Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Hapunang Banoi
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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

A few weeks ago during lunch I mentioned to my team that I want to see a sea of clouds. Of course, I want a picture as well.128523 So they then suggested that we go for a hike in one of the mountains in Rizal. Told them it's my first time. So we decided to go to Mt Hapunang Banoy because of the sea of clouds.

A few days before the hike, we were always checking the forecast. We met up in Cubao, there's 14 of us, but the 2, we will meet them there. We got in a van and the driver agreed to take us straight to the DENR office for registration for 70p each. We started the hike around 5 am.

It was a struggle! I almost quit half way through it, but my team was so encouraging, telling me that I can do it. I don't really have a fear of heights, but the thought of falling and knowing that you won't make it alive scared the hell out of me. Of course, before we started we gathered and prayed for guidance and safety.

After a few hours of hiking, sweating, laughing, almost quitting, struggles, and photo ops, we all reached the summit. It was amazing! Breathtaking! Awesome feeling! Then you realized the struggle again of going down. Lol

It was fun day indeed. 128515128525128076🏼

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Lea A.
5.0 Stars

Halos isang taon bago nakapag-review este nakapag-bundok pala! Hehehehe! Pero tagal na nga rin ng last review ko. You know life happens. Charot!

Eto na nga nagkayayaan lang mag-bundok last month. Sa Rizal ulit kasi convenient. Dapat tatlo lang kami eh biglang game yung isang officemate na first timer at takot sa heights. So sige go sama daw sya.

One of my friends brought her car so we went to Rodriguez via Batasan with the help of Kuya T Pain Waze. Haynaku try nyo yan sa Waze, nakaka-aliw ng wagas! Pero ayos lang din naman mag-commute. Jeep lang from Cubao then tricycle to Wawa. Basta pag sinabi nyo na Wawa, alam na nila yun!

They now have a brochure showing what to see with corresponding rates. We paid for parking, registration & baranggay fees na hindi ko na maaalala kung magkano. Sorry na, amnesia mode! Pero mura lang, promise! Ang maganda dun sure ako P500 ang guide. Isang bundok lang ha. Pag twin, tri, quad hike may dagdag ok.

Mas mahirap daw ito than Mt. Pamitinan. Tama naman sila. Lol! Ang kapalit ng mga pasakit at pagod ay balde-baldeng pawis 128514 AT.NAPAKA-GANDANG.TANAWIN. 128077🏽⛰

Ito ngang si first-timer-with-fear-of-heights-officemate ay medyo nawindang sa pinag gagawa namin. Ang default tanong nya, bakit daw namin yun ginagawa. Para sa picture ang default answer naman namin. Hehehehehe! Sasama pa rin daw sya sa next climb kasi medyo nalalabanan na nya ang takot nya. Next time may picture na rin yun sa sanga ng puno 128513

Pero kidding aside, dapat talaga maingat, kumapit ng maayos, siguraduhin na stable ang mga aapakan lalo na sa buwis buhay shots & always look out for each other. Pwede ka talaga ma-deads kung susunga-nga ka teh! Wag kalimutan magdala ng gloves.

Kaya ng 3-4 hours pero dahil sa dami ng pictorial moments namin, inabot ng 5 hours. Nakakaloka!

Overall, masaya dito! Portions ng trail ay may puno so may lilim. Panalo ang view kahit hindi mismo sa peak, instagram-able eh. Kung pwede pumili ng guide, hanapin nyo si Marvin galing nun mag-picture at cute pa! Hahahaha! Pero may girlfriend na daw sya. Ang bata bata pa inuuna ang kalandian! Chos!

