard. We found some of our food, even our garbage, scattered about. My first thought is that the wind might have blown them off, but I heard some of my friends saying that the dogs might have gotten to them. I'm not so sure if the dogs could go all the way up there though when the wind is too intense, but yeah, who knows?

We were no longer alone at the peak; I spotted some early hikers busy taking pictures. I busied myself doing the same thing because the view is just amazing.

At 7:30, we started our way down. The time we spent for descent was of course, shorter than the time we spent for the climb. Nevertheless, I found it more challenging because during the ascent, my friend carried my tent for me, but during the descent, I had to carry it all by myself. My tent was so heavy and the downward slope was so slippery it slowed my pace. I even scraped my knee when I lost my footing and skidded down the path.

I've already explained my aversion for scaling mountains so you're probably wondering why I organized a climb when I could have taken us to the beach — well I did get us to the beach on the same trip but let's save that for next time — but you see this is not just an ordinary climb where you climb, pretend you're trying to find yourself (although god knows why you keep losing yourself), take selfies in the summit, then go back to the civilization like you're suddenly better than everyone else. This trip is more than that; here you climb, pretend you're trying to find yourself, take selfies in the summit, camp overnight, then next morning take some more selfies before you go back to the civilization.

Kidding aside, this trip involved camping and some of the most wonderful people I know, two factors that made a whole load of difference in my attitude toward the climb. I can go as far as saying that by far, this is my most enjoyable mountain-climbing experience. Still, as the title of this post says, it's quite challenging to camp at Mt. Gulugud because of the wind. Still, if you bring a sturdy tent and a group of fun and reliable people, camping there is very possible.

My first camping experience was crazy fun and I can't wait to use my tent again on another camping trip. What about you, have you ever tried camping?

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

Being a novice hiker, this place was a go to place. When we got there its raining so we expect the difficulty to be up by 1. I suggest coming here when its sunny so as to avoid slippery and muddy trail.
The view from the top is worth it. But since there are alot of livestocks around be very careful not to step on something unusual. 128522

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Want to see the best sunset?Mt.Gulugod baboy is really perfect for you to witness the best sunset. The original plan was a dayhike climb but because some of my friends wanted to stay for a night, we decided to bring our tents to relax and escape the busy and stressful life in the city. Since,I am a native batangueno, I know some of the places here so it was not difficult to reach to our destination. Since they were all first timer, I tried to crack some jokes and telling them lots of tales like engkanto haha I was just tryna scared them. We started trekking at around 9:00 AM...We always took 5 Mins rest coz they're not expose to this kind of adventure. We were just at the starting point at that moment, naramdaman ko na ang sobrang bigat ng bag ko.

We reached the summit at around 3PM hahaha sobrang tagal kasi puro kami stop over tapos sabay kuha pictures. I set up their tents that served as our shelter for a night.I started cooking food for our dinner while waiting for the sunset and while they were busy taking photos doing crazy things up there. we totally owned the mountain so we were free do whatever we wanted. I have figured it out that the best way to distressing is to commune with nature. We had fun! You should try it too, I swear you will enjoy it.

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Ginny B.
4.0 Stars

yay!! this awesome view is brought to you by Gulugod Baboy located at Anilao, Batangas. its name literally translates to "pig's spine" and is named as such because its slopes resemble a spine of a pig. it's a 3hr drive from Manila and at only 525 MASL, is considered a beginner-friendly hike.

from the Philpan Dive Resort (the jump-off point), you first start walking a very lengthy and steep stretch of cemented road. it'll get you panting in minutes, but just breathe and carry on. you then pass by the first sari-sari store, then reach a sign marking the start of your hike. congratulations! your 1.5 to 2 hour self-torture, i mean exercise, begins. 128514 the trail is steep all throughout.. i repeat, the trail is steep all throughout, but it's not something you can't do! just enjoy the hike and rest when needed. there'll be more stores along the way and of course, all the sweat and pain felt will surely be compensated by the breathtaking view at the top.

at the peak, you'll be greeted not only by other hikers, but by super chill cows as well. 128046 it boasts of lush green hills of grass and a very scenic view of the Balayan and Batangas bays. it'll be scorching hot, but it gets pretty windy too. going down may seem scary due to your steep ascent, but it's not as hard as you think. it'll only take an hour to get back. and once you're back to the jump-off, you may take a dip at their dive resort (and see different kinds of beautiful fish!!) or rent a boat to do a side trip to Oscar or Sombrero islands.


Sample itinerary:

5am - 8am Manila to Philpan Dive Resort, Anilao
8am - 830am registration/prayer & warm-up
830am - 1030am hike up to the summit
1030am - 12nn take lots of photos/chill & eat lunch
12nn - 1pm hike back to jump-off
1pm - 3pm swim 128032128031
3pm - 4pm shower & change
4pm onwards travel back to Manila


guide fee - PHP 450
registration - PHP 30
swimming - PHP 60
parking fee - forgot

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