Pero ang nagpa-five stars talaga yung mga cutie halfies na nag-ro-rock climbing na naabutan namin nung pababa na kami. Grabe nawala ang pagod ko eh. Muntik pa madapa yung isang kasama namin kakatingin kay half-naked cutie 128525 #angKire

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Aye T.
5.0 Stars

Mt hapunang banoi is one of my favorite places to climb. People said that this is beginners climb. Dont believe that crap.. Its not its rocky, its steep, dangerous and i like it.. This is my lucky thirteen.. We did a trilogy climb in one day.. Pamitian and binacayan is so much easier than this bad boy
.. If you like a challenge go to this place and its so much awesome when you see the sea of clouds if your lucky :)

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John S.
4.0 Stars

I believed this is on of the Sierra Madre Mountaiins, Mt.Hapunang Banoi is beside Mt.Pamitinan and Mt.Binacayan at Rodriguez, Rizal. Banoi have bamboo groves, rocky trails and a rocky ridge of sharp limestone that is breathtaking. By the way this is just the 2nd peak of the mountain :) Such an amazing view 128525

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

Another hiking achieved for the first quarter of the year! Woot woot! Good job, Zia!

My crossfit friends invited me to join them on a hike last Sunday. (He asked me a day before and I said yes) #WhatIsKaladkaren I didn't even know what mountain or where are we going. I just asked what the time should we meet and how much money should I bring.

Mt. Hapunang Banoy or Banoi, is in Rodriguez, Rizal and Banoy means "agila". (As per kuya guide) Its major jump off is in Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal. Mountaineers often do the three mountains here, Mt Pamitinan which is conjoined with Mt. Hapunang Banoy, and Mt. Binacayan. But you can just climb Mt. Hapunang Banoi if you want, like what I did. It is a minor climb,with level of difficulty 4/9 and be aware of the boulders and rocks and you'll experience limestone scrambling.

We arrived at the jump off area by 6am and there were a lot of people already in the registration area. We registered our names, and hired a tour guide and we're off!

At first it looks like an easy trail, the weather is kind of nice and cold but up there, you can feel the scorching heat of the sun! You'll be needing gloves (Gosh, none of us have one!) because of the boulders and the limestone are going to kill your hands. Good thing, someone from another set of mountaineers gave me his gloves (You are a hero, kuya!)

You'll be needing a lot of willpower too, to go up there and jump from one rock to another rock. Takes a lot of leap of faith with that one. When you get to the summit, you'll be satisfied with what you can see because you're literally on top overlooking Mt. Ayaas. There are unlimited rock formations here so you be physically and mentally ready for this.

It was a seriously tough and fulfilling hike.

I am glad I did join but I'm not gonna go on weekdays because of the number of people. Ang lala! Too many people taking selfies!

Oh but there were a lot of people acting for a change too! People who pick up trashes when going down. Shoutout to you guys!

Everyone should do the same. We should not only go on a climb to change our profile pictures, but to change our planet as well.

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

Kurt's birthday climb! If you are up for Mt Hapunang Banoi's challenge, be physically ready for some rock climbing or bouldering. Don't forget to put your gloves on. It will help you to grip on the rocks.

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Agatha S.
4.0 Stars

Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Hapunang Banoi and Mt. Binacayan in one day - the Rodriguez Trilogy.

This is, by far, the toughest hike I have done. Countless boulders and endless assault requiring full body movement and range of motion - totally not easy! The recent weather is also a major factor in the degree of difficulty. During our hike, the entire trail was slippery and our shoes were literally covered with mud. The rocky peaks have steep sections and sharp rock formations which require a lot of concentration during ascent, well as for me. The descent was a bit nerve-wracking primarily because of the slippery trail. This was way harder than aIl my major climbs to date combined. Or maybe I was just not prepared. I did not finish the trilogy, my friends did. I only did Pamitinan and Hapunang Banoi. I slipped several times and almost got killed by a bamboo stem, decided not to push through with the 3rd mountain. No regrets.

If you haven't done this or hikes that are the same before, add extra mental preparation to whatever you're expecting. But even that might not be enough (it wasn't for me!). Doable given good weather conditions.

This is not my favorite hike but one of the most memorable!

Story also available here:

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Jon-erik P.
4.0 Stars

Being an outdoor person, I love being anywhere. I can be on a beach, road trip with friends , or just paddling on Manila Bay on weeknds or just simply jogging in the park. And now, hiking is one of the recent activities that I'm getting interested in.

Good thing there are nearby mountains in the metro. Rodiguez in Rizal, is quite famous now for its mountains. There's the Mt. Pamitinan, Mt. Haponang Banoi, Mt. Binacayan and the two added which are Mt. Ayaas and Sipit Ulang.

Going to Rodiguez is easy. It is usually a one-hour drive from the metro or may take public utility vehicles which we did in Cubao. Called up my buddy early morning to go hiking. We left Cubao at five in the morning and arrived at Rodriguez an hour after. We paid 2 peso for the DENR and decided to do TRILOGY that day. Usually and most of the hikers especially beginners do one to two mountains only for day hike. The trilogy we chose is to scale Mt. Haponang Banoi first then Mt. Pamitinan ànd lastly Mt. Binacayan. We got our guide the Registration Area.

The trek to the summit is hard. There are stops where you can take rests. Pack light. Just bring water. At the junction between Haponang Banoi and Pamtinan, there's a sari sari store where you can buy refreshments.

The trek gets harder near the summit. The limestones are very sharp so it is advisable to wear hiking gloves. Upon reaching the summit, you can see the beauty of the mountains. A sea of clouds can be seen also when you're there early. Just be very careful though when doing buwis buhay shots. I did some of it and posted it on my instagram account. Remember: safety first. We finished our first summit around 9 in the morning. Slowly, more hikers are now ascending the mountains. This is what I hate when you need to wait for your turn just to have a picture of yourself without any photobombers128514. The trek to Pamitinan's summit is easier. We got there real quick. One of my favorite spot is the another buwis buhay area where you need to walk on a narrow crevice.

We finished the two summits before lunch. Before hiking Mt. Binacayan,  we had our lunch first. At around 12 noon, we started our ascent. The sun shines on the cloudless sky. This is a tough one. The hardest of the three. The heat, the sharp stones and bamboos are my enemies. But the reward at the summit is amazing. A nice view of the Sierra Madre and the river.

We finished the TRILOGY by 3pm. Our guide said, "sir gawin na nating apat? Para may certificate" I replied " next time masakit na tuhod ko hahah"

The experience is worth it.

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Rodriguez In Rizal offers one of the most breathtaking mountain scenes in the country. The town features three mountains named Haponang banoi, Pamitinan, and Binacayan, each with its own beauty and spectacle.

We went here for a day hike climb. We arrived at the registration hall at around 5am. It was a trilogy climb so we had to adjust our schedule to maximize our stayed here. I contacted the best tour guide here,his name is Kuya Arnel Zata. He escorted us to the Brgy Hall to write down our names. The registration fee is just 5 pesos.

After the registration, we headed to our first target, Mt. Haponang Banoi. We climbed Mt.Haponang baboy first because it's more challenging compare to the two.

It took us 2 hours to reach the summit. We were the first 5 groups who reached the summit after they opened it for public tourism. The trail was difficult because of those sharp rocks. When we climbed here,the trail was not that well- established.

It was nice to see those rock formations along the trail.There's a spot here where you can take a photo op and claim it as "buwis buhay pic" because you need to climb up to get to that spot.

Going to the summit was the most challenging part. It was a noontime already when we arrived at the campsite near the summit. The campsite can accommodate several campers, well there are a lot of trees here so I suggest to go on a "Hammock Camping". We took our lunch first before heading to the summit. I was worried that time because I only had a liter of water left in the bladder.

It was scorching heat of the sun when we're trekking going to the summit. I can really feel the heat on the stones when I hold to control myself. The summit offers a beautiful view as you can see the whole town from the top. Wear rash guard and gloves because those sharp stones will hurt you. Be extra careful in taking photos, one wrong move can be disastrous. In addition,please bring something you can sit on when you take 5 minute rest unless you work as a bus conductor before (you know what I mean)


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Kenneth Joy D.
5.0 Stars

Mt. Pamitinan (426+) Mt. Hapunang Banoi (517+) Mt. Binacayan (424+) in 1 day. Whoooo! Yes we did it!

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